There is A Romney We Should All Listen To, and It’s Not Mitt

Everything I have learned about Mitt Romney, (which is quite a bit as I’ve been researching my President’s opponent for quite some time) has shown him to be a pure opportunist in every sense of the word. He has quite a flair for the fallacious. “Romney isn’t the first national politician to try to deceive the public, but he’s arguably the first to build his entire campaign around the deceptions”.

Park Romney‘s father and Mitt’s (late) father are 1st cousins. That makes Mitt and Park 2nd cousins. They share the great grandfather, Miles Park Romney, in common. Mitt’s line comes from Miles Park’s 1st wife. Park’s line comes from Miles Park’s 2nd wife. But Park is everything we wished Mitt would be. He’s insightful, philosophical, brilliant, principled, and utterly devoted to social justice. Unlike his second cousin, he craves knowledge and truth and will not shun logic, reason and morality simply to amass political power and obscene wealth. Park is a rare breed: he seeks knowledge to further his evolution as a thinking person, not to gain material wealth. If wealth was measured by the content of someone’s brain, he’d have a few yachts in the Caymans himself. His wealth is measured by truly living a moral life without compromising his principled values.

If you read Dana Milbank’s Washington Post article, you’d think Park Romney was an incredulous source of derogatory information about Mormonism, kind of a quirky family member of the likes of Roger Clinton. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Park has given very few interviews, the only one I know about, by the BBC, was edited in such a way to present him as an outcast. This is wrong and I know this because I had the privilege of speaking with him on the matter. Our conversation provided much of the insight I needed to understand how people are indoctrinated into this “faith.” Park chose to leave the Mormon church (a.k.a. cult to many) and was not “shunned” as they put it. He makes those who are still under their sphere of influence very uncomfortable because he presents truth and facts that will invalidate their entire belief system and render their sociological structure null and void. Naturally, he will be depicted as an extremist with an axe to grind. But notoriety and fame isn’t his goal. He craves honesty and fairness in a society that’s obviously losing these values.

Park explains,”It is my belief that he (Mitt) is the walking epitome of the ultimate manifestation of Mormon Epistemology. A prolonged diet of this type of social dynamic renders the candidate increasingly intellectually incapable of even recognizing the absurdity of his own public contradictions and misrepresentations and absolutely unaware as to how obvious they are to others. It is a dangerous man who fancies himself “called of God” while being devoid of the intellectual discipline of meaningful self-reflection. This is the product of Mormon Epistemology.”

Very few Mormons leave the faith for the simple fact it is very difficult to disentangle one’s personal and business lives from the machinations of the church. It’s baffling to me why so many seemingly intelligent people buy into this wholly ridiculous and unscientific fable. Park helped me understand why they continue to live an epistemological lie. 1. You don’t question or doubt scripture and authority 2. Anyone who does is influenced by Satan. Period. That circular argument prevents dissent among the faithful. Mormon epistemology imposes a massive level of guilt and fear upon its members which proves to be an effective formula to keep the numbers up.

Park Romney’s exposes the darker side of Mitt’s faith

Willard Romney is a prime example of how this “cult” (as its been labeled by millions of former Mormons) has shaped him. Remember, he has always been revered for his wealth because Mormons equate money with heavenly worthiness. Add his high status as Bishop in the church and you get a man who was never questioned, never doubted and never disrespected. This creates a disconnect with the real problems and emotional issues facing so many Americans. He lives in a sanitized world where he’s been considered godlike, literally. He is deemed “celestial heaven-bound” because of his financial and ecclesiastical accomplishments. Let’s be realistic: Mormonism, more than any other religion, worships the almighty dollar most.

Park said it best here:

Mitt Romney’s religion, Mormonism, which is my former religion, having been a Mormon High Priest, like Mitt still is, is a far bigger issue than most people realize and understand. In our rush to avoid being accused of being bigoted, in America, we have a natural tendency to want to steer clear of this topic. I will be the first to agree that to be arbitrarily dismissive of a man’s candidacy for the office of President, or any office for that matter, on the basis of his religion is definitely bigoted. “Arbitrarily dismissive” is the key phrase here. In the case of Mormonism, we have a very unique situation. Questions about Mormonism for those fully informed of the very real issues are not in the least degree arbitrary. There are very real concerns that millions of former Mormons are very much aware of. This is not simply a question of subjective disagreements on points of faith that really can’t be proved or disproved anyway. In the case of the Mormon Church, I share the view with many others, including people far more scholarly and qualified in other ways than myself, that the Mormon religion is not only an insidious contemporary fraud, but has been demonstrated conclusively to be such by researchers who are alive today and competent to testify on the basis of evidence still available today. Accordingly, the questions that are most important and relevant to Mitt’s candidacy here, since he is a current High Priest of the Mormon Church, are not of religion, but very fair questions of ethics and judgment.

Ethics. That is the primary attribute in a candidate I value. President Obama, for some of his perceived flaws (many are far overblown by the Bain Capital-owned media), has demonstrated an empathy for all humanity: men, women, minorities, LGBT and most importantly, children. I am not even going into the issues of environment and energy as the two parties couldn’t be more different in these areas. The GOP has presented a pro-fetus only campaign which disregards the care for humanity once that fetus emerges into the world kicking and screaming. Pro-death penalty, pro-war, anti-labor and prison-obsessed is not pro-life, no matter how you slice it. There’s a serious lack of ethics in the GOP AND their candidate and that dearth of compassionate principles is far more dangerous to American citizens than most realize.

Park Romney sees a huge wave of selfishness and ignorance culminating in the election of a president many unsuspecting, naive fools may truly deserve. It is the job of us thinking, compassionate Americans to prevent this travesty from occurring. Ask your friends if they’re registered to vote. Bigger numbers favor Democratic candidates, and that’s what the GOP does not want.

If you’re interested in a truly eye-opening perspective on why this religion is completely based on lies, there is an amazing podcast, although long, that explains it perfectly. Go to about 1:30:00 into this podcast by a former Stake President from the U.K. It is truly informative and a must listen for anyone considering Mormonism to be an acceptable modus operandi of a U.S. President. There is no denying the lies inherent in this faith which troubles me and should trouble our citizens. I thank author Kay Burningham for this valuable audio.

7 thoughts on “There is A Romney We Should All Listen To, and It’s Not Mitt

  1. Wow – what an article !
    Park Romney was certainly poignant enough to point out the real problems with Mitt Romney and where his religious ethics become a detriment to others around him, in this case – the general public who lay outside of his exclusionary ideology .
    If one blindly subscribes to theocratic ideology of the religio-industrial complex, all absurdities and hypocrisies are overlooked.

    It is also important to mention that Mitt Romney highly recommended the writings of Cleon Skousen –
    Cleon Skousen a fanatical Mormon conservative who had described African-American children as “pickaninnies” and portrayed American slave owners as the “worst victims” of the slavery system !
    Slousen would further go to say that “[slave] gangs in transit were usually a cheerful lot, though the presence of a number of the more vicious type sometimes made it necessary for them all to go in chains.”

    These are ideas that have influenced Mitt Romney and ideas that he endorses . . .More absurd lies

    “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

      1. You should do an article about how Paul Ryan’s favorite writer is ayn rand, and how that might be just a slight contradiction to what the bible teacher… especially considering she was an atheist.

  2. Hey, I read about an article about Park Romney the other day when I was looking on the Rick Ross website for more info on Mormonism ( and I have to say that I was amazed by his courage, especially since he was formerly a High Priest. I can only imagine how hard it was for him to give up such an important position. Anyway, great article! Keep it up!

    1. Park has tremendous fortitude to be true to himself. By acknowledging a fraud that was so ingrained into him and everyone he knew and loved, it was certainly very trying for him and others like him. Unlike Willard, Park has an incredible amount of tolerance, love and acceptance for all people and has none of the specious judgement his cousin seems to reserve for most Americans. Thank you and check out for more insight. A wealth of information on his site!!

      1. Thank you for the link and you’re right. There is a wealth of info that I didn’t know where to start. So far, I read an article about Mitt’s polygamous ancestory ( and one thing that stuck out to me is that Mormons have an online database called New FamilySearch, where they list multiple wives, both living and dead, especially dead wives they haven’t married when they were alive. Of course, you have to register for the site if you’re a Mormon, but here’s a link:

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