Make Up Your Minds, Myopic Firearm Fetishists!

For years Democrats took unwarranted guff from Conservatives for how they appeared “weak on defense.” Trying to find diplomatic solutions rather than to wage preemptive war was certainly not going to make those in the business of war very successful. When Reagan finagled the release of the hostages to magically coincide with his inauguration in 1981, his neo-con cohorts duped the nation into believing Republicans exclusively could maintain a competent US military. A more insidious motive of paying for their release in a clandestine agreement was the true reason for freeing the hostages, not simply the election of President Reagan, but the serendipitous timing. During much of the 80’s, the arms race was in full swing, and no armament expense was too great. Thus, our military escalated by 43% during the Reagan Administration alone. Increases by subsequent GOP administrations have been even more obscene when compared to every other nation on earth. “Saint Ronnie” has continued to be the messiah of the RNC Convention every four years, and until they implode from abject stupidity, he will be the GOP standard bearer, ad infinitum.

Here’s why: In his two terms as President, Reagan cut the budgets of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (by 40%), the Department of Commerce (by 32%), the Department of Agriculture (by 24%), the Department of Education (by 19%), and the Department of Transportation (by 18%). He never cut the budgets for the Departments of Defense, Justice, or State. The GOP has little use for education, so he was an effective proponent for keeping America ignorant enough to vote against their own better interests. His “government IS the problem” mantra went straight down the toilet with his massive escalation of the SIZE of the federal government. The federal debt was $994 billion when he took office in 1981, and grew to $2.9 trillion when his second term ended in 1989. These obvious inconsistencies between conservative philosophy and actual policies are conveniently omitted from right wing historical accounts. Reality has a well known liberal bias as Fox News viewers are reminded constantly.


With the recent sequestration cuts proposed, Republican Congressional proponents of excessive and wasteful military spending are once again resorting to their fear mongering tactics. Any instrument of destruction, public or private, should have few restrictions according to these misanthropic miscreants. As a party, they’ve been very consistent in assuring our military is far and away the most extravagantly financed force on the planet, even coercing Democrats to fall for their chicken hawkishness. Liberals and Conservatives agree, we are, without a doubt, the greatest military force on earth and few cuts, if any, have been made to the military budgets. (Bush/Cheney did manage to cut the funding on adequate body armor and helmets, but no defense contractors lost a dime).

The irony here is this: Americans know how technologically advanced our military is, yet continue to demand their own personal arsenals to defend themselves from a tyrannical government as if it’s anything but an exercise in futility. So if we try to ban someone’s modified semi-automatic weapon with a high capacity clip, they actually believe they will no longer be able to overtake a Seal Team Six-like force that may descend on their house, after thorough, surreptitious drone surveillance has been conducted? Really?

Maybe video games aren’t as big a problem as Chuck Norris and Die Hard movies are in creating a delusional fantasy culture. Why not? Obviously, man has believed a talking snake, a talking burning bush and a giant boat filled with every species on earth (even those wood eating termites behaved themselves) could co-exist and perpetuate life, so why not make every mullet-sporting vigilante believe he or she is a superhero in their own right?

For years, Republican rule, wrought with incompetent foreign and domestic policy blunders, were never rife with so many who have a fervent need to “take up arms” against our (pre-Maoist) government. Before President Obama, there was an unspoken trust in our government, undeserved as it certainly proved to be. Nonetheless, these Freemen types were largely silent during the Bush years. Rising to a level of prominence not previously seen are these extremist reactionaries like the now remorsefulJames Yeager and the infamous Alex Jones. Yeager had to recant his wild threats: …”and earlier this week I made a pretty inflammatory video. Hindsight being 20-20 I shouldn’t have said some of the things I said, of course. And I just want to reiterate to everyone that it’s not time to shoot anybody.” Sure you don’t, Yeager. You seem like such a stable, sincere guy.

It’s too late for your attorney-coerced apologies I’m afraid. The cat’s out of the bag and your broadcasted instability is merely a glimpse into the larger problem. The proliferation of massive arsenals, ample ammo stashes and the recent calls for armed insurrection validates the thought processes which dominated the Cold War Arms Race. Plotting to “take out” your own democratically elected government is akin to the very treason the Founding Fathers designed the Second Amendment to PREVENT!

Survivalists, doomsday-preppers and street vigilantes are desperately trying to combat an epically well-armed and funded government military. However, this military and the government who manages it has yet to pose any threat remotely resembling Mao, Stalin, Hitler or Chavez. But they’ll do their damnedest to make you believe this convoluted nonsense is the truth.

President Obama Held to Impossible Standards Republicans Never Achieved

Do you remember October 23, 1983? This was the day 241 U.S. Marines (and 58 French soldiers) were killed in a suicide bombing on their barracks near the airport in Beirut. President Reagan was even warned. A former defense secretary for Ronald Reagan says he implored the president to put Marines serving in Beirut in a safer position before terrorists attacked them in 1983, killing 241 servicemen. The Secretary of Defense (Caspar Weinberger) warned the president and yet no one lay blame upon his administration. The military took the fall.

Fast forward 29 years to another violent Middle Eastern city, Benghazi. Four Americans tragically lost their lives in an unfortunate terror strike on the US consulate in the war-weary Libyan city. After admittedly cutting embassy and consulate security funding GOP House Members defend their actions as necessary even though Secretary of State Clinton advised against such irresponsible measures.  They seem to want to assign blame to the President when it is obvious they are partially responsible for the tragedy.  Somehow, our CIA and military, headed by General David Petraeus (who was appointed by Bush), were not complicit. The GOP went straight for President Obama, who unlike  Reagan after Beirut, was somehow responsible for the debacle.  The Right wants to believe President Obama has surely committed an impeachable offense simply being in office while four Americans lost their lives in a consulate attack.  The absurdity of the blame game was best expressed by Congressman Gary Ackerman (D-NY) who spoke of the budget cuts at a recent hearing:

…”the audacity to come here when the administration requested, for worldwide security, $440 million more than you guys wanted to provide. And the answer is that you damn didn’t provide it! You REDUCED what the administration asked for to protect these people. Ask not who the guilty party is, it’s you! It is us. It is this committee, and the things that we insist that we need have to cost money.”
He added, “Could you tell me which of my colleagues on this committee was as bodacious in their insistence that we provide more money for American security in the State Department budget. I would appreciate it.”

Senators McCain and Graham

President Obama should not be held accountable for the irresponsible acts of the Republican Congressmen, yet they continue to demonize him and his cabinet.  Susan Rice, the UN Ambassador, has acted appropriately based on the information provided to her by CIA briefings.  However, Senators McCain and Graham have been on an insane witch hunt of Ambassador Rice, trying desperately to discredit President Obama through her.  Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga) also won’t let the matter rest, eagerly looking for Rice to assume responsibility.  While attending hearings where Petraeus spoke Friday, asked, “How did this group penetrate the facility that we had in Benghazi, and who were these folks?” After the hearings concluded, he told reporters, “We’re getting closer to determining that. We know they were Al Qaeda affiliates or Al Qaeda itself.”  So where’s the controversy?  An underfunded consulate in a hostile Al Qaeda populated country was the unfortunate target of terrorists.  How is this so much worse than an administration ignoring all the CIA briefings pointing to the original 9/11 attacks?  Perhaps there’s more to this story than meets the eye.  I am entertaining a few ideas.

1.  This is a smokescreen to cover up the real story about Benghazi: Perhaps it was the GOP’s 2012 October Surprise gone terribly wrong?  That’s why Willard held that “impromptu press conference” back on September 15th.  Romney said, “I’m outraged by the attacks on American diplomatic missions in Libya and Egypt and by the death of an American consulate worker in Benghazi.  It’s disgraceful that the Obama administration’s first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks.” The response was not from the Obama administration – it was from the Cairo embassy.  Obviously, he was simply lying as he’s so adroitly accustomed to doing.  Perhaps Rove, Romney and heaven knows who else were in collusion trying to create a situation designed to make the President look weak on foreign affairs, an area which he has definitely excelled.  Romney’s strange behavior the days following the attack and in the second debate certainly puts a question or two in my mind there may be something to a theory pointing to the GOP’s culpability.

2. This whole Petraeus/Broadwell/Kelley/Allen SNAFU is merely a canard.  The real issue in trying to quickly dispose of Petraeus was not his inappropriate sexual conduct, but his general incompetence.  The Republicans have a tendency to deify people that aren’t exactly deserving of high praise.  The surge he so assuredly convinced President Obama to undertake in Afghanistan was based on flawed information on the Iraq surge’s success.  It happened to coincide with a sectarian Iraqi Civil War and thus given credit to decreased violence in the nation.  Comparing this strategy to the surge in Afghanistan was perhaps the only way to keep the war profiteers in business and continue the perpetual war mentality.  The evidence of the success of the surge points much to the contrary by those really in the know.  It’s largely possible President Obama has learned this and was going to fire Petraeus anyway for being deceptive.  This would further solidify the incompetence of everything surrounding the Bush Administration and the GOP can’t afford any further embarrassment.

During the Bush Administration, there were 12 embassy attacks and 53 American casualties. Not once were George W. Bush and his crime family ever held accountable for any of these tragedies.  We know now the Bush Administration, including then NSA director Condoleezza Rice, ignored warnings given by the prior to 9/11/2001 and then fabricated evidence of WMD to involve us in Iraq.  President Obama has been a paragon of virtue when compared to his predecessor.  The GOP has been trying to manufacture scandals when it comes to him and all his officials, especially those who are African-American.  First it was Van Jones, then Shirley Sherrod, then Valerie Jarrett and the ever-present attacks launched upon Attorney General Eric Holder prior to this charade of investigations on Ambassador Rice.  Obviously, there is a tremendous problem with anyone in a position of power that looks similar to slaves rather than slave-owners.  Perhaps that sounds a bit extreme, but is it really?  If one considers Paul Ryan’s given excuse for losing this election: the GOP failed to mobilize the urban vote (also known as “Black” and Latino),  you can see coded racist language so commonly found in the Republican Party.

If ever there was a time for outrage, it was when we allowed corrupt, GOP appointed generals to be in command of our foreign policy, not when we are trying to act responsibly to keep the world from despising the United States.  It’s high time the Department of Defense stop controlling our foreign policy and allow those interested in maintaining peace, not war to take charge.  I certainly am hopeful those days of foreign policy ineptitude are behind us with President Obama at the helm.

VP Biden Must Be Unleashed on Paul Ryan and His Lies!

Anyone who saw Paul Ryan’s smug face after spewing lie after lie at the RNC in Tampa probably felt the same revulsion in the pit of their stomach as I did. The thunderous applause from a crowd that greatly resembled the Third Reich was truly disconcerting. This blatant plutocrat is as honest with the American people as Dick Cheney was in getting us into Iraq.

Vice President Biden is a genuinely good guy, who doesn’t have to lie to gain favor with the public.

a grateful Biden fan gives a tearful hug

A man who traveled daily on Amtrak Trains to Washington D.C., beloved by his constituents and an absolute genius of  foreign policy, VP Biden is much more formidable than the Romney/Ryan camp cares to admit. He has a wealth of factual information at his impromptu disposal and will not hesitate to call out Lyin Ryan on his $716 Billion Dollar Medicare Lie. Biden is a very seasoned debater and won’t recoil at Ryan’s impending falsehoods. VP Biden is ready to “rope a dope,” as he puts it.

Of course it would help if Democrats and the media would be more concerned with facts than the semantics of debate performance vis a vis hijacking the debate with Cranbrook-style bullying. We need to have Biden’s back, as he has always had the back of the American worker. A pathological liar like Mitt Romney chose this insane “forcible rape” legislator as his running mate for a reason. He saw a chameleon opportunist like himself in Paul Ryan and it brought a level of giddiness in Romney yet unseen.

The devastation the Ryan Budget would level on poor Americans shows a sociopathic lack of empathy that is contrary to the teachings of his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. His Ayn Rand idolatry shows how he values the Virtue of Selfishness and has absolutely no business representing a nation who needs real solutions, not Voodoo Economics.

channeling Ayn Rand

Tonight’s debate in Kentucky should bring to light the staunch differences between these two men. One is a charlatan “wizard” who cares only for his rich cronies and the other is a compassionate, decent man who has earned his position in government. Paul Ryan is a fraud, just like his running mate. Not only should he lose this election, he should also be beat by 1st District Wisconsin opponent for the House, Rob Zerban. He deserves a bleak future like the one with which he has doomed so many Americans with his unethical budget and equally cruel policies on women.

Inflammatory Anti-Islamic Film Supports the Agendas of the GOP, Romney and Netanyahu

Tuesday, September eleventh was the eleventh anniversary of that horrible event that changed America forever. It seems it is also a catalyst to incite copycat events to create a September Surprise that can be used in favor of the GOP’s claim that President Obama is an unfit leader who is too soft on terrorism and, apparently an entire religion: Islam. The Right Wing Christian Fundamentalists have been pleading their case and the evidence these lunatics are trying to impose their perverted will on our foreign policy can be found in the who’s who list of speakers at the Value Voters Summit. One of the ardent supporters of this insane inflammatory rhetoric is Morris Sadek, Egyptian Coptic Christian and promoter of a film that has sparked anti-American riots in SEVENTEEN countries, as of today. The film is called Innocence of Muslims, and it is a movie steeped in horrible production quality, deception and hate for Islam. Sadek had a prominent role in thrusting this idiotic garbage upon the Muslim world and it seems Romney and Netanyahu are in lock step with this producer’s agenda.

Romney and Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu’s criticism often undermines the Obama Administration‘s efforts to prevent a very unwise conflict with Muslim nations, especially Iran. Immediately following the attacks on the American Embassy in Benghazi, Netanyahu all too quickly jumped on the opportunity to push for a war against the Persian nation. His trusted American allies are not the elected President but, rather, his friends on the American right, the politicians, business people, and lobbyists, who are never willing to disagree with Israel at all. It has reached the point where even Netanyahu’s principal ally in sabre-rattling, the Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, has shown signs that he, too, believes the Prime Minister has gone too far. It is obvious to the world that Netanyahu is an ardent supporter of Romney, a puppet whose strings he can pull to do his Likudnik bidding.

Mitt Romney, preemptively issued criticism of the Obama Administration’s handling of the affair, citing lax security on the matter, except the embassy statement Romney referenced had been issued before protesters reached the embassy. Coincidentally, the film’s producer “Sam Bacile” (his alias) said, “I feel the security system (at the embassies) is no good…
America should do something to change it.” I’m so glad this convicted criminal (Bacile) agrees with Mitt Romney. As the saying goes, birds of a feather.  Coincidentally, the congressman in the Bacile’s district, California’s 25th, is a fellow Mormon, Buck McKeon, Republican chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, a known warmonger.   Most Republicans have criticized these unwise comments uttered by Willard before he had all the information, but McKeon seems to be the one that concocted Romney’s statements. The riots sparked by the film are a welcome distraction from the stupidity that seems to be plaguing the Romney campaign.  However, it really does nothing to weaken the President, much to the dismay of the GOP.

If you’re not convinced this is a concerted effort to strike fear into the hearts of Americans, consider this. Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, the Neocon who should never again be trusted with any foreign policy decisions, tweeted: “The attacks on our embassies & diplomats are a result of perceived American weakness. Mitt Romney is right to point that out.”  Pretty ironic how all these criticisms of the Obama administration happened simultaneously in the wake of the violence they all predicted would ensue in the Muslim world.  It is really a sad ploy to gin up support of another war of aggression with Islam.  Now Netanyahu seems determined, more than ever, to alienate the President of the United States and, as an ally of Mitt Romney’s campaign, to make himself a factor in the 2012 election.

Exactly SEVEN WEEKS before the 2008 election, the Koch Brothers helped promote an anti-Muslim film entitled Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West.  It appears the Romney campaign along with his right wing Israeli friend are in collusion to win this White House by injecting more fear of the Islamic world and inciting a march towards an inevitable war with Iran.  The choice of exploiting a low-budget film to further their objectives makes them seem quite desperate.  History repeats itself, and it appears the outcome will be the same.  The American people will choose a diplomatic Barack Obama over a right-wing, war-obsessed, fear-mongering GOP candidate.  Willard Romney, the GOP and Netanyahu will all come out looking as foolish as they’ve behaved.

Why Christians (and Thinking Americans) Should Fear a Mormon President

Is this a man we can trust?

If you read the Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of cult, the example given is thus: a Christian theologian can state that, say, the Mormon Church is theologically a cult of Christianity. Funny how I grew up with the notion, as an East Coast girl, that a perfect dictionary definition of a cult were these curious folks known as the Mormons. I truly had no idea what they were all about, but there was an apprehension about their legitimacy as a true “religion” I sensed even before organized religion became utterly preposterous to me. Something is certainly awry with Mormonism Inc. and I’m starting to understand why it is so. Hopefully, America will learn in time of the insidious truths buried deep in this religion/cult to which our GOP nominee is a lifelong devotee. It’s far more relevant than the conservative-owned media would care to admit, and here’s why.

1.) The Mormon Church has a history of sanctioning lying to further the objectives of the church.
In a Mormon Bishop’s account of “Lying for the Lord” he states: “Evidence presented in this essay establishes that when the church image or its leaders needed protection it was and is, okay to fib, deceive, distort, inflate, minimize, exaggerate, prevaricate or lie. You will read quotations by church leaders who admitted that deception is a useful tool to protect the church and its leaders “when they are in a tight spot,” or “to beat the devil at his own game.” They admit engaging in moral gymnastics; that God approves of deception – if it’s done to protect the “Lord’s Church” or “the brethren” as the leaders are called.” The polygamous lifestyle still practiced today in rural Utah, Arizona and Texas, illustrates how deception and misrepresentation of the truth is not just a thing of the past. Secrecy and lying are normal and sanctioned by the “one true word of God,” Mormonism. All practicing Mormons believe in a polygamous afterlife where a man takes as many wives as needed to populate more planets with his progeny.

There is an inherent mistrust of Christians as well. One of the original prophets, Brigham Young, stated: When the light came to me I saw that all the so-called Christian world was groveling in darkness…With a regard to true theology, a more ignorant people never lived than the present so-called Christian world. The Christian world… are heathens as to the knowledge of the salvation of God. (Journal of Discourses 8:199)

2.) Stealing from non-Mormons, cover-ups of murders and total historical omissions of events deemed unpropitious to the LDS Church are common. Reading books like The Apostasy of a High Priest by Park Romney and An American Fraud: One Lawyer’s Case Against Mormonism by Kay Burningham have helped me realize the depths of deception, crime and general malevolence that has been carried out in the name of Mormonism. These books are written by church insiders who would rather face the pain and ostracism of leaving the church and all its social networking than live a life based on a lie. These are two people who were among the faithful but learned far too many negatives to continue in the faith. If you study the history of the Mormon settlements and the pioneers who are so revered today, you’d find atrocities committed along the same lines as the way the native Americans were treated by so many settlers using “Manifest Destiny” as a justification for virtual genocide. However, the Mormons were guilty of murdering not just Native Americans, but “white” non-Mormons as in the Mountain Meadows Massacre of 1857 which has been literally sanitized by Utah history books to this day. A gruesome discovery of remains occurred in 1999, but the Mormon Church stifled the news as much as possible to avoid any controversy.

Willard Romney has adopted this same anti-controversial stance as his cult seems to adopt, by changing and “evolving” his beliefs as evidenced by his literal shifting on SO many issues. Park Romney explains: In their quest to cling to the warm and fuzzy feeling of the sweeter moments of their childhood, Mormons go way out of their way to avoid contention. They distance themselves from controversy, when possible, and avoid contributing to it. In this effort, they often overlook what shouldn’t be overlooked, in the name of being forgiving or charitable. They discourage discussion of, and often avoid, controversial issues. The evolution of the concept of Blacks suddenly becoming worthy of the priesthood in 1978 is a prime example of Mormonism “evolving” to accommodate more members and grow their unbelievable wealth from tithings. It seems the patriarchal nature of the religion will always subjugate women to a lower strata on the social scale, omitting them from governing roles.

As far as the acquisition of the vast wealth the Mormons hold (estimated at over $30 billion that we know of), money, property and treasure can be obtained by theft from “Gentiles” and other non-Mormons. In the early twentieth century, Bishop Andrew Cahoon (An American Fraud, chapter 7 pages 154-155) swore in testimony the following doctrine from the original scriptures: “It was considered no crime to take from those who opposed the Church, because they were the enemies of the Kingdom of God.” If you’re wondering about the morality of Willard Romney’s Bain Capital destroying lives, don’t despair. It is acceptable under the guise of the gospel according to Joseph Smith. Willard sleeps just fine at night, knowing the lives he destroyed were not Mormons.

3.) Willard Mitt Romney is first and foremost committed by “blood atonement.” This unwavering oath is cause for concern for any non-Mormon At the time he would have first gone through the temple (age 19 before his mission)—it would have been similar to this person ‘s experience:

The first time I went through the temple was in September 1987. The thing I remember most vividly about that day, besides the naked touching, was the “penalties.” That’s where I was asked to make several blood oaths never to reveal the various signs, tokens and other bizarre things that went on there.
The penalties involved various pantomimes where I had to pass my thumb across my throat, chest and bowels (IIRC) indicating different kinds of suicide while chanting with the rest of the room “rather than do so, I would suffer my life to be taken.” (Short pause after “life” while the slashing motion is made.) That was the moment where I think I stopped caring whether the Mormon church is true or not. I didn’t want to be part of it and felt trapped by my family and partly by these oaths. I didn’t know how serious they were” See

That is blood atonement –that there are some sins which are just too egregious (here revealing temple secrets) that Christ’s sacrifice will not be enough and man must die for this particular type of sin.

This is a little bit confusing because another oath, the oath of vengeance where the patron would promise to never rest until those who killed Joseph and Hyrum Smith and their descendants were killed, was originally also a part of the early temple ceremony but that was removed in 1927 to the doctrines & covenants of the LDS church. This is paramount over the US Constitution. Any Gentile, Jewish or other American, (especially those without theism) should be aware of this primary oath Willard holds dear.

4.) The Church has a RICH history of bigotry and misogyny. Hate legislation towards any group the church disagrees with is common. As testified by Sue Emmett, the great-great-granddaughter of Brigham Young: “In the Mormon culture, men have all the power in the church….Women do an awful lot of work in the church but they don’t really have any ability to have power positions or to make final decisions.” The makeup of the Utah legislature is quite indicative of both a theocracy and male-domination. Their intolerance of homosexual marriage was evidenced by the millions of dollars the church (and Mitt himself) dumped into funding Proposition 8 legislation in California.

In 2002, James E. Shelledy, editor of the Salt Lake Tribune said this (about Utah government): the fact is, we live in a quasi-theocracy. Eighty percent of office-holders are of a single party (GOP), ninety percent of a single religion (LDS), ninety-nine percent of a single race (Caucasian) and eighty-five percent of one gender (male). If you think Romney will run his government and cabinet any differently, you underestimate the role of the LDS Church on Willard’s psyche.

In conclusion….
In an article entitled: Mitt’s Soul isn’t Muffled, it’s Missing, Kay Burningham notes the close ties the LDS church has with Romney and the reluctance of key Mormon players to bring this alliance to the forefront of America’s minds. A grassroots support of his 2008 presidential campaign was initially begun in 2006 by LDS leaders and BYU groups across the nation. A theocracy remains in Utah. Recently, LDS leaders canceled their annual meeting with the Utah State Legislature, before the January Session began. This is something they had previously done for years. The Utah State Congress is over 80% Mormon. But there was concern about how this regular (LDS) pre-session meeting would be interpreted, now that Romney’s running has brought a more national focus on the religion. One congressman commented: “It seemed odd, because there has always been” a pre-session meeting, said House Speaker Becky Lockhart, R-Provo.” The chance that a Romney presidency would be greatly influenced by the Mormon hierarchy is more than remote; despite Romney’s denial of such an influence, it is entirely likely.

I believe it’s high time we look very seriously into this cult and what the man who would be the first Mormon President of the United States truly believes. President Obama’s faith has been under the microscope since day one. Why should Willard, the racist, misogynist Birther be exempt from similar scrutiny?

An Anglo-Saxon, a Hebrew and a Billionaire Plan a War Together in Israel

Willard’s international tour de gaffes has offended Americans and foreigners alike. Joe Biden said his Anglo-Saxon comments (and subsequent Olympics criticisms), “are a disturbing start to a trip designed to demonstrate governor Romney’s readiness to represent the United States on the world’s stage.” Obviously, social skills and consistency are not Willard’s strong points. However, one thing this Anglo-Saxon supremacist has never vacillated in is his desire to bring about the second coming of Jesus (or related Mormon prophet) by way of a global conflict. He can’t wait until he’s the President Pro-Tem of the World to begin negotiations with his pal Bibi Netanyahu in the “Holy Land.” On Saturday, he’s bringing along his handy-dandy, AIPAC-obsessed, war-mongering personal billionaire, Sheldon Adelson to undoubtedly get the ball rolling towards massive military actions against Israel’s enemies. It was first reported by ABC News that Mr. Adelson would be in Jerusalem at the same time as Mr. Romney. The New York Times confirmed his travels through a friend, who did so on the condition of anonymity, and a donor who was also invited on the Israel portion of Mr. Romney’s first foreign trip as the presumptive Republican nominee. Willard, after sufficiently annoying the British, will meet up in the nation he claims shares the same DNA as his Mormon followers, Israel.

Bibi Netanyahu and Willard Romney

It is only natural Willard would want to placate the neo-cons by hanging out with the Israeli P.M. in the land of BYU Jerusalem and be accompanied by a man who could very well finance a war of their choosing, Adelson. These three pro-Zionist men have been very vocal about their desire to increase military strikes against Palestine, Hamas, Hezbollah and of course, Iran. Willard himself has a very perverted version of what he believes are the president’s war-powers. He said, “I can assure you if I’m president, the Iranians will have no question but that I will be willing to take military action if necessary to prevent them from becoming a nuclear threat to the world. I don’t believe at this stage, therefore, if I’m president that we need to have a war powers approval or special authorization for military force. The President has that capacity now.” This is a man who has protested in favor of a pointless war (Vietnam) while avoiding the draft, claiming his Mormon “mission” took precedence over service to his country. Willard always has criticism for the President over his willingness to negotiate with Iran rather than simply attack them. Since he’d be sending poor Americans into battle and not his own sons, war of course is a no-brainer. War can make people very rich. Worst case scenario, the whole effort fails, then we’re all dead and he gets his own planet where he’s a god for all eternity! It’s a win win for Willard.

Sheldon Adelson’s accompaniment on this trip is rather terrifying for two reasons. 1. He’s got unlimited funds to bribe foreign officials to modify their laws and policies to suit his whims (see Macau/Singapore). 2. He’s pretty keen on a war with Tehran and massive campaign donations have Iranian war strings attached. Romney is his bitch now and this trip merges all the forces Adelson deems necessary to start a ridiculously reckless war.

Willard and Sheldon Adelson

If you ask anyone from Israel who is interested in peace and coexisting in a very hostile region, they will tell you Netanyahu is not the guy to do it. Romney’s Israeli buddy is pulling for him to win the White House to further his bellicose objectives. He’s got the support of many Christian and Jewish Zionists in Washington who are just salivating over the idea of a war with Iran. President Obama is more of a pragmatist who behaves more judiciously than his predecessor. Netanyahu knows Willard is easily manipulated to do the bidding of whoever controls the almighty dollar. He has been pushing for a U.S. leader who will support preemptive war and this Anglo-Saxon Mormon is ideal. He’ll do exactly as the conservative Israeli commands. Add a little Adelson into the mix and you can take this potential global catastrophe all the way to the bank.

I certainly hope the media will connect the dots on what this trip really signifies. It is obviously not to show Willard’s readiness on the world stage. It is simply to raise funds and make friends with those who share his common desire for greed, destruction and power. The fact he is in collusion with this Adelson character and the Barclays’ banksters shows just how shady this GOP candidate truly is. Naturally, with the Olympics beginning on Friday, the meeting will be largely unnoticed by the media. There will be reports of any meetings that will take place but no one will ask the question, WHY are they meeting? Unfortunately, we already know the answer.