The Ignominy of the Sheldon Adelson Brand

Due to the Citizens United Decision by the Supreme Court, America is facing the greatest assault on our democracy by having fostered a system where the wealthiest wield the most political influence.  Naturally, to some extent, this has always been the case, but it is more apparent now because they can donate unlimited funds anonymously.  Sheldon Adelson has been one of the most prominent benefactors of this corrupt system where he, for selfish reasons, can essentially buy the candidates he wants and ultimately determine who is on the Supreme Court.  This letter is a response to parents of the school who were taken aback by our initial refusal to donate to anything associated with this man.  – VJ

An Open Letter to the Patrons of the Adelson School:

Recently we were sent a letter soliciting donations for the Adelson Gala to help alleviate the costs of tuition for needy students. It was met with a bit of incredulity as the benefactor of the school has been a subject most prominently featured in the news lately. Unfortunately, the portrayal of Mr. Adelson has been less than propitious. It was our misunderstanding which rendered us unaware he has a fairly non-existent role financially with the foundation. Having learned this, we will certainly not penalize innocent students in need over the unfortunate association with Adelson’s political agenda and amend our position.

The Sheldon Adelson School in Las Vegas, Nevada

The anti-democratic Citizens United decision has turned our nation into a pay for play political nightmare where average Americans have lost their footing in the political process. Sheldon Adelson, with his taxation agenda, could certainly fund all the needy students with the $10 million he threw away on Newt Gingrich. With just a fraction of his $25 billion dollar net worth, he could probably finance ALL students in the Las Vegas metro, public and private combined. We felt in this year, where no amount is too great for him to invest in his own political ambitions, that it was insulting to ask small business owners to give when he would not. That was the brunt of our issue. We’ve always donated to the school in years past, prior to this assault on our very own democracy by him and others like him. Period. There was no ill-will towards the patrons or staff of the school, only Sheldon Adelson and what he stands for. Morals, ethics and fairness are very important to our business and donating to someone (we thought was directly involved) was unconscionable given the circumstances of this election cycle’s perverse funding as well as the D.O.J.’s criminal investigation of Mr. Adelson .

Thank you for understanding our position.


2 Very Concerned “Job Creators”

UPDATE: it seems with all Sheldon’s millions, he couldn’t fool the American people with the disingenuous duo of Romney and Ryan.  I suppose it still may be possible for the Supreme Court to actually reverse this hideous decision.

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