Nervous GOP Pushes Romney’s Nomination Up

The GOP Convention begins August 27 in Tampa, Florida. Generally, the party’s formal nomination of a candidate has occurred on the day before the candidate is scheduled to speak. Republican candidates have typically been nominated a day ahead of their convention speech. Roll call votes have typically begun later in the convention proceedings than will occur this year, a convention official said. Romney is slated to speak next Thursday. So why is Willard Scheduled to be nominated on Monday rather than Wednesday?

No, it’s not what everyone is thinking. Tropical Storm Isaac is expected to hit the Gulf Coast region on Tuesday.

Isaac isn’t the only storm coming to Tampa

The potential hurricane in this equation is the unwavering storm front the Romney campaign has battled incessantly during the past year, the Ron Paul “Revolution”. Enter the P.A.U.L. Festival to an already embroiled GOP “party” and Tampa becomes quite a tumultuous place for Willard and his gang of merry thieves.


Willard will accept the nomination Monday and the Fascist-Fest 2012 will culminate with the biggest, rudest windbag of them all, Chris Christie giving the keynote speech. I will try to catch as little of the Pathololgical Lying Misogynist Conference ’12 as I possibly can. It will truly represent the worst group of far right extremists this nation has ever seen: Birthers, Donald Trumps, NRA supporting “open carry” laws at convention and the usual gang of fundamentalist Christians. I wonder if the polygamous sects of the FLDS church will parade out their wives proudly in Tampa? Why not? It fits in with the Freak-Fest motif.
UPDATE: Due to “weather” the GOP has decided to delay the start of its convention until 8/28. Wasn’t that the same date Glenn Beck held his hate rally two years ago? Just sayin’….

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