Watching the Demise of the Republican Party

I must admit I am thoroughly enjoying the macabre demise of a once powerful political party, the GOP. Their implosion truly began with Saint Reagan’s Voodoo Economics debacle and has hit the party’s nadir with the tantrum-throwing triumvirate of the Senate (Graham, McCain and Ayotte and the Benghazi “Scandal”). It’s been a long time coming and I’m glad to welcome the GOP Apocalypse with open arms. These masters of mendacity have been perpetrating an apocryphal fraud on the American people and it’s taken roughly thirty years for the majority of our electorate to come to this epiphany. The major causes of this impending doom are their adherence to deleterious tax policies, The TeaParty’s influence, voter suppression and religious fundamentalists hijacking the party.

Most notably, the stranglehold of the self-appointed anti-tax czar Grover Norquist seems to be loosening as he seems to be in the throes of desperation. Even long time GOP Senator Alan Simpson (R-Wy) jokes about drowning Norquist and his “pledge” in a bathtub. Good Ole Grover knows he is becoming irrelevant and will threaten pledge-signing Republicans with the fate of Bush 41 if they defy this self-proclaimed tax god who has only hurt our economy with his policies. Teaparty crazies like Joe Walsh and Allen West and their anti-tax zealotry were soundly defeated. In fact, the Teaparty is considered one of the least popular groups in America ranking slightly ahead of Atheists and Muslims.

Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist, never elected to a single office

Teaparty Express leader Amy Kremer believes the reason for the defeat was not the extremist wing of the GOP, but the absence of true conservatism in the candidates. She recently admitted Republicans like Senators Chambliss and Graham are going to be put through a Republican primary fight in 2014 if they don’t uphold the Norquist Pledge. Teabaggers in the House, Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan to name a few, will not raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans and would rather see us suffer a crushing economic blow like they caused last summer when our credit rating was downgraded for the first time in history.

Following the 2012 General Election when President Obama won reelection with a comfortable Electoral College margin (332-206), a few Republican officials openly admitted the reason for their massive voter suppression campaigns was not to prevent voter fraud, but to make sure it was harder for minorities to vote. Fortunately, Democrats in key swing states like Ohio and Pennsylvania were aware of this discrimination campaign and were able to put a halt to their efforts.

Another group to whom they have little influence are those who are not self-proclaimed members of any organized religion. Atheists, Agnostics and “Nones” make up almost 20% of our population, up from around a 6% representation in 1990. Issues like repealing DADT and legalizing gay marriage are supported by many younger voters, both Democrats and Republicans, so the GOP’s outdated stance on these issues is very quickly losing popularity. If birth control, DOMA and abortion are going to comprise their religiously-motivated agenda, 2014 could see a Democratic House once again.

During this holiday season, I am most thankful logic and reason prevailed over “legitimate rape” and personhood in a year the Mayans and Fundamentalists have decided is the End of the World. In other words, Michelle Bachmann’s brand of batshit didn’t sell and probably won’t for a long time. I believe Thomas Ricks said it best in this very abruptly ended interview on Fox News that the Newscorp network is a wing of the Republican propaganda machine. This machine is becoming outdated and obsolete and will slip into irrelevance if they continue behaving like Teabagging Toddlers. I believe the #GOP will no longer be trending in the near future.

More Fun With Conservative Jesus

After yesterday’s depressing defeat of the middle class and the decimation of unions, I needed to find a pick-me-up that explains it all. There’s got to be a reason so many poor and middle class folks vote completely against their own interests. Don’t get me wrong, there were a bunch of good Christians who voted to recall Scott Walker. But many of those Christians were outnumbered and outspent by a conservative faction of alleged followers of this Jesus guy.

Alas, I found it! It’s right here in the Conservative Bible, also synonymous with the Book of Mormon.


No need to worry about anyone else. The Koch brothers and Citizen’s United have taught us all how to value selfishness as a virtue. Basically, we’ve come full circle with Gordon Gekko’s greed is good philosophy and we can thank our Supreme Court for reaffirming this fallacy. As a Christian nation, we must justify not caring one iota about our neighbors in need. Just look to the GOP “good book” for answers. How else can we rationalize cutting WIC and SNAP?

I wonder what Joseph Smith really thought about ethics, as he is, after all, Mitt Romney’s prophet. Many have claimed he was a swindler and a charlatan, so an absence of ethics are of no consequence. Willard and the GOP are simply faux followers of Christ’s teachings, which are possibly fabricated.

Two thousand years was a long time ago. Impossible to unequivocally prove he said anything. We have holes in our knowledge of something as recent as Colonial American history, so why is this Aramaic account considered infallible and unimpeachable? Not to me. Especially if we base our characterization of his ancient followers on who loudly and proudly claim allegiance to him today. It’s a way to get folks to follow with blind allegiance and donate money. That’s really what this Christian faction is all about. A perfect front for the GOP.

special thanks to my friend @BlueSaloon on Twitter