Republicans Complain But Never Accept Blame

The media is flooded with stories about Benghazi, the deficit and apathy towards the care of veterans.  The GOP seems to lay all the blame at the foot of the Obama Administration. The Right is quick to accuse the current administration for the very problems they caused, while the media parrots these GOP-talking points, as if they warrant any merit.  The Republicans sabotage all facets of government,  so they can be the eventual overlords of the rubble and the commanders of the aftermath.

The 112th Congress cared little to protect American diplomats who were out in the trenches, serving our international interests.   House Republicans voted to cut nearly $300 million from the U.S. embassy security budget. But the confusion surrounding the circumstances of the attack became the cry of outrage and incompetence when all along, the GOP was precisely at fault for leaving our diplomats vulnerable.   One Utah Republican boasted, “of course we cut funding for embassy security,” but hold the administration of President Obama accountable for the incident.  No one seems to mention this aspect, but we do know that we are on the EIGHTH Benghazi Hearing, with no possibility of exposing the true culprits.

Republicans Are Never Responsible For The Debt

The deficit is always a red meat issue Republicans seem to remember only when a Democrat occupies The White House. Forty Republican Senators vetoed a $1 billion jobs bill that would have helped our unemployed veterans. Yet this same party, who dominate the 113th Congress, want to ram a bill through the House, where $310 billion would be lost by extending more tax cuts to the rich. Of course, they have offered no way to pay for these superfluous gifts to the filthy rich.

The top of every newscast is laden with the incompetence of General Shinseki, the Secretary of the VA, and the Veterans Administration’s failings.  Back in February, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) sponsored a bill that would have allowed for COLA (Cost of Living Adjustments) and that would enrich health, education and job-training programs for the nation’s 22 million veterans.  56 Senators voted in favor of the measure, yet 41 pernicious Republicans vetoed, so the bill went down.  Maybe the VA is operating without the proper funding needed to care for our wounded warriors, so the likelihood of mismanagement is much greater. These men and women, many who served in the Iraq War (a conflict based on lies of the Bush Administration), are treated like an afterthought when they should be treated like royalty.

We must look at who allocate the funds and what they deem important. Never do they approve bills to help veterans, but instead a plethora of religiously motivated legislation that hurt the poor, minorities, children, elderly and LGBT Americans. The latest grotesquely contorted marching order out of RNC headquarters is how government can’t run anything, like the single-payer VA, so how can it run Obamacare? They distort the truth like a fun-house mirror by pushing the idea that the ACA is government-run healthcare, not the regulation of private insurance companies which is the basis of Obamacare. They have contorted the President’s efforts to keep insurance companies from behaving in a manner that isn’t grossly unethical and cruel to something as horrific as slavery.

Canada has a law preventing lying in broadcasting while it seems their neighbor to the south offers more protection for liars than truth-tellers.  It’s disgraceful how Republicans abuse those with less power and influence while blaming the people who are fighting for the marginalized.  The media is not liberal.  The media is run by conservative-owned sociopaths with an aversion to facts and honesty.


What Truly Drives U.S.-Israeli Policy


The politics of the Middle East has been exploited by the petrol-pushers, affecting people of all religions. The plutocrats knowingly tap into, inflate, and take advantage of the masses’ religious beliefs for their own hidden, greedy purposes. Generally, the “believers” don’t even have a clue of how they’re being used, naïvely thinking that they are fulfilling the will of “Allah” or “Yahweh” while the corporate oligarchs line their pockets.

Israel was given to “us” by God Himself. This statement has been uttered by the followers of all three major Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam, but lately the conflict lies with the Jews and Muslims. The definition of religion is itself laden with the shunning of logic and reason: the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal god or gods. The Torah, Bible and Quran are all works of fiction with a deliberate disregard for scientific principles. In the twenty-first century, modern science has opened our minds to a vast array of evidence that counters claims in mythological Holy Books. Geopolitical boundaries are traditionally formed by topography, culture or language. The tiny desert region has a long history where the Israelites, Hebrews , Romans and scores of other Empires lay claim to the narrow strip of arid land. In modern-day Israel, it seems odd that a belief in a supernatural deity is the accepted means of designating these arbitrary borders. By doing this, Israel ensures a future of endless conflict, because every religion claims to be “the only true faith.”

As stated previously, I do not subscribe to the idea of an omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent deity. The motives behind the formation of the current nation of Israel are always assumed to be religious freedom and are never questioned here in America. Our ally is always held in high regard because Americans see it as the quintessential religious epicenter, even though we allegedly separate “church and state.” There is a lingering question I have with regards to Israel, many theists would find this the greatest form of disrespect, but I must ask: if a group of people assert that their right to possess a piece of land was bestowed upon them by a fictional deity… isn’t the right itself fictional? The Jews, persecuted for their faith historically, deserve a homeland free from religious persecution, as do ALL human beings. But truly, why there? Why settle in the a land in the midst of so many Muslims who will never peacefully coexist?

Perhaps Israel is not situated in its historically volatile location because of the spiritual significance of the land. The economic value of its location is far more paramount. We should acknowledge that man has always perpetrated the fallacy the almighty dollar is interchangeable with the will of the “Almighty.” Money and petroleum have fueled Israel since its inception. Multinational corporations have supported a warmongering Israeli government (much like our very own US Military Industrial Complex) to monitor and put a check on all the oil-producing nations of the Middle East. The ruse of Jewish or Islamic nationalism is a front for the profit to be made off the natural resources, which are far from infinite.

John Perkins, Author of Economic Hit Men, saw exactly how the international financial industry made obscene fortunes: the population is exploited and saddled with deficits while a very small group profits. The growth of Gross National Product may result even when it profits only one person, such as an individual who owns a utility company, while the majority of the population is burdened with debt. He said, “the United States is a nation laboring to deny the truth about its imperialist role in the world.” He quit his work as a liaison for the IMF, and other global financial institutions in the 1980’s because morally and ethically, he felt it was wrong to play such a key role in creating world empire at the expense of the less advantaged. He understood Israel’s strategic significance as a watchdog over the oil producing nations, no matter how difficult such a position will be for the citizens of both Israel and the neighboring nations. It serves international plutocrats very well to stir up trouble in the region. The war business is very profitable.

Constant conflict with Iran seems to drive Israeli, American and Saudi Arabian policy. Just this week, President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry, through diplomatic means, were able to put a check on the Iranian nuclear program. Much to the dismay of the hard-line Right Israeli and U.S. politicians, President Obama’s team succeeded diplomatically and the administration was only panned for their success. If such a feat was accomplished by the Bush Administration, the media would herald it as the greatest diplomatic success in history. But President Obama is not AIPAC’s guy. He wants to harbor peace in the region, unlike his predecessor. War is the only acceptable option according to the pro-Israel lobby, who favor the more hawkish U.S. Representatives.

Make no mistake, Israel is where it is and who it is not simply for religious reasons, but for its strategic location as an installation base to keep Western eyes on a region rich in the fuel we are dependent upon. The dependency of our country on fossil fuels is another matter entirely, as production of renewables has been discouraged by those who profit from petroleum. Some day, we will run out of oil and all this will change. But for now, we are guaranteed a bloody fight for what powers our lives. We Americans are equally stupid to not see through the façade and just keep filling up at the gas pump. What about our so-called political leaders? Mere puppets who were bought off with campaign donations long ago, and thus whose strings the oligarchs are yanking.

Israel And Saudi Arabia Violate Human Rights While Receiving Unquestioning U.S. Support

We all remember September 11, 2001 as if it were yesterday. The days immediately following the attacks were a flurry of hush hush commotion within the inner sanctum of Bush-Cheney foreign diplomacy. Most notably, the frantic pace of the exodus of Saudi royalty was swiftly and furtively accomplished without the knowledge of a nation desperately looking for the perpetrators of such unfathomable carnage. Quickly the attention and blame was diverted away from the Saudis with the launch of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Thousands of American lives were lost and trillions of dollars were spent on a war based on false pretenses.  Meanwhile, the perpetrators of the worst terrorist attacks on U.S. soil were never brought to justice and continue their same activities to this day.

9/11 was a golden opportunity for the United States to flex its muscle and escalate the War on Terror to levels that would help the U.S. and Israel justify obscene military expansion and imperialism. The American tragedy gave Israel the perfect opportunity to involve the US in their perpetual war against Islam, while neighboring Muslim nations would like nothing more than to see the Zionist State eradicated.  We must realize the GOP’s alleged devotion to Israel truly is a front for their true objective: creating an Armageddon scenario where Rapture Christianity‘s prophecies can be fulfilled.  Israel and Saudi Arabia have an interesting alliance both united in the shared opposition to both Iranian and Muslim Brotherhood influence in the region. Neither country truly wants majority rule, they believe only a few chosen people should govern.

President Bush and Prince Abdullah kissed and held hands.  President Obama bowed to the Saudi Prince and the GOP was outraged
President Bush and Prince Abdullah kissed and held hands. President Obama bowed to the Saudi Prince and the GOP was outraged

The Saudi Royal Family was literally given a private escort out of the U.S. before the excrement truly hit the fan. After learning that fifteen of the nineteen hijackers were found to be Saudi Nationals, somehow the culpability of the Wahhabi Kingdom was overlooked. In fact, Saudi Arabia is quite the supporter of terrorism worldwide yet was never the focus of our investigation.  They’ve claimed responsibility for Chechen Islamic terrorist attacks in Russia, among other places.

The impending Sochi Winter Olympics have been plagued by threats of Chechen-backed suicide bombing missions. Last summer, Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar reportedly offered Russian President Putin a deal: if Russia abandons Syria, Saudi Arabia would protect the Sochi Olympics from Islamic terrorists. The Saudis essentially control the Islamic terrorist cells in Chechnya and give Putin an ultimatum that if he complies with Saudi Arabia’s wishes with regards to Syria, they’ll make sure the Winter Games are not plagued with violence in an event designed to bring the world together in sport.

Palestinians treated like prisoners by Israel
Palestinians treated like prisoners by Israel

Israel has shown despicable disregard for the human rights of the Palestinians, essentially denying them the right to exist in a land they’ve had claim to for thousands of years.  Palestinians are the victims of Israeli blockades and are forced to live in dire poverty.  They’ve even gone so far as to put Palestinian children in cages if they’re even suspected of throwing rocks.  Israel was the only country to systematically prosecute children in its military courts, and added that “no Israeli children come into contact with the military court system”.  

Together, Israel and Saudi Arabia seek to minimize the rights of those perceived as inferior. Saudi Arabian women are treated like dogs, with very few rights.  They are the main financial backer of Al Qaeda-sponsored groups worldwide, yet receive almost no scrutiny by the US mainstream media.  Israel’s history of supporting Apartheid in South Africa and their treatment of neighboring Arabs indicate they don’t subscribe to the idea that “All Men Are Created Equal.” Prime Minister Netanyahu and Sheldon Adelson’s promise to decimate Tehran with nuclear weapons should Iran attempt to procure their own nukes creates a constant state of tension in the region. We have certainly not helped matters with our own abysmal history with Iran. The US has intervened in Iranian affairs by overthrowing their democratically elected secular government with a CIA coup in 1953 . United against Iran, Saudi Arabia, the US and Israel form an unlikely triumvirate which has turned Iran from a progressive secular country to the Draconian theocracy it is today. Once again, intervention by all three nations has done far more harm than good. If you ask most Americans, they believe Iran is the sole perpetrator of terrorism because the Bush Administration labeled Iran part of the Axis of Evil.

The overwhelming support of Israel by Democrats and Republicans is accepted by most Americans without question. Seldom do we hear any negative criticism of the Jewish nation while we provide them billions of dollars in military aid. The Saudis are responsible for much of our insane and inane War on Terror yet we demonize Iran and Iraq so much more. America’s imperialistic misbehavior combined with Saudi and Israeli Nationalism have wreaked all sorts of havoc in the region, but thanks to our mainstream media misrepresentation, Americans will be none the wiser to who’s really behind some of the worst human rights violations in the Middle East.


Perhaps America’s leaders and some of our “allies” should be scrutinized a bit more intently?

Liberal Ideologues Embrace a Russian Double Standard

Protesting Old Testament Intolerance in Russia

Once again, the social strata of our world is regressing to an unacceptable level of sophomoric intolerance. Russia is hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi amid turmoil caused by the nation’s egregious policies against LGBT people or as the government says, homosexual propaganda. The IOC halfheartedly assures athletes Russia’s anti-gay propaganda laws will not be an issue during the games, but they do not insist Russia suspend their intolerant policy. Olympic boycotts destroyed the dreams of so many hard-working athletes back in the 1980’s and a repeat of this form of protest only penalizes those undeserving. Unfortunately, much of America is focused on the Ed Snowden drama virtually unaware of this egregious assault on human rights.

Vladimir Putin decided to grant asylum to dissident Ed Snowden, a transitory information-thieving patsy meant to irk the US Government, for one year. Obviously displeased, the Obama Administration cancelled the Moscow get-together between the two leaders following the G20 Summit set to take place the 5th and 6th of September. While many LGBT leaders worldwide express disdain over the homophobic, Orthodox-Christian policies of Russia, we are plagued by this canard of spy shenanigans distracting Americans once again thanks to the investigative journalism of emoprogs like Glenn Greenwald.

Greenwald, an early Obama dissenter because of the president’s refusal to investigate the Bush administration for war crimes, has actively campaigned against our president since making Bradley Manning the divisive issue that kept liberals home in 2010 ushering in the worst Congress in US history. This adherence to far-left ideology only spited the American people by unleashing the worst case of stupid to infest our Legislative Branch. Consequently, the victims of his petulant, ideologue temper-tantrum are the poor and elderly who have been ravaged by the inhumane policies of the 112th and 113th Congress.

Greenwald and actually defended the Koch-funded Teaparty in 2010, practically labeling it a grassroots faction of the GOP. Other than the fact that (1) it is driven (at least in part) by genuine citizen passion and engagement, and (2) represents a justifiable rebellion against the Washington and GOP establishments. This has obviously been proven false as the Teaparty is anything but organic. By asserting the legitimacy of candidates like Christine O’Donnell, the emoprogs created significant apathy which led to extremely low voter turnout. The lower the turnout, the better the chance for Republican/TeaParty victories. The seeds for such a divisive movement have been planted and 2014 may look very similar.

Greenwald misrepresented the scorn leveled upon Christine “I am not a witch” O’Donnell and her utter disregard for science and reason as an attack on her lack of financial wealth. His circuitous defense of her character as inherently moral (based on her monetary troubles) completely detracts from the real issue: The Teaparty and its fringe lunatic candidates have absolutely no business anywhere near positions of legislative authority. In order for us to forget O’Donnell’s utter incompetence, Greenwald created a canard of her poverty being attacked rather than her disregard of evolution as fact. Like-minded emo-progressives are so blinded by their hatred for Obama, they’ll go to any lengths to make their ideological points, even if that means most Americans will pay dearly.

As far as the fate of Greenwald’s latest fame-whoring meal ticket, Ed Snowden will most likely end up a victim of his petty revenge-seeking against our President. Russia’s history of treating used up asylum seekers isn’t always as propitious as Snowden would hope. The hypocrisy of choosing China originally and Russia subsequently to escape prosecution negates the alleged sacrifice Greenwald claims Snowden has made. He regularly compares Ed to Daniel Ellsberg who stayed in the US to face the music of his leaking of classified data. Ironically, this nation of Russia tolerates zero dissent and encourages violence against gays.

Greenwald left the United States and became a resident of Brazil to be with his husband. It seems awfully ironic to condone Snowden’s asylum in a frightfully homophobic nation, while abandoning the USA for the very same reason. By harping on the NSA’s collection of metadata while non-oathtaking corporations like Yahoo, Google and Facebook have limitless resources to pry into our lives, he detracts from the much graver threat of violence against our homosexual brothers and sisters. Once again, the use of distraction for personal gain is ultimately detrimental for all parties involved. Progressives need to unite against this latest shiny object to maintain a sound perspective on what’s important.

How a Dark Past and Radical Racism Continue to Dominate the GOP

Americans for Prosperity, Freedomworks, the Tea Party Movement are organizations funded by very dark money. The name Koch is highly revered in conservative circles but most people either don’t know or don’t care how this family has risen to the prominence only billions of dollars can procure.

No longer trying to hide their racism, Teabaggers openly scorn African-Americans

The benefactor of organizations that have terrorized America for decades is none other than Fred Koch , the original financier of the John Birch Society. In the 1950’s, Koch and his ultra-right wing organization preached of the evils of Socialism and its inclusivity of unions, homosexuals, colored people, Jews and moderate Republicans like President Eisenhower. In typical hypocritical GOP fashion, Koch railed against communism while making his fortune exporting oil technology to Josef Stalin’s Soviet Union in the 1920’s. Fred Koch believed the colored man looms large in the Communist plan to take over America. Hypocrisy is too mild a term for these monsters of mendacious manipulation. .

John Birch is not the only hate group (labeled by the Southern Poverty Law Center) with which the Kochs have entangled their tentacles. The Oath Keepers, who often appear in tandem with the Heritage Foundation and John Birch Society, openly sponsored the very first GOP Presidential Debate in far-right wing heaven, South Carolina. Former President Clinton described the Oath Keepers as a “hatriot” group that embraces the same violent rhetoric that fueled Timothy McVeigh. The GOP’s War on Terror always neglects to include their own hate groups, who always stress “States’ Rights” over federal government statutes, much like the Antebellum South. Specifically, the fifth tenet of the racist organization asserts: ‘We will NOT obey orders to invade and subjugate any state that asserts its sovereignty and declares the national government to be in violation of the compact by which that state entered the Union.’

South Carolina’s Teaparty Governor and Koch Puppet, Nikki Haley

Teabaggers desperate to focus the GOP on barbaric chauvinist policies about women and white superiority are literally dismantling their own party by primarying candidates once deemed ultra-conservative, like Kentucky’s Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell. Supporters of challenger Matt Bevin have actually called McConnell a progressive liberal.

Their obvious distaste for non-whites has been painfully obvious, now more than ever. Supporters of Representative Steve King of Iowa have literally slapped DREAM Act supporters and immigrants alike so offensively, it may be impossible to win the hearts and minds of anyone of Latino descent in America ever again. They most assuredly deserve not a single vote from that segment of our population.

Voter suppression, kowtowing to the NRA and laws essentially turning women into livestock who have no other function than to pump out kids help create a society where the cycle of poverty and violence is impossible to break. Privatizing education so only the wealthy can afford decent schooling keeps the masses dumb enough (to vote GOP) and this is another facet of the Koch brothers’ diabolical scheme to create a 1% Utopia. Replacing public schools with charter schools and vouchers like the privatization of prisons, offers yet another opportunity for big corporations to get their hands into public coffers and earn a hefty profit.

The Scope of ALEC/Koch corporations is massive

With Citizen’s United permitting corporations to contribute ungodly sums of money to fund puppet candidates like Matt Bevin, the insidiously racist Koch Brothers, ALEC and their personal Supreme Court Justices can dupe untold numbers of ignorant voters to do their bidding.

Teabaggers deny they are racists, but when 99% of the group is white and they rail against the first African American president for imagined transgressions before he set his administration’s policies, it is impossible to see them as anything but racists. The Teaparty embodies racism to this day and the John Birchers and Koch adherents demonstrate that a large segment of society has been programmed to believe the white race is superior to Blacks, Latinos, and Asians. Until whites are outnumbered more significantly, we can not combat the conservative gerrymandering that keeps Congress so obstructionist and clearly misogynist and hate-motivated. Without an enthused and educated electorate, the Koch family will continue to annihilate the poor and middle class. Their sociopathic past guarantees a very bleak future.

Beware the Teaparty Down Under: Abbott is a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

No, not the villain from the Matrix. This is Australian Head of the Center Right Liberal Party Tony Abbott

We’ve heard this garbage before, but we’re used to hearing it from right wing crazy people here in America. But when a prominent politician and possible PM hopeful in Australia echoes Freedomworks‘ anti-Science stance on global climate change, it is cause for alarm. Tony Abbott pictured here, has gone on the record saying: ‘‘I don’t think we can say that the science is settled here’’ He went on to question whether ‘‘emissions are quite the problem that some people say they are’’, and argued, ‘‘whether carbon dioxide is quite the environmental villain that some people make it out to be is not yet proven.” This is contrary to the findings of roughly 97% of climate scientists who study the effects of man-made pollutants on our global ecosphere. Unfortunately, Australian politics is not laden with stars in the Labor party (which is akin to our Democratic Party in the U.S.) and no one candidate is poised to take the reins of government like Tony Abbott in the September 14 elections later this year.

There are code words the conservatives in the U.S. often use to indicate they are anti-science and pro-big business, with little regard for the environment and health of their people and wildlife. Mr. Abbott takes a page out of the GOP playbook and uses the catchphrase, “the climate change-science is far from settled” here:

Not only is this man, who likely will win in a divided political climate, a danger to those who will be impacted by the rising tides and weather catastrophes in store for all of us if we don’t lower emissions, but Mr. Abbott is a highly religious “family” man, reminiscent of the U.S. pro-life crowd. A poll of 100 voters across Sydney found that Labor and Green voters despise the way Abbott injects religion into his political campaign and policy. On the other hand, Liberal voters respect Abbott as a ‘conviction politician’ who is firm on his beliefs. Liberals, mind you, are like the GOP in America, except a bit more logical. You’d actually be hard pressed to find a party like the Teaparty-laden GOP in a Western Democracy. Abbott has been called “Mad Monk” and “Captain Catholic” by some who believe, as many of us do here in the USA, that religion has no place in politics.

In order to appear as equally sexist, misogynistic and bigoted as his American Teaparty counterparts, Tony Abbott has a rich history of chauvinistic bullying in his C.V. His attempt at mirroring candidates like “legitimate rape” failed Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin are evident in this quote: “When it comes from Julia (Gillard, the unmarried, current PM) , ‘No’ doesn’t mean ‘No’,” his choice of that charged term was completely intentional, and part of a nasty, subterranean agenda. He often refers to the current PM, Ms. Gillard, as unqualified on matters of family as she has no children. He appeals to the farthest right wing elements of his country and to think a man of Abbott’s transparent motives has a such great odds at winning in September is quite disturbing to many Australians.

The last thing a world in turmoil from unchecked corporate hegemony needs is another puppet leader like George W. Bush in a hemisphere that has been wrought with climate change disasters as of late. In a world where the most educated and civilized are moving away from religious dogma dictating social policy, it is anachronistic to have a man like Abbott as head of any state. Generally, Australians are only given one month’s notice of an upcoming election. Hopefully PM Gillard, with this unusual time frame, has given the Labor Party enough notice to try to best a dreadful candidate who will only depress a fairly strong world economy who has averted a recession. The Progressives of America are with you Australia. I hope we can help keep another Mitt Romney from a “Down Under” victory.