Different Standards Apply To Democratic Administrations

The Current Strategy
The Current GOP Strategy

The party that decries the entire concept of government is hardly suited to take the reins and lead a nation, even when they inherit a budget surplus and an economy that’s sound and prosperous.  After the Supreme Court decided in favor of the Republican Party in Bush v Gore , Americans became tolerant of subpar governance and Republicans were given a pass on acting ethically and responsibly. Democrats, since Reagan, are held to a higher standard and the administrations of Democrats are far more superior.  No longer liberal, the conservative-owned media seems to be far more critical of any Democratic mistakes.  With headlines like the IRS Scandal, Fast and Furious and Benghazi, the media literally manufactured scandalous outrage over trivia.

In 2001, those in charge of national security ignored the warning signs of an imminent attack, thereby altering the course of history in ways never imagined.  In retrospect, we know Congress and the American people were duped into a conflict in Iraq while futilely looking for Bin Laden in Afghanistan. This has been the longest period of war our military has experienced and paltry planning and funding for veterans has made so many of our heroes suffer due to George W. Bush’s hubris. The number of veterans doubled after 9/11, and in this alternate GOP Universe, Bush and Cheney were not held to account.  Long gone are the days when the terrorists attacked Americans and we united as a country to fight them.  While President Obama is in office and Americans are killed, the Republicans practically unite behind the terrorists and blame the President.  The numerous embassy attacks that occurred on Reagan and GWB’s presidencies were far worse than the single attack on our Benghazi, Libya consulate. Scandals like Iran-Contra, outing a covert CIA agent and the malicious swift boating of military heroes were far more egregious. The conditions at Walter Reed medical center for veterans were appalling, but the story received less coverage in six weeks than the Shinseki probe received in one week.

The Republicans have had a sordid history of fiscal mismanagement and crisis while focusing on passing prohibitive laws discriminating against women, minorities and the LGBT community.  The main legislative accomplishments of the GOP, in recent years, are laws that promote  a state-sanctioned religion while rescinding the rights of women to choose what they do with their own bodies.  The Great Depression and the recent recession just happened to occur right after taxes on the highest income earners were at their lowest points in history.  But history is something the anti-education Republican Party denies, distorts and defunds, while rewriting history to reflect their revisionist lies.

GOP vs. Democratic Tax Policies  (Courtesy Washington Post)
GOP vs. Democratic Tax Policies
(Courtesy Washington Post)

Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it, and America’s history of financial crises are generally caused by lack of fiscal responsibility.  The culprit: Republican tax cuts for the wealthy lead to sharp economic downturns.  When America had it’s highest taxes on the wealthy during the Eisenhower Administration (90% rate)  we enjoyed unprecedented growth and prosperity.  Of course that was when the GOP had a sense of true fiscal conservatism and responsibility, where their platform would be virtually unrecognizable.  Reagan’s voodoo economics and Bush II embroiling the nation in two wars off the books has created the worst economic conditions, and when President Obama took office, conditions were dreadful.  Seldom does the first black president receive kudos for turning the financial health of this country around.  Anytime the White House lists an accomplishment, the right accuses the administration of “cooking the books,” no matter what the non-partisan CBO has concluded. The right wing media has already declared a landslide victory for Republicans in the 2014 midterms, in order to discourage voter turnout.  The only thing the GOP has learned from studying the history of elections is the fewer the number of total voters, the better the chances one of their sub par candidates will emerge victorious.  Let’s get out and vote America, it is far too important to sit this one out.

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