Sanctioned Lying by Willard and his Church

If your religion is based on the teachings of a polygamous pedophile with a penchant for perfidy like Joseph Smith, you may have a tendency to have a skewed moral compass. Based on the Mormon doctrine itself and its chameleon-like ability to change its rules as it goes, you can easily understand how Willard Romney has blatantly lied and shifted positions more times than a Bangkok hooker. He will metamorphosize into any form that he believes will be advantageous for his political ambitions.

Joseph Smith’s Original Mormon Temple, Kirtland, Ohio

Lying for the Lord refers to the practice of lying to protect the image of and belief in the Mormon religion, a practice which which Mormonism itself fosters in various ways. Joseph Smith began ignoring the laws of the land and justified his actions as sanctioned by god, to further the ambitions of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS). Polygamy was the most notorious, but Smith also engaged in schemes that were downright illegal. He had a fairly illustrious arrest record where he seemed to be quite comfortable committing fraud.

"It was charged that Joseph Smith was accused and found guilty of parting a local farmer from his money in a less than honest scheme, commonly known as 'money-digging' or 'glass-looking.'

Bishop Romney has professed his devotion to the LDS Church, and claims it’s what formed his core. Watch this video at around fifteen minutes when he gets very defensive about his religious faith during a radio interview. We can see how devout Willard seems to be. Maybe his adherence to such a questionable doctrine may be how he impersonated a state trooper while in college, with uniform and all without feeling any remorse, as far as anyone knows.

Another issue, obviously, is his unwillingness to release his secret tax returns from years preceding 2010-2011. As a matter of fact, even his 2010 returns are considered incomplete, with information about his secret foreign accounts egregiously absent. The Mormon faith seems to revel in its secret rituals and ceremonies, which of course leads many to believe it is a cult. Willard refuses to discuss his religion too publicly, as people still consider it to be a perversion of the Christian faith so many Americans identify themselves with.

This weekend, even more lying occurred following the serendipitous meeting between Mitt and the Australian foreign minister, Bob Carr, in a San Francisco hotel (which was the host of another fundraiser). Willard essentially put words in the man’s mouth that were derogatory of the U.S. economy, comments which Mr. Carr vehemently denies making. In fact, Willard’s first test of foreign policy acumen was downright embarrassing. He was accused of making up comments from the foreign dignitary.

It is also worth noting how Willard’s diabolical campaign staff seem to have a knack for selective editing of President Obama’s words, placing them in the order of their choosing. Claiming the President said one thing about building a business when he was actually referring to the roads and bridges surrounding the business as collective works of society, they made it sound as if he was deriding the business owners as lazy, and not mentioning the teamwork it takes to build infrastructure. He was most certainly not demeaning the efforts of hard-working business entrepreneurs or denigrating the independent spirit of small business owners in general. This was a lie, a lie Willard has repeated often in the last few days. Remember a few months ago when he portrayed President Obama saying something where he was quoting John McCain, but presented it as if it were Obama speaking for himself? It’s simply utter fallacious treachery. Taking cues from his prophet Joe Smith, and with the help of a couple of handy surrogates ready to lie at the drop of a hat like Dan Senor or Eric Fehrnstrom, the half-truths and complete fallacies will flow like the Colorado River after the first snow melt. It’s in the scriptures. Sanctioned lying is permitted to further the end goals of the Mormon cause.

He appears to have a bullying and empathy problem where he is often viewed less than favorably in his high school and college years. Judging by the ease he fabricates lies, this character trait was formed early on in Willard’s life, back when his religion actually taught that non-white people are cursed with dark skin. Demonstrating zero empathy for his fellow citizens, Mitt was protesting the folks who demonstrated against the Vietnam war, only to skip out on service to his country via his choice of completing his Mormon missionary work in France! An act that was hardly patriotic, to say the least. The LDS Church is very interested in keeping itself in the mix in politics, as it always has since its inception. California’s anti-gay marriage legislation, Prop 8, was heavily funded by Bain and the Mormon Church. He claims to tithe 10% of his income to the church and labels it “charity”, but this isn’t really charity at all. He’s spending his questionably attained fortune on financing policies that promote hatred and bigotry, as they are not in keeping with the ever-evolving book of Mormon. At least for now, until the laws change and they will have to once again revise the Good Book.

I believe the Ron Paul folks have put together an outstanding compilation video of Mitt’s Flip Flops if you need any reminder of how many times he’s changed his core beliefs in recent years. As is common with the tenets of his faith, the end justifies the means. As long as a Mormon is in power, it’s not really important how he got there. Just that HE gets into that White House to fulfill the White Horse Prophecy.

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