Fortune 500 LDS Inc. Explains Romney’s Greed

The LDS Building in downtown Salt Lake City

Remember the 2008 campaign? We were bombarded with Jeremiah Wright quotes that allegedly shaped Barack Obama’s faith. How come Willard Mitt Romney is not subjected to the same religious scrutiny? I believe it is a double standard that must be addressed, and before the first Presidential debate tomorrow night, I feel it is my duty as an informed voter to elucidate the issue of Romney’s very relevant religion, the Mormon faith. Most Americans know little about this religion that boasts a worldwide membership of 14 million and growing quickly, largely due to an aggressive recruitment strategy. Actually, shockingly enough, the Rove folks have resurrected this long resolved Jeremiah Wright issue just one day before the debate! How very desperate the GOP has become.

Aren’t you just a tad bit suspicious of a “church” whose headquarters rival that of any profit-driven multinational corporation? There’s pretty damned good reason for this: If the LDS Church were a U.S. corporation, by revenues it would rank number 243 on the Fortune 500 list. Mormons, Inc., lands somewhere between Paine Webber ($5.7 billion) and Union Carbide ($6.1 billion), a tad smaller than Continental Airlines ($6.4 billion), and about twice the size of Reader’s Digest ($3.1 billion).” This is a religion based on pure fiction (as most likely are), and has been historically disproven by archaeologists and other historians, most notably Park Romney and Kay Burningham. Yet mythology continues to shape this city and many other towns dominated by the Mormons.

Professor of mythology, Joseph Campbell explains the phenomena of this building in Salt Lake City. “You can tell what’s informing society by the size of the [building], what the building is, the tallest building in the place. When you approach a medieval town the cathedral’s the tallest thing in the place. When you approach a 17th century city, it’s the political power that’s the tallest in the place. When you approach a modern city it’s the office buildings and dwellings that are the tallest things in the place.”-Joseph Campbell & the Power of Myth

Simply look at the tallest buildings in Salt Lake City, where finance is apparently paramount. Number one is the Wells Fargo Building. Second, only by a difference of two feet, is the Latter Day Saints Office Building. I suppose they need a tremendous amount of office space to control the holdings of Mormon, Inc.

Greed and wealth management are also apparent by the coveted tax exempt status of the Mormon Church, a status which is also, unfortunately, bestowed upon any religious organization in the United States. Naturally, like their proclaimed leader, Mitt Romney, they are surely not going to pay any unnecessary taxes. However, this tax free status was once threatened. The date is extremely curious as it coincided with their “revelation” that god should allow blacks to hold the priesthood. The date they changed their policy was 1978.

Prior to this date, the viewpoint of the Mormons on people of color was known as the Curse of Cain Doctrine. It essentially meant this: All black Mormons, and anyone with “one drop of Negro blood” was banned from the Mormon Temple and the Mormon priesthood. President Carter caused a ripple throughout the religious community in America when he threatened their tax exempt statuses if they engaged in discrimination against blacks and other minorities. Isn’t it ironic this threat to their real estate and other business holdings coincided with a revelation from the prophet du jour? Spencer W. Kimball knew this was a threat to what the church values most, not the prophet, but the PROFIT.

Granted, many religions have been proven to be driven by money and greed. There are many religions that do a great deal of good for society, at times. Mormons do tend to take care of their own, but how about the rest of us? Given the faith’s lying for the lord doctrine and the high value the LDS religion seems to place on financial success, what kind of consideration will those who are the neediest among us receive from a LDS President? It is a relevant issue and the vast wealth and “etch-a-sketch” nature of the faith should be a key issue in this year’s Presidential race. However, sadly, it most likely will not be brought up, out of respect to Romney’s faith. I suppose questioning President Obama’s faith is also considered disrespectful? That remains to be seen.

Criticize Mitt Romney and Mormon Inc. WILL Excommunicate You

The Mormons, even before their Utah Territory was an official state, were very defensive of their sacred Deseret. So much so that a number of them banded together, disguised as Indians, to slaughter innocent settlers passing through the territory on their way to California in the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Reliable historians purport that their beloved prophet and university namesake Brigham Young ordered the massacre to keep the US Army out of his beloved Latter Day “Saints” territory, claiming that otherwise the Indians would go on the warpath. If you’ve ever driven through Utah, as I have, you still get the sense today that outsiders, in some parts, are simply not welcome. They know their own and are suspicious of non-Mormons. Questioning the legitimacy of the LDS religion has always been a sore spot and it’s certainly no different today. It is simply forbidden and if a member dare raise valid concerns over inconsistencies in the “faith,” they are sure to be irrevocably censured.

David Twede of MormonThink

Naturally, the LDS church would never admit they don’t tolerate questioning, but of course openly admitting their obvious defensiveness of their cult’s validity would be downright embarrassing. Kay Burningham, former LDS member and author/attorney commented on this particular instance:
“There is no freedom of speech within the LDS Church.  From the clothing they wear, the words they speak, to the books, movies and music deemed appropriate to read, watch and hear, the LDS hierarchy censors its members who dissent.  As MormonThink’s managing editor, David Twede’s good faith efforts at addressing true Mormon history and his constitutional right to express his opinion on Mitt Romney’s fitness for the position of POTUS, are a threat to Mormonism’s very foundation. Only through an outward showing of discipline or excommunication, can the church spin the search for truth and the individual right to expression into a demonic activity.”  

There are many instances of Mormons coming out against the church once the true fraudulent nature manifests itself to the member.  A perfect example of a work they found objectionable is An Insider’s View of Mormon Origins, which challenges the traditional explanations of the faith’s founding events – Joseph Smith’s First Vision, the visit of the Angel Moroni, Smith’s translation of ancient writings on gold plates and the restoration of the priesthood.  Even though the evidence against the charlatan’s plagiarizing of the Christian Bible is irrefutable, the church tells members any dissent is the work of the devil, which in turn provides an airtight lock on their illogical mythology.

The Mormon religion is so good at its job, they’ve even convinced their members you have to pay “money” to get into the Celestial Kingdom.  Willard Romney has asserted how instrumental the Mormon church has been in shaping his character.  If his very core is formulated by a fraudulently based belief system, one has to wonder the degree of mental fitness this man possesses that he is so duped by a cult that is utterly devoid of logic.  This is a man who believes little in public education,  for the poor masses are undeserving of the same schooling he received, thanks to LDS Inc.  Even in the face of irrefutable evidence, a true Mormon will stand and die for the lie, make no mistake about it.   Is this what we need in the White House?

Why Christians (and Thinking Americans) Should Fear a Mormon President

Is this a man we can trust?

If you read the Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of cult, the example given is thus: a Christian theologian can state that, say, the Mormon Church is theologically a cult of Christianity. Funny how I grew up with the notion, as an East Coast girl, that a perfect dictionary definition of a cult were these curious folks known as the Mormons. I truly had no idea what they were all about, but there was an apprehension about their legitimacy as a true “religion” I sensed even before organized religion became utterly preposterous to me. Something is certainly awry with Mormonism Inc. and I’m starting to understand why it is so. Hopefully, America will learn in time of the insidious truths buried deep in this religion/cult to which our GOP nominee is a lifelong devotee. It’s far more relevant than the conservative-owned media would care to admit, and here’s why.

1.) The Mormon Church has a history of sanctioning lying to further the objectives of the church.
In a Mormon Bishop’s account of “Lying for the Lord” he states: “Evidence presented in this essay establishes that when the church image or its leaders needed protection it was and is, okay to fib, deceive, distort, inflate, minimize, exaggerate, prevaricate or lie. You will read quotations by church leaders who admitted that deception is a useful tool to protect the church and its leaders “when they are in a tight spot,” or “to beat the devil at his own game.” They admit engaging in moral gymnastics; that God approves of deception – if it’s done to protect the “Lord’s Church” or “the brethren” as the leaders are called.” The polygamous lifestyle still practiced today in rural Utah, Arizona and Texas, illustrates how deception and misrepresentation of the truth is not just a thing of the past. Secrecy and lying are normal and sanctioned by the “one true word of God,” Mormonism. All practicing Mormons believe in a polygamous afterlife where a man takes as many wives as needed to populate more planets with his progeny.

There is an inherent mistrust of Christians as well. One of the original prophets, Brigham Young, stated: When the light came to me I saw that all the so-called Christian world was groveling in darkness…With a regard to true theology, a more ignorant people never lived than the present so-called Christian world. The Christian world… are heathens as to the knowledge of the salvation of God. (Journal of Discourses 8:199)

2.) Stealing from non-Mormons, cover-ups of murders and total historical omissions of events deemed unpropitious to the LDS Church are common. Reading books like The Apostasy of a High Priest by Park Romney and An American Fraud: One Lawyer’s Case Against Mormonism by Kay Burningham have helped me realize the depths of deception, crime and general malevolence that has been carried out in the name of Mormonism. These books are written by church insiders who would rather face the pain and ostracism of leaving the church and all its social networking than live a life based on a lie. These are two people who were among the faithful but learned far too many negatives to continue in the faith. If you study the history of the Mormon settlements and the pioneers who are so revered today, you’d find atrocities committed along the same lines as the way the native Americans were treated by so many settlers using “Manifest Destiny” as a justification for virtual genocide. However, the Mormons were guilty of murdering not just Native Americans, but “white” non-Mormons as in the Mountain Meadows Massacre of 1857 which has been literally sanitized by Utah history books to this day. A gruesome discovery of remains occurred in 1999, but the Mormon Church stifled the news as much as possible to avoid any controversy.

Willard Romney has adopted this same anti-controversial stance as his cult seems to adopt, by changing and “evolving” his beliefs as evidenced by his literal shifting on SO many issues. Park Romney explains: In their quest to cling to the warm and fuzzy feeling of the sweeter moments of their childhood, Mormons go way out of their way to avoid contention. They distance themselves from controversy, when possible, and avoid contributing to it. In this effort, they often overlook what shouldn’t be overlooked, in the name of being forgiving or charitable. They discourage discussion of, and often avoid, controversial issues. The evolution of the concept of Blacks suddenly becoming worthy of the priesthood in 1978 is a prime example of Mormonism “evolving” to accommodate more members and grow their unbelievable wealth from tithings. It seems the patriarchal nature of the religion will always subjugate women to a lower strata on the social scale, omitting them from governing roles.

As far as the acquisition of the vast wealth the Mormons hold (estimated at over $30 billion that we know of), money, property and treasure can be obtained by theft from “Gentiles” and other non-Mormons. In the early twentieth century, Bishop Andrew Cahoon (An American Fraud, chapter 7 pages 154-155) swore in testimony the following doctrine from the original scriptures: “It was considered no crime to take from those who opposed the Church, because they were the enemies of the Kingdom of God.” If you’re wondering about the morality of Willard Romney’s Bain Capital destroying lives, don’t despair. It is acceptable under the guise of the gospel according to Joseph Smith. Willard sleeps just fine at night, knowing the lives he destroyed were not Mormons.

3.) Willard Mitt Romney is first and foremost committed by “blood atonement.” This unwavering oath is cause for concern for any non-Mormon At the time he would have first gone through the temple (age 19 before his mission)—it would have been similar to this person ‘s experience:

The first time I went through the temple was in September 1987. The thing I remember most vividly about that day, besides the naked touching, was the “penalties.” That’s where I was asked to make several blood oaths never to reveal the various signs, tokens and other bizarre things that went on there.
The penalties involved various pantomimes where I had to pass my thumb across my throat, chest and bowels (IIRC) indicating different kinds of suicide while chanting with the rest of the room “rather than do so, I would suffer my life to be taken.” (Short pause after “life” while the slashing motion is made.) That was the moment where I think I stopped caring whether the Mormon church is true or not. I didn’t want to be part of it and felt trapped by my family and partly by these oaths. I didn’t know how serious they were” See

That is blood atonement –that there are some sins which are just too egregious (here revealing temple secrets) that Christ’s sacrifice will not be enough and man must die for this particular type of sin.

This is a little bit confusing because another oath, the oath of vengeance where the patron would promise to never rest until those who killed Joseph and Hyrum Smith and their descendants were killed, was originally also a part of the early temple ceremony but that was removed in 1927 to the doctrines & covenants of the LDS church. This is paramount over the US Constitution. Any Gentile, Jewish or other American, (especially those without theism) should be aware of this primary oath Willard holds dear.

4.) The Church has a RICH history of bigotry and misogyny. Hate legislation towards any group the church disagrees with is common. As testified by Sue Emmett, the great-great-granddaughter of Brigham Young: “In the Mormon culture, men have all the power in the church….Women do an awful lot of work in the church but they don’t really have any ability to have power positions or to make final decisions.” The makeup of the Utah legislature is quite indicative of both a theocracy and male-domination. Their intolerance of homosexual marriage was evidenced by the millions of dollars the church (and Mitt himself) dumped into funding Proposition 8 legislation in California.

In 2002, James E. Shelledy, editor of the Salt Lake Tribune said this (about Utah government): the fact is, we live in a quasi-theocracy. Eighty percent of office-holders are of a single party (GOP), ninety percent of a single religion (LDS), ninety-nine percent of a single race (Caucasian) and eighty-five percent of one gender (male). If you think Romney will run his government and cabinet any differently, you underestimate the role of the LDS Church on Willard’s psyche.

In conclusion….
In an article entitled: Mitt’s Soul isn’t Muffled, it’s Missing, Kay Burningham notes the close ties the LDS church has with Romney and the reluctance of key Mormon players to bring this alliance to the forefront of America’s minds. A grassroots support of his 2008 presidential campaign was initially begun in 2006 by LDS leaders and BYU groups across the nation. A theocracy remains in Utah. Recently, LDS leaders canceled their annual meeting with the Utah State Legislature, before the January Session began. This is something they had previously done for years. The Utah State Congress is over 80% Mormon. But there was concern about how this regular (LDS) pre-session meeting would be interpreted, now that Romney’s running has brought a more national focus on the religion. One congressman commented: “It seemed odd, because there has always been” a pre-session meeting, said House Speaker Becky Lockhart, R-Provo.” The chance that a Romney presidency would be greatly influenced by the Mormon hierarchy is more than remote; despite Romney’s denial of such an influence, it is entirely likely.

I believe it’s high time we look very seriously into this cult and what the man who would be the first Mormon President of the United States truly believes. President Obama’s faith has been under the microscope since day one. Why should Willard, the racist, misogynist Birther be exempt from similar scrutiny?