Wisconsin H.S.Government Class: Republicans ‘Don’t Care About The Poor’

Scott Walker's fan thinks Republicans are good to the poor.
Scott Walker’s fan thinks Republicans are good to the poor.
Surprise! A mother who is a member of the Solidarity for Scott Walker Facebook page is outraged that her son was given an anonymous political spectrum survey that labeled the GOP, the party that doesn’t care about the poor. Heather Bronnson was deeply offended by this assertion, most likely because the truth hurts. One of the…moreRead More »

Fox News Conflates Sharia Law With Swastika Graffiti At U.C. Davis

There’s been a bit of commotion lately at the University of California at Davis, following the recent approval of a resolution to divest from companies that profit from Israeli apartheid. A barrage of hateful, Islamophobic and racist attacks have been launched against Arab and Muslim students – including a student senator. When there’s an outcry over…Read More »

Fox News Guest: ‘A Racist Is Anyone Winning An Argument With A Democrat’


Florida Democratic Congressman Alcee Hastings boldly called Texans (meaning the Republican-led government) ‘crazy’ people prior to the most ridiculous 56th vote to repeal Obamacare. Yesterday, he tweeted about it. With @HouseGOP to call for 56th vote to repeal #ACA it must be #GroundhogDay again pic.twitter.com/KCtQuHL4lu – Alcee L. Hastings (@RepHastingsFL) February 2, 2015 Steve Doocy, aka…     read more at CrooksandLiars.Read More »

Driving In Las Vegas

Isn’t it so nice that we have people who drive around with these nauseating stick figures on their car bragging that unfettered reproduction is something to be proud of?  Usually this is also accompanied by a Romney-Ryan bumper sticker, and some other indicator that these are people who have limitless love for the Lord.  typical vegas driver

You’re probably wondering what “Legalize The Constitution” means, right?  I’ll tell you.  It means the driver of this vehicle is a racist, ignorant bigot who feels a black president is illegitimate and the fact that he’s a Constitutional Law EXPERT means nothing.  Oh, and support the troops by sending them to illegal wars.

Damn! It’s very frustrating living among the Teabags.

h/t @mytinyurl for the pic!

Fox News Warns That ‘Christianphobia’ Is Prevalent Among ‘Thinkers’

Christianphobia on the rise?  Hardly
Christianphobia on the rise? Hardly

Fox News Warns That ‘Christianphobia’ Is Prevalent Among ‘Thinkers’

I’m sure many Christian, Republican-Americans, the “real Americans” who reside in ‘flyover’ states, feel that persecution against Christians is real, because Fox News tells them so. Their Fight For Faith segment features the latest paranoid rantings of the most self-righteous Christians out there, the Dominionists. Adherents of this belief system strongly feel that Christians should rule…Read More »