National Review Online: Netanyahu, Not Obama, Speaks For The U.S.A.

Romney and Benjamin Netanyahu
Romney and Benjamin Netanyahu


The jingoistic nationalism surrounding Bibi Netanyahu’s speech tomorrow in front of Congress has reached an epic level. The National Review Online, posted an article entitled Netanyahu, Not Obama, Speaks for Us, which exalts the right-wing Likudnik hardliner to almost an almost divine status. He is the defender of Western values (code for White values) while defending… Continue reading “National Review Online: Netanyahu, Not Obama, Speaks For The U.S.A.”

No Trick is Too Dirty for the GOP to Win

Former U.S. President Nixon

I am writing this to remind everyone of how Richard Nixon furtively called the South Vietnamese prior to the 1968 Presidential Election  to destroy (D) Hubert Humphrey’s chances of winning the election, as he should have.   President Johnson was very near ending the Vietnam War (which dragged on until 1975) and this further embroiled us in this futile conflict.  His duplicitous actions were well known to President Lyndon Johnson at the time.  LBJ called Everett Dirksen then GOP Senate leader, to convince Nixon to stop with this treasonous behavior.  It was not known for another 40+ years because President Johnson did not want to tarnish the office of the presidency and put this information out to the general public.  Today,  this is something the GOP would do in a heartbeat, and is often proud of orchestrating these types of sickening maneuvers. Please check out Richard Nixon’s Darkest Secret and Audio: LBJ and Nixon on Vietnam and 1968 Presidential Election

We all saw the swiftboating of Purple Heart recipient and 2004 Democratic Presidential Candidate Senator John Kerry by Karl Rove and his minions.  Mitt Romnney, who dodged the draft by going on a two year mission to France to spread his cult, protested Vietnam War protestors!!!   The hypocritical behavior in this party is so disgusting.  Please do your best to inform as many people as you can of this treachery.  They are above no evil and will do ANYTHING, including committing treason, to win in November.