High Voltage Fun: A Year Cruising with the Volt


My Chevy Volt, the cute little electric vehicle with a gas engine (for those longer treks) has reached its first birthday. I traded in my gas-guzzling import for this domestic diva last October.

Factoring in a fuel average of $4.00 per gallon, my maintenance cost has been $160 in fuel and $120 in electric costs. The tax credit I received in my 2012 return puts me comfortably in the black for my first year of Volt ownership. I simply plug it in whenever it’s parked in my garage with the standard 120V charger that came standard with the vehicle.

Generally, one charge provides roughly forty miles of driving. However, I’ve learned to be a better driver and often get more than the forty miles per charge. By maintaining the green energy ball (in the right side of the display) at a centered locale, the driver can maximize the efficiency of the Volt. The torque of the electric power is very impressive and I have no trouble easily merging onto any road.

Since purchasing my Volt, my sister also decided to enter the world of EVs. She drives a Volt as well, trading in her Prius six months ago. She has spent a total of $26.00 in gas since she bought her Volt and is very satisfied with her car. On the downside, we both agree the trunk could be a little more conducive to comfortably placing heavy items. Other than that, it is simply a wonderful car.

I drove my Volt to California once, and the trip accounted for about half the total fuel I’ve used. I simply don’t need to closely watch fuel prices as I only get gas about 3 times per year. It’s always fun to go to convenience stores, and drive past the pumps, going inside for a drink. My five year old plugs the car in sometimes and often asks, “you don’t need gas, mommy?” I tell him this (electric plug) is our gas and someday we may not need the dirty fuel which has caused far too many wars. Hopefully this will be a reality. I do know one thing for certain; I’d never go back to a gas only car. Never.

3 thoughts on “High Voltage Fun: A Year Cruising with the Volt

  1. Dear Jessica,
    we drive a MiEV and a Volt, are both EVs do very well. We have solar PV systems on both ends of the commute, with level-2 chargers. Being a solar company, we provide the clean energy for the clean transportation. A 3 kW solar PV system makes enough electricity per year for the MiEV to drive for one year. This winter we will take a soalr carport with level-2 charger off the grid, into a fully autonomous package. Then we do not need the grid and the utility company any more……
    More at http://www.RET-Center.com and http://www.GreenSunRising.com, and also http://www.EV4solar.com.

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