Why is Willard Running Away from the REAL ROMNEY?

Now that Willard Romney is the GOP candidate, we are struggling to figure out what makes this seemingly robotic man tick. As far as books go, The Real Romney is “A good-faith effort to profile a notoriously hard-to-define candidate.” For example, Willard “recounts the story of his great-grandfather Miles’s dramatic journey to Mexico in the 1880s, but left out most of the details, with no mention of Miles’s multiple wives or his perilous assignment to create a sanctuary for polygamy across the border.” This resembles his recent speech to a group of Latinos at NALEO in Orlando, Florida, during which he never made a solid connection with the crowd. They were told of his father’s birth in Mexico, but never mentioned he was one of many in a white, LDS, non-Hispanic plural marriage family. That’s right. George Romney was a son of polygamists, polygamists who fled the USA for Mexico, where they could continue their CHOSEN LIFESTYLE of Plural marriage. Can we say this made this speech on June 21, 2012 just a bit awkward? He’s trying desperately to relate to people he has nothing in common with and who frankly don’t care for his brand of pandering.

Since the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, as Americans, we’ve avoided discussing a person’s religion as being taboo. As Americans we’ve (not really) prided ourselves on religious freedom. So we’ve somehow given Willard a pass on his faith and its many mystical secrets. There is a window into this furtive life however. You can easily learn quite a bit in a brief amount of time. Perhaps you don’t have time to read an entire book. Fear not, there is another way to obtain a wealth of insightful information.

Mr. Park Romney, Willard’s second cousin, is a man who’s been shunned for being an apostate and has professed The Mormon faith to be a complete sham. A man with rational and logical beliefs, Park Romney carefully explains how he has discovered the truth about Mormonism. He should know, as he was one of them once and grew to naturally question and distrust the whole infrastructure of the church.

Park Romney, with the unmistakable Romney features

He states: In our rush to have been accused of being bigoted, in America, we have a natural tendency to want to steer clear of this topic. I will be the first to agree that to be arbitrarily dismissive of a man’s candidacy for the office of President, or any office for that matter, on the basis of his religion is definitely bigoted. “Arbitrarily dismissive” is the key phrase here. In the case of Mormonism, we have a very unique situation. Questions about Mormonism for those fully informed of the very real issues are not in the least degree arbitrary. There are very real concerns that millions of former Mormons are very much aware of. This is not simply a question of subjective disagreements on points of faith that really can’t be proved or disproved anyway. In the case of the Mormon Church, I share the view with many others, including people far more scholarly and qualified in other ways than myself, that the Mormon religion is not only an insidious contemporary fraud, but has been demonstrated conclusively to be such by researchers who are alive today and competent to testify on the basis of evidence still available today. Accordingly, the questions that are most important and relevant to Mitt’s candidacy here, since he is a current High Priest of the Mormon Church, are not of religion, but very fair questions of ethics and judgment. If Joseph Smith lied about the entire religion, what of all the other implausible stories at the root of the Mormon faith including the Book of Mormon itself and its dubious beginnings in stories that have been shamelessly re-written, time and time again, in an effort to eliminate the conundrum of faith that the inherent contradictions which a thoughtful and thorough investigation of the actual events, as purported by the Church, reveals. The half-hearted denouncement of polygamy is one example of a “re-write” Mr. Romney is referencing. Since it was declared illegal, Joseph Smith’s Gospel has been “amended”. I can’t seem to find a portion of the Old Testament, no matter how distasteful (i.e. Leviticus) it is, that has been re-written to leave out unpleasant accounts.

Mitt Romney

In other words, after years of study, Park Romney has concluded the entire belief system of the LDS church is based on a series of lies, as told by a charlatan and criminal. As a skeptic, I believe all organized religions are the means of controlling others, but this religion goes a bit farther. I’m baffled how no one is allowed to question this candidate’s devout belief in the Sacred Book of Mormon. If he were a devout Scientologist, would it be the same? Park Romney, by raising these valid points, has been shunned and alienated by the family. He’s even been followed by the FBI and CIA through his cousin’s super powerful connections. They’d like him to keep his mouth shut as to not tarnish his cousin Willard’s squeaky clean image. I believe it’s an image that is far less clean than we even realize. We have only just begun to look down the rabbit hole.

Dissent from the LDS Church

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