Is a Mormon Theocracy Replacing Law Enforcement in Boulder City, Nevada?


Mormons believe that they are the “noble and great ones,” the spirits that god would “make his rulers” on earth. Just like with Abraham, the pronouncement that “thou was chosen before thou wast born” also applies to the pre-mortal status and eventual earthly destiny of each Mormon. This is precisely why they call themselves latter-day saints: they consider themselves an elect breed apart and above all others, holier-than-thou in every sense of the word. These are the End of Days, after all, and God’s chosen people must be in control.

This is a story of how this arrogant theology has perverted and corrupted government, more specifically Law Enforcement, in a city dominated by LDS theological doctrine. One brave man, now Former Police Chief Thomas Finn, has spoken out against this unacceptably insidious behavior and he unquestionably will be vindicated when his story is better understood. News 8 Reporter George Knapp bravely brought this matter to the public forum which inadvertently demonstrated another case of defamation by Mormons when they are hell bent on discrediting someone who is not “one of them.” Mr. Knapp intended only to bring Chief Finn’s plight to the public. Let me make this perfectly clear, Knapp’s objective was not to disparage Mormons in general. However, any time one exposes despotism in any form, it can be a risky endeavor.

Police Chief Thomas Finn

Police Chief Thomas Finn has an impressive list of educational credentials

A Few Noteworthy Accomplishments:

•F.B.I. National Academy, 185th Session, Quantico, Virginia 1996
•Master’s Degree, Public Administration, Rutgers University, Newark, New Jersey 1993 •Certified Public Manager, Rutgers University New Jersey Department of Personnel 1991 •Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice (Cum Laude), Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey 1983

Not only is he extremely knowledgeable on all matters pertaining to law enforcement and criminal justice, he’s a passionate teacher who loves the history and application of law enforcement since our Colonial Days. Mr. Finn had quite a following and was a very beloved Professor at Rutgers University. His lectures were always filled with eager students who found themselves passionate about the subject Mr. Finn taught with such enthusiasm and competence. His history of service from a patrolman in 1980 all the way through his ascension to the Chief of Police in two parts of the country, were always conducted with exemplary service and performance.

Officer Finn was a distinguished chief of police who is another unfortunate casualty of this despotic cult which craves domination of the public domain. I’ve had the privilege of speaking with former Police Chief Thomas Finn about a subject with which I’ve become all too familiar: Mormon Nepotism. Prior to his dismissal on April 15th, this man has never once been fired from any job he’s ever held. Mormon City Attorney, Dave Olsen claimed Mr. Finn was a paranoid, frightened angry man inside. Funny how that sounds terribly familiar. Park Romney said, “… I am personally aware, on the basis of such experience, of the actual differences between what Mormons profess in public and practice in private when they think their agenda is being threatened.” Naturally they will praise the Chief to his face, but look out folks, Sunday LDS services actually discussed their contrived issue of having a non-chosen son of Abraham in charge of the Police Department.

In the past I’ve looked to those with experience to guide me about the workings of the LDS Church. Park Romney, Professor Mark Larsen and Kay Burningham, ESQ. have, with painstaking personal trials and irrefutable logic, elucidated the details of a grotesque fraud of cosmic proportions masquerading under a charitable façade of public spirited nobility. All of my expert reference providers were part of the cult of Mormonism at one time and have since come to the exact same conclusion: it is, without question, an insidious fraud. The aforementioned authors have systematically dismantled all fallacious tenets of the cult and effectively demonstrate how these rules of conduct (or “Doctrines and Covenants”) apply to how LDS adherents run every aspect of their personal and public lives. For example, Among other things, Joseph Smith is reported to have taught, “That man who rises up to condemn others, finding fault with the Church, saying that they are out of the way, while he himself is righteous, then know assuredly, that that man is in the high road to apostasy.” Broken down more simply, anyone not complying with the Mormon Cult is labeled by the LDS faithful as being influenced by Satan.

We all know full well Councilman Cam Walker, City Attorney Dave Olsen, Mayor Tobler and Mongols Motorcycle Gang attorney, Stephen Stubbs (all Mormons) could never have Chief Finn (a Roman Catholic) removed on the basis of “Satan’s influence” as that would never hold up in court. In collusion, they attempted to label a man who lives and breathes ethical law enforcement, who conducts his personal and professional life “by the book,” as mentally unfit for the job.

To get a better handle on who exactly is Chief Finn, i asked him a few questions pertaining to current issues in the news. When I posed the question to Mr. Finn, ‘do you think the excessive police presence while trying to locate the second Tsarnaev brother was overkill,’ he put things in a perspective that I hadn’t considered. Paraphrasing, he said, if the police had flubbed the case one bit and one more casualty occurred due to lack of thoroughness on their part, they’d never be forgiven. He also believes automatic weapons have no place in the hands of civilians, contrary to what many of his colleagues believe. He’s a no-nonsense man who speaks his mind and believes in integrity in all he does. Literally, this cadre of cohorts have taken the LDS tenet of Lying For The Lord and justified the iniquitous firing of one of the most qualified and best Police Chiefs in Clark County. When Mr. Finn filed a claim with the EEOC in Boulder City, citing Mormonism as the paramount reason for his dismissal, he was most assuredly justified.

According to the log filed with the former city manager, Vicki Mayes, Mr. Stubbs, the Mongols lawyer, was on a quest to find an officer to speak out negatively against Chief Finn. He was unable to find anyone because there were no officers who had any problem with the chief. He even asked if “he could find an officer in Reno to testify against Finn,” would that suffice? For some unjustified reason, after being on a brief medical leave, the day Mr. Finn returned to his job, he was fired. Here’s the story in a nutshell in the words of Mr. Finn:

A two-month investigation by the Attorney General’s Office, followed by a review of the investigation report and interviews of the investigators by District Attorney Steve Wolfson cleared me,and D.A. Wolfson stated exactly what I was saying all along. What is particularly troubling is that the city NEVER asked me why I issued the “email deletion” (regarding the gathering of Mongol Gang Members in 2012) order to my officers. They took Stubbs’ rantings as gospel and moved ahead with the investigation into my “felonies.” Stubbs asked for the investigation in November, it was started by the A.G. in January, I was interviewed in February and cleared in April. Then, EIGHT days (April 15th) before I was cleared of all wrongdoing, they FIRED me!!!
I was appointed to a state commission by two NV governors, served on a national highway safety committee for the International Association of Chiefs of Police for eleven years, was appointed by a NJ governor to serve as a commissioner on a labor-management relations commission, represented the Nevada Sheriffs’ and Chiefs’ Association for two years, and then Boulder City decided to terminate me after seven years of service without giving me a reason.
In the words of one of my favorite humorists, ..if they’ve got nothing concrete on him that would convince the DA of wrongdoing… they are not only holier-than-thou arrogant, but also…. STUPID as hell. To fire someone, especially a chief of police, with no probable cause is as pig-ignorant as Romney telling his donors about the 47% “scum.”
Unfortunately, Mr. Finn and his wife have other plans, and they no longer include Southern Nevada. It is highly unfortunate for all of us he had to go through these trials unnecessarily. Perhaps with greater understanding of Mormon Nepotism, we can avoid situations such as this Boulder City fiasco in the future. No one should ever be persecuted in this country for their religious beliefs and when a group of a particular religious or ethnic majority control all aspects of government in our diverse nation, it will inevitably lead to a compromising of our democratic values and justice.
UPDATE:  Investigation into ethics violations currently filed in Boulder City.

20 thoughts on “Is a Mormon Theocracy Replacing Law Enforcement in Boulder City, Nevada?

  1. Thomas s monsen is a rapest ask gayle smith from lehi Utah, he tried to rape her when he was a young bishop in salt lake city Utah..he knows the church is a fraud but makes him millions of dollars every year

  2. Interesting (and certainly one-sided) report. If you are truly seeking the truth in the matter, I am available to give the other side.

    Tom Finn is not the saint that you portray him to be and he has been dismissed from employment in the past. In New Brunswick, New Jersey, after the City settled a workplace discrimination case against Tom Finn, Finn’s employment contract “was not renewed” (local newspapers reported on these facts). That’s how he ended up on Boulder City.

    In any case, there was never a conspiracy to get Finn fired. It was a result of my efforts, dragging others along only after press got involved and enough public outrage was spoken. A no confidence vote by the majority of Finn’s officers, Finn suing Boulder City officials, and a recent audit that showed Finn’s incompetency (forcing female dispatchers to pee in trash cans on shift, for example) certainly played a role in Finn’s firing. Finn himself told the press that he could no longer work in his position in November 2012.

    By the way, this is coming from a Mormon that HATES holier-than-thou judgmental bullshit.

    Stephen “Bowtie” Stubbs

  3. Your “sources” are dried up has beens a with an axe to grind. Your pusillanimous nature is evident by your tough guy LDS language. Thanks for ascertaining my theory. You messed with the wrong guy. You look like a schmuck.

    1. Then why is Mr Finn still popular with the New Brunswick PD? I’ve yet to see this newspaper source, so its veracity comes into question. You’ve claimed something insidious about female officers being “forced” to pee in garbage cans with not a SHRED of evidence to back that up. Your claims he is disgraced have ZERO corroboration, save a single abysmal ex-cop you have collaborated with to ascertain your “facts”.
      Why is it then, if it’s not a “Mormon Conspiracy,” are there only Mormons left in charge of the city? Why are non-Mormon police officers still being harassed by the likes of Tobler and yourself? Why is it so important for you, Mr Stubbs, to represent a motorcycle group known for tough guys when you have and always will be a meek and cowardly fool who hides behind giant organizations with power, (both the Mongols and the Mormons qualifying here) to seem like you’re legitimately formidable? Look in the mirror, Bowtie, tough guys don’t cower behind their mommies.

      1. See my May 27th, 2013 posts. Sources are solid and evidence is abundant.

      2. Actually, the solid evidence is restricted. You post opinion pieces. Notice the women you claim as victims turned into A woman. Typical LDS “lying for The Lord.”

    2. Sorry, but as a Catholic outsider, this article demeaning another’s faith is outrageous. Some states have laws in which they can hire and fire at will. Apparently Boulder City is non union. Your article does not prove that Religion has to do with his dismissal, and you present no evidence that the City Council “praised Mr. Finn to his face” and eluded to his dismissal during church services. Girl, from a Catholic, this is crazy talk.

    3. Well … what else would you expect from a man who believes Mongols are a “motorcycle club” rather than a criminal gang.

  4. If Finn is still so popular in New Brunswick, why did his superiors choose to end his employment as Public Service Director (which prompted his retirement)?

    Here are the sources::

    Chief Finn “not being reappointed” in New Jersey as their Police Chief (they chose to end his employment contract- kind of like being fired, isn’t it?) happened after the City had to pay a HUGE settlement to a woman officer that was discriminated against. This woman was the most qualified for a promotion under the then rating system (Panel was led by Thomas Finn). Instead of giving this woman the promotion she deserved, the panel (again, led by the head of the police- Thomas Finn) threw out the results and promoted less qualified men instead. The woman sued and the City gave her a HUGE settlement and the promotion that she had EARNED. See the below articles from the Sentinel (East Brunswick local newspaper).

    The Boulder City woman that was forced to pee in a garbage can came from the recent independent audit. It was reported in the Boulder City Review newspaper (but you can get an original copy of the audit from a public records request if you wish).

    1. a police chief from new brunswick wanted a larger budget for his department ie cars, more officers, and you find this article to discredit the ex chief of BC? this is all you have? really? I’ve lived in BC, its all about LDS..and yes, the most hypocritical, lying, deceitful, arrogant people I’ve ever known

  5. Mormons are in the City Council (4 out of 5) because they were elected by the City of Boulder City. Noone even ran against Cam Walker in the last election.

    The Mormon Judge has been in his position for over 30 years. When he was originally appointed and then elected, there were no Mormons in any Boulder City leadership positions.

    The Mormon City Manager was also the choice of Boulder City’s Police Protective Association. He is a well qualified individual that won the job fairly.

    The acting Chief of Police is Greek Orthodox (not Mormon).

    The City Attorney has been there for over a decade and earned his job when there was only 1 Mormon on the City Council.

    I don’t know your information about me “still harassing” non-Mormon police officers. I have been vocally critical of only 2 officers: former Captain Alboweitz and Detective Scott Pastore, but their religion has nothing to do with it. Their actions prompted the criticism.

    Your description of me is certainly inaccurate. I wonder where you got that information. When did I ever cower to anything? When Chief Finn attacked me in court, I stood up and kicked his ass.

    1. I have followed Mr. Stubbs attack on Finn and can tell you that no upstanding person or good ” family man” would continue to bully, relish in others misfortune and brag about getting someone fired. First of all Stubbs no one believes anything you have said about Finn. In fact those that are educated know that you do not remain as a chief in two coasts for 14 years if you aren’t doing a good job. You also aren’t appointed by your peers to represent your state as president of their organization not to mention two Governors appointing you to a post commission. With that said Stubbs you are continuing to prove exactly what Jessie is saying about Mormons. You have become the poster child for all to see what the Mormons are all about…… Nasty, vindictive, liars and bullies.

      I’m equally outraged that you now are going to attack a good detective and try and defame him. I’ve done some detective work myself on you Stubbs. You claim to be such an upstanding guy but in 2009 you stiffed banks, multiple credit card companies and a whole slew of others with hundreds of thousands of dollars in your Bankruptcy. A month after stiffing everyone you set up your law practice. How convenient was that Bow- tie? I guess you forgot to tell the trustee about your Sin City Citations business with Lisa Lemley. You have claimed you are the sole owner. It was filed to do business in 08 and NOT disclosed in your BK filings. Lets talk about the other characters involved such as Mark Plewkowski, James Kimsey, Lemleys husband the metro traffic cop ( kind of a conflict of interest wouldn’t you say) Michael Lemley in your ticket fixing business. I think that should be looked into. How about the cops in BC that saw you soliciting business in the court. I think maybe Detective Pastore should look into that. There is more about Stubbs that some good Detective can bring to the publics attention. Hopefully sooner than later. no wonder you had to move out of BC Stubbs no one could stand you not even your fellow church members.

  6. I have a question for you, if you don’t mind. What previous connections do you have with Thomas Finn (if any)? You defend him pretty fiercely. You also seem to know a lot about the situation and even claim to know my sources (which is inaccurate information- please note the actual sources above). However, you only know a lot about one side of the argument. It doesn’t add up to me. Would you mind enlightening us?

    1. Jessie,
      Nothing adds up to Stubbs whenever someone defends Finn or anyone else. He attacks anyone who disagrees with him and as shown by his previous post he attacks, bullies and tries to intimidate anyone who has a different opinion. His attack on Pastore and others is evident on multiple boards and all without fact, evidence and merit. Stubbs calls his clients the 1%ers good family men. He stated his kids play with their kids. Read the posts by his friends the “family men” on aging rebel. Any decent rational person would agree that “phuekhead, gas-passer, and brainfart” ( these are the monikers they use) aren’t great representatives of what most think a good family man is. However I would like to know who Bow-ties kids prefer playing with…… The brainfarts or the gas-passers? I’m sure Phuekhead is Stubbs preference since it takes one to know one.

  7. Hey ticket stubbs, how many knobs did you have to polish to cover up your lies and get in with the big dogs?

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