Nothing Bundt Cakes Joins Chick-Fil-A in Supporting Right Wing Politics

I was watching the Olympics yesterday, like many here were doing on a hot Vegas late afternoon and I happened to see a teaser for what the local NBC affiliate deemed newsworthy. Featured was a picture of a cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes, a franchised store based out of Las Vegas and now to found in over thirteen states, California having over thirty. The card on the cake was a direct insult to President Obama’s out of context quote “you didn’t build that.” The Mormon-owned store, never open anywhere on Sunday (because no one eats cake on that day), proudly displayed a card saying “you didn’t bake this”, on the President’s birthday of all days! Obviously they support Willard Romney with this regurgitation of his campaign’s latest blatant LIE. I have written extensively how the Mormon community supports their own to a fault. This bakery is just another example.

Nothing Bundt Hate in Las Vegas, Nevada

Let me guess, Nothing Bundt Cakes, you guys grew the sugar cane, the wheat flour and built all the roads to make and transport your products? I’m also wondering if you had much to do with laying down the phone lines your business uses quite frequently. Business in America is a collective effort. This is what President Obama meant and we are all socialist to a degree, like it or not. Myself and my family have patronized this store for years. Now you have definitely lost our business henceforth.

Chick-Fil-A started a controversy when CEO Dan Cathy stated with his biblical references how we are far too audacious to challenge God’s laws on the definition of marriage. Actually, Dan, there is no place in the bible that favors one form of marriage over another . But this pronouncement brought out all the GOPs hate merchants whose love for Type 2 Diabetes is greater than their love for human rights.

It seems I’m running out of businesses I can patronize. The moment I learn of a corporation’s unsavory political positions, I honestly can’t bring myself to spend a single dime in one of these establishments. It’s been several years since I learned of Wal-mart’s practice of paying employees so little most are still on welfare to simply survive, and I’ve yet to step foot in one.

Wal-Mart pays workers so little, most employees are on welfare

Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club stores in the USA and Mexico have engaged in truly abhorrent treatment of all their lower echelon employees who do the majority of the grunt work. It’s pathetic how selfish the CEOs are to deny the workers healthcare and living wages while taking in record profits off virtual slave-labor.

The great taste or convenience a business provides is far less important than their treatment of humanity. I will easily find other replacements for these stores who feel its important for the public to know who they support politically. Willard Romney’s Bain Capital has a vast history of destroying lives in exchange for obscene profits, just like the aforementioned corporations. I refuse to be a vehicle for hate to flourish and I hope more will join me in boycotting these right-wing businesses permanently.

Another Canadian Perspective: Why is the GOP Obsessed With Genitalia?


A Guest Blog by @KyleAllen1997

Economy, economy economy. That’s what numerous members of the GOP say the 2012 election is about, including Mitt Romney. But is it really? While Republicans bitch and moan and blame President Obama for “hard economic times” the President and numerous Democrats like Nancy Pelosi are trying to pass bills that will actually create jobs, like the Transportation bill. At the same time, numerous right-wing ultra social conservatives (Almost everyone in the GOP these days) are out in full force trying to ban same sex marriage and holding rallies to ban abortion.

North Carolinian Republican State Senator Peter Brunstetter proposed an amendment to officially ban same sex marriage AND same sex civil unions in the state. On May 8th, the state overwhelmingly voted in favor of it, making it the 31st state to add an amendment to ban same sex marriage to their constitution. Same sex marriage doesn’t hurt anyone. No one dies or gets hurt because of a same sex marriage. But the GOP is obsessed with who likes what kind of genitalia. If you are a man and like genitalia from another man, you would be someone who will destroy the world according to them. Ironically, most of them probably watch lesbian porn in the privacy of their own home while their wives are out running errands.

In April, after President Obama announced his plan to simply ask insurance companies to cover contraceptives for women, the GOP went completely psycho, which led to them proposing 1,100 state bills trying to restrict abortion and contraceptives. AKA: The War on Women. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker also feels that women shouldn’t be paid the same for the same work men do. All this, why? Because women have vaginas. Which is kinda what makes them women. For some reason, Republican men think they know what’s in the best interested for women, because somehow they know how women feel. To Republican men I say: You don’t have a vagina, you have no say.

Again, the GOP insists the 2012 election is all about jobs and the economy, while they try and dictate what women and the LGBT community can do with their lives. All this to say, if you have a vagina, or you are a woman and like vagina, or you are a man and like dick, or you care about basic human rights, you know who to vote for in November.

Kyle is a 15 year old liberal politics enthusiast living in Ontario, Canada. He knows more about American Politics than 95% of Americans . He kicks Caiden Cowger’s ass!

Has America Gone Mad? A Canadian Perspective (Guest Blog)


Many people say Canadians and Americans are so much alike. And you would be right. If you put a Canadian and American beside each other, you probably wouldn’t see a difference between the two. But socially, the two are completely different. While America is still debating same-sex marriage and abortion, Canadians are debating how much we should raise the healthcare budget to serve the people properly.

Many conservatives in the USA claim the economy is the most important issue for the 2012 election, all while they ban women from speaking in state legislature for saying the word “vagina”, create petitions to overturn marriage equality in some states, and create legislation to restrict abortion and contraceptives. Also, elected representatives in the House and Senate are deliberately going on “vacations” so they have a reason to not pass proper jobs plan proposed by President Obama so it won’t give him a “win”. After the 2010 midterm elections, Republican Mitch McConnell even said himself that the first priority for the GOP is to stop President Obama from getting a second term, even if it means throwing the middle class under the bus. All the while up here in Canada, the Conservative Party has a majority government, which means they can do whatever they want. They could gut the Civil Marriage Act, but they won’t. Prime Minister Harper even said himself that he would not pursue criminalization of abortion.

20120616-222031.jpgMitch McConnell and President Obama

Canadians and Americans may speak the same way (with the exception of eh) wear the same clothes and shop at the same stores, but our countries could not be any more socially different. (and I think Canada is winning)

Written by Kyle Allen, age 15 from Kapuskasing, Ontario Canada Follow him on Twitter @KyleAllen1997


Rotten Apples Who Fell Far From The Tree: Willard and Bush 43

Rotten Sons: Reluctant Endorser, Bush 43 and Willard Romney

It seems when a child is born into privilege, more often than not that person turns out selfish, irresponsible and devoid of empathy. Willard Romney and Bush 43 are perfect examples. Although I’m not in complete agreement with their fathers politically, I can see honor and decency in some of their principles. I absolutely can’t say the same for Willard and W.

George H.W. Bush served in the military in World War 2, something Bush 43 avoided conveniently. He was a decorated Navy pilot in the war .
Military service
Service/branch United States Navy
Years of service 1942–1945
Rank Lieutenant (junior grade)
Unit Fast Carrier Task Force
Battles/wars World War II
Awards Distinguished Flying Cross
Air Medal (3)
Presidential Unit Citation

A multitude of honors earned in service of his country. He continued his service for years as the director of the CIA from 1976-1977, unfortunately amassing power his colleague Dick Cheney and later his son would abuse for malevolent objectives. As president, he needed to increase taxes to help maintain financial stability, which went against his campaign promise, ‘No New Taxes.’ This lead to his defeat in 1992, with a fairly irresponsible economy that was unstable due to common practices of recent GOP presidencies. However, he didn’t drastically cut taxes to the tune of $1.3 TRILLION dollars like his son, which has been a tremendous factor in the collapse of our economy. The rich have benefitted obscenely while the middle class has virtually turned into the working poor overnight.

George Romney and Son Willard

History repeats itself again with Mittens, another spoiled, ambitious, unprincipled son of a reasonably decent man, George Romney as our GOP candidate for president.

As governor, Romney worked to overhaul the state’s financial and revenue structure, culminating in Michigan’s first state income tax, and greatly expanded the size of state government. Romney was a strong supporter of the American Civil Rights Movement. He briefly represented moderate Republicans against conservative Republican Barry Goldwaterduring the 1964 U.S. presidential election. Romney was a candidate for the Republican nomination for President of the United States in 1968. While initially a front-runner, he proved an ineffective campaigner, and fell behind Richard Nixon in polls. Following a mid-1967 remark that his earlier support for the Vietnam War had been due to a “brainwashing” by U.S. military and diplomatic officials in Vietnam, his campaign faltered even more, and he withdrew from the contest in early 1968. Once elected president, Nixon appointed Romney Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Romney’s ambitious plans for housing production increases for the poor, and for open housing to desegregate suburbs, were modestly successful but often thwarted by Nixon. Romney left the administration at the start of Nixon’s second term in 1973. He admitted the Vietnam war was perpetuated by false means and was an advocate for civil rights! His son Willard protested anyone against the war, yet received 4 consecutive deferments. Unlike his son, George was a man of some principles. We have yet to see what Willard actually stands for.

It seems Mitt was for planned parenthood, gun control, LGBTQ rights, and universal healthcare at one time, but now is against all those ideas. I’d rather not go into his flip-flopping, as that would take up too much time. My point is, two rotten sons of fairly decent men should not ascend to the highest office in the land based on their family and its wealth of connections. Let’s learn from Bush 43 and keep Romney Jr. out of the White House. The Supreme Court will be decimated by this man, the rich will receive another $10 trillion in tax relief and we’ll all be posthumously baptized into the LDS faith, whether we like it or not.

Religion in America: Influencing the Stupid

Here we go again. America preaches hate best through religion thanks to our good with god preachers. Our ever-loving, ever-accepting clergy seems to have a problem following the supposed teachings of Jesus. Here’s Pastor Jones’ latest effigy of our beloved President Obama. It was his classy, fundamentalist inspired response to the President’s endorsement of gay marriage.

Obama likeness outside Dove World Outreach Church in Florida
Pastor Terry Jones, Quran burner extraordinaire

In another tolerant-filled rant against homosexuality, North Carolina’s Pastor Charles Worley claimed homosexuals should be imprisoned and killed. Said church member Geneva Sims: He had every right to say what he said about putting them in a pen and giving them food. The Bible says they are worthy of death. He is preaching God’s word.” Crazy much, lady? The fact this woman is allowed to vote is terrifying.

Pastor Charles Worley

Religion is far more influential and predominant in the USA than it is in Europe. Especially as income inequality increases, so does the frequency of prayer. This is exactly the type of trend a presidential candidate, who has proclaimed his own identity is based on Mormonism, would benefit from. Willard Romney hopes as education is less valued (and defunded like crazy) and mystical fantasy becomes more mainstream, people find him more appealing.

The Book of Mitt



If you feel his faith isn’t going to influence his presidential decisions, you’re dead wrong. The Mormon Church has clearly shaped who Willard is, how he will act . Dozens of the candidate’s friends, fellow church members and relatives describe a man whose faith is his design for living. The church is by no means his only influence, and its impact cannot be fully untangled from that of his family, which is also steeped in Mormonism. But being a Latter-day Saint is “at the center of who he really is, if you scrape everything else off,” said Randy Sorensen, who worshiped with Mr. Romney in church.

He also believes (or believed previously) that there is no place in his Cabinet for a Muslim. Who knows if he’ll shake the Etch-a-Sketch on that previous proclamation.

If only a president didn’t have to believe in a sky daddy we could advance this society scientifically and ethically. I’m convinced religion is mainly used as a catalyst for hate and to discourage scientific progress. Perhaps I’m wrong, but looking at small-town American religious fundamentalists fills me with confidence I am right.