Now We Know Who Does Not Support The Troops

I’ve never heard disapproval when we have made deals to rescue Americans POWs, until Bowe Bergdahl was released.  President Reagan did it on several occasions as part of the efforts to ensure the release of the Americans and others who were kidnapped in Lebanon back in the 1980sIn this case,  Sgt. Bergdahl’s reportedly deteriorating health gave the president an emergency exception to a law he signed a year ago.  There simply wasn’t time to deal with an obstreperous Congress who has never acquiesced to the requests of the Obama Administration. 

Sgt. Bergdahl Desperately Needing Medical Care
Sgt. Bergdahl Desperately Needing Medical Care


The nation of Israel is praised by Republicans and many Democrats as the ally who can literally do no wrong.  Ironically, Israel has a long history of prisoner swaps, and the numbers have been far more lopsided than the exchange of one American for five detainees from Gitmo. After the Sinai War of 1956, Israel returned 5,500 Egyptian soldiers for four IDF POWs.  On June 3, 1973, 3 Israeli Air Force pilots in Syrian captivity for three years were exchanged for 46 Syrian prisoners.  In 2011, one Israeli POW was exchanged for over 1,ooo Palestinian detainees.    Did the right accuse Israel of negotiating with terrorists? As far as anyone can remember they didn’t utter a peep about this. 

Those of us who never served in the military don’t realize how true the expression War is Hell really is.  We have no concept of the horrors that come with serving in that hostile environment and the psychological havoc it wreaks on so many of our armed forces.  Senator Ted Cruz, noted saboteur of government and enemy to veterans, is labeling Bergdahl a traitor who deserted his post, and subsequently caused the deaths of soldiers looking for him.  Little is known yet about the circumstances surrounding the whole ordeal, but Cruz, who’s never served, has already tried and convicted this young man. 

Remember Jessica Lynch’s “dramatic rescue” from an Iraqi hospital where she was getting treatment in 2003?  Where was the outrage from the media that so many people were simply IN Iraq searching for WMD that weren’t there?  They gloss over the fact that over 4,000 Americans perished in a war based on lies.  Lynch’s return warranted the Governor of West Virginia to declare a Jessica Lynch Day, but the Bergdahl’s son causes only disgust from our Republican friends for a man who went through unspeakable trauma .

If Bowe Bergdahl would have died in captivity, then President Obama would be labeled a murderer.  Instead he’s accused of illegally rescuing an alleged traitor.  The GOP hates President Obama so much, they’ll smite POWs and Veterans just to prove it.  In fact, I’m sure they’ll be criminal hearings in Congress over this matter.  What else will the GOP House do, take care of our veterans?  Fat chance.  They’re too busy blaming President Obama because they won’t fund the VA.  If this makes sense to you, you probably watch Fox News.

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    Nice work. What I find disturbing about the abuse directed at this POW is the complete absence of any empathy for the actions this man was forced to pursue in order to keep himself alive. With the threat of blunt-instrument beheading, I’m sure I’d agree to make some ‘traitorous’ statements, while awaiting a rescue operation, rather than die for pride…
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