Progressive warrior and advocate for those without a voice. Pointing out the hypocrisy the Republican party is laden with. Trying to make the world a more just place. OU Sooner athlete, I’m still active in sports and fitness. Passionate about politics and fairness for our nation. Now that President Obama has been reelected, it’s time to get to work fixing the damage the GOP has done to our nation and prevent future debacles like the TeaParty from emerging from the depths of ignorance, hatred and bigotry.



20 thoughts on “VegasJessie

      1. You know there’s a few good democrats out there….we don’t know that Jesus died and was resurrected after being immaculately conceived. That’s something no one can possibly know (as it’s ridiculous maybe?).

  1. I’ll be in your fair city later this week (holidaying from Australia) and it’ll be good to see first hand what’s going on in the American political scene.

    Many Australians have a deep interest in your politics. I am one of them.

    PS – I hate the sound of those Republicans.

      1. It’s an interesting sociopolitical study for an Aussie. You may want to catch News 3 for 30 minutes. It’s quite a spectacle. More so than the LV Strip.

  2. Hi Jesse!
    So glad I found your piece “Outlawing Abortion Helps Fund Americaā€™s For-Profit Prison Complex”! I’m hoping you can help me find more information on this connection. The related connection re: banning abortion funding our for-profit wars/MIC occurred to me last summer but it wasn’t until I caught a few minutes of the crappy movie “Won’t Back Down” re: the school-prison pipeline that I put it all together and was finally able to find *one* article supporting my theory. Excellent article by a law student in Houston and I emailed the Daily Kos to get in touch with the author several times to no avail. I don’t want to be pushy but I’d love to talk to you about this further (preferably not on this thread). Again, my email is I’d love to hear from you! šŸ™‚


  3. Being familiar with Mesquite, St. George, Colorado City and Bunkerville I found your recent comments a bit of a stretch. With the exception of Colorado City one can spend days wandering around the other locales without encountering evidence of polygamy. St. George is a vibrant city of about 125,000 and while most people are Mormon I do not think many favor multiple wives.

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