Always Playing The Victim: #WAAR Claims Republicans Are All Refugees

We Are American Refugees
We Are American Refugees

There’s a group of people, no matter what the factual evidence states, who cannot come to terms with the idea that their legitimately elected president is black.  These curious folks truly believe everything about President Barack Obama is “illegitimate, tyrannical and unConstitutional.” The latest fresh horror I encountered on Twitter? The hashtag WAAR, #WAAR stands for We Are American Refugees. Playing the victim, they feel their country is unrecognizable from when the Great White Hope, George W. Bush was our fearless leader. The patriarch of this “movement” is Roger C. D’Aquin.  The Refugees are described as thus: (bold emphasis mine)

We are strict constitutionalists who believe in liberty and a limited republican form of government. We reject the unconstitutional government lead by the criminal, Barack Obama. We are not terrorists. We do not advocate violence. We do advocate political and economic revolution. We also refuse to be disarmed and will not surrender our weapons. We will defend our homes, property, lives, and families against any illegal attack, even if it comes from government.

We were inspired by the great super hero, The American Refugee, Roger D’Aquin. Roger was rocked by the betrayal of Justice Roberts in the Obamacare decision. He did all he could in the next months to see to it that Obama was defeated. When voter fraud, a corrupt media, and dependent moochers left Obama in office, Roger gave up his career and his small business in order to go Galt, with a twist.

These Tea Partiers, the fringiest of the fringe, have actually scored victories in the Republican Party.  The quintessential hero of these ultra far right-wing Tea Partiers this year had to be the man who unseated Cantor, Dave Brat.  These folks who support Brat believe Republicans haven’t gone far enough to the right.   These are folks who deny there’s a war on women by simply photographing the women attending the victory party for the newly coronated Dave Brat.

The victimized people, the ones who via the Quinnipiac Poll claim to profess Obama is the “worst president since WW2,” deny the facts: (do they know) “federal discretionary spending is well below average? Or that the poverty rate has stabilized? And the stock market is, as mentioned, breaking records, benefitting rich white dudes more than ever? Also, people are buying lots of new cars, and there’s a fully recovered auto industry ready to meet all demand.

#WAAR is merely another “patriotic Republican group” like Oathkeepers, Stormfront or the Heritage Foundation.  What’s the common denominator in all these organizations?  They’ve hated, hate and will continue to hate the black man occupying the White House.


Duplicitous GOP Wants Women To Work Full Time While Staying Home To Raise The Kidsp


Less than one year ago, Lou Dobbs and Erick Erickson vehemently asserted how important it is for family stability that the woman stay home and raise the kids. Dobbs stated: three-quarters of the people surveyed recognize that having moms as the primary breadwinner is bad for kids and bad for marriage, and reality shows us that’s the truth. In 2009, the Blue Eyed Snidely Whiplash Lookalike, Rep. Paul Ryan derided the idea of job lock where one’s healthcare is irrevocably tied to one’s employment. So the GOP seems like they’re in agreement about the importance of worker freedom and the flexibility of a job to meet everybody’s needs in America, right?

A logical-thinking person would presume the GOP wants nothing more than to preserve the traditional family and provide Americans the choice of working only if it is needed to support the family financially. Work should not be tied to the healthcare of a person, except when the Black President decides upon a policy that gives people that freedom. When you consider the degree of racism in the party, it is not surprising the GOP managed to flip flop their entire world view when the President’s signature healthcare law went into effect. Not unlike the “subtle” racist undertones of the Teaparty or the composition of Florida juries for cases where a black teenager is gunned down for no good reason, the GOP can’t help but loathe everything the African-American President supports. Even if they once applauded the Heritage Foundation’s corporatist model of insurance company-based healthcare, the moment the President passed the law, the entire party has been on a mission to destroy it. Any law that helps women, especially minority women, must be neutralized as economic mobility is taboo to the Patriarchal-White-Christian-Male-Republican America.

Preexisting conditions are no longer keeping Americans, especially those near or beyond retirement age, bound to jobs solely for the purpose of maintaining health coverage. This opens up jobs for the younger workforce who have higher rates of unemployment. Eliminating job lock provides folks the option of choosing to remain in the workforce, retiring or finally starting that entrepreneurial venture they’ve dreamt about.

The CBO has concluded Obamacare (the ACA) would cost 2.5 million jobs, and this phrase was immediately exploited by the GOP Senate. The agency (actually) said that some Americans would choose to stop working or work less because of the law. Naturally, the Conservative media falsely tied the idea of freedom in the workplace to a loss of jobs and more lazy Americans on welfare. Republicans want a polarized society with an oligarchy of mega-rich corporate owners with a system of labor barely discernible from indentured servitude. According to these misanthropes, it is perfectly acceptable to distribute healthcare based on employment and social status. The pursuit of happiness is only applicable if you are healthy or fortunate enough to afford it. American women should most certainly do something about this disgraceful party during the 2014 midterms.

GOP Star Cathy McMorris Rodgers To Rebut The State Of The Union


Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) will give the rebuttal to President Obama’s fifth State of the Union (SOTU) Address immediately following the Constitutionally mandated speech. The representative from Eastern Washington, after a mere eight years in Congress, is the fourth-ranking Republican in the House. We all know for certain, this response has already been written, without knowledge or concern for the actual content of the SOTU. More than likely, she will regurgitate Roger Ailes’ talking points which emanated from his cold, dark heart, not from actual facts.

She received her undergraduate degree from then unaccredited Pensacola Christian College, which certainly helped form her pro-Republican, women-should-know-their-place persona. In Congress, she has been a bastion of ultra-conservative values. Frighteningly enough, she is on the United States House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce, The Subcommittee on Energy and Power and the Subcommittee on Environment and the Economy Subcommittee on Health. As the Republicans have ALWAYS shown, they care little for the health and environment of the USA and have no interest in protecting future generations who have to live on this planet they’ve literally trashed.

One of only eight women to serve while giving birth (two times), thus fulfilling her duties of procreating, and has exploited this in her pro-life voting record (pro-life equals pro-fetus, not pro-humanity). She cares little for poor, single mothers as shown by her support of the Farm Bill on July 11, 2013. The bill passed in a 216-208 vote, which included farm policy and subsidies for the big farming industry but of course, did not include food stamps. McMorris Rodgers is personally involved in driving the Republican agenda in Congress, including VETOING The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and voting along with anti-American Teaparty lunatics by voting to shut down the government while blaming, who else, but President Obama.

Often compared to her friend Sarah Palin, McMorris Rodgers is also afflicted with Palin-like word-salad delivery. Any “rebuttal” will be less captivating than the SOTU, with its impressive audience set in the House chamber. The giant room is filled with the members of Congress, SCOTUS and countless dignitaries. It’s already hard to compete with the setting and a great orator like President Obama. But the GOP has a curious knack for finding the most uninspiring, least dynamic people to rebut the annual address, and this year proves no different. If the fate of her predecessors Rubio, Jindal and Daniels are any indication, her rebuttal will be her political kiss of death.

The Secret Strategy Driving Republicans Today

Scary Draconian Domininionists are trying to ruin America

Odds are, most Americans have never heard of Dominionism or Reconstructionism. This extreme form of Christianity is much more common than most realize, but as a general rule, most (not all) don’t publicly proclaim their radical religious views. Reconstructionists believe that Christians alone should control civil government, conducting it according to Biblical, not secular law. Two of Dominionism’s best known devotees are Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.

This philosophy is not new to the American political scene. America was extremely affected by the fundamentalist Christians via George W. Bush, who favored faith-based programs and sought to deny schools funding if they taught anything but abstinence-only sex education. This theology gives an insight into the view of today’s GOP: a polarized Christian society where the poor are afforded no protection from the wealthy who can do as they please simply because of their financial stature. Bigotry, misogyny, and slavery are just a few of the Old Testament concepts embraced by these prominent Republicans.

The Dominionists seek to control the Seven Mountains of society which are: (1) Business; (2) Government; (3) Media; (4) Arts and Entertainment; (5) Education; (6) Family; and (7) Religion. If you can have control over these seven areas, you can shape and control whatever takes place in nations, and even the world. Just like the Old Testament dictates, women and foreigners are second class citizens and homosexuality is “sinful.” Most Dominionists are still sympathetic to the Civil War defeat of the Confederacy and see nothing wrong with human rights abuses in the Antebellum south.

Both Cruz and Paul along with RNC Chair Reince Priebus, were publicly blessed and anointed, with the laying-on of hands, by Dominionist Pastors, at the July 19th-20th 2013 Iowa Renewal Project pastors’ gathering held at the Des Moines Marriott Hotel. Cruz was labeled the de facto leader of the GOP and the October 1st shutdown showed the nation he is that influential. Their obsession with the acquisition of wealth is quite antithetical to that of their “Savior,” Jesus Christ.

The constitutionally mandated wall separating church and state is completely obliterated by Seven Mountain Dominionists. Designed to “bring the spoils of war to the priests”, thus helping to bring about a prophesied “great transfer of wealth”, from the “wicked” to righteous gentile believers, this morally bankrupt way of thinking and acting is justified by the supposition that it’s divinely mandated. These extremist theocrats actually believe they are chosen by god to impose their selfish agenda. Much like billionaire Sheldon Adelson and LDS Bishop, Willard Romney , these guys truly believe they are the Anointed Ones. You can be certain the obsession with the impending Rapture will ensure a type of governance where the consequences of inconsiderate behavior do not factor into policy decisions. Dominionist Michelle Bachmann has claimed we are in the End Times. A religious test was omitted intentionally by the Founding Fathers because they foresaw the dangers of mixing religion and politics. Ted Cruz and his devotees embody their worst fears!

Workers and Women Will Know Their Place With Mormons in Charge

Have you noticed the increase in pernicious GOP dirty tricks currently being exposed during this election, which is now at its apex? Sadly, perhaps half of this superficial, material-obsessed country feels this sketchy Mormon candidate is a step up from President Obama, who’s saved us from a depression. They believe Mitt Romney’s assertion he’s going to “fix” the economy by restoring the policies of the Bush crime family, who, as we all know, has wreaked havoc on the U.S. and the world’s economies.

It’s no wonder he idolizes a master manipulator like his cult founder, Joseph Smith. Like Smith, except in a more grandiose way, Willard Romney has helped this cult fraudulently dupe millions of adherents out of billions of dollars. Romney is the manifestation of Smith’s White Horse Prophecy coming to fruition if elected to the highest office in the land. It is also their last hope, because if the GOP is dealt the crushing blow they so richly deserve, their right-wing Teaparty agenda will fade into oblivion (albeit slowly) as will the desperate proponents of the Mormon Cult. Romney and Ryan long to bring America “back” to the days where both women and the proletarian “working stiffs” knew their place and wouldn’t dare demand equal rights.

Will this be the America of the future?

When your candidate speaks fondly of a trip to what is essentially a Chinese sweatshop, where workers sleep on premises, twelve to a room for pennies an hour, you know this callous man cares little for AMERICAN workers and their families. It’s obvious a couple of entitled boys born with silver spoons in their mouths will never understand there is such a thing as the working poor. “Job creator” is just code for we really could care less about the poor and are preoccupied with anti-abortion legislation. Willard Romney’s main objective is to harvest human labor for profit. His specious sophist of a running mate has legislated little other than laws to restrict women’s rights when it comes to their own bodies. Ryan and Romney are controlled by Teaparty puppet strings, so you know it will only get worse if they’re elected based on previous behavior.

Paul Ryan’s Teaparty Congress Legislated Nothing But Abortions

Mormons and many of their GOP cohorts have shown a severe distaste for workers’ rights and unions. There is a history of nepotism and cronyism in the Mormon Church unlike any other group, so if you’re not one of the indoctrinated, you’re undeserving of a promised life. You are also a second class citizen if you happen to be a woman as well.

Not only did Romney never say he’d support the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, his cult has a patriarchal bias. If only the media would ask a few relevant questions. Just once I’d like to hear this asked to the Mormon candidate: If a person believes that god is a patriarch who rules over multiple wives, that likewise practicing said polygamy is an eternal requirement to be with him in the “highest degree of the celestial kingdom” in the afterlife, and that only men can have priesthood power to run and administer god’s church on earth, can I truly trust that person to fight for and defend absolutely equal rights for women in society via legislation and judicial decisions? The Mormon Cult is desperate for new converts and looks mainly to the less educated Third World for more brainwashing.


We all know exactly what these two will do. They will roll back the clocks to the good ol days, say pre-1890, when polygamy was legal and install activist misogynist justices on the Supreme Court while removing all semblance of parity when it comes to workers’ rights. As Edmond Burke wisely noted, those who ignore history are destined to repeat it. Make no mistake, Romney and Ryan long to repeat all the mistakes of the Bush Administration and then make a few more colossal whoppers that will most assuredly propel the United States into Third World status. History has taught us no less.

Ann Romney Believes Women Should Know Their Place

As a woman fortunate enough to have had an upbringing where I was always taught that women and men are equals, I’d like to presume the First Lady of my country would instill similar values in other American girls. If her speech at the Republican National Convention showed her true feelings on the matter of feminine equality, it’s painfully obvious Ann Romney believes a woman should know her place, which is in the role of dutiful wife and doting mother. She firmly believes in the supremacy of men just as her adopted Mormon cult dictates. After all, a Mormon woman can only enter the gates of the celestial kingdom with the consent of her husband. Any woman exhibiting desires eschewed by the values ascribed by the Mormon cult is simply anomalous to her entitled and privileged way of life. She is perhaps the worst spokesman for the twenty-first century American female there ever was.

Ann Romney firmly believes a woman should unequivocally be a partner to a man, both in this life and the still unproven hereafter. Not only did she fail to acknowledge women in ANY professional capacity in her RNC speech, she failed to acknowledge single, lesbian or childless women (to name a few) as integral female members of a productive society. She’s so averse to answering questions regarding her own professional aspirations , she cancels any interview inquiring on the matter. Although raised largely without formal religion, (Episcopalian with a touch of atheism) she believes what the Mormon scriptures profess: By bearing and nurturing children, women are saved because they have learned to perform Heavenly Mother’s work. In other words, women truly have no other earthly function than to serve the man and bear him children. This is very similar to the Muslim faith. The role of the Muslim woman is clearly defined and outlined in Islam. In short her primary role is with the upbringing of her children and in being a dutiful wife. A woman’s job, in her worldview, is to be simply a mother and wife above all things. Funny how similar the two faiths are, much to the disapproval of unbeknownst Republicans. Ann’s very own atheist father Edward Davies was baptized into the Mormon Church posthumously, something he would definitely have objected to while alive. Her arrogance and presumption prevent her from seeing just how offensive this is.

She serves her husband also by staunchly defending his right to leading a privileged and entitled existence, free from the customary scrutiny thrust upon the life of a presidential candidate. “Have you seen how we’re attacked?,” Ann Romney said in an interview in mid August, hitting the table with her hand for emphasis. “Have you seen what’s happened?…. “It will just give them more ammunition.” These are the words of a wealthy corporate wife who is outraged her husband is under the microscope while running for the most powerful elected office on earth. She’s assuming they’ll be attacked further if they release more, so that pretty much means there’s something in those returns that’s worthy of “attack” — at least by folks who are paying taxes at a much higher rate, who are perhaps keeping their monies in these United States. “Stop it. This is hard, you wanna try it, get in the ring,” she whined earlier this week following the legendary Mother Jones video of Mitt Romney showing a rare candid example of the contempt he shows for low income Americans and the futility of garnering their vote. She was quoted by a few ladies close to her as having said “My horse has more style and more class in its hoof than they (Democrats) do in their whole deal.” Clearly this couple cares little for the middle class and their disdain is starting to manifest itself everytime they open their mouths.

(Not an actual Michelle Obama quote)

Willard Romney believes his wife is his spokesperson for “what women want”. Unfortunately, women are not the monolithic wealthy, corporate white woman Mitt believes Ann is a typical representative. Perhaps Willard’s experience as a fairly omnipotent LDS “prophet” throughout much of his life has shielded him from the reality that the world is nothing like his sanitized view of entitled corporate personhood. It is very apparent she too doesn’t see the forest through the trees when it comes to women’s real world issues. Not every girl aspires to be a stay at home mom, not every girl can be that person for a myriad reasons. Frankly, this woman becoming First Lady is a gigantic leap backwards of all the progress women made in the twentieth century. Actually, given the obvious Republican war on women, what better representative for their antiquated Puritanical views on women than Queen Ann? If America elects this entitled couple it’s because of one of two reasons: they’ve suppressed the vote sufficiently or we’re so unbelievably ignorant as a people, we deserve this impending nightmare.

Romney and Ryan Believe Women are Nothing More than Breeders

If you are a proponent of women’s rights and support the progress the fairer sex has made in the last hundred years, this GOP ticket should positively terrify you. Willard Romney, although his views have shifted like tectonic plates under the Pacific Ocean, has aligned himself with the “pro-life movement” which ironically includes zero gun control, capital punishment and an utter disregard for the poorest and sickest among us. His choice of a running mate, Paul Ryan, appeals to the insane misogynistic faction of the Republican Party, more so than Governor Romney. The combination of the two simply drags women back to the days of second class citizenship, with the probable resurgence of back-alley abortions.

The GOP ticket: setting women back 100 years

Romney is no stranger to the submissiveness of women. The Mormon Church has an unspoken rule that not only must a woman obey her husband, but also every priesthood holder. In theory alone, this is incredibly demeaning to women. Sue Emmett, former member of the LDS Church is the great-great-grandaughter of Brigham Young, one of the original founders of the faith. She attributes Willard’s general sense of entitlement to Mormon traditions. “Mitt is a product not only of his wealth, but of an organization that gives men power when they are 12 years old….that is when boys are ordained with the priesthood. It is a big moment in a Mormon male’s childhood.” As we all know, Mitt was once very liberal, even “more liberal than Ted Kennedy” on certain issues. Since garnering the GOP nomination, he has turned far right, naturally siding with the crazies of the party. He said he will “end Planned Parenthood” thereby destroying many poor women’s sole outlet for contraception and gynecological care. As Emmett said, “Mitt has been groomed to become president from a very young age…I think his father [George Romney, who ran for president in 1968] would have made a much better president. In many ways the church was more benign then than it is now” Apparently, the Mormon Church has gone to the right of Pat Robertson, with their massive funding of Proposition 8 Legislation and similarly conservative ideology, they are obviously not evolving like the rest of America is when it comes to social issues.

The most well-known founders of Mormonism, Brigham Young, Joseph Smith and Miles Park Romney (Willard’s great-great-grandfather) were all polygamists. The practice was designed to populate the earth with as many of God’s chosen Mormon children as possible. To achieve this end, men took several wives, whose primary value was their child-bearing ability. There was (and still is) nothing more devastating to a Mormon than infertility. Women are meant to serve their husbands and provide them with progeny. This attitude has not evolved very much from the mid nineteenth century, much like the Republican Party.

What’s more remarkable than Romney’s antiquated feminist views are those of his feudalistic running mate, Paul Ryan. Ryan is the sponsor of the Fetal Personhood Bill which would give fetuses (or even zygotes) the same rights as any citizen. Ryan also supported a highly controversial bill that Democrats nicknamed the “Let Women Die Act,” which would have allowed hospitals to refuse to provide a woman emergency abortion care, even if her life is on the line. This type of radical religious thinking is so insane, even the most religious state in the nation, Mississippi utterly rejected the personhood amendment. In fact, a few states have attempted this antediluvian measure only to be handed a resounding defeat. But there is a terrific irony in the selection of this medieval running mate. Ryan would like to make the very in-vitro fertilization Romney’s son, Tagg employed to have some of his children illegal via this personhood insanity. I wonder if Willard will maintain his position on the matter, given his family’s circumstances. I suppose it comes down to what will get him elected. He doesn’t need to have core principles if he has executive power. After all, the rich and privileged allow for exceptions for themselves.

Unfortunately, there are a myriad issues on which the Romney/Ryan ticket shift to the right of Mussolini, but in the area of women’s health and equality, they are especially abhorrent. Those Republican women in control of their mental faculties should be very aware of the destructive duo’s harsh attitudes towards female equality and healthcare before selecting the (R) in this crucial presidential race. We all know of a few women in the GOP who believe these two lunatics have the right idea, but should these women represent the rest of America? Let’s hope not! I strongly doubt informed women will go along with this barbaric thinking.