The Bundy Militia Is A Result Of The Mormon Mentality

Mormons are hardly discernable from the white supremacist crowd.
Mormons are hardly discernible from the white supremacist crowd.

On a typical weekday afternoon in Mesquite, Nevada, a young girl and her grandma are sitting in a local Subway sandwich shop. In walks two men with rifles slung over their shoulders and a firearm on either side. Neither has bathed in several days. The young girl says, ‘grandma look at their guns!’ One of the disheveled men says, ‘we are fighting for liberty and freedom!’ So the young girl, clearly frightened says, ‘I think I should call the police,’ so she picks up her cell phone and dials 911 and the two men scurry away like cockroaches in a newly-lit kitchen. Perhaps these self-appointed soldiers have rap sheets that are as long as their automatic weapons? Citizens of the Virgin Valley are tired of the fifty or so self-appointed militia-folk who have descended upon their quiet Southern Nevada community on behalf of a law-breaking, tax-evading cattle rancher. These Bunkerville militia members are not exactly good for tourism, the primary draw to the Gold Butte National Conservation Area. If you look a little more closely at the Mesquite, St George, Colorado City tri-state area (NV, UT, AZ) you’d notice something a little different about the folks frequenting the shops in the area: a disproportionate number of very young women all holding babies, dressed in modest pattern dresses. You guessed it, you’ve stumbled upon one of the communities populated by the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints (FLDS).  These are the original “settlers” of the area and because he is related, Bundy claims he owes no federal fees.

Senator Dean Heller, yes, that’s right, Senator Heller (R-NV)a United States Senator, has essentially condoned this lawless, criminal behavior not only by Cliven Bundy,  but by all the unhinged militia members whom he calls “patriots.”  These folks, who are in desperate need of a shower, are simply waiting for the government to say “boo” and they’ll react by placing their womenfolk at the front lines to take the first hits.  But seriously, how important are women in a Mormon community like Bunkerville?   You must understand the LDS faith: women are not worthy of holding the priesthood according to scripture and their only function is to multiply, much like Cliven’s freeloading herd of cattle.

You’d think a crowd as obsessed as the Republicans are with the marriage is between one man and one woman concept would be as vehemently opposed to polygamy as they are to same-sex marriage.   Strangely enough, the area’s  FLDS-dominated communities, are seldom harassed by the dreaded government who has the audacity to demand taxes from Cliven.   The area is truly an oddity, very isolated and will most likely remain so while Mormonism dominates.  If you go to any number of these rural towns, expect to be followed by a pick up truck or two.  They don’t take kindly to strangers.  The area is so laden with polygamous families, one of the neighboring towns has a median age of 12.7 years!  There would be far too many orphans created if these communities were raided, so they are left to the misogyny and abuse of the FLDS.

Mormons stick together, apparently that includes the fringe element of the cult.  Whether it is rural polygamous families or prominent Mormons like Senator Heller, the cult rules over the laws of the land.  Even though Cliven and his gang are violating Federal law, his actions will be defended by people who believe in a “higher power” than the government whose flag they seem to love to fly.   We sure dodged a bullet when we rejected Willard Romney, as he would have ruled the United States based on Joseph Smith’s fables and not the Constitution these patriots all claim to love.

11 thoughts on “The Bundy Militia Is A Result Of The Mormon Mentality

    1. Good question. Harry Reid is a Democrat first, who honors the constitution over the rules of the cult. Unlike Bundy, Harry converted to LDS in 1960. He is a rare breed, a responsible adult who abides by the laws of the US government as a US Senator. Whereas Heller decided some alleged family claim to the land (formerly known as Mexico) is paramount over the federal government’s jurisdiction. Big difference. You might want to read this

  1. Anybody who says they don’t recognize the federal government usually never pays income taxes either. This is what helped bring down Klumps down here in Ariz. Also, I understand that Bundy arrived at his present place in 1957, not 18 something. A tv picture the other day showed his daughter slobbering over several “orphaned” calves that the Federales had killed their mothers; strangely though, several of them had auction stickers plastered on their ass. There are implications that Bundy is affiliated with Warren Jeff’s bunch; is that true, or just several common traits? I’m glad somebody finally gave Richie Mack something to grandstand about and make some money fleecing his riled up followers. We had to put up with the narcissistic, grandstanding, moronite puke for a couple terms which was a disaster to the County, then he carpetbagged to Texas and tried to run for a House seat, almost entirely on out of district money, yet got only like 5% of the vote as I understand. I sure wish there was a process where these type of US haters could be gently deported to Chad or Yemen or Somalia where they would be more in their element with the local warlords. By ALL means the last thing we want to do with them is make them martyrs.

    1. Awesome!! ^^. Thanks. As far as the Jeffs connection, it is entirely possible. The Jeffs family is located partially in Mesquite. They are all tight lipped about the polygamous of the cult, which is exponentially more numerous than they care to admit.

      1. I’ve got three or four one page PDF’s that I put together that playfully torment the Mormons. You might enjoy them if you’d send me a email address I could use. Thank You RRR

  2. Operating outdoor event without proper permit or sanitary facilities

    This is a complaint is pursuant to NAC 444.5461-54675 which is clearly explained in:

    Mohave Daily News, ‘Dry camping’ issue continues to sizzle in Laughlin

    Posted Feb 2, 2006

    Health District: Inspector noticed violations


    NRS 444.640  Reward for information leading to arrest and conviction of violator; regulations. I clam all rewards.

    I am making this complaint not only for me but for those like me. Without controlled and verified sanitary conditions that are being created at the Bundy Ranch a condition of potentially extreme danger and health risk is being presented to the persons and businesses of Clark County, the State of Nevada, the State of Arizona, and potentially the State of Utah. If disease is allowed to propagate there how far will it spread? Are you willing to let Nevada be known as the birth place the Great Plague of the 21st century similar to the one that devastated Europe and America during WWI?


    NRS 503.165  Carrying loaded rifle or shotgun in or on vehicle on or along public way unlawful; exceptions.

    1.  It is unlawful to carry a loaded rifle or loaded shotgun in or on any vehicle which is standing on or along, or is being driven on or along, any public highway or any other way open to the public.

    2.  A rifle or shotgun is loaded, for the purposes of this section, when there is an unexpended cartridge or shell in the firing chamber, but not when the only cartridges or shells are in the magazine.

    3.  The provisions of this section do not apply to paraplegics, persons with one or both legs amputated or who have suffered a paralysis of one or both legs which severely impedes walking, or peace officers and members of the Armed Forces of this State or the United States while on duty or going to or returning from duty.

    (Added to NRS by 1969, 1367; A 1971, 1542; 1981, 321; 1987, 596)

    NRS 503.430  Water pollution: Deposit of substance deleterious to fish or wildlife; penalties.  Except as otherwise provided in NRS 445A.615 or unless a greater penalty is prescribed by NRS 459.600, every person who places or allows to pass, or who places where it can pass or fall, into or upon any of the waters of this State at any time, any lime, gas tar, slag, acids or other chemical, sawdust, shavings, slabs, edgings, mill or factory refuse, sewage, garbage or any substance deleterious to fish or wildlife is guilty of a misdemeanor for the first offense and a gross misdemeanor for any subsequent offense.

    [28:101:1947; 1943 NCL § 3035.28]—(NRS A 1957, 176; 1987, 562; 1989, 1269; 1991, 830)

    NRS 503.660  Unlawful manner of camping near water hole.  It is unlawful for any person to camp within 100 yards of a water hole in such a manner that wildlife or domestic stock will be denied access to such water hole.

    (Added to NRS by 1975, 1453)


    NAC 444.5461  Definitions. (NRS 439.200)  As used in NAC 444.5461 to 444.54675, inclusive, unless the context otherwise requires:

    1.  “Camping space” means a plainly marked plot of ground designated for:

    (a) The occupation of a camping vehicle or other vehicle;

    (b) The erection of a tent or shelter;

    (c) The parking of a camping vehicle or other vehicle; or

    (d) The arrangement of bedding.

    2.  “Camping vehicle” means a travel trailer, whose overall length does not exceed 32 feet and whose body width does not exceed 8 feet, a pickup camper or similar vehicular dwelling used for travel, vacation or recreational purposes, occupied in any one place for 30 days or less.

    3.  “Health authority” means officers and agents of the Health Division or officers and agents of the local boards of health.

    4.  “Person” includes governmental agencies.

    5.  “Sanitary station” means a facility used for removing and disposing of wastes from camping vehicle retention tanks.

    6.  “Service building” means a building provided to house sanitary facilities.

    [Bd. of Health, Sanitation Facilities for Camping Vehicles Reg. No. 1, eff. 11-21-70]—(NAC A 10-30-97; R195-03, 1-22-2004)

    Very truly yours,

    Jay Joseph Cology, PA-C, Paralegal, Notary Public 702-308-8083

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