Americans for Prosperity Embarrass Themselves in Nevada

Americans for Prosperity Bus

They arrived in a large logo-wrapped bus with idiotic proclamations about Nevada Democratic Congresswoman, Shelly Berkley, who is running for Senate in November against Teabagger, Dean Heller. Proclaiming fake outrage with statements like “Supported Obamacare,” “Supported Dodd Frank” “Vetoed the Keystone Pipeline” and “Supported the Stimulus,” these faux grassroots supporters rolled in to Vegas around 7:45 am on Thursday, July 19th. They set up camp in an adjacent parking lot, pitching a tent in front of the parked bus right near the Sahara In-N-Out Burger. It appeared they had six or seven “supporters” who we’re actually paid operatives from Americans for Prosperity. An unbelievably large bus that seemed to carry so few. The Democratic group of actual volunteers assembled nearby right in front of Congresswoman Berkley’s office. Our numbers were rapidly growing. It was now 8:00.

Our Democratic Protestors

Representing various unions,, several citywide Democratic Clubs, Sun City Retirees and Latinos for Obama, just to name a few, we began to march over with our hilarious signs. “Get the Heller out of Nevada”, “Toss the Teabags” or my personal favorite, “Bigots on the Bus Welcome Center” were a few of the notables. We were a diverse, jovial and highly motivated group determined to stop these Koch fascists from taking over our state! Our biggest strength was in numbers. Probably 200 of us marched over to their sad “group” of protestors which included an old toothless man carrying a “Breitbart Is Here” sign and a stereotypical Teabagger wearing a Dean Heller tea-shirt. There were a few other white folks who kept getting in and out of the bus. None were making any real noise, so they started playing their hillbilly music.

One of their six or seven paid operatives
A Dean Heller supporter (there was only one)

This was the best they could do? These “second amendment remedy” enthusiasts are afraid this “Un-American” President will take away their freedoms? They were regurgitating the usual Fox News talking points, naturally. So a few in our diplomatic crowd asked some questions of the paid shills. One woman said she believed President Obama will dissolve our three party system and implant himself as a dictator. Another misguided soul thought Shelly Berkley herself had several offshore accounts. Projecting again, GOP?

But the real kicker was when we saw a an AFP (Americans for Prosperity) man paying five migrant workers, perhaps from Mexico, a total of $50.00 to wear their AFP t-shirts and walk the crowd as if they were supporters. Obviously this was seen by enough folks that it was a futile gesture on their part. Even their annoyingly loud country music could not drown out our protest. Our side was just kicking ass with our large numbers and genuine enthusiasm. A truly successful bitch-slapping of the useless TeaParty. Thankfully, there was no violence from their side. Our side only had peaceful intentions, but in light of the Aurora Colorado tragedy, I suppose this could have ended much worse. Instead, we had a wonderful time literally running this well-funded fake grassroots group out of town. The LVMPD (Las Vegas Police) eventually told these folks to move their bus out.

Calling out the racists of the TeaParty

Even with their efforts to mobilize some “patriotic” Conservatives with all their money and gigantic bus, they simply looked as ridiculous as the TeaParty Congress behaves every day. Perhaps this whole country can unite and defeat this blight on our nation. We’re trying to keep our beloved Nevada blue and I’m certain we will be triumphant.

My heart goes out to those in Aurora, Colorado on this sad Friday. I hope gun control is taken more seriously now, but I doubt it. The NRA Lobby is just too powerful. Naturally, it’s a big part of the TeaParty, so maybe if they disappear, the NRA will finally be seen as the racist, terrorist group they truly are and lose some of their influence. We can only hope.

8 thoughts on “Americans for Prosperity Embarrass Themselves in Nevada

  1. Calling people ‘ bigots ‘ and ‘fascists ‘ because they don’t agree with you ; calling for them
    to be ‘tossed ‘ is very immature . It’s all too typical of the impolite , controlling
    and intolerant thinking of people on
    the left. It’s embarrassing . If you can’t carrying on a conversation without name
    calling and harassing – then please don’t say anything .

    1. I believe it was you who jumped in with your holier than thou critique of my choice of words. Perhaps you should go to and see the rhetoric the right uses while completely fabricating their version of the truth. Nice try.

  2. One wrong doesn’t make another right . BTW Im not particularly political and I don’t view or any other like minded sites – apparently you do . I believe your
    words were you words ‘ Bigots , fascists , tea baggers , run them out of town ,
    complete disrespect for older people who I guarantee have more wisdom than you do . I think those were a few of them . And you don’t think you are
    ‘self -righteous ” and unable to dialogue ?

    Politics is just one part of the puzzle , BTW the way things are going in
    this Country – not a very effective one at present .

    You really need to be more open minded and mature instead of demonizing
    the ‘other’ side . It’s really immature and produces nothing positive .

    1. I think I’m engaging in dialogue right now. I’m not sure what you’d like me to say. A blog is an opinion piece and I have strong opinions about hate groups, corporate oligarchs and, yes, fascists. My language will reflect my opinions.

      1. I think the ‘hate’ more than not comes from the other side . I
        don’t like that word at all because its often used to
        defame people who simply have another point of view

        Just to throw the word ‘hate ‘ around implies you can read
        people’s minds – which you can’t . I have found that many
        times people who use the word ‘ hate ‘ actually have quite
        of bit of self hatred themselves and may be projecting that
        on to other where there is none to be found .
        I suggest you find someone who thinks differently than you do , and spend
        some time with them without being defensive or argumentative .
        Find out what they are really like and what they really
        think You might be surprised .

    2. “…complete disrespect for older people who I guarantee have more wisdom than you do.”

      Excuse me, but being older doen’t automatically mean having more wisdom. It just means that older people have lived longer than younger people. I ought to know. I am an older person. Young and ignorant can turn into old and ignorant. Not always, but it can.

  3. If spending time with someone who thinks differently than me means I have to deal with the right wing extremists, I’m blissfully happy with my one-sidedness.

    1. Vegas Jessie, if you argue with an idiot too long no one will be able to tell the difference. As a retired former bigot myself you have said the words I would use on disrespectful jerks that play stupid kid tricks to make themselves look good on their own blog..
      I have lived in Vegas for 40 years and the tea-baggers of the redneck right have destroyed the Republican Party and the democratic process of government.
      So Sara if you want to parse our words go right ahead it gains you nothing and only shows what you obviously do not know about the ways of the Tea Party financed by the Koch Brothers.
      When I saw with my own eyes the bigots of the right spit on our black congressmen and women I kinda got the idea that all they needed was white robes and matching hoods and they would be after them with shot guns and ropes.
      At 72 I am disgusted with the modern Republican – Tea Party mix. They have no respect for anything and especially America.

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