Fox News Guest: ‘A Racist Is Anyone Winning An Argument With A Democrat’


Florida Democratic Congressman Alcee Hastings boldly called Texans (meaning the Republican-led government) ‘crazy’ people prior to the most ridiculous 56th vote to repeal Obamacare. Yesterday, he tweeted about it. With @HouseGOP to call for 56th vote to repeal #ACA it must be #GroundhogDay again – Alcee L. Hastings (@RepHastingsFL) February 2, 2015 Steve Doocy, aka…     read more at CrooksandLiars. Continue reading “Fox News Guest: ‘A Racist Is Anyone Winning An Argument With A Democrat’”

The Post Office Was Targeted By Bain Capital Vultures All Along

Staples: Privatizing An American Institution

The 109th United States Congress held a vote back in 2006, where a Republican Congress—acting at the behest of the Bush-Cheney administration—enacted a law that required the postal service to “pre-fund” retiree health benefits seventy-five years into the future. NO corporation has ever been asked to shoulder such insane financial burdens and Americans had no idea this was happening, and why. The US Post Office is one of the top employers of veterans.  Yet the GOP has repeatedly slashed any means of assistance for the “troops” they claim to support. Not only did those brave men and women fight a senseless war without being properly equipped with safe gear, but their means of livelihood when they return to civilian life has been systematically eradicated by Republicans.

During the 2012 Presidential Campaign, Willard Romney touted his business acumen by revealing Bain Capital’s retail success. Bain’s Staples Office Supply Stores were the shining example of the “noble” business of venture capitalism. Staples announced recently announced, in twenty-seven states, some of its stores will contain actual U.S. Post Offices.

Coincidentally, the sponsor of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act was Republican Tom Davis of Virginia, an ardent supporter of Willard Romney. Obviously no stranger to corruption,  he’s been linked to the K Street Project, a fundraising scandal linked to Tom Delay and Jack Abramoff.  It truly is a very strange bill, which went under the radar in the House.  OFebruary 9, 2006, the Senate passed the bill.  Not sure how they passed the bill, as there was not a recorded vote.   The intent was to privatize the mail industry and destroy the Postal Union while enriching obscenely profitable corporations. Staples employees making minimum wage will be performing the tasks of the Postal Union workers while earning neither pensions nor benefits. This is another example of the privatizing of government industries for-profit while underhandedly cutting the throats of the American worker.

Republicans Outraged Americans Are Happy With The Affordable Care Act


The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary . H.L. Mencken couldn’t have predicted the hysteria generated by the rollout of a plan to insure every American, since we don’t have Single-Payer (government run healthcare).  The fear-mongering from the media has been unprecedented as they have malevolently exaggerated the negatives of President Obama’s signature healthcare law. No President has faced such unparalleled sabotage and antipathy from those on both sides of the political spectrum. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been panned by the Left for not going far enough (it’s not single-payer) and the Right because it has anything to do with the administration of the first black president. Ironically, the ACA is THE Republican plan formulated by the Heritage Foundation, Romneycare and Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley (R).

Until the idea of a health insurance mandate was proposed by the Obama Administration, right wingers were all for the mandate which would require all Americans to be covered by private, for-profit insurance companies. The motivation behind the law was to help 45 million uninsured Americans get coverage.  Even the most deleterious acts of environmental disaster have been covered by the media more favorably than this genuine effort to help people. Truly, big corporate malfeasance is held in higher esteem than a plan to save lives. The media has been complicit in sabotaging the rollout of the ACA and it’s time for them to be called out on the carpet.

Republican Governors are responsible for the deaths of thousands

Now we’ve reached five million  sign-ups on the healthcare exchange and every poll taken shows overwhelmingly, Americans do NOT want to repeal the law in its entirety.  Contrary to the horror stories of a disastrous website (which is now functioning perfectly), mass insurance cancellations and “death panels,” the ACA has given millions coverage for the first time in their lives. I’d love to see these Republicans inform parents their child is no longer covered because he or she had the misfortune of being born with a preexisting condition. See how popular the GOP becomes when they revoke the insurance the minimum-wage employee can now enjoy due to the Medicaid Expanision under the ACA.  Poor Americans and previously uninsurable citizens can FINALLY go to a doctor without the exorbitant costs of an Emergency Room visit. The GOP wants to take this away from countless Americans and have spent millions on repealing the law FIFTY times and counting.

Naturally, the insurance companies are going to act in the interest of profit, not results. Their timing of sending out cancellation notices (which they’ve always done, before the ACA) right when the website was launched with much difficulty was no accident. They are bankrolled by billionaires who wish to maintain the status quo of the most broken healthcare in the Western World while making the President look bad.  Labor groups like the Culinary Union in Las Vegas may be experiencing higher rates of insurance as the insurance industry is behaving in typical profit-driven fashion.  The costs to establish a functioning healthcare system will be an initial sacrifice, but as more people enroll, the costs will go down. As history has shown, Social Security and Medicare were vehemently opposed, more so by Republicans of course. The ACA has the dubious honor of being the most contested of the three revolutionary social welfare programs.  Many Americans couldn’t imagine life without Social Security and Medicare and soon Affordable Care will be considered a necessity.

It does seem as if the enrollment target which seemed unattainable in October, 2013 may actually become a reality by March’s end. Much to the dismay of those afflicted with Obama Derangement Syndrome, especially the TeaParty wing of the GOP, this law could be the stepping stone to a functioning healthcare system like the one in Germany and France. The Republican viewpoint of good government helping people terrifies those who are simply horrible at governance (Republicans). With a strongly mobilized Democratic base running on the merits of the ACA, the 2014 midterm elections could give the President a functioning Congress. If only the media was on the side of the people who need Obamacare to save their lives instead of favoring the vile agendas of the insurance plutocracy, this painful transition towards functioning healthcare for all could happen with minimal trauma and unnecessary loss of life.

Ted Cruz: The Intellectual Teapartier (and Other Oxymorons)

Everything about the TeaParty is not only antithetical to its stated purpose, but soaked in irony. With his faux filibuster, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tx) displayed a level of conservative narcissism not seen since Family Ties, a sitcom which humorously portrayed a teenage Republican whose ambition rivaled the 1980’s Wall Street hero, Gordon Gekko. The Greed is Good concept was new and had yet to be associated with today’s massive income inequality whose seeds were sown during the 1980’s.

Social welfare, healthcare and workers’ rights were unpalatable to the Moral Majority and Reagan’s presidency marked the beginning of the end of the Middle Class. Unlike today’s society, where this economic group is almost an endangered species, we could poke fun at a selfishly capitalist conservative teen. In 2013, this would not only be unfunny, but offensive as well. Ted Cruz has embodied the worst traits of a group ruled by the id and unfettered by the superego. Millions of struggling Americans are facing Third World problems while TeaPartiers denounce them as lazy and undeserving. This is a party that believes it is ethical to take food out of poor children’s mouths while overcrowding ERs with millions of uninsured citizens. Often condoning religious dogma to supersede the teaching of science while denouncing equal rights legislation, the TeaParty is hell bent on returning to the Dark Ages. The fact this megalomaniac, Cruz is the head of this AstroTurf group shows just how insidious they are.

As impolite as it sounds, science-denying Teabaggers could aptly be called morons, but deeper analysis points to a new idea in governance: standing firmly on the principles of the oxymoron. The double entendre is the unintended consequence of Teaparty policies: gun safety, compassionate conservativism, Texas textbooks, and TeaParty intellectual. Ted and his fans are basically a group of “oxymorons” mismanaging government and holding the nation hostage. If the Founding Fathers represented the culmination of the Age of Enlightenment, this merry band of misanthropic malcontents are the denouement of democracy and the inception of anarchy. It’s funny how they claim to be patriots while being the most politically destructive force since slavery and the Confederacy in the mid-nineteenth century.

Gun Safety

Statistics show states with looser gun laws are far more deadly when it comes to firearm fatalities. Thanks to the NRA and their perversion of the 2nd Amendment,  sensible legislation is an impossibility.  True to form, the Canadian-born Rafael Cruz has championed all things harmful and dangerous, as his A+ NRA rating demonstrates. After a staggering number of mass shootings, Cruz continues his crusade to eliminate the most minuscule regulations, failing to protect the most common victims of gun accidents, children. Naturally, the idea of guns marketed for children is not at all surprising for a man who raved about Ashton Kutcher and Duck Dynasty in his 21 hour faux filibuster.  Cruz and his TeaParty terrorists have repeatedly legislated in favor of the death-machine manufacturers. Responsible gun ownership and safety is really just a way of justifying corporate profit over human lives.

Compassionate Conservatism

The GOP and its insanely right wing TeaParty claim to be the party of “Christ.”  The Golden Rule doesn’t apply to a Congress who voted to cut $4 billion per year from the very poor while granting millions in farm and oil subsidies.  Conservatives have hijacked a New Testament quote stating “If a man will not work, he shall not eat.”  (Thessalonians 3:10)
to mean only those who work hard should eat, condemning children, the elderly and the handicapped.  Jesus preached tolerance and charity, according to the scriptures.  Selective charity is certainly not divine.  Ted Cruz, whose father is a minister, legislates contrary to the teachings of his god.  Ted idolizes the late Senator Jesse Helms who proposed eradicating the Equal Rights Amendment and was a huge racist.  Cruz actually said, we need 100 like Jesse Helms in the Senate. Shameful.

Texas Textbooks

Many of our public schools rely on textbooks printed, largely, in Texas.  This would not be a problem if Texas legislators, especially those favored by the TeaParty, weren’t concerned with changing history and science.  Not only have they sanitized history to rename the slave trade The Atlantic Triangular Trade, they also rename capitalism the free-enterprise system to mask the evils of a system based on exploitation of labor.  Texas also has inserted the ridiculously unscientific theory of Creationism to supplant the teaching of evolution.  The TeaParty is proud of religious mythology, so much so it is on a par with proven science.  The idea of any educational tools originating in a state so rooted in convoluted logic is as ridiculous as the TeaParty deciding anything of importance.

Teaparty Intellectual 

When Cruz emerged on the national scene as a member of the 112th Congress, he was a rare find, an Ivy League-educated debate champion. Bragging about the Libertarian principles he so espouses, he has moved the party so far right, no possible compromise could ever be reached. Thanks to this intellectual we are literally minutes from the first government shutdown since 1995, a move denounced by many prominent members of his party. Taking the hard line, ‘if you fail to defund Obamacare we will not agree to any budget deal’, is not a popular stance among the more moderates like Rep Tom Cole (R-OK) and Rep Peter King (R-NY) who are willing to compromise with the occasional sane members of the GOP. Ted Cruz has a very unsavory reputation which leaves many unhappy with his techniques of intimidation to pass his extremist ideology. Senator John Cain referred to Cruz as a f@&kin dick which was the most endearing statement to emerge from McCain in quite some time.

Paralleling the infamous Joe McCarthy with Senator Cruz not just in political paranoia, but actual physical resemblance makes this guy even more appropriate as the leader of a political hate group disguised as anything but. So now, as I finish this article, the federal government is officially closed. This petulant toddler of a Senator has achieved a shameful milestone in TeaParty obstructionist history.

Update: October 17th, the government is open, Teabagger-incurred crisis averted but with a severe blemish. Teaparty-Americans were able to provide another oxymoron. They were protesting the closure of national monuments with the folks who closed the government, while donning Confederate flags. It almost makes your head spin.

The GOP Will Never Stop Being the Stupid Party

If one simply analyzes the election of 2012, it’s quite obvious the GOP has an imaging problem; they have lost much of their support due to the changing demographics of 21st century America. I believe February, 2013 was unusually rich with incidents which signal the growing irrelevance of the Grand Old Party, truly an epic month chock full of the increasingly frequent bloopers that illustrate the true character of Republicans.

Trying to gather a manageable list of their latest blunders which purport their claim they are “trying to rebrand the party,” is quite a Herculean endeavor. John Brabender, Rick Santorum’s campaign manager believes their problem is merely in the context of perception, not actual platform. “The perception of our party is, number one, we fight for the rich more than we fight for anybody else. Number two, we fight for the big corporations. And number three, we`re obstructionists to everything.” We’ve got news for you John, this is reality.

The platform and policies the GOP favors have been deviating from the mainstream. The current reality is a dystopian nightmare where the fringe social, political and theocratic factions of the party have literally taken over the asylum. Stupid is actually a very nice way to describe the continued insanity that plagues Republicans nationwide. Bobby Jindal, Louisiana Governor (R) tried to sum it up.

One barely has to search for striking examples which make the word “stupid” seem like the understatement of the year. Psychotic, sociopathic and mendacious are far more apt characterizations of the party that is slowly becoming an embarrassment. The downward spiral began just after President Obama finished one of the most memorable State of the Union addresses and the GOP chose “rising star” Marco Rubio to give his rebuttal. The man they selected, a denier of man-made climate change science, a signer of the Norquist Pledge and a real “patriot” who voted against raising the debt ceiling , clearly represented a party uncomfortable with changing ethnic and social demographics. Most recently, on a trip to Israel, he wrongly identified Jerusalem as the capital merely to pander to extreme right-wing hard liners in both countries.

Former First Lady, Laura Bush came out in support of gay marriage in 2010. However, just this last week, she asked to have her name removed from a gay marriage ad. Once again, a prominent Republican drops the ball and abandons support of an issue which is only increasing in acceptance from the American people.

A GOP Missouri lawmaker shoots at a bill which would make it a felony to possess certain types of assault weapons. Their perversion of the second amendment continues. Watch the video below.

In Iowa (as well as The Dakotas and most Southern States), they are hell bent on criminalizing abortion in the most Draconian ways imaginable. By enacting personhood statutes, Iowa Republicans have introduced a bill that redefines murder to include knowingly “killing” a fertilized egg. This law would lead to the imprisonment of women who have abortions (currently, approximately one-third of women in the U.S. will have an abortion in their lifetime) as well as women who use certain types of birth control that prevent the implantation of a fertilized egg.

Not to be outdone by their ineptitude on women’s and social issues, the GOP has a healthy degree of xenophobia, especially against any possible affiliation with the “great Satan,” Iran. Just linking Hezbollah or Hamas with an Obama nominee would make any Teabagger salivate, so it’s no wonder the intuitive folks at fell for a joke by NY Daily News reporter Dan Friedman. He used a preposterous name like “Friends of Hamas” to sarcastically link Former Nebraska GOP Senator and DoD nominee Chuck Hagel with terrorist groups. Not only did these conservative “journalists” not fact check, they spread this fabrication around the right wing blogosphere. The absurdity went unnoticed and traveled all the way up through the highest ranks, even so far as duping Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Mr. Friedman wrongly assumed everyone could see the obvious satire in his writing. Unfortunately it is a common practice to assign deductive reasoning skills to the fear-mongering, anti-education, anti-science and highly xenophobic members of the American Right.

Teabagging star Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tx), the darling of fundamentalists in the Lone Star State, went so far as to link Hagel to Iran directly simply because the nation spoke favorably about a reasonable, non-hawkish defense department leader after so many years of preemptive American wars. This man not only looks like Eugene “Joe” McCarthy, he is already on a witch hunt only two months into his dreaded six year reign of terror. This extremist lunatic will prove to be a hot mess of problems for both America and his party. Naturally, that makes him a star.

Because McCarthyism worked so well the first time. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tx)

I focus on Cruz because he is the quintessential obstructionist who embodies every abhorrent quality which will hasten the demise of the once powerful GOP. A recent Salon piece by Steve Kornacki says it best: …conservatives’ appetite for Cruz shows that the GOP base’s animating spirit still hasn’t changed: Loud, aggressive and reflexive hostility to President Obama, the Democratic Party and any Republican who would dare contemplate compromise is still how “conservatism” is defined.

Fast forward to March 29, when the home run of all racial epithets was uttered by former GOP representative Don Young (Alaska). When asked about growing up on a Central California farm, he said, “My father had a ranch; we used to have 50-60 wetbacks to pick tomatoes, it takes two people to pick the same tomatoes now. It’s all done by machine.” True, he was not trying to be overtly offensive, it simply eluded him he even said something that is incredibly bigoted because he grew up around that sort of offensive vernacular. He issued an apology stating that there is no place for that type of racial slur in this century. What’s most telling is his time frame of when racist comments are permissible. Was 1999 a time when you could insult an entire group of people without consequence? It appears even the 1950’s is too avant-garde for Republicans and hiding their obvious disdain for minorities is a daunting task.

This legitimacy and relevancy problem only seems to worsen over time. In fact, a Pew Research Poll has concluded only 22% of Americans would label themselves Republican, most hiding behind the guise of the Independent label, for obvious reasons. I doubt the party will go the way of the Whigs, but the infighting between Teaparty hard-liners and so-called moderates violates Reagan’s “11th Commandment,” thou shalt never speak ill of a fellow Republican. I sure enjoy watching the mayhem and it may just expedite their ultimate defeat. I anticipate the 2014 midterms will exacerbate the Republican irrelevancy problems with massive defeats. These anti-government government workers have surely outworn their welcome and their incompetence is finally obvious to the majority of Americans.

Beware the Teaparty Down Under: Abbott is a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

No, not the villain from the Matrix. This is Australian Head of the Center Right Liberal Party Tony Abbott

We’ve heard this garbage before, but we’re used to hearing it from right wing crazy people here in America. But when a prominent politician and possible PM hopeful in Australia echoes Freedomworks‘ anti-Science stance on global climate change, it is cause for alarm. Tony Abbott pictured here, has gone on the record saying: ‘‘I don’t think we can say that the science is settled here’’ He went on to question whether ‘‘emissions are quite the problem that some people say they are’’, and argued, ‘‘whether carbon dioxide is quite the environmental villain that some people make it out to be is not yet proven.” This is contrary to the findings of roughly 97% of climate scientists who study the effects of man-made pollutants on our global ecosphere. Unfortunately, Australian politics is not laden with stars in the Labor party (which is akin to our Democratic Party in the U.S.) and no one candidate is poised to take the reins of government like Tony Abbott in the September 14 elections later this year.

There are code words the conservatives in the U.S. often use to indicate they are anti-science and pro-big business, with little regard for the environment and health of their people and wildlife. Mr. Abbott takes a page out of the GOP playbook and uses the catchphrase, “the climate change-science is far from settled” here:

Not only is this man, who likely will win in a divided political climate, a danger to those who will be impacted by the rising tides and weather catastrophes in store for all of us if we don’t lower emissions, but Mr. Abbott is a highly religious “family” man, reminiscent of the U.S. pro-life crowd. A poll of 100 voters across Sydney found that Labor and Green voters despise the way Abbott injects religion into his political campaign and policy. On the other hand, Liberal voters respect Abbott as a ‘conviction politician’ who is firm on his beliefs. Liberals, mind you, are like the GOP in America, except a bit more logical. You’d actually be hard pressed to find a party like the Teaparty-laden GOP in a Western Democracy. Abbott has been called “Mad Monk” and “Captain Catholic” by some who believe, as many of us do here in the USA, that religion has no place in politics.

In order to appear as equally sexist, misogynistic and bigoted as his American Teaparty counterparts, Tony Abbott has a rich history of chauvinistic bullying in his C.V. His attempt at mirroring candidates like “legitimate rape” failed Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin are evident in this quote: “When it comes from Julia (Gillard, the unmarried, current PM) , ‘No’ doesn’t mean ‘No’,” his choice of that charged term was completely intentional, and part of a nasty, subterranean agenda. He often refers to the current PM, Ms. Gillard, as unqualified on matters of family as she has no children. He appeals to the farthest right wing elements of his country and to think a man of Abbott’s transparent motives has a such great odds at winning in September is quite disturbing to many Australians.

The last thing a world in turmoil from unchecked corporate hegemony needs is another puppet leader like George W. Bush in a hemisphere that has been wrought with climate change disasters as of late. In a world where the most educated and civilized are moving away from religious dogma dictating social policy, it is anachronistic to have a man like Abbott as head of any state. Generally, Australians are only given one month’s notice of an upcoming election. Hopefully PM Gillard, with this unusual time frame, has given the Labor Party enough notice to try to best a dreadful candidate who will only depress a fairly strong world economy who has averted a recession. The Progressives of America are with you Australia. I hope we can help keep another Mitt Romney from a “Down Under” victory.

What the Heck Can We Do About Congress?

The following is a letter sent to Representative Joe Heck (R-NV) written by a Henderson, Nevada business owner. Her letter was well stated and addressed the important issues the House has ignored since the midterm elections. She naturally received a form letter in return, not specifically addressing any of these problems. Here is her letter.

To Representative Heck:

Is there any chance you can help with these topics?
– Filibuster limitations/restrictions or, Congress has to physically stand there and filibuster, not just threaten it countless times.
– Campaign finance reform/disclosure – A foreign company can literally infiltrate/buy our election and we wouldn’t know it.
– Agree to let the Bush tax cuts expire and then introduce a middle class tax cut that everyone would certainly vote for.
– A uniform national voting standard: Everyone should run their elections like Nevada. Our polling stations were efficient and hassle-free and the early voting couldn’t have been easier. Why would we not link up our DMV with voter registration, that way, if you move you still are registered and it’s automatically in the system, instead of having to remind people to re-register. The current system is archaic! Voting rights should be the same, no matter what state you live in.
– Please also tell me that you are not for defending “traditional” marriage. We need to be about equal rights and be accepting of who people are, instead of pushing a religious belief onto others. We are a nation founded on secular principles and no one’s freedoms should be limited by a state-sanctioned, religiously motivated laws.
– A very radical but a more ethical system would be for insurance companies in every area including health, to be non-profit industries. They should not have the incentive of profit to make decisions that would negatively affect someone’s life. Also, if a religious workplace doesn’t want to allow birth control to be covered due to their beliefs, then as an employer, can I state I don’t believe in immunizations, therefore everyone who works for me cannot get immunizations covered? Both matters are important to people of different religions, so can we cherry pick which services are covered by insurance? When we put it in these terms, it kind of sounds preposterous, doesn’t it?

Ways to drastically reduce the deficit without cutting “entitlements”

-Lastly, as a “job creator,” I NEVER make hiring decisions based on taxes, the decision is ALWAYS based on demand. Increased demand only comes from a strong middle class. PERIOD. TRICKLE DOWN DOES NOT WORK… NEVER HAS NEVER WILL.

This next point was added by Cassandra after the letter was sent, so I thought I’d include it.
-Instead of talking about the deficit we should be talking about the fairness deficit and we should be pass a financial speculation tax- 3 trillion over 10 years, repeal capital gains tax break, limit deductions for high earners- people say it can’t all be done on the revenue side?? As Joe Biden would say, MALARKY! The attached graphic from “Up” with Chris Hayes illustrates ways to accomplish deficit reduction without punishing the poorest citizens among us.

These issues are very important to me as a small business owner, mother of four and a community organizer.

Thank you for working with others to accomplish legislation that will help regular people, not just the very rich and the big corporations.


Cassandra Rice

Henderson, Nevada

Here is the response sent from his office:

November 16, 2012

Dear Ms. Rice,

Thank you for contacting me with your comments regarding the partisan attitude in Washington. I strongly share your concerns and appreciate the opportunity to respond to you on this important issue.

I understand the American people are frustrated with the direction of our country and angry about Washington’s out-of-touch responses to the challenges families and businesses are facing. I ran for the House of Representatives so that I could work to change business-as-usual in Washington. Representatives are elected to be accountable to the people and must understand the impacts that their decisions will have upon our country. I’d like to share a few examples of my bipartisan work in Congress.

You may be interested to know that I have introduced a number of bills that have received bipartisan support to help create jobs and restore certainty to our economy. In an effort to reduce the cost of energy and promote the use of clean and renewable energy, I introduced H.R. 470, the Hoover Power Allocation Act of 2011, which passed both houses of Congress with strong bipartisan support and has been signed into law (P.L. 112-72). H.R. 470 authorizes the continued allocation of clean, renewable electricity to southern Nevada from the Hoover Dam until 2067. This legislation is essential to the millions of consumers who invested in this renewable source of energy over the past 75 years because it will continue providing them with Hoover power and allow new customers to benefit from this low-cost, clean energy. I am a strong supporter of clean renewable energy, and have supported a number of measures from members on both sides of the aisle to promote renewable energy in Nevada.

In order to help create jobs in Nevada, I have introduced H.R. 3039, the Welcoming Business Travelers and Tourists to America Act. My bill has received strong support from members of both parties and will allow for a more efficient tourist and business traveler visa process and address the systemic backlog of applications, all without reducing security protocols. As you know, Nevada’s economy greatly depends on the continuance and expansion of tourism and international travel, and improving the efficiency of America’s visa application process will stimulate job growth in Nevada and generate billions in revenue for our state.

We also need to address the housing sector of the economy and help homeowners. In Nevada, almost 400,000 homeowners are currently underwater on their mortgages. Because of this, I believe that homeowners should have both options and resources available to keep them in their homes and avoid foreclosure. That is why I was the only member of my party who voted against H.R. 830, the FHA Refinance Program Termination Act. This bill would eliminate a program that allows for those who are current on their mortgages, but underwater, the ability to refinance. I was also one of only two Republicans who voted against H.R. 839, the HAMP Termination Act, which would have eliminated a program used by many Nevadans affected by the downturn in the housing market. Taking away programs that help homeowners who are trying to do the right thing is not the answer.

I will continue to work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to give Nevadans the country they deserve. It is my honor to represent Nevadans in the House of Representatives and I will continue to do so with honor and integrity. My responsibility is, and always has been, to the constituents of the 3rd District of Nevada.

For additional information, please visit my website, From this site you can access statements about current events or pending legislation, and receive detailed information about the many services that I am privileged to provide for Nevadans.

Again, I appreciate your thoughts and it is an honor to serve you in Congress. Your suggestions are always welcome, and if ever I may be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sincerely,DR. JOE HECK
Member of Congress

He presented nothing new or nothing of any practical application, which is unfortunately consistent with the platform of his party’s Presidential candidate (Willard Romney). There is nothing mentioned about eliminating the Bush tax cuts on the wealthy, repairing our health care system or equal rights. These matters don’t seem to concern the Republican party. Maybe if everyone sent their Representative something like this, we would make progress. Feel free to use any part of this post if you wish! Follow Cassandra @CassLibinVegas on Twitter.