Someone at the NAACP Should Ask Willard a Few Questions

I’m sorry, but this whole Willard Romney speaking at the NAACP convention thing bothers me to no end. The fact this man clearly represents the interests of the one percent and has NEVER enacted any policies that would benefit minorities means someone is giving him a chance to pander to a group he cares nothing for. I suppose it’s tradition, as George W. Bush did speak there in 2000. After his performance during Hurricane Katrina, does anyone doubt Kanye West’s statement: “George Bush doesn’t care about black people”? I’ve got news for you, neither does the biggest pandering liar on Earth, Willard M. Romney.

Until 1978, Mormons believed this about African Americans

Deeply rooted in the Mormon scriptures is the concept of the Mark of Cain which existed from 1849-1978. Bear in mind, Willard, after dodging the draft in the 1960’s and zipping off to wine country in Bordeaux, France to convert a bunch of Catholics to his cult, believed this firmly until age thirty-one.

The Mormon Church, which is the single most definitive character component Willard possesses, has a history of discrimination towards African Americans, among other non-whites. Like the banning of polygamy before it, the LDS church’s views on racism “evolved” when it was no longer de riguer to discriminate so unbelievably blatantly.

It seems Willard’s tax policy is not exactly complimentary to Black Americans. According to a 2007 data from the Federal Reserve’s Survey of Consumer Finances and the Tax Policy Center’s tax table, the income cutoff to be a part of the top one percent was $646,195. Blacks comprise 13.6 percent of the U.S. population according to the 2010 Census, but account for only 1.4 percent of the top one percent of households by income. Whites are the overwhelming majority of the top one percent of households by income, comprising 96.2 percent. Willard claims cutting taxes for these people will create jobs, but we all know that’s patently false. His plan does absolutely zero to help combat high unemployment in the Black community.

Willard is very much against ending the Bush tax cuts on people like himself who make well in excess over tens of millions of dollars every year. In fact, just by eliminating the estate tax, President Romney would divert tens of billions of dollars currently destined for the United States Treasury into the bank accounts of the richest families in America. Just what they need. More wealth, in the midst of privatizing Social Security and Medicare. These über rich Americans would receive tax “relief” to the tune of over $250,000 per year. Is this what the NAACP is advocating? I doubt it.


Willard’s stance on wealth redistribution is not the only thing that should offend NAACP convention-goers. How about this tidbit: Until the 1970s hospitals with connections to the LDS church, including LDS Hospital, Primary Children’s and Cottonwood Hospitals in Salt Lake City, McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden, and Utah Valley Hospital in Provo, kept separate the blood donated by blacks and whites. Essentially, until Willard was thirty-one, he’d probably have received a transfusion, if needed, with “White Blood” as mandated by the church. That’s stunning. I seriously doubt such institutionalized and culturally fostered racism is something Romney has overcome. When questioned about his faith and perhaps a few of the LDS doctrinal inconsistencies, Willard simply evokes his right to privacy. He says, “I’m not going to discuss my faith.”

Why has no one discussed this?

Sorry, buddy, but your faith is riddled with discrimination towards Black people. Someone needs to make you answer the questions, what do you, Willard, in your heart, believe is just? Are you going to kick millions off Medicare and Medicaid? Do you really think the Ryan Budget is a fair treatment of the largely poor minority community? I really wish someone would force him to answer. I hope the folks at the NAACP don’t give him a free pass on these issues, but I’m not holding my breath.

6 thoughts on “Someone at the NAACP Should Ask Willard a Few Questions

  1. Umm, you do understand that the Mark of Cain was that he became white, not black, right? I mean if you believe the myth. First people came from Mesopotamia, and their skin color without doubt, was black.

  2. I moved to the west from back east in 1994. I had previously only heard the term “Mormon Mafia” on a documentary about Howard Hughes. After living in Las Vegas and working for GES Corp. I have come to understand just what is meant by the frequently used term Mormon Mafia. The Mormon run things at GES and have for many years now. If you are Mormon you can pretty much do whatever you want and get away with it. They are the first to be promoted. They have a different set of rules for Mormons, and they are protected. If you say anything against the Mormon, they will make life miserable for you. They discriminate against every other religious group, and every person that is not a card carrying, church donating, book of Mormon toteing zombie on a day to day basis. All of the key positions are held by Mormon. I was once told by a Judge in Vegas that it was not long ago that you could not be elected to dog catcher in this town if you are not Mormon. Also out west the majority of municipal workers in higher up key positions are held by Mormon, such as Fire Dept. Chiefs, Higher up positions within the Police, FBI, Secret Service, Public works, Park District, Building officials, and Military. Most knowledgable people would feel that the entertainer of the year in Vegas would have to be Garth Brooks, Elton John, Rod Stewart, etc. Wrong it is “Entertainers – Donny & Marie Osmond.” Give me a break! Look at how many Mormons were in the top tier of the “Americas Got Talent Show of the Past.” Thank you Howard Stern, since he became a judge I don’t think there are any Mormon competing this year. The discrimination attorneys throughout this country have absolutely no power to bring justice to those who have consistantly been discriminated against at the hands of the Mormon Mafia, and if Mr. Romney is elected this countries next President, you had beter fear for your life because you will never have a say again in this nation. The Mormon do not play fair. They don’t even know how. Their agenda is to overthrow the powers that be in this country and have every man, woman, and child, in lock step with their brand out lunacy!

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