A Racist Double Standard has Infected America Since Obama Took Office

If you believe we’ve overcome centuries of slavery and decades of racial segregation in this country simply by electing President Obama, you are sadly misguided. There are still sickening displays of abysmal tolerance, bigotry and blatant racism to be found.

Caldwell, Idaho billboard

This latest insane advertisement is proudly on display in the predominantly Mormon state of Idaho. The city of Caldwell displays this atrocity to further their racist agenda. Feel free to recall when a similar billboard was erected with a comparison to George W. Bush. I certainly cannot. There were a multitude of awful mass shootings towards the end of Bush’s reign of terror and yet none of these sociopaths were compared to Bush or his gun-toting cohort, Dick Cheney. The number of deaths from the Iraq war alone were far greater than reported by the media, but no one in the mainstream media EVER dared to accuse the Bush Administration of having murderous intentions.

Apparently, if the president has thus far been responsible for far fewer deaths but has the audacity to also be black, that’s a totally different story. When a Republican is president, any and every action done on the world stage is considered “defense” and “keeping us safe”. When President Obama tries to withdraw our troops and generally draw down superfluous military conflicts, he is a murderer. It’s a double standard of Herculean proportions. Drone strikes on sworn enemies in pursuit of nuclear arms are murder but attacking an entire country that had nothing whatsoever to do with 9/11 is considered “The War on Terror?”

Let me remind you of this latest barrage of insults made by the entitled Anglo-Saxon candidate representing the right wing Teabaggers and Birthers which reaffirms the GOP’s desire to play the race card whenever possible. It is apparently the red meat their bloodthirsty far right craves for sustenance.  In England, Willard and his entourage claimed a closer connection to the U.K. because, let’s face it folks, they represent the white guy. Besides, Barack Obama just sounds too foreign to be “American.”

A common sight in Red State America: Birther Inspired Hate Billboards

Perhaps you also believe we’ve achieved equal civil rights since the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Jim Crow laws have been deemed illegal and we’d like to think segregation would be positively offensive. Nostalgics don’t despair, Mississippi is still keeping hate alive. A predominantly white Baptist Church in this bastion of tolerance has threatened to fire the pastor of the church if he wed a black couple. This actually happened in 2012.  I’m stunned.

Chrystal Springs Baptist Church in Jackson, Mississippi

I recently saw a bumper sticker here in Nevada that said “100% Real American.” Coincidentally, the vehicle also had a Ron Paul decal on the same bumper. I find the racially-based motivations of the Republican party in this country disgusting, dangerous and destructive to all the progress we’ve made in the last century. If only the media would expose this blatant double standard that exists when dealing with our first Black President and many of the “minorities” in this country, we might be able to match other Western Democracies for the civil and human rights we are still lacking.

5 thoughts on “A Racist Double Standard has Infected America Since Obama Took Office

  1. Another home run, Jessie! Excellent points all the way around! Thank you for writing a clear and cogent article with excellent analysis of how white privilege is being asserted against President Obama. Kudos and congratulations!

  2. I really feel that on the local level here in Atlanta(red state of GA) it seems that the lines are drawn among race. Those that oppose our current president seem to actually HATE the man oppose to just disagree with democratic policies. What is really interesting is that most of the blatant racist comments come from those that the republican party cares the least about. Those that are at or below the poverty line. If you are middle/lower middle class or poor in the US we are in the same boat!!!! Few of us can stand to not get paid for more than two or three paychecks. I refuse to blame our current president for that. Race relations? Please. Just look at the disparities in the judicial/correctional system. Embezzle millions from a company and get probation. Steal something from the mall and go to jail for a year. Don’t let me get started on the “Stand your ground” enforcement. I agree with you List of X. Having a brown skinned man in office has definitely brought out the worst in a number of Americans.

    1. My intent with this article was to point out how fashionable it is to be OVERTLY racist. These folks no longer feel the need to express their bigotry in private. It’s really annoying how media outlets seem to fail to point this out.

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