A Plea to America


a guest post by Derek Wood of Sydney, NSW, Australia


In a few days time Americans will go to the polls to elect the 45th President of the United States. The choice really could not be clearer. The progressive, socialistic policies of the present incumbent, or the more right wing, aggressive ones of the challenger. In essence, the two candidates are like chalk and cheese.

So the choice is clear – Another 4 years for President Obama to continue turning America’s fortunes around, whilst still trying to fix the disastrous mess left by his predecessor, George W Bush. On the other hand, a Willard Romney government that threatens to dismantle a lot of the social policies implemented like ‘Obama Care’ as well as instigating tax cuts that will generally benefit the rich more than the poor.
The United States of America is a democratic country and at the end of the day, the humble voter will decide who gets to sit in the Oval Office. It is the right of every registered voter and, overall, a decision will be made as is the democratic way. I certainly have no issues or complaints with this process. It is a tried and trusted, and generally fair way of selecting a leader.

However, voters must understand the importance of their vote. They are not only voting for a President that will govern domestically, they are electing a President that will have a huge influence in virtually every worldwide event and global crisis. This is important for a number of reasons as is evidenced below.

The global reputation of the United States suffered greatly when Iraq was invaded. True, Saddam Hussein was captured, but it was plain to see that the so called ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ did not appear to exist. As such the US gained a reputation of being an aggressor, and not understanding, or wanting to, local issues and cultures. To be blunt, the hatred of the US and its citizens grew to a new unprecedented level.
When Barack Obama was initially elected as President, he went out of his way to proactively ensure the Middle East and the Arabic World that there was a new America. One who would negotiate and talk to other countries, understand and appreciate other cultures and religions and one who would not act on a whim, as George W Bush had.

Over the past four years, the tarnished reputation of the United States has improved. However, there are fears that an Obama loss will lead to far greater world tensions and possibly even worse things. Romney has already proven himself to be incompetent as a diplomat on the world stage. In his short tenure as the prime challenger to Obama, Romney has upset Great Britain (America’s greatest ally), Australia (another staunch ally), Most of Europe and the Arabic World. This alone should invalidate voting for Romney. (Except his base is so utterly xenophobic, they’re utterly unaware of his international faux pas.)

Romney has also made no secret of his friendship with his old Israeli mate, Netanyahu. Israel has its own agenda as it looks to ensure the safety of the Israeli state at any cost. If this means attacking Iran, Syria or any other deemed ‘aggressor’ then so be it. With a Romney administration offering support, the chances of Israel making the first strike will increase.
Imagine what this would do to the stability of the Middle-East. Imagine the potential aggression from Muslim countries against Israel and its allies, including America. Imagine how the rest of the world would feel about America’s actions and principles if this was to happen. In short, it could lead to irreversible damage to the United States. Even friends of the US could turn their back on America.
So when you go to vote on Tuesday, please take into account the potential effect a Romney Administration would have on the world stage. Is it a risk worth taking? I, for one, think not.

10 thoughts on “A Plea to America

  1. Why does Vegasjessie have quest editorials from Australians?
    Don’t we have enough locally generated opinions available?
    Oh! I forgot, no child left behind was not the success that it was supposed to be.
    After 4 years of OBAMA, my estimation of the situation is that nothing has changed.
    here is a quote from an American:
    “I fell for the whole ‘change’ thing. I got on the ‘change’ train. But there wasn’t any change.”
    I can concur with this sentiment.


    1. Change is facilitated by cooperation. Your spurious claims a single president can make massive headway with a Teabagging Congress whose sole purpose for existence is making him a one term president is as ridiculous as Romney’s belief in the second coming of Christ to god-forsaken Missouri. (Hey, at least it’s not New Jersey).

    2. Oh… @Henry:

      I would think that, since we share this planet with other nations, and our economy is inextricably intertwined with theirs, we might want to at least lend an ear to what the citizens of those countries think about our politics –both domestic and foreign.

      I spent decades of my life living and working abroad, trying as best I could to dispell the stereotype of the “Ugly American,” yet along comes Romney and reinforces it with his embarrassing gaffes and proposed “policies” in only a few short months. There is a reason why there is only ONE country in this international poll that favors Romney over Obama. Guess which one it is?


      As for the “change” you mention, I can honestly state that I am, indeed, better off now than four years ago. Yes, the recovery is going slowly, and there is so much more to do (there always is), but at least in my region unemployment is falling, housing construction is again on the upswing, our energy sources are cleaner than ever, and investments have stabilized dramatically.

      Surely you can give Obama a modicum of credit for job creation:

      From what I’ve seen the accusation that Obama is a “bid spender” does not correlate with the actual figures:

      The same holds true with the rumor that his budget has swollen “entitlement” programs:

      I think anyone will admit that Obama did not cause the economic crisis we have gone through, but rather he inherited it when he took office. Yet the complaint is that he hasn’t completely turned around in 4 years what the previous 8 years under the GOP caused? Frankly, I am amazed that he has pulled off as much as he has, especially given the hateful opposition the GOP has put in his path. Why in the world would we want to turn control back over to those who caused the catastrophe in the first place?

      As for Romney, as an ex-Mormon myself, I can tell you that there is much more beneath the surface of his character and principles than his slick, polished, osmondized appearance would suggest. If you would really like to know what makes him “tick,” please take a closer look at what he really and truly believes:

      “Why Candidates’ Religious Beliefs ARE Important”

      “Blind Faith”

      “Mormons’ Concept of Self –and of Others”

      Learning what beliefs and doctrines govern his attitudes and behaviors will likely prove a real eye-opener for you.

      There is simply no way I could bring myself to vote for a person who is incapable of looking reality squarely in the face. It is no surprise that someone who truly believes in divine revelation via a peepstone-in-a-hat cannot distinguish fact from fiction –and uses the latter indiscriminately when making campaign promises. Nooooo, thank you!

      1. I apologize. Perhaps I should have deleted HMF’s comment. It seems like a page out of the xenophobic Fox News play book. Hope tomorrow is GOP shenanigan-free.

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