Romney and Ryan Believe Women are Nothing More than Breeders

If you are a proponent of women’s rights and support the progress the fairer sex has made in the last hundred years, this GOP ticket should positively terrify you. Willard Romney, although his views have shifted like tectonic plates under the Pacific Ocean, has aligned himself with the “pro-life movement” which ironically includes zero gun control, capital punishment and an utter disregard for the poorest and sickest among us. His choice of a running mate, Paul Ryan, appeals to the insane misogynistic faction of the Republican Party, more so than Governor Romney. The combination of the two simply drags women back to the days of second class citizenship, with the probable resurgence of back-alley abortions.

The GOP ticket: setting women back 100 years

Romney is no stranger to the submissiveness of women. The Mormon Church has an unspoken rule that not only must a woman obey her husband, but also every priesthood holder. In theory alone, this is incredibly demeaning to women. Sue Emmett, former member of the LDS Church is the great-great-grandaughter of Brigham Young, one of the original founders of the faith. She attributes Willard’s general sense of entitlement to Mormon traditions. “Mitt is a product not only of his wealth, but of an organization that gives men power when they are 12 years old….that is when boys are ordained with the priesthood. It is a big moment in a Mormon male’s childhood.” As we all know, Mitt was once very liberal, even “more liberal than Ted Kennedy” on certain issues. Since garnering the GOP nomination, he has turned far right, naturally siding with the crazies of the party. He said he will “end Planned Parenthood” thereby destroying many poor women’s sole outlet for contraception and gynecological care. As Emmett said, “Mitt has been groomed to become president from a very young age…I think his father [George Romney, who ran for president in 1968] would have made a much better president. In many ways the church was more benign then than it is now” Apparently, the Mormon Church has gone to the right of Pat Robertson, with their massive funding of Proposition 8 Legislation and similarly conservative ideology, they are obviously not evolving like the rest of America is when it comes to social issues.

The most well-known founders of Mormonism, Brigham Young, Joseph Smith and Miles Park Romney (Willard’s great-great-grandfather) were all polygamists. The practice was designed to populate the earth with as many of God’s chosen Mormon children as possible. To achieve this end, men took several wives, whose primary value was their child-bearing ability. There was (and still is) nothing more devastating to a Mormon than infertility. Women are meant to serve their husbands and provide them with progeny. This attitude has not evolved very much from the mid nineteenth century, much like the Republican Party.

What’s more remarkable than Romney’s antiquated feminist views are those of his feudalistic running mate, Paul Ryan. Ryan is the sponsor of the Fetal Personhood Bill which would give fetuses (or even zygotes) the same rights as any citizen. Ryan also supported a highly controversial bill that Democrats nicknamed the “Let Women Die Act,” which would have allowed hospitals to refuse to provide a woman emergency abortion care, even if her life is on the line. This type of radical religious thinking is so insane, even the most religious state in the nation, Mississippi utterly rejected the personhood amendment. In fact, a few states have attempted this antediluvian measure only to be handed a resounding defeat. But there is a terrific irony in the selection of this medieval running mate. Ryan would like to make the very in-vitro fertilization Romney’s son, Tagg employed to have some of his children illegal via this personhood insanity. I wonder if Willard will maintain his position on the matter, given his family’s circumstances. I suppose it comes down to what will get him elected. He doesn’t need to have core principles if he has executive power. After all, the rich and privileged allow for exceptions for themselves.

Unfortunately, there are a myriad issues on which the Romney/Ryan ticket shift to the right of Mussolini, but in the area of women’s health and equality, they are especially abhorrent. Those Republican women in control of their mental faculties should be very aware of the destructive duo’s harsh attitudes towards female equality and healthcare before selecting the (R) in this crucial presidential race. We all know of a few women in the GOP who believe these two lunatics have the right idea, but should these women represent the rest of America? Let’s hope not! I strongly doubt informed women will go along with this barbaric thinking.


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