With Friends Like Cantor and the Young Guns, Who Needs Republicans?

Boehner (Left) and Eric Cantor

In 2010, Paul Ryan (R Wi), Eric Cantor (R-Va) and Kevin McCarthy (R-Ca) released the book “Young Guns” on Sept. 14, timed for the closing two months of the midterm election campaign. Essentially this book was a road map of their agenda to essentially privatize Social Security and pass other very unpopular legislation that could prove to be the undoing of the party. They were banking on Americans being uninformed, which is generally the case, as they would never vote for them if they really knew their true intentions. 2010 was the year the Teaparty launched their reign of terror, making the 112th Congress the least effective legislative body in recent history, headed by John Boehner. Boehner has the impossible task of trying to maintain a balance between traditional Republicans and this new batch of fringe lunatics. If you recall, 2010 also brought this country a rash of horrific governors, like Michigan’s Snyder and Wisconsin’s Walker that make Attila the Hun seem compassionate. Little did folks know by 2012, these representatives and governors would be highly unpopular, yet popularity is not their primary concern.

This generation of far right extremist Republicans have put their party in peril by taking a stand so extreme, 53% of Americans believe them to be far too ultra-conservative and reactionary. The results of the November 2012 election notwithstanding, they are going to legislate from the far right no matter what the country wants. This GOP Speaker Boehner still holds the third highest office in the land, but for how long? In a press conference on Friday, December 21st, a reporter asked Boehner, “If you’re not worried about losing your speakership, shouldn’t you be?”

With Mr. “Bitchface” himself, Eric Cantor, salivating behind Speaker Boehner, this question seemed particularly poignant. McCarthy and Ryan are obvious TeaParty vermin with a very corporate agenda. But the Virginia Congressman is especially treacherous. He always seems to be there, lurking in the background, especially when Mr. Boehner fails at his endeavors with his caucus. It was hard to miss the devilish smirk Majority Leader Cantor was unable to contain after Speaker Boehner announced House Republicans rejected his “Plan B” proposal to counter the President’s offer. This brazen display of gloating and defiance has become more common as the Speaker and Cantor seem to be at odds with each other more and more. Last summer during the debt ceiling debacle, he forced Boehner’s hand into placing the United States in a treacherous position that lowered our credit rating for the first time in history. A former congressional staffer said this:

Cantor is the Republican leadership Brutus. Cantor is willing to risk, and Republicans would be blamed for, a global economic crash because Cantor is a poodle for millionaires and conglomerates that pay no taxes and will risk the economic future of the nation to pursue his ambition as he plunges the knife into the back of John Boehner.

One would think after the overwhelming support President Obama earned this past election, the GOP might be humbled to legislate more towards the middle. Not these “Young Guns,” as they insist on pushing the party so far to the right, Mussolini would be excommunicated from their caucus for being too liberal. The most extreme of all challengers has to be Eric Cantor, a man who vetoed the Violence Against Women Act (December 7) because of a key provision which protects Native American Women. Cantor also has an A+Rating from the NRA, in case anyone thought he was concerned with the safety of children over the profits of gun manufacturers. During his reelection campaign this October, Cantor supporters spray-painted baby killer and N-Word Lover on his opponent Wayne Powell’s offices. Cantor had no problem defeating Mr. Powell with $5 million from casino mogul Sheldon Adelson. It seems Mr. Cantor is very much on the radar of folks like Adelson because of his zero taxes on business stance and his partiality to Adelson’s Zionist causes.

The Roman Senate has nothing on these guys. John Boehner is in the unenviable position of damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. Once he makes a move contrary to the capricious nature of the Teaparty, he’s going to end up a lot like Julius Caesar in 44 BC. Someone ought to tell Boehner to beware the Ides of March. Perhaps his demise will occur even sooner, when Congress reconvenes (January 3).

3 thoughts on “With Friends Like Cantor and the Young Guns, Who Needs Republicans?

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