Thanks To American Ingenuity, I Now Suffer From Gasophobia

For years, I drove a Mercedes-Benz. I owned different models ranging from four to eight cylinders so I was accustomed to fuel being a significant monthly expense. About two months ago, my mother and I went to lunch to with a like-minded friend and I got my first glimpse of an EV charging station, as he was charging his Nissan Leaf at the Mandalay Bay Mall. Parked next to him was a Chevy Volt, charging as well. Living in the “City of Sin” and excess, I’d never seen a Volt in person before, as these cars are pretty rare (for now). Never before did I seriously consider getting a hybrid-type vehicle. They seemed like toy cars by comparison to mine. In my opinion, a fully electric vehicle would be ideal, but they require lengthy stops to recharge if taking a long trip. A Volt had the best of both worlds: plug-in capabilities for general daily commutes and a gas engine if needed for 300 plus mile trips. It was then I made up my mind to give this car a chance.

My Chevy Volt

My brother-in-law, Travis was the first person I called. He works at Fairway Chevrolet in Las Vegas, so I asked him what he thought of the Volt, half expecting him to say, ‘eh, it’s so so.’ What he told me was, ‘I love this car!’ This is a guy who, like so many Americans (myself included), have been seduced by the power of big gasoline engines. He said to come on down and drive one.

The torque from the electric drivetrain was far more than I expected. This car really moves. I even test drove it far enough for it to switch from electric to gas, and noticed no change in the handling. I was sold. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to land exactly the model I wanted thanks to Travis’ exhaustive search on my behalf. Zero percent financing helped seal the deal. So I’ve been driving mine for over five weeks and I’ve used 2 quarts of gas! With a great safety rating along with the sensors that keep me driving perfectly, my fears of “downgrading” from German engineering were allayed. I’m certainly ashamed of my reluctance to go green for so long. I suppose getting 2,500 miles to the gallon will do that to you. Thanks to the Auto Bailout in 2009, I can drive a car with great technology, made right in my own country.

My power bill increased by around $30 which is a mere pittance to the $300 per month I was spending on toxic fuel. This amount would virtually disappear if I had solar power. After all, Las Vegas has an insane amount of sun (and wind) and the fact we are not more like Germany who powers 20% of their country by harnessing solar energy is shameful. Imagine if we were more progressive and utilized our vast sunshine, perhaps stored energy could save hurricane-ravaged areas which would suffer inevitable power losses no more. Maybe if Reagan hadn’t removed the solar panels put on the White House by President Carter we’d use more renewables rather than importing hostile nations’ petroleum, which truly is environmental poison. Now that Hurricane Sandy has impacted so many Americans, perhaps President Obama can focus on climate change issues once again.

Mileage exceeds the 250+ limit of the display

I knew I had experienced full-fledged Gasophobia this morning when I recalled my disturbing dream: I had to actually fill up my car at a gas station. Somehow I managed to duplicate the scene in Dumb and Dumber where I drove a significant distance in the wrong direction. To make matters worse, no one would let me plug in my car. I actually woke up slightly agitated over this “nightmare” that I would never have had in the past. It really is pretty funny, but pretty awesome at the same time. Hopefully this trend will catch on and we can save our coastlines from devastation due to man-made global climate change. I’m now a faithful convert to green technology.

A Mormon President Will Only Make America Dumber

While Willard Romney hosts a gathering of wealthy, Republican donors in Park City, Utah, the rest of the country pretty much gets what’s happening. It’s essentially a serious strategy session on how they can use this Eric Holder witch hunt and other diversionary tactics to railroad this African American democratically elected president. Donors like Adelson are present to offer obscene amounts of money to further their greedy agendas. “What’s unusual about this weekend’s sort of secret summit is the access that these donors are getting to Romney. Big-time donors always have access to the candidate and the campaign, but this is different. This is a much more organized and efficient way of just getting everybody together, all at one time.” Juat what we need. A gathering of science-denying, war-mongering, tax-evading megalomaniacs in a state renowned for mandatory Mormon visitation.

Willard Romney’s Park City, Utah mansion

Many of these supporters were hesitant to back this LDS candidate. They knew they had no choice once it was either Willard or Santorum, and the latter was even more unappealing than the former. His Mormonism seemed very weird, but not as downright wacky as Mr. Homeschool Santorum, with his Google problem. Fortunately, they can all rest assured a radical fundamentalist, anti-science agenda can be pursued with a Mormon bishop in the White House.

According to a Pew Research Group study, only 22% of Mormons believe in evolution! This is a frightening number putting them somewhere between Jehovah’s Witnesses (8%) and Christian Fundamentalists (24%). We already have states which forbid the teaching of evolution (Tennessee) so Mitt and his cult fit comfortably in with the rest of the anti-science morons that comprise the GOP and the Teabaggers.

The LDS culture also shuns most scientific evidence of global warming. Like his gang at Fox News, Rupert Murdoch rejects 255 scientist’s claims that global warming is man made.

The Science of Global Warming

Jon Huntsman, also a Mormon, lost his bid quickly as he failed to subscribe to the far-right belief that man has no impact on the climate. Willard, like many in the church, believes in LDS scripture over scientific evidence. A Meridian Magazine (LDS publication) article suggests the 97-98% of scientists who believe man-made global climate change is real are falsifying evidence for profit. The writer claims climate scientists who warn about the dangers of human-caused global warming are on par with “those who love and make a lie,” and “sorcerers, and adulterers, and whoremongers” the scriptures warn against. He apparently believes that climate scientists have been fraudulently adjusting their data and conclusions to promote global warming hysteria and line their pockets with research money. unfortunately, the evidence is a few out-of-context quotations from some e-mails stolen from a University of East Anglia computer.

Having a man who has stated he lives his life according to the scriptures of Joseph Smith, who said, “all things were created spiritually before anything was created temporally (Pearl of Great Price, Moses 3:5), mankind was created in the image of God and did not become that way by chance.” Another prophet, Joseph Fielding Smith is quoted as saying “No man can consistantly accept the doctrine of the evolutionist and also believe in the divine mission of our Redeemer.” (see ‘Doctrines of Salvation’, Vol 1 Chp 9).  Even more frightening is his views on space exploration and the simple definition of a planet.  This was the man who was prominent in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints when Willard was just 14 years old.  He’s a man they looked up to naturally as Mr. Smith or Elder Smith, (or whatever they called him) was stake president and prophet.

How’s this for scientific accuracy?  If this man was a prominent influence in forming Willard’s beliefs, what hope does science and human progress have with this man?  I’m scared to find out. Perhaps we’ll go back to living with the dinosaurs, on a flooded, damaged planet. I hope our magic underwear can also double as a flotation device. 

Obama Sends More Firefighting Aid to Colorado While Mitt Denigrates Firefighters

It’s a massive fire, over 47 square miles. It’s larger than nearby Fort Collins, Colorado. But they are starting to make some headway on this behemoth inferno.


After Governor Willard with his infinite compassion for real working Americans stated how we don’t need anymore firefighters and other public sector workers, this massive fire has grown to monstrous proportions. Thankfully our President Obama has sent tankers and massive aid to Colorado through the US Forestry Department. I’m sure this is “government overreach,” eh Mittens? Just a quick post showing how differently these two men treat America. One prefers an inferno from hell, one wants to extinguish it.

More Fun With Conservative Jesus

After yesterday’s depressing defeat of the middle class and the decimation of unions, I needed to find a pick-me-up that explains it all. There’s got to be a reason so many poor and middle class folks vote completely against their own interests. Don’t get me wrong, there were a bunch of good Christians who voted to recall Scott Walker. But many of those Christians were outnumbered and outspent by a conservative faction of alleged followers of this Jesus guy.

Alas, I found it! It’s right here in the Conservative Bible, also synonymous with the Book of Mormon.


No need to worry about anyone else. The Koch brothers and Citizen’s United have taught us all how to value selfishness as a virtue. Basically, we’ve come full circle with Gordon Gekko’s greed is good philosophy and we can thank our Supreme Court for reaffirming this fallacy. As a Christian nation, we must justify not caring one iota about our neighbors in need. Just look to the GOP “good book” for answers. How else can we rationalize cutting WIC and SNAP?

I wonder what Joseph Smith really thought about ethics, as he is, after all, Mitt Romney’s prophet. Many have claimed he was a swindler and a charlatan, so an absence of ethics are of no consequence. Willard and the GOP are simply faux followers of Christ’s teachings, which are possibly fabricated.

Two thousand years was a long time ago. Impossible to unequivocally prove he said anything. We have holes in our knowledge of something as recent as Colonial American history, so why is this Aramaic account considered infallible and unimpeachable? Not to me. Especially if we base our characterization of his ancient followers on who loudly and proudly claim allegiance to him today. It’s a way to get folks to follow with blind allegiance and donate money. That’s really what this Christian faction is all about. A perfect front for the GOP.

special thanks to my friend @BlueSaloon on Twitter

Romney’s 1st Day in Office: Terrifying

Mitt Romney released his first campaign ad. It’s not the ones we’ve seen from Americans for Prosperity or Crossroads GPS. It’s his. Take a look here.


He says on day one he’ll do the following. 1. Approve the Keystone Pipeline, 2. Introduce tax reform, and 3. Begin dismantling and replacing President Obama’s health care law. A ridiculous pander to the hate-mongers of his party. Let’s dissect what that really means.

1. Screw the environment, the Keystone Pipeline is not all it claims to be. In the interest of safety: A rupture in the Keystone XL pipeline could cause a BP style oil spill in America’s heartland, over the source of fresh drinking water for 2 million people. NASA’s top climate scientist says that fully developing the tar sands in Canada would mean “essentially game over” for the climate. Romney and his party could care less about the health and well-being of our citizens.

2. Introduce tax reform is code for reduction of taxes paid by the 1%. These lunatics who support the Ryan Budget are totally full of crap when they say we must lower the deficit. Romney’s latest gimmick of him speaking in front of a debt clock as if he gives a damn about debt is quite nauseating. Paul Krugman said Romney’s plan would greatly INCREASE the deficit, not lower it.

3. Obamacare. The carbon copy of Romneycare is now the enemy. God forbid people aren’t thrown off their insurance for pre-existing conditions or denied care altogether. Romney shows he’s flip-flopped to the side of the heartless hard right.

As expected, Romney’s campaign is an insidious manifestation of greed, selfishness and destruction. Let’s make sure he never gets to show how much misery he plans to inflict on an already hurting America. Vote Democratic!