President Obama Strikes Back After SCOTUS Attacks Women And Unions

There was an assault on organized labor unions and women by the Supreme Court earlier this week.  However, the day before our 238th Independence Day, we learn of great gains on the economic front.  Before you hear from conservative pundits how awful a 6.1% unemployment rate and 288,000 jobs gained in June truly is, remember, half the gains in the Stock Market were achieved during the Presidency of our Commander in Chief, Barack Obama, who is often accused of being a Socialist. 

U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez knows we have a long way to go and Congressional cooperation with the President is essential to continuing these positive trends and healing our nation.  Perez said,

…On too many of these issues, Congress continues to sit on its hands instead of working constructively with President Obama to move the nation and the economy forward. Its refusal to extend emergency unemployment benefits has cut off nearly 3 million people who are trying their hardest to find work.

If only Congress loved America more than they hate President Obama, perhaps something could be accomplished, especially with the crisis at our Southern Border.  Perez adds,

Failure to enact immigration reform has come at a cost $8 billion less in economic activity. That’s why the president announced this week that he will look to fill the leadership void and take executive action wherever possible to bring our immigration system into the 21st century… In the spirit of Independence Day, let’s renew our commitment to meet shared challenges with unity and resolve.

The platform of the Republican Party mainly consists of  sabotaging the President’s efforts at reforming immigration.   At the June Texas State Republican Convention in Fort Worth a writer noted,

…by far, the largest concern was devoted to illegal immigration. 

Images of busloads of undocumented women and children surrounded by angry Tea Party protesters could spark empathy and mobilize women to vote in November. The greatest threat to Republicans are female voters.  In key swing states, women deem abortion very important.  In fact,

60% of female voters believe (abortion) to be an extremely or very important issue, compared with 39% of male voters.

Once again, the GOP’s “victory” against women and for corporations could spark the outrage needed to mobilize female voters.



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