The Post Office Was Targeted By Bain Capital Vultures All Along

Staples: Privatizing An American Institution

The 109th United States Congress held a vote back in 2006, where a Republican Congress—acting at the behest of the Bush-Cheney administration—enacted a law that required the postal service to “pre-fund” retiree health benefits seventy-five years into the future. NO corporation has ever been asked to shoulder such insane financial burdens and Americans had no idea this was happening, and why. The US Post Office is one of the top employers of veterans.  Yet the GOP has repeatedly slashed any means of assistance for the “troops” they claim to support. Not only did those brave men and women fight a senseless war without being properly equipped with safe gear, but their means of livelihood when they return to civilian life has been systematically eradicated by Republicans.

During the 2012 Presidential Campaign, Willard Romney touted his business acumen by revealing Bain Capital’s retail success. Bain’s Staples Office Supply Stores were the shining example of the “noble” business of venture capitalism. Staples announced recently announced, in twenty-seven states, some of its stores will contain actual U.S. Post Offices.

Coincidentally, the sponsor of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act was Republican Tom Davis of Virginia, an ardent supporter of Willard Romney. Obviously no stranger to corruption,  he’s been linked to the K Street Project, a fundraising scandal linked to Tom Delay and Jack Abramoff.  It truly is a very strange bill, which went under the radar in the House.  OFebruary 9, 2006, the Senate passed the bill.  Not sure how they passed the bill, as there was not a recorded vote.   The intent was to privatize the mail industry and destroy the Postal Union while enriching obscenely profitable corporations. Staples employees making minimum wage will be performing the tasks of the Postal Union workers while earning neither pensions nor benefits. This is another example of the privatizing of government industries for-profit while underhandedly cutting the throats of the American worker.

One thought on “The Post Office Was Targeted By Bain Capital Vultures All Along

  1. I attempted to fill out a job application for Staples on the internet once. When I checked “no” in the box for whether or not I would take a drug test, it went blank & I was locked out of filling out anymore of the application without explanation… Today I am glad I am not working for Mitt Romney. And I’m real glad he’s not in the White House working for me… May the U.S. Post Office & its union thrive forever!!!

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