Criticize Mitt Romney and Mormon Inc. WILL Excommunicate You

The Mormons, even before their Utah Territory was an official state, were very defensive of their sacred Deseret. So much so that a number of them banded together, disguised as Indians, to slaughter innocent settlers passing through the territory on their way to California in the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Reliable historians purport that their beloved prophet and university namesake Brigham Young ordered the massacre to keep the US Army out of his beloved Latter Day “Saints” territory, claiming that otherwise the Indians would go on the warpath. If you’ve ever driven through Utah, as I have, you still get the sense today that outsiders, in some parts, are simply not welcome. They know their own and are suspicious of non-Mormons. Questioning the legitimacy of the LDS religion has always been a sore spot and it’s certainly no different today. It is simply forbidden and if a member dare raise valid concerns over inconsistencies in the “faith,” they are sure to be irrevocably censured.

David Twede of MormonThink

Naturally, the LDS church would never admit they don’t tolerate questioning, but of course openly admitting their obvious defensiveness of their cult’s validity would be downright embarrassing. Kay Burningham, former LDS member and author/attorney commented on this particular instance:
“There is no freedom of speech within the LDS Church.  From the clothing they wear, the words they speak, to the books, movies and music deemed appropriate to read, watch and hear, the LDS hierarchy censors its members who dissent.  As MormonThink’s managing editor, David Twede’s good faith efforts at addressing true Mormon history and his constitutional right to express his opinion on Mitt Romney’s fitness for the position of POTUS, are a threat to Mormonism’s very foundation. Only through an outward showing of discipline or excommunication, can the church spin the search for truth and the individual right to expression into a demonic activity.”  

There are many instances of Mormons coming out against the church once the true fraudulent nature manifests itself to the member.  A perfect example of a work they found objectionable is An Insider’s View of Mormon Origins, which challenges the traditional explanations of the faith’s founding events – Joseph Smith’s First Vision, the visit of the Angel Moroni, Smith’s translation of ancient writings on gold plates and the restoration of the priesthood.  Even though the evidence against the charlatan’s plagiarizing of the Christian Bible is irrefutable, the church tells members any dissent is the work of the devil, which in turn provides an airtight lock on their illogical mythology.

The Mormon religion is so good at its job, they’ve even convinced their members you have to pay “money” to get into the Celestial Kingdom.  Willard Romney has asserted how instrumental the Mormon church has been in shaping his character.  If his very core is formulated by a fraudulently based belief system, one has to wonder the degree of mental fitness this man possesses that he is so duped by a cult that is utterly devoid of logic.  This is a man who believes little in public education,  for the poor masses are undeserving of the same schooling he received, thanks to LDS Inc.  Even in the face of irrefutable evidence, a true Mormon will stand and die for the lie, make no mistake about it.   Is this what we need in the White House?

9 thoughts on “Criticize Mitt Romney and Mormon Inc. WILL Excommunicate You

  1. Not surprisingly there has been dispute over whether or not Mormon members disguised themselves as Indians, but as many have found, the facts seem to be established. However, the mountain of evidence that exposes a deceitful leadership is found indisputable by any sincere researcher. One of the most obvious false representations in Mormonism were the fake Egyptian Heiroglyphic translations Joseph Smith so arragontly claimed were accurate. No one could prove him wrong until after the finding of the Rosetta Stone. I refer to this single event more than any because it cannot be hidden by the Mormon authorities. However, you will find that any and all documents held by the Mormon leaders that could be used to confirm the fraudulent nature of not only the Mormon leadership but Joseph Smith himself miraculously disappeared or “darn it all”, burned up in yet another fire…
    I apologize for being a bit sarcastic on this. The Mormon leadership had to consciously make a decision when Joseph Smith’s lies were exposed using the Rosetta Stone. They couldn’t cry foul this time except to their congregation as there were too many in authority that agreed with the accuracy of the Rosetta Stone. Sadly, the Mormon conspiracy became locked in for all time; they chose to lie instead of tell the truth.
    Researching Joseph Smith you’ll start to realize he carefully picked certain biblical events to interject his stories into with the assumption that no one would be able to contradict him with evidence (he said, she said). For instance the original passage to the western world occurred during the Biblical Confounding of the Languages. Another completely fake story is the Mormon’s ‘Book of Enoch’. A one liner in the Bible, he was sure he would be safe and could play on that. Little did he know writings of Enoch would be found, and in two seperate locations, writings that depict a completely different story of the Mormons version but yet, agree with each other. The odd man out again; the Mormon version. You see, as best as he could he carefully picked what he thought could never be found out to help build his facade as a prophet of God and to create his fictional stories. It’s sad, really…

  2. Lies, lies, lies. Twede himself has said that the disciplinary action taken was not in response to his criticism of Romney. I know plenty of members who do not lean to the right, who have been outspokenly critical of Romney and have not seen ANY contact from church leadership about it. Twede was approached due to his blog containing writings regarding temple-related things, things that are considered sacred and not to be discussed in such a cavalier manner. Stop spreading lies.

    1. Why are these rituals considered so sacred when all the ceremonies are essentially Masonic in origin? I think it’s ridiculous how Mormons don’t let anyone in their temple that is not one of the brainwashed. It makes them appear very suspicious.

    2. NOT “lies,” just reasonable conjecture, given the timing of Twede’s post on Romney. He has maintained web pages about the controversies with the temple, the BoM, the BoAbraham, polygamy, etc., etc., for literally years now. Why was he not summoned to a church court before now, then?

      My own reasonable conjecture is: because the cult leaders didn’t know who he WAS. A so-called friend of his in the Neil Maxwell Institute (formerly FARMS) outed him to the hierarchy after he posted his article on Romney. The best answer, consequently, for the reasons behind the cult court is: ALL the above. The cult doesn’t want the truth behind its claims known to the world, and thus judges a member who believes that truth is paramount… “guilty of treason.”

      Now, if you know, for a FACT that it has to do with a temple exposé, and not other possible controversies, then you must have INSIDE information, a direct connection with his stake president. Would you like to inform us just what that connection is?

      As for those “sacred” temple writings, Twede has always, consistently, fairly also included Mormon apologists’ point-of-view on all such controversies, trying to give them an open opportunity to correct any “misconceptions.” Does he state anything about that purloined masonic ritual that is NOT true?

      What it boils down to is this: since when has TRUTH become so unacceptable? Or is it that you adhere to Boyd K. Pecker’s admonition to seminary and institute teachers: “If it doesn’t build faith, we don’t teach it –even if it’s true.”

      Niiiiice. And hypocritical from a cult that feigns “the glory of god is intelligence.”

    3. Geez Mr. Bocchetti, I hate it when people say, “Lies, lies lies” and do not itemize “the list”? LOL… What are you referring to , “exactly”. I mean that seriously, “exactly”. I’ve learned, not everything spoken of are “Lies, lies, lies”, LOL… So give me some insight please???? If I’m going to discount anything, it’s your comment only because you didn’t give me anything to see.

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