The Second Amendment Should Have Been Abolished Along With Slavery

No one foresaw this kind of weapon back in 1789!
Nobody Saw This Coming In 1789

Since Colonial America, slavery and States’ Rights were issues that divided the men trying to form our government.  In 1789, the Constitution was ratified ultimately by adding The Bill of Rights to limit the power the elected government had over the people of the United States. The divisive issue of slavery was a bone of contention for anti-Federalists and slave owners like Patrick Henry and George Mason of Virginia. Both ardently pressed for the addition of explicit states rights and were opposed to the idea of a federal militia which could usurp their “slave patrols.”  To appease those who worried about the sovereignty of the states,  the Second Amendment was worded in such a way that allowed southern slave states to maintain a well-regulated militia that kept the slaves in chains.   The Second Amendment was ratified to PRESERVE SLAVERY and once the Thirteenth Amendment  passed in 1865, the Second Amendment became obsolete.

“Give me liberty, or give me death!” is a quotation attributed to Patrick Henry from a speech he made to the Virginia Convention in 1775.  Ironically, he was outraged by the whole idea of bondage and slavery (by the British) while owning slaves!  “Those chains which the British ministry have been so long forging. . . . If we wish to be free — if we mean to preserve inviolate those inestimable privileges for which we have been so long contending — if we mean not basely to abandon the noble struggle in which we have been so long engaged, and which we have pledged ourselves never to abandon until the glorious object of our contest shall be obtained, we must fight! . . . There is no retreat but in submission and slavery!” Indeed Henry and other southern states’ representatives suffered from cognitive dissonance when it came to freedom.  They demanded their own autonomy while holding other human beings in a state of bondage.  The only way this could be achieved was to deny the black slaves the right to bear arms and to deny the federal government the right to interfere with slave patrols, also known as state militias.

states rights

Until Utah Senator Orrin Hatch (R) joined forces with the NRA and the Moral Majority in 1982, no amendment received less attention in the courts in the two centuries following the adoption of the Bill of Rights than the Second.   He published a report on “The Right to Keep and Bear Arms,” which concluded, “What the Subcommittee on the Constitution uncovered was clear—and long lost—proof that the second amendment to our Constitution was intended as an individual right of the American citizen to keep and carry arms in a peaceful manner, for protection of himself, his family, and his freedoms.” This is obviously a perversion of the original intent, as these militias are no longer in existence, except for a handful of fringe, anarchist extremist groups.  This particular clarification of the Second is called an insurrectionist interpretation, in which the Amendment is thought to allow for a militia of armed citizens standing ready to defend republican liberty against the depredations of a government become tyrannical.  I can assure you, this is why TeaParty “patriots” show up for demonstrations against the current duly elected president armed and ready for battle. If you want a modern-day comparison, a law steeped in racism where it’s technically legal to shoot a black person, simply consider Stand Your Ground, which has justified the murder of largely Black Americans.

The GOP Wasn't Always So Pro-NRA
The GOP Wasn’t Always So Pro-NRA

In 1919, the Eighteenth Amendment was ratified to prohibit the sale and consumption of alcohol.  This proved to be a dreadful experiment, causing more crime and problems than it solved.  The Twenty-first Amendment repealed Prohibition as the nation recognized its detrimental consequences.  Since the Thirteenth Amendment abolished the very thing the Second Amendment was designed to protect, the Lincoln administration should have had the foresight to repeal an antiquated amendment that was wholly dependent on the institution of slavery to even exist.  The original framers of the Constitution never envisioned an America where guns and ammunition would be purchased indiscriminately by almost anyone with literally no regulation.  Republicans (and some Democrats too) have been utterly demolished by the NRA gun lobby if they, in any way, prohibit the purchase of guns by imposing sensible regulations.  Perhaps if more people understood why the Second Amendment came to be and how it has been completely amorally debased to benefit those manufacturing these horrible weapons, our nation might have a chance to curtail the slaughter innocent children and adults of all races and creeds.

GOP Star Cathy McMorris Rodgers To Rebut The State Of The Union


Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) will give the rebuttal to President Obama’s fifth State of the Union (SOTU) Address immediately following the Constitutionally mandated speech. The representative from Eastern Washington, after a mere eight years in Congress, is the fourth-ranking Republican in the House. We all know for certain, this response has already been written, without knowledge or concern for the actual content of the SOTU. More than likely, she will regurgitate Roger Ailes’ talking points which emanated from his cold, dark heart, not from actual facts.

She received her undergraduate degree from then unaccredited Pensacola Christian College, which certainly helped form her pro-Republican, women-should-know-their-place persona. In Congress, she has been a bastion of ultra-conservative values. Frighteningly enough, she is on the United States House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce, The Subcommittee on Energy and Power and the Subcommittee on Environment and the Economy Subcommittee on Health. As the Republicans have ALWAYS shown, they care little for the health and environment of the USA and have no interest in protecting future generations who have to live on this planet they’ve literally trashed.

One of only eight women to serve while giving birth (two times), thus fulfilling her duties of procreating, and has exploited this in her pro-life voting record (pro-life equals pro-fetus, not pro-humanity). She cares little for poor, single mothers as shown by her support of the Farm Bill on July 11, 2013. The bill passed in a 216-208 vote, which included farm policy and subsidies for the big farming industry but of course, did not include food stamps. McMorris Rodgers is personally involved in driving the Republican agenda in Congress, including VETOING The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and voting along with anti-American Teaparty lunatics by voting to shut down the government while blaming, who else, but President Obama.

Often compared to her friend Sarah Palin, McMorris Rodgers is also afflicted with Palin-like word-salad delivery. Any “rebuttal” will be less captivating than the SOTU, with its impressive audience set in the House chamber. The giant room is filled with the members of Congress, SCOTUS and countless dignitaries. It’s already hard to compete with the setting and a great orator like President Obama. But the GOP has a curious knack for finding the most uninspiring, least dynamic people to rebut the annual address, and this year proves no different. If the fate of her predecessors Rubio, Jindal and Daniels are any indication, her rebuttal will be her political kiss of death.

What Truly Drives U.S.-Israeli Policy


The politics of the Middle East has been exploited by the petrol-pushers, affecting people of all religions. The plutocrats knowingly tap into, inflate, and take advantage of the masses’ religious beliefs for their own hidden, greedy purposes. Generally, the “believers” don’t even have a clue of how they’re being used, naïvely thinking that they are fulfilling the will of “Allah” or “Yahweh” while the corporate oligarchs line their pockets.

Israel was given to “us” by God Himself. This statement has been uttered by the followers of all three major Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam, but lately the conflict lies with the Jews and Muslims. The definition of religion is itself laden with the shunning of logic and reason: the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal god or gods. The Torah, Bible and Quran are all works of fiction with a deliberate disregard for scientific principles. In the twenty-first century, modern science has opened our minds to a vast array of evidence that counters claims in mythological Holy Books. Geopolitical boundaries are traditionally formed by topography, culture or language. The tiny desert region has a long history where the Israelites, Hebrews , Romans and scores of other Empires lay claim to the narrow strip of arid land. In modern-day Israel, it seems odd that a belief in a supernatural deity is the accepted means of designating these arbitrary borders. By doing this, Israel ensures a future of endless conflict, because every religion claims to be “the only true faith.”

As stated previously, I do not subscribe to the idea of an omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent deity. The motives behind the formation of the current nation of Israel are always assumed to be religious freedom and are never questioned here in America. Our ally is always held in high regard because Americans see it as the quintessential religious epicenter, even though we allegedly separate “church and state.” There is a lingering question I have with regards to Israel, many theists would find this the greatest form of disrespect, but I must ask: if a group of people assert that their right to possess a piece of land was bestowed upon them by a fictional deity… isn’t the right itself fictional? The Jews, persecuted for their faith historically, deserve a homeland free from religious persecution, as do ALL human beings. But truly, why there? Why settle in the a land in the midst of so many Muslims who will never peacefully coexist?

Perhaps Israel is not situated in its historically volatile location because of the spiritual significance of the land. The economic value of its location is far more paramount. We should acknowledge that man has always perpetrated the fallacy the almighty dollar is interchangeable with the will of the “Almighty.” Money and petroleum have fueled Israel since its inception. Multinational corporations have supported a warmongering Israeli government (much like our very own US Military Industrial Complex) to monitor and put a check on all the oil-producing nations of the Middle East. The ruse of Jewish or Islamic nationalism is a front for the profit to be made off the natural resources, which are far from infinite.

John Perkins, Author of Economic Hit Men, saw exactly how the international financial industry made obscene fortunes: the population is exploited and saddled with deficits while a very small group profits. The growth of Gross National Product may result even when it profits only one person, such as an individual who owns a utility company, while the majority of the population is burdened with debt. He said, “the United States is a nation laboring to deny the truth about its imperialist role in the world.” He quit his work as a liaison for the IMF, and other global financial institutions in the 1980’s because morally and ethically, he felt it was wrong to play such a key role in creating world empire at the expense of the less advantaged. He understood Israel’s strategic significance as a watchdog over the oil producing nations, no matter how difficult such a position will be for the citizens of both Israel and the neighboring nations. It serves international plutocrats very well to stir up trouble in the region. The war business is very profitable.

Constant conflict with Iran seems to drive Israeli, American and Saudi Arabian policy. Just this week, President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry, through diplomatic means, were able to put a check on the Iranian nuclear program. Much to the dismay of the hard-line Right Israeli and U.S. politicians, President Obama’s team succeeded diplomatically and the administration was only panned for their success. If such a feat was accomplished by the Bush Administration, the media would herald it as the greatest diplomatic success in history. But President Obama is not AIPAC’s guy. He wants to harbor peace in the region, unlike his predecessor. War is the only acceptable option according to the pro-Israel lobby, who favor the more hawkish U.S. Representatives.

Make no mistake, Israel is where it is and who it is not simply for religious reasons, but for its strategic location as an installation base to keep Western eyes on a region rich in the fuel we are dependent upon. The dependency of our country on fossil fuels is another matter entirely, as production of renewables has been discouraged by those who profit from petroleum. Some day, we will run out of oil and all this will change. But for now, we are guaranteed a bloody fight for what powers our lives. We Americans are equally stupid to not see through the façade and just keep filling up at the gas pump. What about our so-called political leaders? Mere puppets who were bought off with campaign donations long ago, and thus whose strings the oligarchs are yanking.

Not One Manufactured GOP Scandal Can Compare To Christie’s Malice Aforethought

If a person devises a plan to cause harm to a person or persons, the intent is a crime known as mens rea or malice aforethought. By definition, malice aforethought is criminal intent; the thoughts and intentions behind a wrongful act (including knowledge that the act is illegal). Until very recently, one of the most highly acclaimed, “bipartisan” politicians of our day was portrayed by the mainstream media as an honest, straight-shooter. 2016 Republican Presidential hopeful and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the subject of a growing list of charges of extreme malice aforethought. The media’s obsession with comparing Christie’s malfeasance with a scandal on the other side (Democratic) of the aisle is not only sensationalism, it’s patently false and irresponsible journalism.


The Republican Party has an uncanny knack for denouncing exactly what they are guilty of themselves. The Benghazi incident of September 11, 2012 was indeed a tragedy where four Americans were killed. None of the outraged Republicans who thirst for retribution against any Democrat in the administration at the time, mention this minor detail: House Republicans have consciously voted to reduce the funds allocated to the State Department for embassy security since winning the majority in 2010. Even Senator John McCain (R-Az) admitted slain Ambassador Chris Stevens turned down extra security, thus proving Benghazi conspiracy theories all as ridiculous as the effectiveness of Marcus Bachmann’s gay conversion therapy.

Another talking point repeated ad nauseum by those advocating the both sides angle is the alleged targeting of Conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status by the IRS. When the smoke (and mirrors) cleared, the targeting of both Democratic and Republican groups were simply the result of an algorithm which was triggered by key words such as occupy AND patriot which equally targeted both sides (for once!). What began as a scandal of epic proportions ended, once again, with a whimper.

When our twice elected President Obama risked his political future and the Democratic Party’s reputation by fighting hard to pass the Affordable Care Act, Republicans were outraged he accomplished this feat, despite Herculean efforts to defeat the measure. Much of the law is based on the policy ideas of Republicans, namely the Heritage Foundation, and is a far cry from the Single-Payer system most people, if they understood what it entails, would support. Once enacted, the website was laden with glitches and some people found the insurance they thought they could keep was no longer in accordance with the minimum standards of Obamacare. This was labeled “the lie of the year,” perhaps even the century, if you listened to the talking heads on almost EVERY news station. Turns out, these policies were such a ripoff, they didn’t even meet minimum standards to prevent bankruptcies from unforeseen exorbitant medical costs. President Obama explicitly stated how unfair medical bankruptcy is and sought to eliminate this uniquely American injustice. Mistakes were made, but the bottom line: the President wanted to alleviate suffering; he wanted to make things better for the majority.

Now with the revelation of the “Bridgegate” scandal and the questions arising from other areas of abuse by the Christie administration, the parallels to Democratic misadventures are uttered in tandem with each sordid development. The idea that if a bipartisan media-darling like Christie could perpetrate several underhanded revenge scenarios, the Democrats must have also done something similar. With each passing day, more Democratic New Jersey Mayors who allegedly backed the Christie Administration are coming forward with the real impetus for their unexplained support: threats of retribution from Trenton. The victims would be the unsuspecting and unfortunate electorate of their cities.

Christie’s aura of self-importance that is paramount over ethics and his sworn oath to serve the people, is beyond dangerous. It is vindictive, petulant and unforgivably corrupt. Fox News’ anchor, Brit Hume refers to this “old-fashioned tough guy,” as a victim of a feminized atmosphere. Make no mistake, Chris Christie is the embodiment of petty, mob-style politics eerily similar to the days of Tammany Hall and Boss Tweed.

All too often, a Republican is always portrayed as a martyr, because a right-wing-owned media is incredibly adept at skewing the perception of the guilty as innocent victims of random circumstance. Ultimately, Chris Christie will show his true self: the quintessential Republican only interested in furthering his own ambitions with no regard for the people he was elected to serve.

Israel And Saudi Arabia Violate Human Rights While Receiving Unquestioning U.S. Support

We all remember September 11, 2001 as if it were yesterday. The days immediately following the attacks were a flurry of hush hush commotion within the inner sanctum of Bush-Cheney foreign diplomacy. Most notably, the frantic pace of the exodus of Saudi royalty was swiftly and furtively accomplished without the knowledge of a nation desperately looking for the perpetrators of such unfathomable carnage. Quickly the attention and blame was diverted away from the Saudis with the launch of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Thousands of American lives were lost and trillions of dollars were spent on a war based on false pretenses.  Meanwhile, the perpetrators of the worst terrorist attacks on U.S. soil were never brought to justice and continue their same activities to this day.

9/11 was a golden opportunity for the United States to flex its muscle and escalate the War on Terror to levels that would help the U.S. and Israel justify obscene military expansion and imperialism. The American tragedy gave Israel the perfect opportunity to involve the US in their perpetual war against Islam, while neighboring Muslim nations would like nothing more than to see the Zionist State eradicated.  We must realize the GOP’s alleged devotion to Israel truly is a front for their true objective: creating an Armageddon scenario where Rapture Christianity‘s prophecies can be fulfilled.  Israel and Saudi Arabia have an interesting alliance both united in the shared opposition to both Iranian and Muslim Brotherhood influence in the region. Neither country truly wants majority rule, they believe only a few chosen people should govern.

President Bush and Prince Abdullah kissed and held hands.  President Obama bowed to the Saudi Prince and the GOP was outraged
President Bush and Prince Abdullah kissed and held hands. President Obama bowed to the Saudi Prince and the GOP was outraged

The Saudi Royal Family was literally given a private escort out of the U.S. before the excrement truly hit the fan. After learning that fifteen of the nineteen hijackers were found to be Saudi Nationals, somehow the culpability of the Wahhabi Kingdom was overlooked. In fact, Saudi Arabia is quite the supporter of terrorism worldwide yet was never the focus of our investigation.  They’ve claimed responsibility for Chechen Islamic terrorist attacks in Russia, among other places.

The impending Sochi Winter Olympics have been plagued by threats of Chechen-backed suicide bombing missions. Last summer, Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar reportedly offered Russian President Putin a deal: if Russia abandons Syria, Saudi Arabia would protect the Sochi Olympics from Islamic terrorists. The Saudis essentially control the Islamic terrorist cells in Chechnya and give Putin an ultimatum that if he complies with Saudi Arabia’s wishes with regards to Syria, they’ll make sure the Winter Games are not plagued with violence in an event designed to bring the world together in sport.

Palestinians treated like prisoners by Israel
Palestinians treated like prisoners by Israel

Israel has shown despicable disregard for the human rights of the Palestinians, essentially denying them the right to exist in a land they’ve had claim to for thousands of years.  Palestinians are the victims of Israeli blockades and are forced to live in dire poverty.  They’ve even gone so far as to put Palestinian children in cages if they’re even suspected of throwing rocks.  Israel was the only country to systematically prosecute children in its military courts, and added that “no Israeli children come into contact with the military court system”.  

Together, Israel and Saudi Arabia seek to minimize the rights of those perceived as inferior. Saudi Arabian women are treated like dogs, with very few rights.  They are the main financial backer of Al Qaeda-sponsored groups worldwide, yet receive almost no scrutiny by the US mainstream media.  Israel’s history of supporting Apartheid in South Africa and their treatment of neighboring Arabs indicate they don’t subscribe to the idea that “All Men Are Created Equal.” Prime Minister Netanyahu and Sheldon Adelson’s promise to decimate Tehran with nuclear weapons should Iran attempt to procure their own nukes creates a constant state of tension in the region. We have certainly not helped matters with our own abysmal history with Iran. The US has intervened in Iranian affairs by overthrowing their democratically elected secular government with a CIA coup in 1953 . United against Iran, Saudi Arabia, the US and Israel form an unlikely triumvirate which has turned Iran from a progressive secular country to the Draconian theocracy it is today. Once again, intervention by all three nations has done far more harm than good. If you ask most Americans, they believe Iran is the sole perpetrator of terrorism because the Bush Administration labeled Iran part of the Axis of Evil.

The overwhelming support of Israel by Democrats and Republicans is accepted by most Americans without question. Seldom do we hear any negative criticism of the Jewish nation while we provide them billions of dollars in military aid. The Saudis are responsible for much of our insane and inane War on Terror yet we demonize Iran and Iraq so much more. America’s imperialistic misbehavior combined with Saudi and Israeli Nationalism have wreaked all sorts of havoc in the region, but thanks to our mainstream media misrepresentation, Americans will be none the wiser to who’s really behind some of the worst human rights violations in the Middle East.


Perhaps America’s leaders and some of our “allies” should be scrutinized a bit more intently?