The GOP uses Stockholm Syndrome Strategy to Lure Voters

Given today’s extremist right wing ideology flooding the mainstream media, I associated the inexplicable appeal of the GOP to the concept of Stockholm Syndrome, and frankly it chilled me to the bone. Truly, these right wing ideologues have employed the psychological torment in just the right dose to lure voters to do their bidding. Stockholm Syndrome, by definition is: ‘is considered a complex reaction to a frightening situation. Many researchers believe that Stockholm syndrome helps to explain certain behaviors of survivors of World War II concentration camps; members of religious cults (i.e. LDS faithful); battered wives; incest survivors; and physically or emotionally abused children as well as persons taken hostage by criminals or terrorists.’ If you think 9-11 wasn’t used as an instrument of fear and control, you have no idea how powerful and manipulative the Republican party has become.

Hell, they’ve even dragged many Democrats down to their level in pursuit of manufactured conflict with little regard for the cost in blood and treasure, not to mention the financial devastation of much of the globe. One of the consequences, intended or not, was the collapse of the global financial market. When finances are paramount, as Napoleon Bonaparte said so presciently in 1815 ‘…Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain.’ That is precisely who this GOP party is today. A group operating under the guise of patriotism while possessing not a single ounce of it.

There are a few psychological manipulations the right wing employs to keep their devoted in line.

1. Religion: the concept of “you are born with original sin” implies a guilt right from the inception of life. This is a general unworthiness most religions employ to keep rank and file in their rightful place: in constant deference and awe of those deemed “rich” or worthy. Look at Willard Romney’s Mormon cult, in which he was a Stake President and Bishop who earned virtual godlike status with the power to excommunicate capriciously. Because he is wealthy and considered successful, regardless of the means employed, he is considered above the fray. Those in lower socioeconomic statuses are convinced they’ve earned their lot in life and should consider the wealthy more virtuous, even if they’ve been unscrupulous con-artists. It is masterful how they dupe poor, ignorant and largely religious folks in to thinking these objectives are in their best interests. Somehow they appeal to people’s fear of the unknown, the concept of eternal damnation (sans any evidence of its existence) and twists the teachings of Jesus (as he was portrayed at least) to worship the almighty dollar. This is also how the fear of negative publicity greatly outweighs the safety of young boys in the Catholic Church (and they’re usually the ones to pay such a dear price.) This is how Republicans keep their supporters in an abusive situation where they feel they are unworthy of a government that actually benefits them. They welcome the abuse. It is a hostage situation where the captured sympathize with their captors.

2.The GOP has become a political party that celebrates ignorance and derides education and relishes in its secrecy. They view government as the enemy, and the hiding of money from the public coffers is now considered a virtue…when you have a group of people that purposely set about to rig the system, they actually take great pride in being able to manipulate and avoid taxes and other patriotic obligations like serving in the military or keeping their vast fortunes in foreign tax shelters and not in American banks. When Reagan expressed his loathing of the concept of a government that actually helps people, which it had done for decades, the trust in the social structure shaped by centuries of political evolution was destroyed within a decade. This is like the hostage-takers being considered more trustworthy (i.e. health insurance companies) than the federal government (i.e. single-payer healthcare). I’m in awe of their resourcefulness in furthering their evil objectives. Simply look how Romney and Ryan are distorting the Medicare benefits and savings contained in the Affordable Care Act to look like they actually care if seniors aren’t truly pushed off a cliff. Make no mistake, these two monsters could care less if we throw grandma from the train.

3. Mind Control through the manipulation of the media and what’s taught or not taught in schools. They’ve even gone so far as to re-segregate schools, especially in the South! They’ve rewritten textbooks to even label the Ku Klux Klan as a positive organization who did more good than harm! They make one feel that anything beneficial to the average voter is considered lustful, forbidden or sinful while policies benefitting the power elite are deemed righteous, chaste and honorable. For example, why should a citizen have the same access to child care, medical care and education as someone who can more easily afford the finest in all these areas? Those at the top convince us they’re better than us, and more deserving of the best that money can buy. If one of us is lucky enough to escape our miserable lot in life, when we make our fortunes, we surely don’t want to have a tax policy that rewards the rest of society who created the means by which we could make our fortune and in return, paying it forward to those on the way up. We should keep it all and other unfortunates should not reap any benefits of MY prosperity. It’s what Jesus or (any of the other deities) would have wanted. They are no more than a means of control, and coming from the party inherently distrustful of authority, it seems almost paradoxical.

When the media is owned by over 90% right wing stations, there’s not much to compete with. We are out gunned by the army of idiots

To these numb nuts, patriotism means screwing the average voter so the plutocrats of this dreadful corporatocracy can grow unfettered. Regulations for the general health and well being of our citizens is very much secondary to profits. Safe working conditions, drinking water, air quality and the environment should never interfere with the bottom line. Any patriotic American knows the price to pay for cheap affordable natural gas obtained from hydraulic fracturing of the earth is worth it, no matter how flammable your tap water may be. Anyway, that’s the price you pay for supporting a gay uncle who insists he wants to get gay married. Your pastors have told you this is wrong, and no matter how much you want him to be happy, it just can’t be because he doesn’t fit under their interpretation of the Bible. You are forced to believe in a lie, and help perpetuate the myth that a few of us must live in shame. With their insane fundamentalist values, we have a self-perpetuating system of failure for the masses with a system that fosters prosperity at obscene levels for the Patrician class.

Millions of Mormons believe in the White Horse Prophecy which states that when the constitution is hanging by a thread, a Mormon on a shining WHITE horse will save us all. Willard has denied this, but it is deep within his self conscious. Sunday school and Mormon consecrations have ingrained this concept far within his “yet to be found” core of principles. Ok, that’s not fair. He has one principle and one only: To further the business of Mormon Inc. and garner as much power for his cronies and the Sheldon Adelsons of the world, first and foremost. This is what god would want. This type of thinking is very apparent in his utter omission of the word Veteran in his 59 page economic plan. I’m sure you’re not worried yet, but know that one simple conveniently staged Persian Gulf Operation could unexpectedly go awry, and will thrust us into another war of preemptive choice. The SNAFU that will be Iran, aka Sheldon’s War, will be far greater than any of our 2 Bush wars combined. Iran is a yak of a different color my friends. Perhaps all the teabaggers assume I R A Q is much like I R A N and it will not prove too difficult for our mighty military. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

After all, we’ve gotta “fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here.’ We have to protect the Tagg Romney’s of the world from serving his country militarily when he had a higher calling to further the business bottom line of the Mormon Cult’s registration numbers. Willard even said, Tagg has a higher calling than country, his calling is to Joseph Smith or Brigham Young or whoever the polygamist de jour is to whom they are shelling out their tithes. They wish to allow Mormon Inc, Christian mega churches, and the Vatican (to name a few) the ability to put asses in the seats to maintain CONTROL over their followers. This is why atheists are so loathed by these people. We are foreign, think differently and represent a curious absence of fear of the unknown. This is troubling to fright-ridden zealots who can’t fathom a world that just “IS” and isn’t manipulated behind the scenes by an all powerful sky-daddy. We are simply not going to be duped in that manner. It’s not in our nature.

Perhaps a strategy yet untapped by us thinking liberals and progressives is the turning of fundamentalists and members of the LDS cult against each other. There is a deep seeded mistrust of the Utah gang and it is reciprocated rather seriously as well in the Beehive state towards those who are not “our kind”. Both religions, especially Mormonism, were very much into gender-based and racial discrimination. In 2012, there are still mass amounts of bigotry in the Mormon and the Christian systems of control. Because we lack a similar system of control and submission, we atheists are perceived to be immoral, yet are far less likely to engage in detrimental behavior to other human beings. We must hold fast in our unity to eventually triumph in the social/religious spectrum. Maybe we can evolve towards a day where an Atheist holds the office of the presidency, like they have in Australia. Wouldn’t that shake things up a bit? Maybe it would force the “pro-lifers” to actually be in favor of those already born!

We seem to hold the elite in the utmost regard, as they are perceived to be the most virtuous and successful in a society which rewards achievement, not the effort put forth my so many hard working Americans. Funny thing is, they convince voters to vote this way by appealing to their basal emotions of fear, suspicion and hate and it works phenomenally. It is our duty as citizens to make sure they don’t get away with stealing another election. It is just too important. I don’t need three more Justice Scalias on the bench. It will bring back the even more United Fascist States of America. After all, his daddy was the head of the Fascist-American Party back in the early 1930’s, so why not? Take a friend and VOTE! It’s our only hope to beat them at their own game. Don’t fall into the Stockholm Syndrome trap.

2 thoughts on “The GOP uses Stockholm Syndrome Strategy to Lure Voters

  1. There are those who walk among U.S. – our brother, sister, father’s, mother’s, friends etc – who care not for logic or reason. They only want the power of dictate. The “Do it my way or suffer the consequence”. They seek neither discussion or equality. Only desiring a world continuous in the axiom of “might makes right and if you are not a Right – then you will always be wrong”.

  2. Stockholm Syndrome does explain a lot. Republicans rule by fear, which is why religion plays so easily into their hands. Vote for us, or you vote for baby killers, and will go to the fiery pits, is a fairly powerful motivator.

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