Manti Te’O, Mormon Faith, Fraud and the NFL


How did a Polynesian, Mormon football player end up at a Catholic University and cause a national commotion like Manti Te’O has managed to create? We’ve heard the story, a player garners sympathy from Heisman Trophy committee members by creating a gut-wrenching tale of tragic proportions in order to win the coveted prize. The scandal has most likely ended his chances at the award, but the question still remains unanswered: why would such a gifted student-athlete fabricate such nonsense and be as gullible as he was? It’s simply attributable to nothing more than his LDS upbringing. It’s highly likely the cause is nothing more than the epistemology of Mormonism which has been proven categorically false.

You seldom associate people of Polynesian descent with a faith that has a sordid history of labeling anyone of color as “cursed.” Many are unaware, in addition to BYU in Provo, Utah, there are other tentacles extending from this consummate headquarters of Mormon treachery. There is also BYU Idaho and BYU Jerusalem. The Polynesian connection is evidenced by the founding of a Hawaiian version of the Brigham Young (a.k.a. Bring’em Young) University, BYU Hawaii.

In order to extend their reach both ethnically and geographically, LDS Missionaries conquered the future American Island region early on and managed to convert enough Lamanites to make a substantial addition to the LDS worldwide tithing base. As an added bonus, the area is rich with mega-talented football players who are often Mormon, so BYU is generally highly competitive with the help of these players of Polynesian origin.

Manti said his decision to go to Notre Dame, instead of BYU (Utah) came from prayer and introspection. I also suppose the decision not to serve his mission was something he prayed to decide? I’m absolutely certain NFL money wasn’t paramount to the prospect of teaching Third-Worlders the tall tales of Joseph Smith.
He is not the first to forego his mission.

There is a big force in Mormon culture for all young men to serve a two year mission. As of late it seems the culture has given exceptions to this rule for athletes. Steve Young, Danny Ainge, Jimmer Ferdette and Manti Te’o did not serve missions. The Mormon culture will label their work and spotlight on the field/court as missionary work because they will bring positive attention to the church. And for Mormons this is the perfect marriage. That essentially confirms the purpose of a Mormon Mission: to sign more people up and amass more wealth for this Fortune 500 Corporation, LDS Inc.

Park Romney, author of “The Apostasy of a High Priest” offered his opinion on the Manti Te’O scandal as it relates to LDS culture and upbringing (known by Mormons as lying for The Lord).

“The underlying culture and philosophy of Mormonism encourages the mentality that results in this type of behavior, even while ostensibly discouraging it. This is accomplished in ways that are understood by students of epistemology”.

As an ardent disbeliever in any organized religion, I consulted a friend who shares my lack of belief to get a different perspective on the entire Manti Te’O affair. As an ex-Mormon humorist, I sought his take on the whole affair as it relates to the linebacker’s chosen belief system. A tenuous grasp on truth is paramount. More specifically, I asked what aspect of Mormonism could enable and encourage such gullibility. He responded:

“I dunno, I mean, the whole enchilada is saturated with “factual” fiction. Gold plates? Angels? Seer stones? Peter, James, and John ordination? The three “undead” Nephites? Semite Indians? Book of Abraham? Fence sitters in heaven? Polygamy? Magic underwear? Consecrated oil? Hell, they might as well believe in leprechauns, Ouija boards, gremlins, rabbits’ feet, fairies, pixies, brownies, divining rods, and the boogeyman. Come to think of it, they DO believe in the boogeyman: Lucifer. Soooo sad.”

It’s as simple as this. If you can fall for the teachings and machinations of the Mormon Church, you may believe anything you see and hear on the Internet. After all, you’ve been desensitized to believing half-truths and outright lies without question. Faith is often man’s biggest liability, not a desirable asset. Hearing the term, he/she is a person of faith has the opposite effect on me as it might on so many in this country. In my humble opinion, it is a trait one shouldn’t brag about or advertise. If you can believe unsubstantiated fiction is fact, you probably can believe anything. Unfortunately, football and most other aspects of our supposedly secular society are inundated with the credo that praying to a “Heavenly Father” is the right thing to do. It will be quite some time until we evolve as a society where this nonsense is no longer heard, but I’m not holding my breath.

For more insight, check out Park Romney’s website for a wealth of information on current events, epistemology of many faiths and great resource listings. If you’re interested in electric vehicles and sustainable energy, or would enjoy great tweets, follow Mark Larsen here.

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