Workers and Women Will Know Their Place With Mormons in Charge

Have you noticed the increase in pernicious GOP dirty tricks currently being exposed during this election, which is now at its apex? Sadly, perhaps half of this superficial, material-obsessed country feels this sketchy Mormon candidate is a step up from President Obama, who’s saved us from a depression. They believe Mitt Romney’s assertion he’s going to “fix” the economy by restoring the policies of the Bush crime family, who, as we all know, has wreaked havoc on the U.S. and the world’s economies.

It’s no wonder he idolizes a master manipulator like his cult founder, Joseph Smith. Like Smith, except in a more grandiose way, Willard Romney has helped this cult fraudulently dupe millions of adherents out of billions of dollars. Romney is the manifestation of Smith’s White Horse Prophecy coming to fruition if elected to the highest office in the land. It is also their last hope, because if the GOP is dealt the crushing blow they so richly deserve, their right-wing Teaparty agenda will fade into oblivion (albeit slowly) as will the desperate proponents of the Mormon Cult. Romney and Ryan long to bring America “back” to the days where both women and the proletarian “working stiffs” knew their place and wouldn’t dare demand equal rights.

Will this be the America of the future?

When your candidate speaks fondly of a trip to what is essentially a Chinese sweatshop, where workers sleep on premises, twelve to a room for pennies an hour, you know this callous man cares little for AMERICAN workers and their families. It’s obvious a couple of entitled boys born with silver spoons in their mouths will never understand there is such a thing as the working poor. “Job creator” is just code for we really could care less about the poor and are preoccupied with anti-abortion legislation. Willard Romney’s main objective is to harvest human labor for profit. His specious sophist of a running mate has legislated little other than laws to restrict women’s rights when it comes to their own bodies. Ryan and Romney are controlled by Teaparty puppet strings, so you know it will only get worse if they’re elected based on previous behavior.

Paul Ryan’s Teaparty Congress Legislated Nothing But Abortions

Mormons and many of their GOP cohorts have shown a severe distaste for workers’ rights and unions. There is a history of nepotism and cronyism in the Mormon Church unlike any other group, so if you’re not one of the indoctrinated, you’re undeserving of a promised life. You are also a second class citizen if you happen to be a woman as well.

Not only did Romney never say he’d support the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, his cult has a patriarchal bias. If only the media would ask a few relevant questions. Just once I’d like to hear this asked to the Mormon candidate: If a person believes that god is a patriarch who rules over multiple wives, that likewise practicing said polygamy is an eternal requirement to be with him in the “highest degree of the celestial kingdom” in the afterlife, and that only men can have priesthood power to run and administer god’s church on earth, can I truly trust that person to fight for and defend absolutely equal rights for women in society via legislation and judicial decisions? The Mormon Cult is desperate for new converts and looks mainly to the less educated Third World for more brainwashing.


We all know exactly what these two will do. They will roll back the clocks to the good ol days, say pre-1890, when polygamy was legal and install activist misogynist justices on the Supreme Court while removing all semblance of parity when it comes to workers’ rights. As Edmond Burke wisely noted, those who ignore history are destined to repeat it. Make no mistake, Romney and Ryan long to repeat all the mistakes of the Bush Administration and then make a few more colossal whoppers that will most assuredly propel the United States into Third World status. History has taught us no less.

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