If You Are A Republican, You Cannot Be Pro-Life

There will always be a strong anti-abortion movement amongst those who view themselves as god-fearing, Jesus-loving Americans. In fact, the Republican/TeaParty-led House has proposed 41 abortion-prohibitive bills as they view abortion as an affront to the sanctity of life principles they hold so dear; or so they’d like us to think. Being Pro-Life means one must advocate for ALL life, not just unborn fetuses. Most fundamentalist Christians and followers of the teachings of Jesus have forgotten the Golden Rule. Their morals are shaped by a deity that serves corporations and the wealthy who would have a harder time entering the Kingdom of Heaven than a camel passing through the eye of a needle. Narrowing down the ways the GOP violates the teachings of Jesus and the rights of humanity to a simple article is nearly impossible. I will briefly list what I feel are the most obvious contradictions of the Republican Party Platform.


You cannot be pro-life and support the death penalty or support, advocate for, or participate in war. In summary, killing is wrong if you are PRO life. Period. You cannot be a man of god like Mike Huckabee and advocate for the hunting of Democrats. A successful hunt means something has to be killed, and a Democrat is a human being and fellow American. Nugent-Huckabee are not only misanthropic but very unpatriotic. Southern states especially have more people who identify themselves as Christians. Coincidentally, these states, like Texas, execute a disproportionate number of minorities. Being a proponent of numerous executions like Governor Perry negates a pro-life agenda and violates the teachings of Jesus.

You cannot oppose gender equality. Women cannot be treated like sinful beings with less value than men. Violence against women should not be overlooked, as if often is. Norfolk, Virginia recently overturned a long time policy where it was assumed the victim is lying. With matters of sexual assault, only 6% of cases are proven false. No woman wants that degree of scrutiny and shame without provocation. Women have also suffered income inequality, been downplayed to subservient status by religion, and continue to be “slut-shamed” by the GOP plutocracy. Without full gender equality, pro-life only means pro-male life.

You cannot oppose the idea of healthcare for all while advocating for loosely controlled gun laws that endanger American lives every day. America is quite uncharacteristic for a Western nation where a vocal portion of our citizens feel guns are a right and healthcare is a privilege. Most industrialized nations have effective, strict gun control legislation and provide their citizenry with essential healthcare while the USA ranks 38th worldwide. Ron Paul’s supporters cheered when he failed to denounce the idea of letting people die if they can’t afford healthcare at a GOP debate. Only permitting the fortunate to access healthcare seems awfully antithetical to a pro-life agenda. Proving they are against helping the poor, the GOP voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act forty times! The GOP has also vetoed veterans benefits and first responders’ compensation, showing no compassion for those who have sacrificed for their country.

You cannot oppose a livable, minimum wage. Federal minimum wage is only $7.25 an hour, or only $15,080 a year for a full-time worker. That’s more than $8,000 below the federal poverty line for a family of four. The minimum wage for tipped workers currently stands at only $2.13 an hour — the same as it was over 20 years ago. After Republican-led state governments slash funding for the victims of these insulting wages by cutting SNAP and other welfare programs, they ask these struggling Americans to pull themselves up by their bootstraps while defunding public education thus making that whole concept non-utilitarian and unachievable. Economist and talk show host, Thom Hartmann brilliantly advocates for the benefits of raising the minimum wage to a livable level.

Lastly, you cannot advocate, support, or passively tolerate economic policies which oppress the poor, minorities, or any other marginalized group. Hateful policies like those of conservative dinosaur Phyllis Schlafly only serve to portray the GOP as an unbelievably callous, inhumane group of monsters with no compassion for those escaping a life of dire poverty to settle here in the USA. When the GOP 2012 debate candidates mentioned ways of making the border as treacherous as possible and treating undocumented immigrants with cruelty, the crowd cheered in a very disturbing manner. The GOP has proven and continues to prove how truly misanthropic they are. If one is for the life of the unborn, they should also advocate for the life of every living being as well. Jesus preached forgiveness, tolerance and love. The current Republican party fails to include these principles in their legislation and modus operandi.

5 thoughts on “If You Are A Republican, You Cannot Be Pro-Life

  1. As we all know, “Right to Life” in Republicanspeak actually has nothing to do with anything other than sexual pathology, so of course the inconsistencies you observe aren’t inconsistencies at all. To the degenerate phony Forced Birthers — “right to lifer” is such a smokescreen — every unborn fertilized egg is a missed opportunity to use an unwanted child to inflict shame on a “slut” who dared “open her legs” for the purpose of having non-procreational sex, as though those children were some form of modern day scarlet letter. Their opposition to abortion, like their opposition to sex ed or contraception or “sodomy,” has zip to do with “innocent little babies,” as is proven by their working as hard to ensure that no unwanted child is given prenatal care, fed, clothed, housed, educated, or cured of disease on their dimes as they work to ensure than no unwanted child goes unborn. Instead, as I said, the obsession with forcing the birth of unwanted children has everything to do with the sexual pathology of those who hate sexual pleasure in every form, yours or theirs, in marriage or out. Because it’s the unwanted children themselves who suffer the most when inflicted as punishment on people who don’t care to have them around, there’s a very special place reserved in hell for these degenerate phonies. They need to get their sexual pathology to the therapist’s office, where it belongs, and get it out of American public policy.

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