An Anglo-Saxon, a Hebrew and a Billionaire Plan a War Together in Israel

Willard’s international tour de gaffes has offended Americans and foreigners alike. Joe Biden said his Anglo-Saxon comments (and subsequent Olympics criticisms), “are a disturbing start to a trip designed to demonstrate governor Romney’s readiness to represent the United States on the world’s stage.” Obviously, social skills and consistency are not Willard’s strong points. However, one thing this Anglo-Saxon supremacist has never vacillated in is his desire to bring about the second coming of Jesus (or related Mormon prophet) by way of a global conflict. He can’t wait until he’s the President Pro-Tem of the World to begin negotiations with his pal Bibi Netanyahu in the “Holy Land.” On Saturday, he’s bringing along his handy-dandy, AIPAC-obsessed, war-mongering personal billionaire, Sheldon Adelson to undoubtedly get the ball rolling towards massive military actions against Israel’s enemies. It was first reported by ABC News that Mr. Adelson would be in Jerusalem at the same time as Mr. Romney. The New York Times confirmed his travels through a friend, who did so on the condition of anonymity, and a donor who was also invited on the Israel portion of Mr. Romney’s first foreign trip as the presumptive Republican nominee. Willard, after sufficiently annoying the British, will meet up in the nation he claims shares the same DNA as his Mormon followers, Israel.

Bibi Netanyahu and Willard Romney

It is only natural Willard would want to placate the neo-cons by hanging out with the Israeli P.M. in the land of BYU Jerusalem and be accompanied by a man who could very well finance a war of their choosing, Adelson. These three pro-Zionist men have been very vocal about their desire to increase military strikes against Palestine, Hamas, Hezbollah and of course, Iran. Willard himself has a very perverted version of what he believes are the president’s war-powers. He said, “I can assure you if I’m president, the Iranians will have no question but that I will be willing to take military action if necessary to prevent them from becoming a nuclear threat to the world. I don’t believe at this stage, therefore, if I’m president that we need to have a war powers approval or special authorization for military force. The President has that capacity now.” This is a man who has protested in favor of a pointless war (Vietnam) while avoiding the draft, claiming his Mormon “mission” took precedence over service to his country. Willard always has criticism for the President over his willingness to negotiate with Iran rather than simply attack them. Since he’d be sending poor Americans into battle and not his own sons, war of course is a no-brainer. War can make people very rich. Worst case scenario, the whole effort fails, then we’re all dead and he gets his own planet where he’s a god for all eternity! It’s a win win for Willard.

Sheldon Adelson’s accompaniment on this trip is rather terrifying for two reasons. 1. He’s got unlimited funds to bribe foreign officials to modify their laws and policies to suit his whims (see Macau/Singapore). 2. He’s pretty keen on a war with Tehran and massive campaign donations have Iranian war strings attached. Romney is his bitch now and this trip merges all the forces Adelson deems necessary to start a ridiculously reckless war.

Willard and Sheldon Adelson

If you ask anyone from Israel who is interested in peace and coexisting in a very hostile region, they will tell you Netanyahu is not the guy to do it. Romney’s Israeli buddy is pulling for him to win the White House to further his bellicose objectives. He’s got the support of many Christian and Jewish Zionists in Washington who are just salivating over the idea of a war with Iran. President Obama is more of a pragmatist who behaves more judiciously than his predecessor. Netanyahu knows Willard is easily manipulated to do the bidding of whoever controls the almighty dollar. He has been pushing for a U.S. leader who will support preemptive war and this Anglo-Saxon Mormon is ideal. He’ll do exactly as the conservative Israeli commands. Add a little Adelson into the mix and you can take this potential global catastrophe all the way to the bank.

I certainly hope the media will connect the dots on what this trip really signifies. It is obviously not to show Willard’s readiness on the world stage. It is simply to raise funds and make friends with those who share his common desire for greed, destruction and power. The fact he is in collusion with this Adelson character and the Barclays’ banksters shows just how shady this GOP candidate truly is. Naturally, with the Olympics beginning on Friday, the meeting will be largely unnoticed by the media. There will be reports of any meetings that will take place but no one will ask the question, WHY are they meeting? Unfortunately, we already know the answer.

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