Florida State Has An NFL-Sized Quarterback Problem

images (2)Jameis Winston, Florida State’s star quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner, has been suspended for Saturday night’s game against Clemson University.  This isn’t the first time trouble has crossed Winston’s path and, if history is any indicator, it won’t be the last.  The misogynist conduct of several stars of the NFL have thrust the issues of domestic violence and misconduct into the spotlight lately, so the Seminoles had no choice but to suspend Winston after he made vulgar and lascivious taunts at a female student.  Initially, the suspension was for the first half of the game, but they have decided it would be more of a statement if he were benched for the entire  nationally televised contest. Seems Florida State University has finally realized their 2-quarter suspension was a JOKE — and now FSU has decided to pull Jameis Winston from the ENTIRE GAME this weekend as punishment for his “F**k her right in the p**sy” outburst this week.

Winston not only is an accomplished star of the gridiron, he also has a career as a pitcher in baseball.  Unfortunately, the storybook career(s) of Winston have been tainted by misconduct off the field(s).  He was caught shoplifting crab legs from a Tallahassee grocery store in the spring of 2014 which led to his suspension from the baseball team.  Incidentally, Jameis has had more serious troubles than shoplifting.   This latest misogynist faux pas was preceded by a very damaging accusation of rape, stemming from an incident on December 7, 2012.

Because Winston is such a valuable part of a football team,  in a conference where football is practically a religion, the accusations of sexual misconduct were not taken as seriously as they should have been.  The New York Times explained:

The police did not follow the obvious leads that would have quickly identified the suspect as well as witnesses, one of whom videotaped part of the sexual encounter. After the accuser identified Mr. Winston as her assailant, the police did not even attempt to interview him for nearly two weeks and never obtained his DNA. The Times’s examination — based on police and university records, as well as interviews with people close to the case, including lawyers and sexual assault experts — found that, in the Winston case, Florida State did little to determine what had happened.

Long story short, he got away with it.  Many people have the suspicion that Florida State helped cover up the incident in order to win the coveted championship.  Winston not only won the Heisman, but won the national championship, so why should he change his behavior towards women?  In light of the exposure of the NFL’s domestic violence, maybe the tide has turned and this sort of appalling conduct will no longer be swept under the rug.  For the sake of the women involved as well as the loyal fans of the game, we hope this will be the case.

Texas GOP Regrets A Fringe Teabagger They Inevitably Created

Twitter is a very useful place for making connections to people who would normally have nothing to do with you. A self-professed Republican implored my assistance on the social media site to anonymously expose a certain Texas Republican that is too crazy for the party of voter
suppression, unlimited NRA power, pro-death penalty, anti-woman, anti-science and anti-education. Morgan McComb has had close ties to representatives with ethics violations galore and some Dallas area Republicans want her to disappear. I hesitated to help this person, as I thought I might inadvertently help the GOP in Texas to rid them of those who make the party appear crazier. However, in this case, I figured it was an opportunity to expose Texas Republicans as the nutty, corrupt bunch they really are.

Dallas GOP is embarrassed by this.  They helped create it
Dallas GOP is embarrassed by this. They helped create it

I decided to check this woman out and see why they want to expel her from the political scene in Rick Perry and Ted Cruz’s GOP Paradise. They don’t want such an obvious racist as McComb in their conservative circles. Her Twitter profile reads:

A TRUE Conservative TX Mom & Patriot Activist LUVS Jesus, Family, Guns, Military, Boots & Jeans, My horses, Politics & my friends! FREEDOM! DON’T TREAD ON ME!!

I guess I’m a sucker for Republican infighting.

McComb has worked with Tea Party Senate Candidate for Texas’s District 10, Konni Burton. Burton’s ethics come into play with her support for Tea Party AG candidate Ken Paxton who admitted to securities violations.

She lists on her Facebook history that she worked with Jonathan Stickland For House Representative District 92. Here’s an interesting tidbit unearthed by a simple search. (from) the latest ethics reports that were published by the Texas Ethics Commission July 15th. Lot’s of numbers to say the least. One report jumped out at me though. It looks like Jonathan Stickland loaned himself $125,000.00 on June 25, 2013. Something does not smell right. Who are his clients and what exactly is Mr. Stickland doing to make all this money? What services does he offer? Stickland, who did not graduate high school, has netted far too much from the oil and gas industry as a ‘consultant’ yet doesn’t have any experience. McComb is very dedicated to Stickland and the Dallas GOP isn’t happy about her being a player in Texas politics. Stickland represents Texans currently in Austin.

TX. House Representative and mystery Oil Consultant Jonathan Stickland
TX. House Representative and mystery Oil Consultant Jonathan Stickland

Libertarians believe McComb is too racist and too extreme for the Dallas area GOP. Bottom line, they don’t want anyone out there that is quite THAT obvious. Because the GOP has been shaped by the John Birch Society and the Koch Brothers, these people are going to surface en masse. A few conservatives are realizing this can’t be good for the party. Is it too late for the GOP to recover from the inmates taking over the asylum? I sure hope so.