VP Biden Must Be Unleashed on Paul Ryan and His Lies!

Anyone who saw Paul Ryan’s smug face after spewing lie after lie at the RNC in Tampa probably felt the same revulsion in the pit of their stomach as I did. The thunderous applause from a crowd that greatly resembled the Third Reich was truly disconcerting. This blatant plutocrat is as honest with the American people as Dick Cheney was in getting us into Iraq.

Vice President Biden is a genuinely good guy, who doesn’t have to lie to gain favor with the public.

a grateful Biden fan gives a tearful hug

A man who traveled daily on Amtrak Trains to Washington D.C., beloved by his constituents and an absolute genius of  foreign policy, VP Biden is much more formidable than the Romney/Ryan camp cares to admit. He has a wealth of factual information at his impromptu disposal and will not hesitate to call out Lyin Ryan on his $716 Billion Dollar Medicare Lie. Biden is a very seasoned debater and won’t recoil at Ryan’s impending falsehoods. VP Biden is ready to “rope a dope,” as he puts it.

Of course it would help if Democrats and the media would be more concerned with facts than the semantics of debate performance vis a vis hijacking the debate with Cranbrook-style bullying. We need to have Biden’s back, as he has always had the back of the American worker. A pathological liar like Mitt Romney chose this insane “forcible rape” legislator as his running mate for a reason. He saw a chameleon opportunist like himself in Paul Ryan and it brought a level of giddiness in Romney yet unseen.

The devastation the Ryan Budget would level on poor Americans shows a sociopathic lack of empathy that is contrary to the teachings of his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. His Ayn Rand idolatry shows how he values the Virtue of Selfishness and has absolutely no business representing a nation who needs real solutions, not Voodoo Economics.

channeling Ayn Rand

Tonight’s debate in Kentucky should bring to light the staunch differences between these two men. One is a charlatan “wizard” who cares only for his rich cronies and the other is a compassionate, decent man who has earned his position in government. Paul Ryan is a fraud, just like his running mate. Not only should he lose this election, he should also be beat by 1st District Wisconsin opponent for the House, Rob Zerban. He deserves a bleak future like the one with which he has doomed so many Americans with his unethical budget and equally cruel policies on women.

9 thoughts on “VP Biden Must Be Unleashed on Paul Ryan and His Lies!

  1. I was happy with Fightin’ Joe’s debate tonight. He countered Ryan’s lies and went after some of Romney’s to boot. It was a much-needed momentum shift — Obama seems to be getting his momentum back with his Miami speech too. “After months of describing himself as severely conservative, now Mitt wants us think he was severely kidding!”

  2. What did you think of the debate tonight? I missed it. I didn’t see Obama’s either, but I heard he didn’t do so well and I was crushed. That’s supposed to be his strong suit! I do hope Biden did better. I should have watched, but it just makes me so nervous. GOD I hope Romney and Ryan Ratface don’t win this thing.

    1. I’m delighted with Joe Biden’s crushing of Paul Ryan and his nonsensical lies. It was beautiful. Ryan was very thirsty. He was more spent after this debate than after his fake marathon 2 hours.

  3. I am pleased with the outcome of this VP debate. We needed the boost. Joe is genuine, and extremely knowledgable on foreign policy. As for the smirking or interuptions, we have to stay on coarse in this election which means we need the teeth to put down the massive onslaught of right wing talking points, (Many down right lies). Pure channel, and fox, along with many other media enterprises, and Republican favoring lobbies have spent great amounts of cash to train their constituents, who are all well versed on the current talking points. Regardless of being fabricated or twisted truths, they are thrown out so quickly and confidently, that they have the trust, and support of their sheepish following. It takes a strong character and knowledge of the facts to quickly shut down this Republican machine. They at this point will say and do anything just to get into office. We all have seen how this works.

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