Willard’s Olympic-Sized Gaffes Don’t Faze Obama’s Opponents

If you’d like to use an Olympic metaphor to characterize Willard Romney’s three nation world tour, let’s use gymnastics to elucidate the magnitude of his mistakes. If the trip was a floor exercise routine, he fell on all his tumbling passes and stepped out of bounds while dancing around questions. Add a few insults towards dignitaries, foreign cultures and the press and you have a routine trip laden with deductions. From his time in the United Kingdom just prior to the commencement of the London Olympic Games, on to Israel and then finally off to Poland where his trip ended with a media faux pas, this trip failed to demonstrate his readiness on the world stage. Compared with Senator Obama’s triumphant journey to Europe and Asia in the Summer of 2008, the contrast between these two candidates couldn’t be more stark. Willard Romney went to three nations, generally propitious to his foreign agenda to raise massive funds. This diplomatic fiasco found Willard or his staffers insulting someone in every country, on more than one occasion. In 2008, then Senator Obama drew a crowd of 200,000 in Berlin, all very zealous over the prospect of a potential U.S. leader that would no longer act unilaterally. It was a trip essentially gaffe-free. With Willard’s travels, only Rush Limbaugh found the trip to be a resounding success and he’s essentially alone in his opinion. Apparently, many Americans are as delusional and oblivious as the Oxycontin King of the AM Airwaves.

The Windmill Library, Southwest Las Vegas

Knowing all this, I went to the Obama For America (OFA) Southwest Las Vegas office with elevated spirits today. I was ready to go out to wherever I was needed to register voters and recruit potential volunteers to help reelect my president. The office staff sent me to the Windmill Library, a brand new facility paid for by taxpayers, a sort of socialist project actually. White, Asian, Hispanic and Black families alike walked into the library on this drizzly July morning. Security informed me I was not permitted to sit under any covered area and had to remain about twenty-five feet from the entrance. In fact, the moment I arrived with my clipboard, a woman asked angrily if I had a permit. Sensing the hostility, I informed the library staff of my presence. and that was sufficient. There really should be no objection to registering all voters in a democratic society, yet I was immediately treated with suspicion. Perhaps this negative attitude is the result of ALEC’s stated goal of limiting voter participation and Fox News has been the perfect vehicle to deliver this convoluted message.

After securing my seat by the entrance, I tried to follow the script of the Obama campaign and asked passersby if they were Obama supporters. After about the fifth person who nodded in disgust, I encountered a white man of about sixty-five. I asked this gentlemen my question politely and he said, “hell no, I hate that sonofabitch, I hope he dies.” I reluctantly said, ‘have a nice day’ and pressed on. Another elderly white man said, “I hope you’re asking for I.D.” To which I replied, ‘no, because it is not the law in Nevada.’ I quickly amended my ice-breaker to “are you registered to vote?” because it was obvious I wasn’t changing hearts and minds this time. Maybe I could at least get more people involved. For the most part, the effort was fairly unsuccessful, having only registered one new voter and committed three people to vote Democratic. I suppose every vote counts, so it wasn’t for naught.

Organizing for Nevada: Barack Obama 2012

What’s so unusual about those so vehemently opposed to President Obama is their lack of reason and justification for their strong feelings. Namely, most couldn’t explain what about the president they found so disconcerting. I’d say most of these folks drove cars that would indicate they are middle to working class Americans who would suffer greatly if Willard Romney was elected. However, they were positively convinced President Obama just needed to go, but couldn’t really explain why. It’s obvious most of their opinions have been shaped by Fox News, where there’s seldom a hint of truth to any of their “newscasts.”

I will keep this day foremost in my mind if I get too confident. One might think Willard Romney is a terrible “Etch-A-Sketch” candidate who is easily beatable in November, but this isn’t how the low-information voter perceives reality. We must all work hard to combat all the dirty, corporate money that buys unlimited lies in advertising and alleged “news.” It seems the gaffes of this GOP candidate can’t overshadow the negative press which Koch and Adelson cash can buy. Diligence and perseverance are the only way we’ll beat this unprincipled conservative chameleon and I hope you’re all ready for a fight. We have no choice but to defeat Willard this November. Corporations will be the only people and the actual people will become non-unionized, slave labor.

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