Still Living in Teabagistan


Armed with signs and outrage on a mild July Friday in Las Vegas, a few of our group assembled outside Willard Romney’s Campaign H.Q. We were there to protest his utter disregard for transparency and honesty by refusing to disclose requested tax returns. Unlike his father, George Romney before him, who provided twelve years of financials, Willard apparently has too much to hide, so he’s just ignoring the plethora of demands and as usual, he’s dodging yet another issue.


The members of the progressive group, Las Vegas lawfully assembled on the West side of town. Quickly, a group of young white men scurried into Romney’s office, closing the door behind them. Our group, far more ethnically diverse, stayed outside in front of the strip mall with our signs. Gradually people noticed us. People who didn’t appear to be part of the wealthiest one percent. People with opinions that reflect the talking points they’ve been spoon fed by the conservative media. Here are a few gems:

“Obama supporters? You must either be on welfare or in a union!”

The two heavyset men continued on their way into a BBQ joint. Of course it was said with disdain as if unions are a bad component of a democracy. These Fox News enthusiasts were well briefed on the key insult words from RNC headquarters.

“Obama isn’t even American, name one person who remembers him from college.”

We were merely an annoyance for this heavyset bleached -blonde lady trying to pull into the In-n-Out Burger drive through. First I asked if she was insane and then I asked if she was a racist. She simply responded with, “bitch!” I laughed as she drove off fuming. Birthers are not to be reasoned with.

Meanwhile a skinny frenetic man dressed in a suit approaches us. He says, “I’m trying to understand WHAT you like about this man Obama?” One of our representatives handed him a leaflet listing the multitude of accomplishments of President Obama’s first term. He refuted facts with overblown talk of deficits, balanced budgets and spending. Once again, we asked him to cite the source of these “facts” but he could not. Turns out he was a Ron Paulbot who didn’t care that the Texan doesn’t support the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and could not be dissuaded by pesky factual statements. He was all talking points. He also thought the Teaparty was an organic, grassroots movement. At this time I felt like quoting Wolf Blitzer: “We’ll have to leave it there!”

Our group leaders gathered all our signatures and were ready to present them to the Romney people. A few LVMPD cops were parked in the vicinity. We were asked by one not to go inside, as they may view this as harassment. Fair enough. We waited for a representative to come outside. When he came out of the office, our leader, Jim, asked the gentleman his name. He responded in typical Willard Romney fashion, “I’m not giving you my name.” Perhaps it’s because the campaign is not happy about this latest Anti-Romney Ad

However you look at our small protest, one thing was certain. The two sides could not be more diametrically opposed. There are few folks who are undecided. You are either a Fox-bot or you’re a liberal. Those who claim to be Independents already have their minds made up and perhaps only a glimpse at some unsavory tax returns may change hearts and votes. Perhaps we’ll never know.

5 thoughts on “Still Living in Teabagistan

  1. jessie, this is priceless, it was good to see you tonite at OFA’s grand opening. I look forward to more of your blogs

  2. Leftist maggots, love your very descriptive accounts……go back to columbia univershitty and learn how to write propaganda.

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