Chuck Todd’s Nasty False Equivalency Targets Democratic Voters

If it any well-informed voter feels a bit uneasy about some of the election practices in swing states, it might be due to the fact the voting machines are owned in part by Willard Romney’s wanna-be boxer son, Tagg Romney. He, along with the other nefarious trolls from the Romney camp, plan on winning any way they can, not even shy about stating, “We are going to STEAL Ohio.” It takes some brass ones to simply come out and admit they are cheating and believing “there’s not a goddamned thing any of you can do about it. We’ve got money and power.” Combine this lugubrious news with the thousands of voter registration forms that were thrown into a dumpster by a 31 year old GOP operative in the swing state of Virginia, and you get some of us folks feeling a bit queasy by now.

Just hang on, conspiracy theorists. Chuck Todd knows what’s fact and what’s fiction. This is why he gives equal airtime to “issues” like Trump’s Birtherism and Sheriff Arpaio’s fact-finding birth certificate “mission.” It’s not like we’ve proven countless times the birth certificate issue has more than been resolved, but for the purpose of making Democrats with real problems and concerns look equally foolish, albeit insane, Chuck T. will simply present them as the opposite end of the nutty spectrum. But hey, Chuckie, Mr. Daily Rundown, the Orly Taitz Birthers of the world should get the same airtime as those with documented cases of outright fraud and illegal election practices, right?

Chuck opted to lend any validity to the claims of possible election theft and tainted voting machines. He continues to equate actual cases of election (not voter) fraud as merely a conspiracy theory, like the events forcing the only President in history to produce his long form birth certificate. Nothing is said about the American people’s desire to cast their ballots freely like they do in so many countries. It’s gotten so bad, Chuck, the UNITED NATIONS is stepping in and monitoring US elections!

Chuck Todd, hamming it up at the RNC, Tampa

Chuck’s loyalty to Bain and the Romney camp was blatant in this interview with Obama campaign spokesperson Stephanie Cutter. She correctly asserts how Willard Romney was the head of Bain Capital through 2002. All Chuck could focus on was the removal of some controversial ads stating this FACT, not the veracity of the ads. He thought they were too mean and unfair, but had nothing to say of Romney’s own Birther comment.

Chuck often baits his colleague, Joe Scarborough into Obama-bashing (not that he needs any help). On the issue of whether President Obama should have met with (selected) world leaders during the recent UN General Assembly, Todd goaded Scarborough with statements comparing Obama 2012 with Bush 2004, “It’s weird” that Obama isn’t doing the same right now,” Todd concluded… “and then you’re going on The View.” Scarborough added that Obama “doesn’t seem to want to” build relationships with foreign leaders.” Chuck tacitly agreed, nodding in acquiescence.

He often allows GOP guests on his shows to finish spinning their fantastical nonsense unchallenged while repeatedly interrupting Democratic guests. I’ve never heard a more insane lie than when über-neocon and Teaparty madman Richard Mourdock was on The Daily Rundown, he stated his goal was to get “more and more people to believe it is a good thing to roll back the size of government…it would be a good thing if we increase personal freedoms,” Chuck Todd had no comment on those unfounded assertions. As if the GOP isn’t responsible for the greatest increases in the size of government historically. He was absolutely silent when Mourdock stated how bipartisanship should mean Democrats coming over to the Republican side, not both meeting in the middle, also know as “compromise.”

I’ve personally noticed how eager he is to create an election horse race for his corporate Comcast/G.E. masters, when, in all reality, there isn’t one. Remember the 47% comment? Chuck Todd quickly rose to Romney’s defense:

.. you don’t necessarily know. Is the candidate saying what he truly believes? Or is he saying what he thinks the audience wants to hear? Particularly at a place like a fund-raiser where partisan red meat is had, not just rubber chicken, if you will, that they eat. But, you know, in this videotape — which, of course, our national investigative correspondent, Michael Isikoff, acquired — you do get a sense of at least what the campaign is thinking sometimes. And in many ways Mitt Romney was sounding like a pundit — right? He was saying there are 47% of the country that is going to be with the president no matter what. But the part that he said, talking about that they pay no income taxes, that they want to be part of a government, it’s probably going to have legs and something he’s got to deal with. He’s put out a statement, a sort of non-innocuous statement, trying to deal with this a little ways. And it is a reminder: President Obama, when he was candidate Obama, had a similar incident where he was overheard talking about analyzing folks in the state of Pennsylvania, saying they cling to their guns and religion. And…it’s a political comment to this day that’s still a political problem for the president to deal with in those states.

As I write this, Chuck is giddily projecting Romney winning by a statistical 70% likelihood, based on some history he just manufactured on Morning Joe. His harsh criticism of all Democrats coupled with his loyalty to the Bain Capital magnate is all he cares to present on MSNBC in the morning and subsequently throughout the news day. I won’t even start on David Gregory and his Meet the Press cavalcade of GOP guests who are given a forum to spew their lies, unchallenged. It would be nice if there was a little objective journalism or even some actual liberal media once in a while. It’s obvious the corporations are pulling the puppet strings and “journalists” like Chuck Todd are happy to dance for the bosses. Once again, the claim of “liberal media” is simply the GOP projecting its own practices erroneously upon the innocent.

After Romney’s poor showing in Monday’s third and final debate, Chuck Todd speaks in a very harsh, irritated tone, noticeably different than yesterday. Hmmmmm. Perhaps I had a point?

4 thoughts on “Chuck Todd’s Nasty False Equivalency Targets Democratic Voters

  1. Agree with much here. I too have been a bit surprised by some of Todd’s gaming of the narrative. And I do think the Romney family’s interest in e-voting machines is very much a story, and one which may have legs. To dismiss it as just more birther nonsense begs the question about his understanding of what happened in OHIO in 04.


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