Fox News Guest: ‘A Racist Is Anyone Winning An Argument With A Democrat’


Florida Democratic Congressman Alcee Hastings boldly called Texans (meaning the Republican-led government) ‘crazy’ people prior to the most ridiculous 56th vote to repeal Obamacare. Yesterday, he tweeted about it. With @HouseGOP to call for 56th vote to repeal #ACA it must be #GroundhogDay again – Alcee L. Hastings (@RepHastingsFL) February 2, 2015 Steve Doocy, aka…     read more at CrooksandLiars. Continue reading “Fox News Guest: ‘A Racist Is Anyone Winning An Argument With A Democrat’”

Duplicitous GOP Wants Women To Work Full Time While Staying Home To Raise The Kidsp


Less than one year ago, Lou Dobbs and Erick Erickson vehemently asserted how important it is for family stability that the woman stay home and raise the kids. Dobbs stated: three-quarters of the people surveyed recognize that having moms as the primary breadwinner is bad for kids and bad for marriage, and reality shows us that’s the truth. In 2009, the Blue Eyed Snidely Whiplash Lookalike, Rep. Paul Ryan derided the idea of job lock where one’s healthcare is irrevocably tied to one’s employment. So the GOP seems like they’re in agreement about the importance of worker freedom and the flexibility of a job to meet everybody’s needs in America, right?

A logical-thinking person would presume the GOP wants nothing more than to preserve the traditional family and provide Americans the choice of working only if it is needed to support the family financially. Work should not be tied to the healthcare of a person, except when the Black President decides upon a policy that gives people that freedom. When you consider the degree of racism in the party, it is not surprising the GOP managed to flip flop their entire world view when the President’s signature healthcare law went into effect. Not unlike the “subtle” racist undertones of the Teaparty or the composition of Florida juries for cases where a black teenager is gunned down for no good reason, the GOP can’t help but loathe everything the African-American President supports. Even if they once applauded the Heritage Foundation’s corporatist model of insurance company-based healthcare, the moment the President passed the law, the entire party has been on a mission to destroy it. Any law that helps women, especially minority women, must be neutralized as economic mobility is taboo to the Patriarchal-White-Christian-Male-Republican America.

Preexisting conditions are no longer keeping Americans, especially those near or beyond retirement age, bound to jobs solely for the purpose of maintaining health coverage. This opens up jobs for the younger workforce who have higher rates of unemployment. Eliminating job lock provides folks the option of choosing to remain in the workforce, retiring or finally starting that entrepreneurial venture they’ve dreamt about.

The CBO has concluded Obamacare (the ACA) would cost 2.5 million jobs, and this phrase was immediately exploited by the GOP Senate. The agency (actually) said that some Americans would choose to stop working or work less because of the law. Naturally, the Conservative media falsely tied the idea of freedom in the workplace to a loss of jobs and more lazy Americans on welfare. Republicans want a polarized society with an oligarchy of mega-rich corporate owners with a system of labor barely discernible from indentured servitude. According to these misanthropes, it is perfectly acceptable to distribute healthcare based on employment and social status. The pursuit of happiness is only applicable if you are healthy or fortunate enough to afford it. American women should most certainly do something about this disgraceful party during the 2014 midterms.

Not One Manufactured GOP Scandal Can Compare To Christie’s Malice Aforethought

If a person devises a plan to cause harm to a person or persons, the intent is a crime known as mens rea or malice aforethought. By definition, malice aforethought is criminal intent; the thoughts and intentions behind a wrongful act (including knowledge that the act is illegal). Until very recently, one of the most highly acclaimed, “bipartisan” politicians of our day was portrayed by the mainstream media as an honest, straight-shooter. 2016 Republican Presidential hopeful and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the subject of a growing list of charges of extreme malice aforethought. The media’s obsession with comparing Christie’s malfeasance with a scandal on the other side (Democratic) of the aisle is not only sensationalism, it’s patently false and irresponsible journalism.


The Republican Party has an uncanny knack for denouncing exactly what they are guilty of themselves. The Benghazi incident of September 11, 2012 was indeed a tragedy where four Americans were killed. None of the outraged Republicans who thirst for retribution against any Democrat in the administration at the time, mention this minor detail: House Republicans have consciously voted to reduce the funds allocated to the State Department for embassy security since winning the majority in 2010. Even Senator John McCain (R-Az) admitted slain Ambassador Chris Stevens turned down extra security, thus proving Benghazi conspiracy theories all as ridiculous as the effectiveness of Marcus Bachmann’s gay conversion therapy.

Another talking point repeated ad nauseum by those advocating the both sides angle is the alleged targeting of Conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status by the IRS. When the smoke (and mirrors) cleared, the targeting of both Democratic and Republican groups were simply the result of an algorithm which was triggered by key words such as occupy AND patriot which equally targeted both sides (for once!). What began as a scandal of epic proportions ended, once again, with a whimper.

When our twice elected President Obama risked his political future and the Democratic Party’s reputation by fighting hard to pass the Affordable Care Act, Republicans were outraged he accomplished this feat, despite Herculean efforts to defeat the measure. Much of the law is based on the policy ideas of Republicans, namely the Heritage Foundation, and is a far cry from the Single-Payer system most people, if they understood what it entails, would support. Once enacted, the website was laden with glitches and some people found the insurance they thought they could keep was no longer in accordance with the minimum standards of Obamacare. This was labeled “the lie of the year,” perhaps even the century, if you listened to the talking heads on almost EVERY news station. Turns out, these policies were such a ripoff, they didn’t even meet minimum standards to prevent bankruptcies from unforeseen exorbitant medical costs. President Obama explicitly stated how unfair medical bankruptcy is and sought to eliminate this uniquely American injustice. Mistakes were made, but the bottom line: the President wanted to alleviate suffering; he wanted to make things better for the majority.

Now with the revelation of the “Bridgegate” scandal and the questions arising from other areas of abuse by the Christie administration, the parallels to Democratic misadventures are uttered in tandem with each sordid development. The idea that if a bipartisan media-darling like Christie could perpetrate several underhanded revenge scenarios, the Democrats must have also done something similar. With each passing day, more Democratic New Jersey Mayors who allegedly backed the Christie Administration are coming forward with the real impetus for their unexplained support: threats of retribution from Trenton. The victims would be the unsuspecting and unfortunate electorate of their cities.

Christie’s aura of self-importance that is paramount over ethics and his sworn oath to serve the people, is beyond dangerous. It is vindictive, petulant and unforgivably corrupt. Fox News’ anchor, Brit Hume refers to this “old-fashioned tough guy,” as a victim of a feminized atmosphere. Make no mistake, Chris Christie is the embodiment of petty, mob-style politics eerily similar to the days of Tammany Hall and Boss Tweed.

All too often, a Republican is always portrayed as a martyr, because a right-wing-owned media is incredibly adept at skewing the perception of the guilty as innocent victims of random circumstance. Ultimately, Chris Christie will show his true self: the quintessential Republican only interested in furthering his own ambitions with no regard for the people he was elected to serve.

Media Scrutiny Of Obamacare Is Downright Excessive

HHS Sebelius and POTUS
HHS Sebelius and POTUS

Lately, every newscast opens with the website “disaster.” From Fox to MSNBC, no newscast can resist relishing in the difficulties the Obama Administration has experienced with the launch of the website.  The costs of the site have been conflated by over $534 million, as if this president regularly spends with the reckless abandon of his predecessor, George W. Bush.  Not once this week have I heard anyone mention that the 40+ Obamacare repeal votes have cost American taxpayers a grand total of $54 million.

It seems as if so many in the media are just waiting for the first black president to flub up and each news outlet wants to make sure they are the first to point out any and all missteps. CNN even has an Obamacare website navigation clock which replaced the Debt Ceiling Deadline and Government Shutdown Clock, designed to magnify the inefficiencies of the site.  How dare there be problems with a website designed to coordinate fifty states with thousands of insurance companies!

No one is denying the problems the website has had.  But remember, it’s a website, it is not the entire system.  It will be fixed.  But seldom do we hear of the preexisting conditions that have been eliminated by the revolutionary program.  Seldom do we recall three-fourths of the medical bankruptcies (which account for 60% of all bankruptcies in the U.S.) were filed by those with insurance. Seldom does anyone interview one of the thousands of Americans that have benefited from the Affordable Care Act.  Why is that?  Perhaps because the media gave a pass to George W. Bush; as expectations were so low of this man of very mediocre intelligence?  The Bush-Era Tax Cuts received a fraction of the negative press the Obamacare website has received upon their onset in 2002.  By comparison, there was a significantly greater outrage expressed when President Obama extended the Tax Cuts in 2010.  In order to renew jobless benefits during the holidays, the President was put between a rock and a hard place much to the dismay of many of us Americans, especially those of us who are fiscally literate.  Unfortunately, the decisions of the Commander in Chief are not always black and white, especially where millions of vulnerable Americans were concerned.

It doesn’t seem to matter how excessive the expenditures of the previous administration were, nor what the GOP Teaparty-controlled Congress incurs.  The Bush-Era Tax Cuts amounted to $1.8 trillion that we will never see again.  The recent shutdown cost taxpayers around $24 billion according to Standard and Poors estimates, but the blame on the Ted Cruz-led Teaparty was minimal by comparison to the harsh critique levied upon Kathleen Sebelius and the President.  Tomorrow we will see unprecedented scrutiny of our Health and Human Services Secretary during the hearings because, apparently, this is the greatest scandal to befall us in our nation’s history.

Religious Nuttery and Political Hypocrisy: Crazy Teapartiers

These are dark times indeed. To punish America for having the audacity to elect a black man TWICE, the GOP will try to deliberately ruin America’s economy. The Democrats are pragmatically trying to avoid economic disaster while Republicans sing funeral songs like Amazing Grace praying instead of governing. Senator Ted Cruz still believes shutting down the government was a good idea. Their abject hypocrisy and ignorance are stunning.

It was rare for a person to surface who embodies the appalling hypocrisy of a self-proclaimed “god-fearing” man and the deliberate ignorance of the “Christian” homeschool movement. The Reagan plan to defund the crap out of education is coming to fruition. There’s now a whole generation of ignoramuses. A consortium of this type of cretin has created the 113th Congress, a willfully ignorant group who vociferously oppose reason, logic and facts. These self-important monsters could easily topple our great nation if we don’t expose their insidious objectives. Governing by crisis is the chosen method of these TeaParty troublemakers. They exist only to serve their gigantic corporation CEOs. The most noteworthy of these asshats is Greg Collett, a devout Mormon from the great state of Idaho, who is running for state office in 2014.


Clearly, anyone who is a staunch member of the Teaparty has obvious contradictions abound. The grassroots organization is funded by hate groups like The Heritage Foundation, who want to take our country “back” from that Black guy who dared to win two presidential elections. Collett goes a bit further. Obviously a Romney supporter, Greg prohibits his children from consuming GMOs, the signature products of Bain Capital’s Monsanto, a company Romney helped make into the industry giant it is today. Collett proclaims, “I avoid all refined sugars and corn syrup, enriched flour products and other processed foods, GMO products, and foods that have unpronounceable ingredients”. Naturally, he won’t research who’s responsible for assailing our population with these harmful products. This is common for Teapartiers; they rail against things they don’t quite understand. That’s why this man hates government. He doesn’t understand it.

Government is force, and using government to force men to do good works takes away the agency of man. When government is used to take money from one citizen and give it to another (even for a seemingly good cause) it simply amounts to legal plunder, making government, and those that support it, the criminal.

Like 20% of Idahoans, Greg Collett is a staunch advocate of homeschooling, as there’s just not enough Brigham Young in our history. An educated populace whose curriculum is decided by anyone but the Teaparty Right Wing is their biggest enemy. Even though the Heritage Foundation and Romneycare comprise the basic format of “Obamacare,” the Teaparty cannot support it because their racist objection to all President Obama’s policies coerces them to take drastic action to oppose it.

In Collett’s mind, government is bad and only the LDS Church can force people to be kind. His ten children are expensive to care for. Collett’s kids are all on Medicaid. But he opposes government interference with healthcare. He believes our government is far too secular and his interpretation of the supernatural should be adopted by all. Of course he throws in concepts like tyranny, children are a heritage from god, ending funding for public education, Communist Manifesto, and the jewel of all, ‘I am against National Parks, but I visit them.’ This is a dangerously stupid man who throws out red meat for the Teaparty base.

Greg Collett is running again in 2014 for the position A, district 11 of the Idaho House. He’s lost twice before, receiving 25% of the vote in 2010 and 34% in 2012. The public should be outraged anyone with such a convoluted worldview could possibly win an election. The views he has stated reveal he thinks we live in a theocracy, rather than a democracy. It’s unfathomable how anyone –be they Mormon, Lutheran, Catholic, Hindu, Jew, Muslim, Buddist, agnostic, or atheist– could vote for this lunatic. The Teaparty has undoubtedly shown how they revile government and will do anything to sabotage the institution.

LDS zealots like Collett and unstable, narcissistic Dominionists like Ted Cruz have proclaimed God tells them how to legislate. Ironically, they protest vehemently against Islamist theocratic regimes while behaving exactly like these misogynist lunatics. These people must be stopped, as they are the ones who shred the Constitution at every opportunity.

Romney’s 1st Day in Office: Terrifying

Mitt Romney released his first campaign ad. It’s not the ones we’ve seen from Americans for Prosperity or Crossroads GPS. It’s his. Take a look here.


He says on day one he’ll do the following. 1. Approve the Keystone Pipeline, 2. Introduce tax reform, and 3. Begin dismantling and replacing President Obama’s health care law. A ridiculous pander to the hate-mongers of his party. Let’s dissect what that really means.

1. Screw the environment, the Keystone Pipeline is not all it claims to be. In the interest of safety: A rupture in the Keystone XL pipeline could cause a BP style oil spill in America’s heartland, over the source of fresh drinking water for 2 million people. NASA’s top climate scientist says that fully developing the tar sands in Canada would mean “essentially game over” for the climate. Romney and his party could care less about the health and well-being of our citizens.

2. Introduce tax reform is code for reduction of taxes paid by the 1%. These lunatics who support the Ryan Budget are totally full of crap when they say we must lower the deficit. Romney’s latest gimmick of him speaking in front of a debt clock as if he gives a damn about debt is quite nauseating. Paul Krugman said Romney’s plan would greatly INCREASE the deficit, not lower it.

3. Obamacare. The carbon copy of Romneycare is now the enemy. God forbid people aren’t thrown off their insurance for pre-existing conditions or denied care altogether. Romney shows he’s flip-flopped to the side of the heartless hard right.

As expected, Romney’s campaign is an insidious manifestation of greed, selfishness and destruction. Let’s make sure he never gets to show how much misery he plans to inflict on an already hurting America. Vote Democratic!