Even When The GOP Tries To Vilify The Poor, Americans Still Care For Their Fellow Citizens

It’s astounding we have such a tremendous number of homeless Americans in this country, when America is still the richest country on the planet.    So many of our homeless are veterans,  who number 75,000 on any given night.  Greater than 5% of our homeless are actually veterans who fought in Iraq or Afghanistan.  We often hear of the “fraud” that’s uncovered when an investigation is launched into a suspicious case, where a random person pretends to be homeless, and people actually admonish you for giving to the sad person at a stoplight because they’re convinced the stories on Fox News are true.  Everyone is gaming the system, if you ask the right wing media.  Everyone is a fraud.

This is the mentality of the me, me,me Republican party and the Christian Fundamentalist movement that has dominated our politics.   The Dominionists were the ones calling for a government shutdown rather than honor the debt already accrued by the country, they are the ones who think charity is no longer necessary for a moral society.  The wealthy needn’t worry about the “eye of the camel.” Poverty (is) seen as the result of moral failure.  Rendering unto Caesar (the Government) (is) no longer the moral thing to do. The mentality that it’s the poor person’s fault they don’t have a home or a job has been promoted ever since Ronald Reagan’s Morning in America has eviscerated the middle class and increased income inequality.   The statistics tell a different tale.  Poverty is a real problem in America and being a homeless family is more common than we’d like to think.

Homeless Woman: Arrested for child endangerment for leaving kids in the car during a job interview
Homeless Woman: Arrested for child endangerment for leaving kids in the car during a job interview

Shanesha Taylor, a homeless mother of two children: a six month old and two year old, was forced to leave her children in a car unattended while she was at a job interview in the city of Chandler, Arizona.  Upon hearing a cry from the car, a passer-by called the police.  Shanesha had no choice but to leave her kids alone while interviewing for a job.  Shanesha, like so many Americans, are living out of their cars and need a source of income.   Devastated at being charged with child endangerment, she faces jail time and losing custody of her children.  The story made the news and this was the most fortunate thing to happen to this woman living in poverty.

Amanda Bishop, a twenty-four year old fellow citizen, was moved by the heart-wrenching police photo.  She set up a fund on behalf of Shanesha  that has raised over $71,000 as of April 1st.  Naturally, on the website, there were those who thought she was undeserving, endangering her children.  But thankfully, there were enough people out there with a sense of compassion and decency in their hearts to give to a fellow human being in need.   It’s obvious there are far too many people now considered the working poor who were once considered middle-class.  The cost of living has gone up while wages have gone down.   With the exportation of so many jobs with unfavorable trade agreements lowering the amount of money per hour a worker can earn, people have to hold down two or more jobs just to subsist.

It’s nice to see people behaving like human beings and coalescing to help someone in need.  It’s time these theocratic “Christian” conservatives stop promoting unfair stereotypes and discouraging charitable giving.  People need programs like SNAP, Medicaid and Head Start to be funded more in times of economic crisis, not cut to ribbons like budget-makers in the GOP would like.  Congressman Paul Ryan has been absolutely savage in his cruel budget cuts that hurt the poor while giving sickening tax breaks to giant corporations.  Austerity is never the answer when people are suffering.  It’s time people elect representatives that will help the poor and fix the income inequality that creates poverty in a country of such wealth.  Democrats have always been the party who enacts legislation that benefits the majority of the population, especially women and children who make up the majority of the poor.  Stop electing Republicans and we’ll improve America for all Americans, not just the one percent.

Religious Nuttery and Political Hypocrisy: Crazy Teapartiers

These are dark times indeed. To punish America for having the audacity to elect a black man TWICE, the GOP will try to deliberately ruin America’s economy. The Democrats are pragmatically trying to avoid economic disaster while Republicans sing funeral songs like Amazing Grace praying instead of governing. Senator Ted Cruz still believes shutting down the government was a good idea. Their abject hypocrisy and ignorance are stunning.

It was rare for a person to surface who embodies the appalling hypocrisy of a self-proclaimed “god-fearing” man and the deliberate ignorance of the “Christian” homeschool movement. The Reagan plan to defund the crap out of education is coming to fruition. There’s now a whole generation of ignoramuses. A consortium of this type of cretin has created the 113th Congress, a willfully ignorant group who vociferously oppose reason, logic and facts. These self-important monsters could easily topple our great nation if we don’t expose their insidious objectives. Governing by crisis is the chosen method of these TeaParty troublemakers. They exist only to serve their gigantic corporation CEOs. The most noteworthy of these asshats is Greg Collett, a devout Mormon from the great state of Idaho, who is running for state office in 2014.


Clearly, anyone who is a staunch member of the Teaparty has obvious contradictions abound. The grassroots organization is funded by hate groups like The Heritage Foundation, who want to take our country “back” from that Black guy who dared to win two presidential elections. Collett goes a bit further. Obviously a Romney supporter, Greg prohibits his children from consuming GMOs, the signature products of Bain Capital’s Monsanto, a company Romney helped make into the industry giant it is today. Collett proclaims, “I avoid all refined sugars and corn syrup, enriched flour products and other processed foods, GMO products, and foods that have unpronounceable ingredients”. Naturally, he won’t research who’s responsible for assailing our population with these harmful products. This is common for Teapartiers; they rail against things they don’t quite understand. That’s why this man hates government. He doesn’t understand it.

Government is force, and using government to force men to do good works takes away the agency of man. When government is used to take money from one citizen and give it to another (even for a seemingly good cause) it simply amounts to legal plunder, making government, and those that support it, the criminal.

Like 20% of Idahoans, Greg Collett is a staunch advocate of homeschooling, as there’s just not enough Brigham Young in our history. An educated populace whose curriculum is decided by anyone but the Teaparty Right Wing is their biggest enemy. Even though the Heritage Foundation and Romneycare comprise the basic format of “Obamacare,” the Teaparty cannot support it because their racist objection to all President Obama’s policies coerces them to take drastic action to oppose it.

In Collett’s mind, government is bad and only the LDS Church can force people to be kind. His ten children are expensive to care for. Collett’s kids are all on Medicaid. But he opposes government interference with healthcare. He believes our government is far too secular and his interpretation of the supernatural should be adopted by all. Of course he throws in concepts like tyranny, children are a heritage from god, ending funding for public education, Communist Manifesto, and the jewel of all, ‘I am against National Parks, but I visit them.’ This is a dangerously stupid man who throws out red meat for the Teaparty base.

Greg Collett is running again in 2014 for the position A, district 11 of the Idaho House. He’s lost twice before, receiving 25% of the vote in 2010 and 34% in 2012. The public should be outraged anyone with such a convoluted worldview could possibly win an election. The views he has stated reveal he thinks we live in a theocracy, rather than a democracy. It’s unfathomable how anyone –be they Mormon, Lutheran, Catholic, Hindu, Jew, Muslim, Buddist, agnostic, or atheist– could vote for this lunatic. The Teaparty has undoubtedly shown how they revile government and will do anything to sabotage the institution.

LDS zealots like Collett and unstable, narcissistic Dominionists like Ted Cruz have proclaimed God tells them how to legislate. Ironically, they protest vehemently against Islamist theocratic regimes while behaving exactly like these misogynist lunatics. These people must be stopped, as they are the ones who shred the Constitution at every opportunity.

Dr. Ben Carson Denounces The Government That Made Him a Success

Gay Marriage is a slippery slope to bestiality: Dr. Ben Carson with President Bush

Dr. Ben Carson is the new poster boy for the Right Wing Conservative movement. He is the total package for a party that desperately needs a new face: an African-American neurosurgeon who is an outspoken social and fiscal conservative who denounces the entire apparatus of government. At this year’s National Prayer Breakfast, he condemned the welfare state and the growing acceptance of marriage equality likening it to bestiality and NAMBLA.

It seems he joins the ranks of so many Conservatives who are part of the Slippery Slope brand of thinking. Once you allow gay marriage, what’s next? Marrying children, animals, inanimate objects…..heaven knows what’s next!? Their ultra-fundamentalist biblical way of thinking has perverted so many into adopting this false equivalency of marriage equality leading to pedophilia or bestiality. Watch his interview with Hannity.


What makes this man such a paragon of Republican virtue is how he loathes the entire welfare and government assistance that afforded him his current success. Carson has said, by the time I reached ninth grade, mother….received nothing but food stamps. She couldn’t have provided for us and kept up the house without that subsidy.” “As I’ve said, we received food stamps and couldn’t have made it without them.” Carson, in his book, tells how his grades improved tremendously when a government program provided him with free eyeglasses because he could barely see. Now he derides the “welfare state” and has decided “no one is starving in America” and that government dependence kills initiative.

What’s even more bizarre about this guy is his use of the term NAMBLA. In case you’re unaware of why this is so odd, the creators of South Park even devoted an entire episode to the North American Man/Boy Love Association. It is the most ridiculous comparison of two consenting adults marrying to an insane organization devoted to pedophilia. How can a “brilliant neurosurgeon” think so illogically when it comes to social matters? I suppose the answer is rather simple. He’s a Republican.

CPAC 2013 and Selective Mandates Show Republican Ignorance

A few weeks ago, I ran into an old acquaintance from Connecticut, who was in our fair city for a few days. The first thing he told me was how absolutely bizarre Las Vegas seemed as to display numerous gigantic billboards advertising the opportunity to fire an automatic firearm. For someone from the eastern seaboard, this is rather anomalous.

Billboards like this one are very common in Las Vegas, Nevada

In light of the obvious mass shooting tragedy that has rocked the civilized world, especially New England, any reasonable person visiting the City of Sin would find it callous and objectionable to glorify this type of weaponry. I told him this is rather de rigueur here and it doesn’t even phase most residents. Las Vegas has much the same attitude as many Red State (or purple in Nevada’s case) attitudes where guns are considered a right and a necessity for the über paranoid who have been hypnotized to believe President Obama is on a Marxist bender to disarm the nation. The Obama administration and his Leftist Army is trying to make the government so invasive, he wants to demand everyone must eat broccoli or arugula and join the New Black Panthers while paying for lazy welfare queens to go to Planned Parenthood for weekly abortions.

As utterly irrational as this may sound, it is not much of a stretch for a few towns in the South. Nelson, Georgia, population 1,300 is labeled “a liberal’s worst nightmare” because they have mandated every head of household own and maintain a firearm. Republicans hate big government and despise any invasion into their personal freedoms. But let’s look at their record of trying to mandate their way into our private lives. If they are offended by government simply trying to keep Americans safe from all-too-frequent massacres, one would think they’d be outraged at the government controlling religious freedom, reproductive health and interpersonal adult relations, right? A reasonable, logical person would think so, but we are talking about the GOP.

Indiana, one of the most Republican states in the country, has put forth a bill to mandate praying in the classroom. The recitation of The Lord’s Prayer has been proposed by an Indiana State Senator. “…The governing body of a school corporation or the equivalent authority of a charter school may require the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer at the beginning of each school day. The prayer may be recited by a teacher, a student, or the class of students.” Obviously the precious First Amendment would be completely dismantled by this idea, but as long it doesn’t restrict an American’s right to own weapons that can shoot 152 bullets in 5 minutes, it’s “on the table.”

New kid on the block and Republican heckler, Senator Ted Cruz (Tx), had the audacity to suggest restricting the types of guns one can own is equivalent to outlawing certain types of books. The false equivalency of the lethality of guns versus possession of certain books elucidates the perverted machinations of Cruz’s mind, which clearly is lost. In case you missed his pernicious exchange with the Democratic Senator, Diane Feinstein (CA) yesterday, here it is:

None of these small government advocates have a problem mandating teachers be armed in the classroom as well. They discard studies that show an increase in firearms is directly proportionate to an increase in firearm-related homicides. Several states have proposed laws to arm teachers and one has even passed legislation practically demanding teachers be armed, as is the case now in South Dakota.

On the issue of women’s health and reproductive freedom, the GOP has been incredibly diligent at legislating their way into the bodies of women, who comprise roughly half the population, no big deal. The anti-abortion bills put on the floor for a vote in the House alone exponentially outnumbers the jobs proposals by Republicans. But it’s even worse in the state governments run by Republicans where they’ve virtually wiped out affordable and safe abortion for poor women, especially in Arkansas, Mississippi, South Dakota and Michigan. Lest we forget the redefining of a violent act like rape and the transvaginal ultrasound probe requirement many Republicans have supported as mandatory to any abortion procedure, even when the woman is a victim of a sexual assault. This gross interpretation of freedom cost many Republicans their seats in the 2012 election, but it seems these folks have a very short memory, much like a goldfish I presume.

Today, Ohio Senator Rob Portman proclaimed his support and reformed attitude towards marriage equality. He professed how his support for love and acceptance as depicted in the Bible supersedes the traditional definition of marriage also known as DOMA, which was signed into law in 1996 but is slowly becoming highly unpopular and downright offensive to forward thinking Americans.

Do not despair, CPAC 2013 has a unique way of portraying America as hate-filled and intolerant as some of the fine speakers they showcase every year. Florida Tea-party darling Senator Marco Rubio (R) preached his usual science-denying climate change is unproven and a zygote is more important than the mother who carries it garbage. “The people who are actually closed-minded in American politics are the people who love to preach about the certainty of science with regards to our climate but ignore the absolute fact that science has proven that life begins at conception.”


Mandates like trying to keep people from drinking too much sugary soda and insurance companies paying for contraception have the right wing in a frenzy. But if you force an Atheist, Hindu or Muslim to recite a Christian prayer, force a woman to have an unwanted child, prevent two loving adults from marrying or allow a mentally unstable individual the right to purchase assault rifles, you are simply following god’s law and doing the work of Republican Jesus. Mandates are only wrong when they don’t make Wayne LaPierre wealthier. Perhaps this is why these guys are outraged over the shut down of White House tours; because deep down inside, in that last microscopic shred of humanity, the GOP realizes they won’t ever see the inside of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue any time soon. Elections will be theirs to lose if they continue on this path, and I’m sure not going to stop them!


Massachusetts Would Be Wise To Avoid Romney and His GOP

Perhaps Massachusetts’ flirtation period with the GOP is in its twilight. Current Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (D) said, “I can tell you,…he was a great salesman who was more interested in having the job than doing it,” describing Mitt Romney’s tenure as Governor of the New England Commonwealth. This seems to be the same attitude he possesses about the job at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He wants the power, but really has no intention of using it to benefit the majority of his “subjects.”

This was a man who never concerns himself with minutia like the passage of bills to fund the prevention of hate crimes, he’d rather keep his state on a par in job creation with then Katrina-ravaged Louisiana . While governor, the state’s total job growth was just 0.9 percent, well behind other high-wage, high-skill economies in New York (2.7), California (4.7), and North Carolina (7.6). The national average, meanwhile, was better than 5 percent. Dismal as these numbers are, what’s more telling is Romney’s current poll numbers in his “home” state. President Obama leads Romney 60 percent to 38 percent in the Bay State, a veritable beat down of epic proportions, a pummeling he richly deserves. This similar performance by his TeaParty darling supporter, Senator Scott Brown shows just how little these men care for the state they so poorly represent.

Senator Scott Brown and Willard Romney

Former Cosmopolitan Magazine centerfold and Wall Street favorite, Scott Brown, has shown little concern for the majority of the citizens of Massachusetts. Although he is trying to distance himself from Romney’s 47% remark at a private fundraiser, he has shown he holds a similar world view. He’s a pro-big oil, anti-women, anti-welfare, teabagging Conservative who seems to be losing his allure. He recently proclaimed Justice and Fascist Antonin Scalia as his favorite member of the Supreme Court.

Massachusetts has an abysmal record of electing women in US Senate races, as there has never been a female Senator from the state. Remarkably, his opponent, Elizabeth Warren, has a lead in most polls. If Massachusetts has more sense than the folks in Missouri poised to elect legitimate rape advocate, Todd Akin (R), we should, by all accounts, see the first female Senator from the state. Even with the ugliness of the racial attack on her Cherokee heritage, she still has a fight on her hands that the rest of the country is watching closely.

It seems Massachusetts has gambled with Republicans in the state whose politics has been primarily formed by a Kennedy legacy of service. JFK, RFK and Ted Kennedy, among other greats from the state, have served their populace with dignity and consideration. These nouveau right wing figure heads who have shown nothing more than a politicians look with zero substance are perhaps just a blemish on the Democratic history of Massachusetts. The state was and still is a great voice in a democracy that has no use for shallow, morally bankrupt men like Willard Romney and Scott Brown.

Ann Romney Believes Women Should Know Their Place

As a woman fortunate enough to have had an upbringing where I was always taught that women and men are equals, I’d like to presume the First Lady of my country would instill similar values in other American girls. If her speech at the Republican National Convention showed her true feelings on the matter of feminine equality, it’s painfully obvious Ann Romney believes a woman should know her place, which is in the role of dutiful wife and doting mother. She firmly believes in the supremacy of men just as her adopted Mormon cult dictates. After all, a Mormon woman can only enter the gates of the celestial kingdom with the consent of her husband. Any woman exhibiting desires eschewed by the values ascribed by the Mormon cult is simply anomalous to her entitled and privileged way of life. She is perhaps the worst spokesman for the twenty-first century American female there ever was.

Ann Romney firmly believes a woman should unequivocally be a partner to a man, both in this life and the still unproven hereafter. Not only did she fail to acknowledge women in ANY professional capacity in her RNC speech, she failed to acknowledge single, lesbian or childless women (to name a few) as integral female members of a productive society. She’s so averse to answering questions regarding her own professional aspirations , she cancels any interview inquiring on the matter. Although raised largely without formal religion, (Episcopalian with a touch of atheism) she believes what the Mormon scriptures profess: By bearing and nurturing children, women are saved because they have learned to perform Heavenly Mother’s work. In other words, women truly have no other earthly function than to serve the man and bear him children. This is very similar to the Muslim faith. The role of the Muslim woman is clearly defined and outlined in Islam. In short her primary role is with the upbringing of her children and in being a dutiful wife. A woman’s job, in her worldview, is to be simply a mother and wife above all things. Funny how similar the two faiths are, much to the disapproval of unbeknownst Republicans. Ann’s very own atheist father Edward Davies was baptized into the Mormon Church posthumously, something he would definitely have objected to while alive. Her arrogance and presumption prevent her from seeing just how offensive this is.

She serves her husband also by staunchly defending his right to leading a privileged and entitled existence, free from the customary scrutiny thrust upon the life of a presidential candidate. “Have you seen how we’re attacked?,” Ann Romney said in an interview in mid August, hitting the table with her hand for emphasis. “Have you seen what’s happened?…. “It will just give them more ammunition.” These are the words of a wealthy corporate wife who is outraged her husband is under the microscope while running for the most powerful elected office on earth. She’s assuming they’ll be attacked further if they release more, so that pretty much means there’s something in those returns that’s worthy of “attack” — at least by folks who are paying taxes at a much higher rate, who are perhaps keeping their monies in these United States. “Stop it. This is hard, you wanna try it, get in the ring,” she whined earlier this week following the legendary Mother Jones video of Mitt Romney showing a rare candid example of the contempt he shows for low income Americans and the futility of garnering their vote. She was quoted by a few ladies close to her as having said “My horse has more style and more class in its hoof than they (Democrats) do in their whole deal.” Clearly this couple cares little for the middle class and their disdain is starting to manifest itself everytime they open their mouths.

(Not an actual Michelle Obama quote)

Willard Romney believes his wife is his spokesperson for “what women want”. Unfortunately, women are not the monolithic wealthy, corporate white woman Mitt believes Ann is a typical representative. Perhaps Willard’s experience as a fairly omnipotent LDS “prophet” throughout much of his life has shielded him from the reality that the world is nothing like his sanitized view of entitled corporate personhood. It is very apparent she too doesn’t see the forest through the trees when it comes to women’s real world issues. Not every girl aspires to be a stay at home mom, not every girl can be that person for a myriad reasons. Frankly, this woman becoming First Lady is a gigantic leap backwards of all the progress women made in the twentieth century. Actually, given the obvious Republican war on women, what better representative for their antiquated Puritanical views on women than Queen Ann? If America elects this entitled couple it’s because of one of two reasons: they’ve suppressed the vote sufficiently or we’re so unbelievably ignorant as a people, we deserve this impending nightmare.

Romney and Ryan Believe Women are Nothing More than Breeders

If you are a proponent of women’s rights and support the progress the fairer sex has made in the last hundred years, this GOP ticket should positively terrify you. Willard Romney, although his views have shifted like tectonic plates under the Pacific Ocean, has aligned himself with the “pro-life movement” which ironically includes zero gun control, capital punishment and an utter disregard for the poorest and sickest among us. His choice of a running mate, Paul Ryan, appeals to the insane misogynistic faction of the Republican Party, more so than Governor Romney. The combination of the two simply drags women back to the days of second class citizenship, with the probable resurgence of back-alley abortions.

The GOP ticket: setting women back 100 years

Romney is no stranger to the submissiveness of women. The Mormon Church has an unspoken rule that not only must a woman obey her husband, but also every priesthood holder. In theory alone, this is incredibly demeaning to women. Sue Emmett, former member of the LDS Church is the great-great-grandaughter of Brigham Young, one of the original founders of the faith. She attributes Willard’s general sense of entitlement to Mormon traditions. “Mitt is a product not only of his wealth, but of an organization that gives men power when they are 12 years old….that is when boys are ordained with the priesthood. It is a big moment in a Mormon male’s childhood.” As we all know, Mitt was once very liberal, even “more liberal than Ted Kennedy” on certain issues. Since garnering the GOP nomination, he has turned far right, naturally siding with the crazies of the party. He said he will “end Planned Parenthood” thereby destroying many poor women’s sole outlet for contraception and gynecological care. As Emmett said, “Mitt has been groomed to become president from a very young age…I think his father [George Romney, who ran for president in 1968] would have made a much better president. In many ways the church was more benign then than it is now” Apparently, the Mormon Church has gone to the right of Pat Robertson, with their massive funding of Proposition 8 Legislation and similarly conservative ideology, they are obviously not evolving like the rest of America is when it comes to social issues.

The most well-known founders of Mormonism, Brigham Young, Joseph Smith and Miles Park Romney (Willard’s great-great-grandfather) were all polygamists. The practice was designed to populate the earth with as many of God’s chosen Mormon children as possible. To achieve this end, men took several wives, whose primary value was their child-bearing ability. There was (and still is) nothing more devastating to a Mormon than infertility. Women are meant to serve their husbands and provide them with progeny. This attitude has not evolved very much from the mid nineteenth century, much like the Republican Party.

What’s more remarkable than Romney’s antiquated feminist views are those of his feudalistic running mate, Paul Ryan. Ryan is the sponsor of the Fetal Personhood Bill which would give fetuses (or even zygotes) the same rights as any citizen. Ryan also supported a highly controversial bill that Democrats nicknamed the “Let Women Die Act,” which would have allowed hospitals to refuse to provide a woman emergency abortion care, even if her life is on the line. This type of radical religious thinking is so insane, even the most religious state in the nation, Mississippi utterly rejected the personhood amendment. In fact, a few states have attempted this antediluvian measure only to be handed a resounding defeat. But there is a terrific irony in the selection of this medieval running mate. Ryan would like to make the very in-vitro fertilization Romney’s son, Tagg employed to have some of his children illegal via this personhood insanity. I wonder if Willard will maintain his position on the matter, given his family’s circumstances. I suppose it comes down to what will get him elected. He doesn’t need to have core principles if he has executive power. After all, the rich and privileged allow for exceptions for themselves.

Unfortunately, there are a myriad issues on which the Romney/Ryan ticket shift to the right of Mussolini, but in the area of women’s health and equality, they are especially abhorrent. Those Republican women in control of their mental faculties should be very aware of the destructive duo’s harsh attitudes towards female equality and healthcare before selecting the (R) in this crucial presidential race. We all know of a few women in the GOP who believe these two lunatics have the right idea, but should these women represent the rest of America? Let’s hope not! I strongly doubt informed women will go along with this barbaric thinking.