Willard Romney and Harry Reid: 2 VERY Different Mormons

The Right Wing is beside themselves over the issue of Willard Romney’s reluctance to disclose so much about his finances.  We all know his father, Governor George Romney acted contrary to the radical right wing of his party back in 1968 and deviated from the crazies on their position on civil rights. He said, “with such extremists rising to official positions of leadership in the Republican party, we cannot recapture the respect of the nation and lead it to its necessary spiritual … and political rebirth.”  He walked out of his own party’s convention, taking with him …his 17-year-old son Mitt. Willard’s dad proclaimed that just releasing a single year, as Mitt Romney has done, is “meaningless“.  Obviously the only thing his son learned from this experience was not to be more transparent and true to your principles, but to win at all costs.  Willard must have been traumatized that his dad wasn’t a resounding success.  His inherent sense of entitlement to the office of the President of the United States is the motive for most of his decisions.  The rules don’t apply to Willard M. Romney.

Romney vs. Reid: Mormon vs. Mormon

We all know who Harry Reid is.  He is the Senate Majority Leader since 2007, representing the Democratic Party and Nevada.  Harry hails from Searchlight located South of Las Vegas, a minuscule mining community which is literally a ghost-town today.  He attended Utah State University and converted to Mormonism in 1960 while at the Provo, Utah university.  Many folks don’t realize Harry is a member of the LDS Church while everyone knows Romney is a member of the Mormon aristocracy.  Perhaps because 74% of Mormons identify themselves as Republicans and Willard has mentioned his history as a Bishop many times.   But it’s been a different affiliation with the Nevada Democrat.  Senator Reid has said this of his church:“The only aggravation I’ve had in politics as a member of the church has come from within the church,” Reid told The Salt Lake Tribune in a 1998 interview. “Some people in the church write me letters about what a bad person I am; they’ve really tried to damage me.”  Let’s face it, Mormons aren’t too keen on the principles of the Democratic Party.   They’re not terribly into women’s rights, gay rights and have a history of racism.  Perhaps Harry still has a sense of morality and a conscience not entirely perverted by this cult.  The issues he fights for shows he adheres to many of the teachings of Jesus, the humble Aramaic speaking one, not the nineteenth century charlatan and part time pedophile, Joseph Smith.

This latest tete-a-tete between the two illustrates the differences inherent with one who was brought up by working class parents with poor yet, humble beginnings and an entitled Mormon rich kid who thinks the rules don’t apply to him.  The apple has fallen far from the George Romney tree with Willard and Harry has called him out in legendary fashion.   The Senator insists, on word from Bain insiders, that Romney has truly paid next to nothing in taxes for ten years and Willard is beyond livid.  He’s outraged Reid would make such an assertion and is challenging him to prove this accusation.  What’s so comical is how all speculation would be resolved simply by disclosing what every single candidate has done for years.  Obviously Romney has no desire for us to see his returns and the level of offshoring he engages in.  This will be disastrous for this entitled Republican.

There has never been a President of the United States of America who has had personal offshore accounts.  Willard’s bank accounts can be found in seven different countries (that we know of).  This is the very mystery Harry Reid is trying to elucidate.  The secrecy surrounding this candidate is unprecedented in our very often furtive political theater.

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Many Republican pundits, namely fellow Mormon, Glenn Beck viciously assailed Senator Reid for demanding transparency in a man running for the most powerful leadership position in the world.  The unmitigated gall!  I find the whole thing comical and entertaining and I’m sure as hell glad Harry finally came out swinging and put Romney on the ropes.  After all, Senator Reid was once a a boxer in his youth and seems to have retained a bit of his fighting spirit.  Obviously, all Mormons are not alike and we must judge Willard mainly on the shortcomings of his character as a man, and not his religion.

But with the (former?) C.E.O. of Bain Capital  you can count on one certitude.  Willard Romney will fulfill the prophecies of Joseph Smith if he does take the White House.  At least we know Harry Reid hasn’t fallen hook, line and sinker for the doctrines of the Book of Mormon and will keep the lines between church and state as separate as they were meant to be. With Willard, we know a theocracy is imminent and it’s not the theocracy many Christians envision.  It is a Latter Day Saints nightmare where Mormon doctrine is paramount over the Constitution.


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