Massachusetts Would Be Wise To Avoid Romney and His GOP

Perhaps Massachusetts’ flirtation period with the GOP is in its twilight. Current Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (D) said, “I can tell you,…he was a great salesman who was more interested in having the job than doing it,” describing Mitt Romney’s tenure as Governor of the New England Commonwealth. This seems to be the same attitude he possesses about the job at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He wants the power, but really has no intention of using it to benefit the majority of his “subjects.”

This was a man who never concerns himself with minutia like the passage of bills to fund the prevention of hate crimes, he’d rather keep his state on a par in job creation with then Katrina-ravaged Louisiana . While governor, the state’s total job growth was just 0.9 percent, well behind other high-wage, high-skill economies in New York (2.7), California (4.7), and North Carolina (7.6). The national average, meanwhile, was better than 5 percent. Dismal as these numbers are, what’s more telling is Romney’s current poll numbers in his “home” state. President Obama leads Romney 60 percent to 38 percent in the Bay State, a veritable beat down of epic proportions, a pummeling he richly deserves. This similar performance by his TeaParty darling supporter, Senator Scott Brown shows just how little these men care for the state they so poorly represent.

Senator Scott Brown and Willard Romney

Former Cosmopolitan Magazine centerfold and Wall Street favorite, Scott Brown, has shown little concern for the majority of the citizens of Massachusetts. Although he is trying to distance himself from Romney’s 47% remark at a private fundraiser, he has shown he holds a similar world view. He’s a pro-big oil, anti-women, anti-welfare, teabagging Conservative who seems to be losing his allure. He recently proclaimed Justice and Fascist Antonin Scalia as his favorite member of the Supreme Court.

Massachusetts has an abysmal record of electing women in US Senate races, as there has never been a female Senator from the state. Remarkably, his opponent, Elizabeth Warren, has a lead in most polls. If Massachusetts has more sense than the folks in Missouri poised to elect legitimate rape advocate, Todd Akin (R), we should, by all accounts, see the first female Senator from the state. Even with the ugliness of the racial attack on her Cherokee heritage, she still has a fight on her hands that the rest of the country is watching closely.

It seems Massachusetts has gambled with Republicans in the state whose politics has been primarily formed by a Kennedy legacy of service. JFK, RFK and Ted Kennedy, among other greats from the state, have served their populace with dignity and consideration. These nouveau right wing figure heads who have shown nothing more than a politicians look with zero substance are perhaps just a blemish on the Democratic history of Massachusetts. The state was and still is a great voice in a democracy that has no use for shallow, morally bankrupt men like Willard Romney and Scott Brown.

A Romney Presidency Would Ensure Global Economic Disaster




{a guest blog from Derek Wood of Sydney, Australia}

It seems the global opinion regarding our impending elections is fairly univerally consistent. Most of the world is terrified of a Romney victory and, quite anomalous to the norm, many are preemptively weighing in with their opinions. For instance, they have learned in the U.K. that Mormon supporters of Mitt Romney are promoting a day of mass fasting and prayer to seek divine help for the Republican candidate in the upcoming Presidential debates. This is viewed as an act of desperation and the iminent implosion of the G.O.P. is quite likely. To get a better view, I implored my Australian friend, Mr. Derek Wood to provide enlightenment on the matter.

As the US Presidential election draws near, the world is collectively holding its breath to see who will come out on top. The choice couldn’t be more diverse. On the one hand we have the President, Barack Obama, with his semi-socialistic policies and still assigned with the task of trying to clean up the debacle the GOP left after the tenure of George W Bush. At the other end of the spectrum we have his challenger, Willard (Mitt) Romney, the (reluctant) darling of the far right. An elder political statesman who, along with his Mormon beliefs, has a set agenda that is not too hard to work out if you look closely.

As has been proven by Obama, being President of the United States is about governing for all citizens of the US. Regardless of their political or religious persuasion, regardless of their ethnicity, regardless of their sexuality and regardless of their status within society. This is coupled with ensuring that the relationships with your Allies (think most of the western world) are maintained harmoniously. Most previous Presidents have managed to cope quite well with ‘talking to our friends’ overseas. Obama has done an excellent job on the world stage and is very much respected by most leaders worldwide.

The same cannot be said about Romney. In the past few months he has upset the UK government, the Australian government, virtually the whole of the Middle East (outside of Israel) and some of Europe. If there is an Oscar for ‘putting your foot in your mouth’ then Mitt Romney would win hands down! Two things struck me about this. Firstly, he is being very badly advised by his close confidants. If you are trying to win the top job you don’t go around shooting from the hip. Secondly, he just doesn’t have the acumen to represent America on the world stage. To be blunt, you either have it, or you don’t. Romney is sadly lacking in this regard.

Another ‘foot in mouth’ moment was the recently released video of Romney telling an audience of fellow one percenters, that 47% of voters are on various welfare benefits and therefore were lost to him and the Republicans. In effect, it could be inferred that they would be ignored by a Romney administration. As I mentioned earlier, the job of government, in part, is to help those on welfare, educate them, train them etc and above all, show them that they are not a ‘lost cause’. Governments have to provide opportunities for these citizens. It seems that Romney and GOP are of a different view.

This brings me nicely to the Australian view of the forthcoming Presidential election. For the uninitiated, Australia has a coalition centre-left government led by Julia Gillard. Australia has a long history as being one of America’s staunchest Allies. It is also the only western country in the world that did not suffer a recession after the Global Financial Crisis. Currently the unemployment rate is a shade over 5% – close to full employment. Its debt levels are the lowest of the G20. So it is safe to assume that something has gone well for Australia over the past decade or so, whether by luck or good planning.

Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan

The word twisting that Romney espoused after the Australian Foreign Minister paid him a visit a few months ago, didn’t go down at all well in Canberra. This was probably one of the lesser reasons why the Australian Treasurer, Wayne Swan, politically attacked Romney and the Republicans. What Swan said was amazing to us Australians. He is seen as a dull, boring type of politician. Also, he broke the unwritten rule of siding with an American political party in an election year. For the record, Wayne Swan said:

“Let’s be blunt, the biggest threat to the world’s biggest economy are the cranks and crazies that have taken over parts of the Republican Party,”.

“Despite (US president Barack) Obama’s goodwill … the national interest was held hostage by the rise of the extreme right Tea-Party wing of the Republicans.

“There can be few things more alarming in public policy than a political group which was genuinely prepared to see the government of the United States default on its obligations in order to score a political point.”

His words were deliberate and were meant for the world audience as well as for the US. To Australia, the Romney led Republicans would be bad for the world. It is a given that Romney would introduce a number of right wing policies both domestically and internationally. There is no doubt that America would be siding with Israel in a pre-emptive strike against Iran. This is something the West cannot afford to happen. Then there is a bigger threat, the Tea Party influence is such that in January the US could default on its payment obligations, unless a finance package is agreed upon.

Whilst this might be a good move from the Tea Party point of view, and would help justify dramatic cuts in government spending, it would send earthquake type tremors through the money markets of the world, and especially Europe. This could be the beginning of another Global Financial Crisis. This, in turn, would affect the US economy and lead to higher unemployment and a stagnating local economy.

That is why the Australian government went public with its attack on the GOP. They know that a win for Romney will only spell disaster for the US and the world in general. Whether the voters of the US take note is to be seen. Outside of the GOP, it is imperative that Obama wins another term of office. The world wants Obama to defeat his radical, and aging opponent, and use his second term to revive the US economy and ensure that harmony is maintained with the west, and that the Middle East tensions do not get out of control.

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Criticize Mitt Romney and Mormon Inc. WILL Excommunicate You

The Mormons, even before their Utah Territory was an official state, were very defensive of their sacred Deseret. So much so that a number of them banded together, disguised as Indians, to slaughter innocent settlers passing through the territory on their way to California in the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Reliable historians purport that their beloved prophet and university namesake Brigham Young ordered the massacre to keep the US Army out of his beloved Latter Day “Saints” territory, claiming that otherwise the Indians would go on the warpath. If you’ve ever driven through Utah, as I have, you still get the sense today that outsiders, in some parts, are simply not welcome. They know their own and are suspicious of non-Mormons. Questioning the legitimacy of the LDS religion has always been a sore spot and it’s certainly no different today. It is simply forbidden and if a member dare raise valid concerns over inconsistencies in the “faith,” they are sure to be irrevocably censured.

David Twede of MormonThink

Naturally, the LDS church would never admit they don’t tolerate questioning, but of course openly admitting their obvious defensiveness of their cult’s validity would be downright embarrassing. Kay Burningham, former LDS member and author/attorney commented on this particular instance:
“There is no freedom of speech within the LDS Church.  From the clothing they wear, the words they speak, to the books, movies and music deemed appropriate to read, watch and hear, the LDS hierarchy censors its members who dissent.  As MormonThink’s managing editor, David Twede’s good faith efforts at addressing true Mormon history and his constitutional right to express his opinion on Mitt Romney’s fitness for the position of POTUS, are a threat to Mormonism’s very foundation. Only through an outward showing of discipline or excommunication, can the church spin the search for truth and the individual right to expression into a demonic activity.”  

There are many instances of Mormons coming out against the church once the true fraudulent nature manifests itself to the member.  A perfect example of a work they found objectionable is An Insider’s View of Mormon Origins, which challenges the traditional explanations of the faith’s founding events – Joseph Smith’s First Vision, the visit of the Angel Moroni, Smith’s translation of ancient writings on gold plates and the restoration of the priesthood.  Even though the evidence against the charlatan’s plagiarizing of the Christian Bible is irrefutable, the church tells members any dissent is the work of the devil, which in turn provides an airtight lock on their illogical mythology.

The Mormon religion is so good at its job, they’ve even convinced their members you have to pay “money” to get into the Celestial Kingdom.  Willard Romney has asserted how instrumental the Mormon church has been in shaping his character.  If his very core is formulated by a fraudulently based belief system, one has to wonder the degree of mental fitness this man possesses that he is so duped by a cult that is utterly devoid of logic.  This is a man who believes little in public education,  for the poor masses are undeserving of the same schooling he received, thanks to LDS Inc.  Even in the face of irrefutable evidence, a true Mormon will stand and die for the lie, make no mistake about it.   Is this what we need in the White House?

Ann Romney Believes Women Should Know Their Place

As a woman fortunate enough to have had an upbringing where I was always taught that women and men are equals, I’d like to presume the First Lady of my country would instill similar values in other American girls. If her speech at the Republican National Convention showed her true feelings on the matter of feminine equality, it’s painfully obvious Ann Romney believes a woman should know her place, which is in the role of dutiful wife and doting mother. She firmly believes in the supremacy of men just as her adopted Mormon cult dictates. After all, a Mormon woman can only enter the gates of the celestial kingdom with the consent of her husband. Any woman exhibiting desires eschewed by the values ascribed by the Mormon cult is simply anomalous to her entitled and privileged way of life. She is perhaps the worst spokesman for the twenty-first century American female there ever was.

Ann Romney firmly believes a woman should unequivocally be a partner to a man, both in this life and the still unproven hereafter. Not only did she fail to acknowledge women in ANY professional capacity in her RNC speech, she failed to acknowledge single, lesbian or childless women (to name a few) as integral female members of a productive society. She’s so averse to answering questions regarding her own professional aspirations , she cancels any interview inquiring on the matter. Although raised largely without formal religion, (Episcopalian with a touch of atheism) she believes what the Mormon scriptures profess: By bearing and nurturing children, women are saved because they have learned to perform Heavenly Mother’s work. In other words, women truly have no other earthly function than to serve the man and bear him children. This is very similar to the Muslim faith. The role of the Muslim woman is clearly defined and outlined in Islam. In short her primary role is with the upbringing of her children and in being a dutiful wife. A woman’s job, in her worldview, is to be simply a mother and wife above all things. Funny how similar the two faiths are, much to the disapproval of unbeknownst Republicans. Ann’s very own atheist father Edward Davies was baptized into the Mormon Church posthumously, something he would definitely have objected to while alive. Her arrogance and presumption prevent her from seeing just how offensive this is.

She serves her husband also by staunchly defending his right to leading a privileged and entitled existence, free from the customary scrutiny thrust upon the life of a presidential candidate. “Have you seen how we’re attacked?,” Ann Romney said in an interview in mid August, hitting the table with her hand for emphasis. “Have you seen what’s happened?…. “It will just give them more ammunition.” These are the words of a wealthy corporate wife who is outraged her husband is under the microscope while running for the most powerful elected office on earth. She’s assuming they’ll be attacked further if they release more, so that pretty much means there’s something in those returns that’s worthy of “attack” — at least by folks who are paying taxes at a much higher rate, who are perhaps keeping their monies in these United States. “Stop it. This is hard, you wanna try it, get in the ring,” she whined earlier this week following the legendary Mother Jones video of Mitt Romney showing a rare candid example of the contempt he shows for low income Americans and the futility of garnering their vote. She was quoted by a few ladies close to her as having said “My horse has more style and more class in its hoof than they (Democrats) do in their whole deal.” Clearly this couple cares little for the middle class and their disdain is starting to manifest itself everytime they open their mouths.

(Not an actual Michelle Obama quote)

Willard Romney believes his wife is his spokesperson for “what women want”. Unfortunately, women are not the monolithic wealthy, corporate white woman Mitt believes Ann is a typical representative. Perhaps Willard’s experience as a fairly omnipotent LDS “prophet” throughout much of his life has shielded him from the reality that the world is nothing like his sanitized view of entitled corporate personhood. It is very apparent she too doesn’t see the forest through the trees when it comes to women’s real world issues. Not every girl aspires to be a stay at home mom, not every girl can be that person for a myriad reasons. Frankly, this woman becoming First Lady is a gigantic leap backwards of all the progress women made in the twentieth century. Actually, given the obvious Republican war on women, what better representative for their antiquated Puritanical views on women than Queen Ann? If America elects this entitled couple it’s because of one of two reasons: they’ve suppressed the vote sufficiently or we’re so unbelievably ignorant as a people, we deserve this impending nightmare.

NFL Referees Represent a Microcosm of the American Assault on Labor

Players and Fans Missing NFL Referees

I’m sure, if you are a football fan, or simply follow sports, you are aware there is currently a lockout affecting the very integrity of our beloved national gridiron past time, the NFL. The complaints are legitimate and anyone who has watched a game in the preseason or in weeks one or two of this season, has noticed the difference between the usual officials and these replacement scabs. There have been a multitude of blown calls and numerous examples of these refs clearly not understanding the rules. This is more than just a sports issue. This is, once again, a labor issue where big business owners are flexing their muscle in favor of profit over quality. To sacrifice quality in this case actually impacts the livelihood of the officials, the integrity of the game and most importantly, the safety of the players. Time will tell if this plot to save such a minuscule amount at the expense of the players, officials and fans will pay off, but the evidence is strongly against this irresponsible conduct by the owners and the commissioner’s office. It almost seems like a plot designed by the Koch Brothers and Governor Walker.

This isn’t a strike. It’s a lockout. The owners are trying to teach the officials a lesson. For a league with revenues far north of $8 billion a year, the petty cash in dispute is laughable. Especially when you consider there are only 119 NFL officials. And that they’re employed part time. For a sum of $50 million a year – less than 1 percent of total revenue – the league could hire 200 well-trained full-time officials at $250,000 each.

Since the harsh sanctions were brought down upon the coaching staff of the New Orleans Saints for the bounty program, some may think Roger Goodell is a man of integrity. He appeared to be a commissioner who has gone to great lengths to punish those participants and hand out fines en masse, all in the name of “player safety.” On August 31, Goodell issued this statement: Part of our responsibility in helping teams and players prepare for each NFL season is to make sure they understand and respect league policies and rules. As always, we hold everyone, including ourselves, strictly accountable for protecting the integrity of the game […] We will aggressively protect the health, safety and long-term livelihood of our players, both on the field and off. However, the NFL grows more dangerous by the week thanks to his decision to play hardball over one percent of league revenue and lock out the officials in favor of scab refs. Deadspin, for one, assembled a compilation earlier this week of what it deemed “the 21 worst replacement referee mistakes from Sunday,” filed under the tag “Scabwatch.” However, Goodell and many of the sportscasters have been trying to gloss over this issue by simply not mentioning the performance of these far less experienced officials.

So why are we in this predicament? As always, because of money. The league has offered what it says amounts to a 5 to 11 percent increase in salaries while the National Football League Referees Association says that increase would effectively be only 2.8%. It is true that NFL officials are paid much less than their counterparts in other sports. After five years, an NFL official makes $42,000. Meanwhile, a fifth-year MLB official makes $141,000 and a fifth-year NBA official makes $128,000. The choice of using anything less than the most competent referees is prudent at a time when the league is being sued by more than 3,000 former players. These players contend that the league was, at best, negligent in educating them about the long-term health effects of playing football and, at worst, concealed evidence of these effects. By putting less competent officials out there now, is the NFL adding to the case against itself? It sure doesn’t seem like the owners are too concerned with player safety.

This obstinate behavior demonstrates how labor must bow down to the owners’ whims, at whatever cost. It seems this is a pattern all too familiar ever since the PATCO strike in 1981. Unfortunately, this is the gamble that Goodell took when he decided to start the season with truly low-level replacements. He could have ended this lockout weeks ago for roughly the amount of money that NFL executives spend on dry cleaning every year. Goodell played to win. The real refs gambled, too. They bet on their own ability. They gambled that we would notice the difference. We certainly have. We want them back and we think unions are a good thing for this country, even on the football field. This strike, like the teachers’ strike in Chicago, is the last bastion of hope for organized labor in America. If these folks fail in their quest to insure quality working conditions, pensions and other basic workers’ rights, we will become a nation like China where human labor is treated like a commodity. I suppose that will suit the owners just fine. After all, most NFL owners favor the Republican Party. We all know where the GOP stands when it comes to workers’ rights.

Bain Orders Workers: Train Your Chinese Replacements, Then Say Goodbye to Your Job


The irony continues with the Romney campaign. His latest barrage of false attacks on President Obama are touting the recent mass exodus of jobs to China. Interestingly enough, Romney has been quite instrumental in that shameful profit-driven action. In order to protest the outsourcing of their American jobs, workers at the Freeport, Illinois Sensata Technologies Factory (a Bain subsidiary), began to camp outside the factory in protest of the venture capital firm’s decision to ship their jobs to China. They’ve labeled the tent city Bainport, in the hopes of attracting the attention of the GOP presidential candidate and current benefactor of Sensata profits, Willard Mitt Romney. Originally the company was owned by Honeywell but sold to Sensata in 2010. The employees, pleading for the very same jobs some have held for over four decades drafted a letter:

We work at Sensata Technologies in Freeport, Illinois — a company owned by Bain Capital, which you started, ran, and still profit from.

Our jobs are about to be outsourced to China. More than 150 of us will lose our jobs — and some of us have worked here for over 40 years. The worst indignity is that many of us are being asked to train the Chinese workers who are taking our jobs.

It’s not right that our good American jobs are being sent to China. It’s not right that you stand to get even richer off of our loss and pain.
We are not going down without a fight. We join together today to call on you to save our jobs.”

Workers outside “Bainport” in Freeport, Ill.

Willard and Bain worship the profit more than Mitt’s prophet and cult founder, Joseph Smith. Not only does this man have brass ones, but a heart which must have been assembled at the very factories he closes to outsource the livelihood of countless Americans. The human casualties at the hands of Bain Capital are stacking up and this is just another example.

The Sensata workers reported that management took down the American flags from the flag poles in front of the building before the Chinese delegation took a tour of the facility, and returned the flags after the Chinese left. Ironically, the protesting workers being are being labeled “communists” by Mitt Romney supporters while the factory and the job are planned for relocation in Communist China!

Tom Gaulrapp and Cheryl Randecker, employees of Sensata Technologies for 33 years went to Tampa and called upon Mitt Romney to help save their jobs. Obviously these efforts were ignored by most of the media, except for the good folks at Democracy Now!

It sure seems like Mitt is following the Karl Rove playbook to a “T”. One of his plans is this: To play the race card and appeal to the far right wing fringe of voters who are leery of an African American in the White House. Make Obama appear as if he’s the one who’s the foreigner, he’s the outsider, he’s the one who’s actually in favor of shipping jobs to China. However, Americans are no longer ignoring the harsh realities; no one is more guilty of this egregious practice than Willard Romney. It is a diabolical plan, but pesky folks like these workers in Freeport, Illinois may just put a damper on this evil strategy. I sure hope they succeed. Mitt Romney has no business being anywhere near the White House. Support the workers and visit the Bainport Site. These folks deserve a fair shot at the American Dream. Sign the petition on behalf of the workers HERE.

Is the Apparent Selfishness of Mitt Romney Evidence of a Larger Problem?

Mitt Romney is shaped primarily by his upbringing in the Mormon Church. It is relevant in this case because it is the vehicle by which he justifies his reluctance to release his tax returns. Those returns would demonstrate the pittance he has paid to the American Government due to his creative accountants finding every single loophole domestically and offshore. It also has justified his acquisition of wealth at all costs, especially by the devastation of so many lives and jobs which Bain Capital has decimated. My questions grow as I consider these two aspects of the faith: (1) The LDS church is one of the wealthiest religions in America while, (2) Mormon-dominated Utah is consistently first in personal bankruptcies. The Church gets rich–as members get poor. I looked to Park Romney for guidance.

I phrased my question like this: “All humans are selfish to some extent (with a few exceptions). From what I’ve learned about Mitt and the LDS church, it appears Mormonism is among the most selfish, materialistic religions out there. I was wondering what aspects of LDS that haven’t been widely discussed in the mainstream are most egregiously selfish. What are your thoughts if any?”

Park and Mitt Romney

Park Romney explains.

Ostensibly, Mormonism is a Christian religion and as such, subscribes to Christian values of selflessness, charity, and sacrifice in the service of one’s fellow man. Many, however, have shared observations about the apparent materialism so often seen as a part of Mormonism. Questions about the Mormon culture and what underlies the Mormon materialism understandably arise. Mitt Romney’s massive accumulations through the questionable business practices of Bain Capital are at the forefront of social discourse at this moment. No less relevant are the business practices of a Mormon Elder or High Priest, who, employed as the business manager at a veterinary clinic, requires that his staff overstate to clients the needs of their animals in an effort to emotionally manipulate them into paying for procedures that are not reasonably required for the satisfactory life state of the pet, but rather enrich the veterinary practice by exploiting the good will and loving concern of the pet’s owners, or the morality of the Mormon attorney, who exploits the faith and hopes of his client by subtly misrepresenting the likelihood of successful litigation with just enough vagueness and ambiguity to get the retainer amidst plausible deniability that he ever made any enforceable representations.

Countless examples of inappropriate exploitation of love, faith, fear, or hope for profit are found in American culture. The degree to which such exploitation is overlooked for what it is, in a rush to accumulate the evidence of a prosperous, and therefore, ostensibly “blessed” life, is astounding in Mormon culture. There are very specific and very real reasons for this…

Mormonism incubates its adherents in a social pressure cooker where a unique combination of spiritual, psychological, and philosophical ingredients are boiled into the inevitable psyche which emerges powerfully driven, to manifest the appearance of success while repressing conscious awareness of the moral thought processes by which that apparent success is achieved. To understand the philosophical breakdown of the Mormon psyche, one must first appreciate certain fundamental principles at the root of the healthy intelligent thought processes that must be seared out of the psyche of Mormon recruits as part of the process of rendering them exploitable by the church. Ironically, I have, so far in my studies, found that these principles have been best described by the great Muslim philosopher Mohammad Baqir Al Sadir, in his great and widely respected work, Our Philosophy. (al Sadir was murdered by Saddam Hussein for not endorsing his regime)

Al Sadir explains that three key elements of awareness emerge as the human psyche is born into existence in this human realm. These elements of awareness cannot be explained by the experiences of this human sojourn, but are, rather, key elements of perception by which we make sense of our sojourn and without which we would have no hope of intellectual development. These elements of awareness are causality, non-contradiction and harmony.

Nothing that we observe in this existence would be understandable on any meaningful level, explains Al Sadir, if not for our primordial awareness that the realities of the universe cannot be, and not be, simultaneously; have direct and indirect causal relationships; and exist within the constraints of inescapable cosmic balance. Without these fundamental and primordial elements of awareness, we may observe that rain falls from the sky and we may observe that the ground, at times, appears wet, but we cannot make the connection that the wetness of the ground is caused by the falling rain without an inherent primordial awareness of the principle of the meaningfulness of causal connections between the realities that we observe. We may observe that a rock falls to the earth when dropped and that smoke rises to the heavens, but we cannot extrapolate the ramifications of these consistently observable patterns without a primordial, pre-conscious, appreciation for the fact that the observable patterns themselves are meaningful as patterns and that the realities of the universe exist in harmoniously self reconciling realms manifested by the meaningfulness of the observable patterns. We may observe that a wild carnivorous beast will devour its prey to sustain its life, but this observable fact will be of no meaningful value in sustaining our lives without understanding the significance of the consistency of observable patterns. To survive, we must grasp the inherent dangers associated with expectations that rely on arbitrary explanations of observable patterns that defy the inherent harmonious balance of the universe with unwarranted contradictions of the underlying causal realities.

In the end of the day, not only the survival, but actually the morality and very sanity of man is dependent on the existence of and respect for these inherently fundamental elements of primordial awareness without which the process of independent intellectual development based on reasoning cannot exist. These elements of primordial awareness are inherently part of a healthy psyche before any observations are made because they are inescapable realities of the cosmos that make up the very existence that is us. It is by these elements of primordial awareness that we are capable of understanding what we observe. It is only by the application of these primordial elements of awareness that we are capable of the development of a useful base of knowledge by which we make sense of the universe within our purview and apply ourselves to successful management of the opportunities that the universe presents without the self destruction that would be otherwise assured.

What becomes of man, who is incapable of reasoning on his own with the inherent tools of reasoning that the cosmos has endowed us with? The Mormon philosophical experiment demonstrates with the entirely predictable consistency of these inescapable cosmic principles of reality, that a man, once stripped of his respect and appreciation for the essential applicability of these primordial principles, as governing anchors by which he processes not only his awareness of the universe within his purview but, as well, his self awareness, will be rendered an empty exploitable human shell of a being, capable only of conforming to the arbitrary expectations of his adopted social order without the capacity for truly independent consideration of his choices in any way that transcends the childish process of checking with his adopted external moral arbitrators for their validation and approval of the acceptability of his choices and behavior. Here is a dangerous man, fully capable of conforming to the ostensible behavior that perpetuates his accolades, but incapable of independent moral assessment of his choices, by reason of having long since abdicated his individual responsibility to apply the eternal cosmic principles of non-contradiction, causality, and harmony in his measurement and assessment of the realities of the universe that now include his own choices. He is a moral and intellectual dependant whose choices will not exceed the bounds of the comfort zone of his dependant conformity. He is incapable of the independence of thought and moral processing that is unfettered by the warped external demands of his adopted moral and spiritual authority figures.

Mormonism is an intensely corrupt philosophical system whose social order and objectives are precisely the exploitation of human conformists who have been stripped of their epistemological independence as described above. Clear, unmistakable, and glaring evidence of this is found in the contrived Mormon scripture, The Book of Mormon, foisted upon the naïve among us, as the word of God, while demanding the abdication of reason, itself, in favor of a childish, feeling based, emotional satisfaction that one’s conformity to the “commandments of God”, as interpreted by an arbitrarily self appointed priesthood, is the sole basis for the establishment of truth as truth, and morality as morality.

The Book of Mormon aggressively instills in its devotees, with example after example, that prosperity is the hallmark of worthiness before God, and that economic failure or humility is evidence of the unworthiness of those who must be humbled by God by not being prospered due to their unwillingness to conform to the “commandments” as arbitrarily dictated and interpreted by God’s priesthood. These commandments may be to murder on one day, as in the case of the Book of Mormon prophet, Nephi’s, justification for taking the life of Laban in order to fulfill the commandments of God to acquire a historical record of his family; or to lie on another day, as in the case of the several “eye witnesses” who were to bear testimony to having seen the golden plates from which the Book of Mormon was supposedly translated, notwithstanding the fact that Mormon historical records clearly indicate that it was conjured by Joseph Smith through the ridiculous and previously exposed process of glaring at a peep stone in a hat and dictating the text to accomplices to the deception referred to as scribes.

Ultimately, prosperity for one’s self and for the Church are the main “spiritual” pursuits of “God’s Kingdom” of devoted Mormon followers, the most worthy and devoted of which having partaken of solemn temple covenants of “consecration” in which they are placed under solemn oath to devote all of their life, time, and talents to the building up of the Kingdom of God (The Mormon Church). This, while abdicating the moral requirement of scrutinizing the reasonableness and moral and intellectual consistency of their thought processes in favor of adopting the first principle and commandment of the “Gospel” as taught in Mormon temples, which is obedience, ostensibly to God, but, as a practical matter, to God as interpreted by his exclusive agency on earth, the Mormon priesthood.

With the convenience of a “spiritual” exemption from the constraints of the moral and intellectual demands of the most fundamental cosmic elements of relevant awareness in assessing one’s own contradictions and the contradictions of one’s own borrowed morality, Mormonism places cultural demands of prosperity on its devotees and reinforces those demands with a “spiritually competitive” spirit of ostensible worthiness demonstrated by material prosperity and notable contributions to the building up of “Zion” that are an economic stretch for the average member, at best. Intense social pressure for success and successful contributions, both in devoted time, talents, and money, is unleashed while strict scrutiny of moral appropriateness is undermined and reduced to a few simple perfunctory temple worthiness questions, which, if answered correctly, satisfy the arbitrary priesthood as to the worthiness of the candidate not only for temple attendance, but for ultimate exaltation in the Kingdom of God.

I recall, some years ago, a prominent Presbyterian minister, also a dear friend, approached me and shared his dismay as the then, Mormon Mayor, had shared with him proudly, at a Christmas party, as he declined a social drink that was offered, exclaiming that alcohol had never touched his lips. He was proud of being a worthy temple attending Mormon who adhered to the “word of wisdom” which is the Mormon scriptural edict on the subject of alcoholic beverages. We were both aware that the same Mormon Mayor was being investigated for several counts of corruption. He was ultimately convicted on several felony counts of self dealing arising from his own personal pursuit of prosperity at the expense of his oath of office and the interests of his constituents and in the absence of a healthy moral compass independent of the approval of local priesthood leaders. His Mormon priesthood leaders were found criticizing, not the Mayor, but his critics for inappropriate gossip. A Mormon elder had represented the Mayor as his attorney and publically declared his innocence. He was associated with condemnations of the Mayor’s critics as engaging in politically motivated misrepresentations. He was advanced to the office of High Priest by his local Mormon leaders and called to be a Bishop. His slander of legitimate and honorable critics of the Mayor was, apparently, overlooked as a worthiness issue relevant to his advancement in the priesthood.

Today the world finds before it the ultimate manifestation of Mormon culture in my cousin, Mitt Romney, who seems inexplicably blind to the obvious credibility gap his public contradictions and the moral example of his chosen career at Bain Capital present us with. In an amusing commentary by Rachel Maddow, the MSNBC commentator, she repeatedly mused at the various obvious contradictions and inaccuracies that Mitt has been associated with, by posing the question, “What is that?”, in reference to his incapacity to acknowledge his mistakes and misrepresentations and inconsistencies. What is that, you ask, Rachel? That, my friend, is Mormon epistemology. Get used to it. There is a considerable risk that it will become the guiding philosophical principle by which the prospect of war and peace are managed on the planet.

Park Romney is a 2nd cousin to presidential candidate, Mitt Romney and author of The Apostasy of a High Priest – The Sociology of an American Cult, now available on