Romney apparel made in China, Obama’s made in the USA.


If all the “genuine apparel” is red, white or blue, explain this gentleman’s beige hat at a Romney rally?


29 thoughts on “Romney apparel made in China, Obama’s made in the USA.

  1. I can confirm the president’s is made in the USA. I don’t own anything with romney’s name on it (and never will) but I’m not surprised.

  2. Is this what those dashing Democrats have been reduced to? T-Shirts? Everywhere I travel the T-Shirts are made in Haiti(until recently), Dominican Republic, Bangladesh, and Viet Nam, even when purchased in Panama!. If the major “Obama strategy beef” we have with China is over T-Shirts, that’s says a lot about the intellectual substance of the current government.


      1. Anyway, haven’t the highest quality Suits and Shirts been made in Hong Kong? Now part of China? It’s rumored that even James Bond had a favorite tailor located there.

      2. HMF, simply read the Sensata article to decide for yourself the value of American jobs to a candidate. Bain’s lush history of outsourcing is simply a forecast of how our economy will be systematically “harvested” for profit, with no concern for the families who are destroyed by financial ruin.

  3. I guess it’s completely impossible to imagine other people are making apparel to sell and make a profit. If you don’t, then feel free to buy an authentic Rolex really cheap in NYC. The official hats in the RR store clearly state they are made in USA.

      1. I’m sorry, I thought this topic was about the RR apparel vs BO apparel. Clearly nothing can be concluded from that picture other than some random hat not officially sold by the RR campaign was made in China. I could go to my local mall kiosk and have 1000 Obama/Biden hats (made in China) made today. It means nothing.

        On the larger topic you brought up, Romney was gone from Bain Capital by the time the decision was made to send jobs overseas. His retirement agreement with Bain does appear to still give him some profit for current deals at Bain, but he has no direct influence. Are you suggesting that Romney forfeit any profits associated with this deal? If so, the President should also forfeit any Retirement income in his blind trust that also invests in China companies.

    1. Ha!! 2 years? Funny. Daddy provided 12 years. Stay tuned for breaking story on Sankaty, eToys and Kaybee. He’s a very shady character with a criminal business history. Period. You’ll see.

      1. Federal and State financial disclosures are meaningless? No mention that the returns show he contributed more to charity than he paid in federal taxes? Yup, he’s a terrible shady character. Although I think Donald Trump is a quack, BO passed up the opportunity to donate $5M to charity. All the while plummeting this country to the exact model of Greece and Italy. Last time I checked those countries weren’t thriving.

        When will people realize that the top 10% of earners make up 43% of the income and pay 71% of the income taxes in the USA. BO’s plans are to make them pay even more.

      2. So the president should jump through Trump’s hoops all the while Trump withholds charity with his ridiculous demands? The only charity Romney gave to was the LDS cult, which is a $30 billion dollar Fortune 500 CORPORATION! Name 1 REAL charity Willard gave to.

  4. That’s hilarious. In your twisted mind you actually believe Trump is “withholding charity”. I never said anyone should jump through hoops and I even agree Trump is a quack. I just make a correct statement that BO passed up the opportunity to have $5M donated to a charity of his choice.
    LDS is a cult? So now it’s OK to bash someone’s religion? How very liberal and Democratic of you.

      1. Read a little about Mormonism from those who know, namely and about the cult aspect of the LDS “church”. Feel free to read my article to understand why his cult/religion is something worthy of analysis and ultimately, censure. I’m not pulling facts out of my ass like Romney when he claims the Ohio Jeep plant is relocating to China. This man is a deeply flawed human being and candidate. Perhaps the apparel was an unfair example, but deep down, this man is dangerous, and if you weren’t afraid to peel back the onionskin, you’d see a rotten man to the core.

      2. For some reason, Mark’s (@yanquetino on twitter) comment isn’t posting. I’ll post it for him:

        Michael & Marko:

        Mormonism *IS* a cult, believe me. I was completely active in that cult for many decades, and know from first hand experience that such is the case. If it offends you when someone calls a spade, a spade… tough frijoles.

        You might want to consult this checklist from the International Cultic Studies Association to see how the typical characteristics apply:

        I’d be more than happy to explain any of them to you, if you are not familiar enough with Mormonism to understand their relevance.

      3. This is absolutely amazing. You’ve magically transformed a topic about Romney in favor of sending jobs overseas to showing your true intolerant colors over a religion you don’t approve. I might understand if Romney was worshiping the Venus moon God as the giver of life, but he’s not. He’s in a Christian based religion with followers all over the world. Or maybe it’s just some of the specifics of this religion you don’t like? Perhaps you also think Buddhist monks are a cult because the live together, “worship” together, and even do something really crazy like take vows of silence? Do you preach the same hatred over Islam? They can’t eat pork, force women to cover their skin and hair….really crazy stuff, eh?

        The only spade here is the incoherent ramblings coming off your keyboard where you pretend to be a progressive democrat. I’m a Republican and I am more progressive than you. You either respect the ability for someone else to practice their own chosen religion or you don’t. You don’t make statements about censoring or prohibiting someone to practice the federally recognized religion of their choice. Maybe your faith mandates that you should try to convert others, but again, that is your choice and you should be allowed to do that.

        Let’s be honest about things. You have a deep hatred for Romney and are against everything he stands for. Nothing I can say will change your mind and you’ll keep changing subjects to come up with a new personal and character attack. Fine, vote for someone else.

        I think the current president is hopelessly lost over the one thing that matters the most to me right now, the Economy. I may not 100% agree with all the social policies of RR, but the economy just weighs higher for me. In a perfect election, we could only focus on the social issues because the economy was soaring. Unfortunately it’s in the toilet and we’ve been put on the same path as many European nations. We can’t keep spending like we have been for the last 4 years (and don’t even blame it on a war because that’s not causing $1T deficits). The money lending will run out and we’ll be like Greece. Therefore, I’ll vote for someone I think can stop the economic disaster.

        I’ve enjoyed the debate today, but I must bow out now as my tolerance for your intolerance has been exceeded. Good day.

      4. Vegasjessie,
        Please direct me to the “lies” I spoke and I’ll try to address. Please keep in mind that my opinion is exactly that, my opinion. If you don’t agree then that’s fine, but my opinion is not a lie.

        You obviously suffered through something traumatic at the hands of the Mormon church, and for that I am sorry. I don’t, however, believe it is indicative of every Mormon. Are all Catholics pedophiles? No. Are all Muslims prone to extreme jihads? No. Do I wish to be a Catholic or Muslim? No, but that is my choice and I respect any that want to make that choice for themselves. This may be a bit of a stretch, but trying to censure someone based on your beliefs is the exact same argument that Democrats are making today over abortion. Just because you don’t believe it in, don’t force me to believe the same thing (BTW, I have that same stance). Having said all that, if there are illegal activities involved then yes we should step in.

        Now, as far as the economy, I did expect BO to at least make some progress in 4 years. I agree Bush left us in a terrible situation and was a bad president. I firmly believe if there was no war in 2004 he would not have been re-elected. People were just too scared to change leadership at that time (regardless of the Florida situation). Personally I have seen no improvements under BO, but again that is my opinion based on looking at our debt, unemployment, average salaries, etc. If you have other facts that point to an improved economy that will continue to improve then I’d be happy to take a look.

        Let’s not pretend that a turnaround was not possible, because it was done before by President Reagan. He came in to office with unemployment at 10%. That’s quite higher than BO inherited. On top of that, BO spends money like there will be no end. He claims that the 700B-800B he’ll not spend on war will be spent on roads, jobs, etc. He fails to tell you that all that money was borrowed from China already. That’s just one example. That’s not cutting spending and focusing on issues in the US, that’s redistributing the spending to continue increasing the debt. 62% of the federal budget is spent on entitlements. Only 19% on defense.
        BO will never get the budget under control until he addresses the spending problem.

        I won’t keep posting links, but that entire Heritage set of federal budget pictures paints a very clear picture of what is in our future if we keep on this same path. Personally I haven’t seen or heard anything from BO during this campaign to make me believe he’ll take the other fork in the road.

      5. Michael, you do realize the pledge the many top Republicans in Congress signed to block and impede ANY passage of legislation the President would attempt no matter what it is. It was a dinner hosted by top GOP leaders. Present were: Eric Cantor (Va.), Kevin McCarthy (Calif.), Paul Ryan (Wis.), Pete Sessions (Texas), Jeb Hensarling (Texas), Pete Hoekstra (Mich.) and Dan Lungren (Calif.), along with Republican Sens. Jim DeMint (S.C.), Jon Kyl (Ariz.), Tom Coburn (Okla.), John Ensign (Nev.) and Bob Corker (Tenn.). The non-lawmakers present included Newt Gingrich, several years removed from his presidential campaign, and Frank Luntz, the long-time Republican wordsmith. There have been a record number of filibusters and a complete lack of compromise on THEIR part. We all know what a great and credible guy Ensign turned out to be.

        President Obama had 2 months with a Filibuster proof majority, then we had the Norm Coleman/Franken runoff and the Begich delay. Senator T Kennedy fell ill then teabagging Senator and former centerfold Scott Brown came in and it was utter contempt and obstinate behavior all the way by these elected lunatics. THEY vetoed 9-11 responders healthcare, fair pay act, jobs bills, DADT… Anything the majority of Americans wanted. How in the hell, given the hemorrhaging of jobs and the economic free-fall PBO inherited, could he accomplish this feat in 3.5 years?

      6. Michael:

        My, goodness…! Since you seem to think that Romney belongs to just another “Christian based religion,” it is obvious that you either didn’t consult the International Cultist Studies Association checklist, or are not familiar enough with Mormonism to recognize how it applies.

        And yes, Romney’s beliefs are absolutely relevant. They are what makes him “tick.” See my:

        “Why Candidates’ Religious Beliefs ARE Important”

        Come to think of it, I think it would also be in your best interest to read about the most underlying doctrine that motivates him, as I don’t perceive that you are aware of it:

        “Mormons’ Concept of Self –and of Others”

        If you only knew what really makes a Mormon like Romney “tick” –like I do, having escaped that cult– I seriously doubt you still want to see him in the White House. At the very least, you could admit that some –if not all– of his beliefs explained above are indeed worrisome and give you pause.

        As for the economy, you and I draw very different conclusions. Surely you know that the economic downturn we have experienced was set in motion when Bush was president. Yet you blame Obama for not yet turning those 8 years of war and recession completely around in 4 years? It seems to me that he has done an admirable job, given what he inherited from the GOP. Is there more to do? Sure. There always is. And his plan looks far more promising that any of the flip-flop, etch-a-sketch proposals Romney has been preaching.

        The very fact that Romney will not release his tax returns –unlike all major candidates have done in the past, including his own FATHER — should tell you something about his honesty and integrity. It is as suspect as claiming revelation from god via a peep stone in the bottom on one’s hat.

        Nooooo, thank you. I’ll pass on such chicanery.

      7. Michael:

        Please do not try to point a finger at me. Whether or not I was born into this world has nothing to do with the fact that the Nephites never existed. Period.

        You obviously did not read through the links I provided on cults, Mormon beliefs, or their concept of self. You therefore understand nothing about what really and truly makes Romney “tick.” Religious beliefs have real effects on real people in the real world, and thus they are not a sacrosanct, untouchable “sacred cow,” immune from scrutiny. Your mention of abortion is a perfect example. Believe me, if you’d just read what I provided, you’d see that there are many others –and they will affect YOU and YOUR life.

        As for your other assertions, you state “I have seen no improvements under BO.” Really?

        “BO spends money like there will be no end.” Is that right?

        “62% of the federal budget is spent on entitlements. Only 19% on defense.” Sure about that?

        As I said: there is more to do, no question. But I am frankly amazed that Obama has pulled off as much as he has, given what he inherited from the GOP, and how they have attempted to block him at every turn.

        Now if it is a question of one’s record, be sure to look at Romney’s as governor of MA, will you? There are reasons why the vast majority in his own state will NOT vote for him again under any circumstances:

        You might wish to read some of their testimonies:

        Good luck to you, Michael. There is so much more beneath the osmondized surface of Romney than you are willing to examine. When and if you finally read what I have provided, let us know.

  5. Yanquetino,
    A few rebuttals.

    First, I did read through most of the links you sent. I fully agree that one’s religions beliefs to affect the way they “tick”. I never said they don’t affect the way they see the world or even some of the actions they take. My original point was that we should not censure a religion just because we don’t believe it its origin or doctrines. That is a fundamental right granted to everyone in the Constitution. We can shout at the top of our lungs why we disagree with said religion and try to convince others, but that is also your Constitutional right. Given the checks and balances in Govt and the overwhelming majority of Christians in the US, I seriously doubt we’ll all be converted to Mormonism or allow Mormon specific laws to be passed. Yes one’s religion plays a role, but we’re naive if we think any politician votes/acts solely based on religion.

    You showed a chart for BO spending, but it appears to be Annualized Spending, which I’ll be honest I’m not sure of the context. I’d be interested to see the math behind that chart. This article from the Washington Post does show the math behind increased spending overall, and increased spending as a percentage of the GDP.

    Your chart for 2013 spending that shows a large percentage for Defense is only for Discretionary spending. You also need to include the Mandatory spending for the real view of what the Govt spends.
    Let’s assume for a minute that the large amount of Defense spending is causing the problem. If we eliminate ALL Defense spending, we would still not balance the BO budget and would continue to drive larger deficits. We have to do something about the Entitlement spending that is skyrocketing.

    For the job growth chart, again I’d like to see the full set of numbers behind that chart. What we know is that unemployment % is worse now than 4 years ago. Overall, there are fewer people working now vs when BO took office. I don’t disagree that some jobs have been created, but i attribute a portion of that to basic capitalism and founding of new businesses. I honestly don’t attribute that full number to any program or initiative from BO, but I’m open to anything you know about. I think we both agree there is still a long way to go.

    I too can point to many people, even close friends, that voted for BO but now will vote for MR. I’ll be honest, i’m not really interested in reading emotional responses from the people of Mass. I’m interested in the facts and numbers. I’ll be happy to look at those all day long.

    1. Ask Your boy Willard about his current Jeep to China ad. Talk about the truth not even being slightly important to him and his ilk! You’re seriously going to bring up the issue of veracity when it comes to someone who sanctions “Lying for The Lord?” That’s rich!

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