Wisconsin H.S.Government Class: Republicans ‘Don’t Care About The Poor’

Scott Walker's fan thinks Republicans are good to the poor.
Scott Walker’s fan thinks Republicans are good to the poor.
Surprise! A mother who is a member of the Solidarity for Scott Walker Facebook page is outraged that her son was given an anonymous political spectrum survey that labeled the GOP, the party that doesn’t care about the poor. Heather Bronnson was deeply offended by this assertion, most likely because the truth hurts. One of the…more Continue reading “Wisconsin H.S.Government Class: Republicans ‘Don’t Care About The Poor’”

The GOP’s “Concern” About Mental Health Is a Diversion From Their NRA-Inspired Gun Policies


The invocation of Ronald Reagan’s legacy is a tactic utilized by the Right to more or less humanize their devastating Draconian cuts to basic health and human services, including mental healthcare. This is quite astonishing as Reagan was, perhaps, the most inhumane leader with regards to caring for the least among us and those with legitimate mental health issues. The party of Jesus, (GOP) as we all know, acts quite contrary to his teachings. Monies are always cut in mental healthcare (ESPECIALLY FOR WAR VETERANS) and redirected to fund more private, for-profit prisons instead of properly helping those in need. The unfortunate consequence of defunding such programs have a dire impact on the afflicted and their families. The lack of stable housing and work will certainly exacerbate and create depression and mental illness, substance abuse, family break-up, and crime.

Here are the facts:

•In 1978, HUD’s budget was over $83 billion.

•In 1983, HUD’s budget was only $18 billion.

•In 1983, general public emergency shelters began opening in cities nationwide.

•In 1987, Congress passed the Stewart B. McKinney Act, providing $880 million in homeless assistance funding (2004 constant dollars).

•In short, Reagan deliberately created “homelessness” by cutting $65 billion of housing money and replacing it with $880 million in shelter funding.

The lost funding has never been replaced, and the percentage of low-cost/subsidized housing has been dropping ever since. 100,000 units of low-cost housing have been lost since 1996 alone. When Reagan defunded mental health care and threw the mentally ill onto the streets, he was saying it was not his problem and the American people went along as he de-railed what was an improving situation for those with mental health issues. Now, more than thirty years hence (and countless massacres by those possibly afflicted with mental illness), the GOP/NRA is suddenly saddled with immense concern for the mental well-being of Americans.

The NRA and most of the GOP is obsessed with trying to minimize all the devastation caused by military-style, high ammunition-capacity firearms. They pervertedly believe this problem will be alleviated by fewer restrictions on guns, and accessories which facilitate mass killings. Add this to their shameful history of defunding, defrauding and devastating mental healthcare and we can predict exactly what they’ll do for those needing psychological care and protecting the innocent: absolutely NOTHING.

Another issue the pharmacy-subsidizing GOP (and often Democrats too) won’t address is the over-medication of our children for behavior issues. The pharmaceutical industry has profited immensely from these psychostimulants readily prescribed for ADD and ADHD diagnoses. Without long-term study and the lack of reporting on the matter, we don’t know how adversely they will impact brain chemistry into adulthood.

Maybe it’s not video games or movies that cause these unfathomably egregious acts of violence. Maybe it’s because, according to the United Nations, the U.S. produces and consumes about 85 percent of the world’s methylphenidate (Ritalin). Also commonly prescribed, SSRIs (Selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors or serotonin-specific re-uptake inhibitor) are a class of medications which have been shown to be a commonality among those who commit violent acts in schools. People who have used these medications might not be the best candidates for ordering a personal arsenal of military-grade weapons and ammo. Perhaps the NRA’s definition of someone who should pass a background check needs some work. As proposed by our President, maybe no one should own weapons the military uses which are specifically designed not just to kill, but to obliterate other human beings en masse.

Studies with regards to mental health issues and guns must include the socioeconomic factors of poverty, the insanely unfair for-profit prison system and the highly subsidized pharmaceutical industry that receives an obscene amount of corporate welfare. Restrictions and regulations are the enemies of Republicans, as they firmly believe both impinge on capitalism and “job-creation.” Since this tenuous concern of the GOP is so very obvious both historically and currently in the areas of mental healthcare matters, shouldn’t they be omitted from the decision-making process? As one who firmly believes history repeats itself when the lessons are not learned from the past, I believe the GOP/NRA-ILA is the last group who should debate and legislate this matter. We all know how anti-education they’ve proven themselves to be as they have embarrassingly omitted unpleasant facts and re-written history in our children’s textbooks. They’ll do the same thing to our mentally impaired citizens as they did to the Iraqi people: attack and destroy them simply because they have the power to do so.

Watching the Demise of the Republican Party

I must admit I am thoroughly enjoying the macabre demise of a once powerful political party, the GOP. Their implosion truly began with Saint Reagan’s Voodoo Economics debacle and has hit the party’s nadir with the tantrum-throwing triumvirate of the Senate (Graham, McCain and Ayotte and the Benghazi “Scandal”). It’s been a long time coming and I’m glad to welcome the GOP Apocalypse with open arms. These masters of mendacity have been perpetrating an apocryphal fraud on the American people and it’s taken roughly thirty years for the majority of our electorate to come to this epiphany. The major causes of this impending doom are their adherence to deleterious tax policies, The TeaParty’s influence, voter suppression and religious fundamentalists hijacking the party.

Most notably, the stranglehold of the self-appointed anti-tax czar Grover Norquist seems to be loosening as he seems to be in the throes of desperation. Even long time GOP Senator Alan Simpson (R-Wy) jokes about drowning Norquist and his “pledge” in a bathtub. Good Ole Grover knows he is becoming irrelevant and will threaten pledge-signing Republicans with the fate of Bush 41 if they defy this self-proclaimed tax god who has only hurt our economy with his policies. Teaparty crazies like Joe Walsh and Allen West and their anti-tax zealotry were soundly defeated. In fact, the Teaparty is considered one of the least popular groups in America ranking slightly ahead of Atheists and Muslims.

Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist, never elected to a single office

Teaparty Express leader Amy Kremer believes the reason for the defeat was not the extremist wing of the GOP, but the absence of true conservatism in the candidates. She recently admitted Republicans like Senators Chambliss and Graham are going to be put through a Republican primary fight in 2014 if they don’t uphold the Norquist Pledge. Teabaggers in the House, Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan to name a few, will not raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans and would rather see us suffer a crushing economic blow like they caused last summer when our credit rating was downgraded for the first time in history.

Following the 2012 General Election when President Obama won reelection with a comfortable Electoral College margin (332-206), a few Republican officials openly admitted the reason for their massive voter suppression campaigns was not to prevent voter fraud, but to make sure it was harder for minorities to vote. Fortunately, Democrats in key swing states like Ohio and Pennsylvania were aware of this discrimination campaign and were able to put a halt to their efforts.

Another group to whom they have little influence are those who are not self-proclaimed members of any organized religion. Atheists, Agnostics and “Nones” make up almost 20% of our population, up from around a 6% representation in 1990. Issues like repealing DADT and legalizing gay marriage are supported by many younger voters, both Democrats and Republicans, so the GOP’s outdated stance on these issues is very quickly losing popularity. If birth control, DOMA and abortion are going to comprise their religiously-motivated agenda, 2014 could see a Democratic House once again.

During this holiday season, I am most thankful logic and reason prevailed over “legitimate rape” and personhood in a year the Mayans and Fundamentalists have decided is the End of the World. In other words, Michelle Bachmann’s brand of batshit didn’t sell and probably won’t for a long time. I believe Thomas Ricks said it best in this very abruptly ended interview on Fox News that the Newscorp network is a wing of the Republican propaganda machine. This machine is becoming outdated and obsolete and will slip into irrelevance if they continue behaving like Teabagging Toddlers. I believe the #GOP will no longer be trending in the near future.

Salt Lake City Will Dictate A Romney Administration

This Romney statement should incite fear in all Americans: “I believe the separation of Church and State has gone too far .” Unlike President Kennedy, Willard Mitt Romney, along with his faux Catholic running mate, will most assuredly impose their religious beliefs on all Americans, whether they’d like it or not. Employers have recently coerced their employees into voting for Romney by threatening their very livelihood if President Obama should win. This is a mere foreshadowing of the fascist thought that will become rampant in the United States. All Americans should be aware of the impending demolition of the secular principles our Founding Fathers espoused over two and a quarter centuries ago, and there is good reason for this.

Mormon First, American Second: Willard Romney

It seems every single cause the GOP egregiously purports to vilify is the very same issue they seem to eschew. Freedom is their mantra, yet Romney and the GOP wish to eliminate the very religious freedom guaranteed by the First Amendment. The tax-evading Mormon candidate, much like his cult, wishes to have it both ways: an active role in the legislative process without any pay for play. This man, who obviously embraces the Mormon tenet of “Lying for the Lord,” was exposed in the most recent debate by his extemporaneous fabrication of an alleged anti-misogynistic position of seeking more women to hire for cabinet posts, something the Mormon cult certainly, but not openly, disparages. Women are to complement their husbands, provide progeny and obviously to cook dinner. In fact, Romney’s very own Bain Capital was a veritable boy’s club with very few women in real positions of power, much like the hierarchy of the LDS authority.

Romney felt the need to clarify his Mormon faith about two months ago and openly acknowledged how the Latter Day Saints truly have molded him into the quintessential Mormon candidate. He has stated how he’d overturn Roe v Wade, effectively outlawing abortion. This is obviously the chosen position of the LDS Church in Salt Lake. To make matters worse, just consider this quote by his Draconian running mate:

Rape is just another “method of conception” and not an excuse to allow abortions.

Any woman who votes for these two medieval-thinking lunatics obviously feels more comfortable with the mores of the Old Testament than the Constitution. I surely don’t want to unfairly lump all Mormons into this antediluvian group. Democratic Mormons have, on numerous occasions, dissented from the marching orders of the cult. Just recently, Harry Reid, (referred by fellow Mormons as “Dirty Harry”) suggested Mitt Romney hasn’t paid a dime of Federal Income Tax, and thus he was attacked by members of the GOP, especially the Mormons in the House and Senate. He’s yet to be proven false on that accusation, incidentally. Since the nineteenth century, it is almost a universal given that the Mormon Republican members of Congress have done exactly as their Church has instructed. It is worth noting how differently Democratic Mormons have behaved, as they seem to be much more capable of separating church and state.

Is there any doubt Willard Romney, a “severely Conservative” candidate, will impose his beliefs on America? The Republican party IS the faith-based party which has shown countless times their need to supersede a secular United States with a more “Christian” country, so long as the system presents a candidate that looks like them. Even Franklin Graham, the son of Billy Graham, initially labeled the Mormon Church a cult, but has since recanted this claim in order to help Mitt Romney defeat the current “Black” President with the foreign sounding name. The history of the church exercising dominance over every single Republican Mormon should raise red flags by anyone who values the threatened freedoms we enjoy, albeit less and less each day. If you hear a Republican claim there is not enough of their vengeful, anti-poor, bigoted god in this society, that should be considered a blessing. We don’t need Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan dictating the fates of Americans whose lives they have no right to control. Just one more Conservative Supreme Court Justice will make this living Hell a reality and the federal government will mirror the Mormon Republican-dominated government of Utah. Electing these zealots could mean the end of many of our liberties and usher in an era where the United States is no longer discernible from a theocracy, much like Iran.

Interestingly enough, a prominent ex-Mormon noticed in the October 22 debate: One of the reasons he looked so uncomfortable was probably because he had to sit down this time. He is completely conditioned to standing behind a pulpit when giving sermons, looking down at the sheep from on high. His narcissicm was clearly on his face as he smirked at the “fence sitter” born into a cursed lineage. He sure looked uncomfortable and lacking in substance in my opinion.

The GOP Foolishly Links Bush-Inspired NeoCon Policy to Israel

I never really noticed that Israeli geo-political matters were an integral part of either American quadrennial political convention. The parties seemed to be in a competition of who was more Israel-friendly: Democrats or Republicans (ironically, the Jerusalem as capital platform was adopted by the Dems this time). The issue of reallocating Jerusalem as this nation’s capital is clearly a ploy to shore up the ultra-religious factions of American Christians and Jews which comprise the Far-Right. Hell, they can even get the Mormons on board, as their high priests are, according to their founders, direct descendants of Israel. Hey, why not make Jerusalem’s need to become the official capital a more important issue than, say, creating an environment where more people can elevate themselves from poverty? It would be the icing on the cake to this 112th Teabagging Congress: more seemingly irrelevant minutia in the face of real problems our government should work towards solving.

Nobody truly knows the exact content of a private Romney-Adelson conversation. We knew one took place in late July this year, but the exact content of the discussion was never made public. I’m sure most who understand the ultra-right wing casino magnate’s hawkish personality can certainly surmise what he intends to buy with his unlimited support of the Romney campaign: a war with Iran. To elucidate his love of the Israeli military, he said this in a 2010 interview:

I am not Israeli, the uniform that I wore in the military unfortunately was not an Israeli uniform, it was an American uniform, although my wife was in the IDF, and one of my daughters was in the IDF, and my two little boys — our two little boys one of whom will be bar mitzvahed tomorrow… hopefully he’ll come back [to Israel], his hobby is shooting and he’ll come back and be a sniper for the IDF.

Adelson and Netanyahu represent the far right in Israel

What kind of person fantasizes about their child becoming a sniper? I believe the answer is a bellicose man obsessed with power and control. This billionaire has found a way, sometimes by questionably legal means, to show dominance in the casino industry which has enabled him to amass unfathomable profits at at time when uncertainty marked the world of finance. If Sheldon can insert himself into the war business by fomenting Zionist fears of nuclear attack via Iran and thus imposing his military desires in the characteristically aggressive fashion to which we’ve become accustomed, he believes he will solidify Israel’s security and petroleum interests for many years to come. His close alliance with Likud Party Boss and far right wing Prime Minister “Bibi” Netanyahu may give a false impression the Israeli Government shares the same ideology as the Bush NeoCons with whom Mitt Romney has surrounded himself. This is the impression much of our largely conservative media has given the American people. We can all count our blessings that cooler heads will most likely prevail in the Israeli Cabinet and in the IDF, the Israel Defense Forces.

This year, Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak was quoted as saying, “the Obama White House has been the most supportive administration throughout the two countries’ diplomatic relations on matters of Israeli security.” If you listened to the pathological liars at the RNC in Tampa, you’d think Obama has literally aided Iran in the obliteration of the State of Israel. Obviously, the media has wanted us to think this way. Ha’aretz Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie states it best: President Obama has shaped this policy and done it well. Whatever the economic failures, his foreign policy is popular with the American people and generally counted as a success. And Governor Romney, if elected, will follow more or less the same model. Yes, he offered some bluster, and gave a few obligatory nods to both the foreign policy hawks and the social conservatives; but the message of the Republican convention was that the business wing of the party is firmly in charge. If Romney wanted a change in direction, he would have spoken about foreign affairs for more than three minutes. I’m not so certain Romney really has an opinion one way or another. He’ll do as his backers tell him and that is about all we can be sure of when it comes to his ever-changing etch-a-sketch persona.

There is a history behind this Eysek Bish (“bad business”) which stems from Israel’s failed bit of covert sabotage in 1954, seeking to prevent a British withdrawal from the Suez Canal. Israeli covert operatives bombed various American targets in Egypt in order to gin up hostility by the Americans against a western withdrawal (and against Nasser himself). This may’ve firmed up President Eisenhower’s resolve when, after Israel, France and Britain invaded in 1956, he sternly demanded that they withdraw–which they did. In a similar way, a Ha’aretz reporter (Sefi Rachlevsky ) sees Adelson and Bibi’s high stakes gamble concerning Iran as even more an act of deceit against both an unsuspecting U.S. and Israel. The sweeping opposition by heads of the defense establishment to attacking Iran before the American presidential elections stems from a secret. This “secret” (behind an Iran war order) is when Israel’s leadership cannot gamble on the notion that it will be able to drag the United States into the war if enough Israeli lives are sacrificed. The details of this secret are now being expressed privately by Israel’s leaders. Does this expression – at least in the case of Defense Minister Ehud Barak – come from a desire that the senselessness of these ideas will help thwart them? Let’s hope it does.

If you’re not familiar with Netanyahu’s hawkish desire to exert Israeli military supremacy at the expense of human lives, remember this quote: ” The 9-11 Terror Attacks: Good for Israel ” as he said, back in 2001. Those attacks were anything but good for a single soul outside the war-profiteering business. I’ve yet to establish a direct link between his billionaire benefactor and specific defense contractors, but I do know one thing: Zionist supremacy is something both men cherish and they would relish it all the more if both could aid and abet the far right zealots, those who don’t speak for the majority of Israelis in preemptively and recklessly starting a conflict with the Persian nation. As we all know, Ahmadinejad doesn’t speak for Iran and I seriously doubt Netanyahu and Adelson, along with their submissive lapdog, Mitt Romney, speak for the nation of Israel. However, we must be weary of their cunning and often unscrupulous efforts to undermine President Obama and the IDF’s efforts to come to a non-combative solution.

They all should be watched like a snake in a baby’s room. Expect the worst from these two hawks and their puppet, Romney, and perhaps we’ll be able to prevent an epic disaster. A Romney Presidency would accelerate numerous global conflicts, but this one would be the mother of all Rapture scenarios. This is one of the myriad reasons we can’t afford, with the cost in lives especially, another war of aggression. At least we know President Obama is committing to drawing down our excessive military presence around the globe. These lunatics intend a much different outcome. If a GOP Congress is reelected, the first stop on their worldwide tour of anti-diplomacy will feature uber-fascist Congressman, Eric Cantor engaging in a little “skinny dipping” in the waters outside Haifa with his buddies Reps. Ben Quayle and Jason Chaffetz (Teaparty Darlings). It’s only a matter of time until that offensive action incites a global conflict. Wars have been started over far less.