Mitt Romney is Outraged SCOTUS Upholds Romneycare-Inspired Plan

Celebrating the 5-4 decision

Chief Justice John Roberts yesterday issued a judgement that many view as a victory for the American people. The Affordable Care Act was upheld by a 5-4 decision, thereby solidifying President Obama’s lasting impact on the health and well-being of his nation. It’s a step towards achieving a nationalized healthcare plan, like every other civilized nation already has.


Here are a few benefits of the ACA or as conservatives scathingly call it, Obamacare, already in place or about to take effect:

  • Expands insurance coverage to over 30 million additional people, including 2.5 million young people already added to their parents’ plans,
  • Hundreds of millions more will receive significantly more generous benefits and subsidized premiums if needed,
  • Millions of Americans with a pre-existing condition — from asthma to cancer — can NOT be denied coverage by an insurance company right when they need it most.
  • Medicare donut hole gap: Medicare recipients who fall into the coverage gap get big discounts: 50 percent on brand name prescriptions, and up to 14 percent on generic drugs. And by 2020, this gap in coverage will be closed—for good For those with private insurance:
  • Can no longer waste your premium on CEO costs and salaries
  • Must use 80 percent of your premium for health care services and improving care
  • Has to justify hikes to your premium to an independent panel keeping your rates down

Contrary to those on the right, it does not increase the deficit or destroy Medicare. Conservatives seem to have a problem with those of us who believe families should not go bankrupt just because a loved one falls ill.

Right Wing Outrage and Insanity

As expected, here comes the right wing outrage. They are furious and stunned by the Supreme Court’s actions. “What they did not do is say that the law is a good law or good policy,” said Willard Romney just after the decision was announced. When has the Supreme Court ever said that in a decision? I guess a Romney Court will start commenting on “good” and “bad” laws? He has absolutely no plan to replace the Affordable Care Act and actually plans to permit insurance companies to once again have the right to deny coverage over pre-existing conditions. Compassionate as always, Willard.

He spoke in Washington DC at a rally or whatever you call his stiffly arranged all-white gatherings. “This is the time of choice for the American people,” Willard said on Thursday. “If you don’t want the course that President Obama has put us on, if you want instead a course that the Founders envisioned, then join me in this effort. Help us. Help us defeat Obamacare.”…..and replace it with what? A plan to once again kick the uninsured out of the system rendering them vulnerable to the high cost of emergency room care? As a selfish conservative, he doesn’t realize we ALL foot the bill. Health and well being of all citizens is an important concern for ALL Americans.

Willard, as Massachusetts Governor, enacted an incredibly similar plan as the dreaded Obamacare. He was able to pass Romneycare and it is quite popular today with Massachusetts, where 99% of all citizens are insured and have a mandate if you will. Willard’s faux “outrage” represents just another colossal Romney flip-flop. He’s just kowtowing to his TeaParty masters. Is anyone surprised?

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