Another Canadian Perspective: Why is the GOP Obsessed With Genitalia?


A Guest Blog by @KyleAllen1997

Economy, economy economy. That’s what numerous members of the GOP say the 2012 election is about, including Mitt Romney. But is it really? While Republicans bitch and moan and blame President Obama for “hard economic times” the President and numerous Democrats like Nancy Pelosi are trying to pass bills that will actually create jobs, like the Transportation bill. At the same time, numerous right-wing ultra social conservatives (Almost everyone in the GOP these days) are out in full force trying to ban same sex marriage and holding rallies to ban abortion.

North Carolinian Republican State Senator Peter Brunstetter proposed an amendment to officially ban same sex marriage AND same sex civil unions in the state. On May 8th, the state overwhelmingly voted in favor of it, making it the 31st state to add an amendment to ban same sex marriage to their constitution. Same sex marriage doesn’t hurt anyone. No one dies or gets hurt because of a same sex marriage. But the GOP is obsessed with who likes what kind of genitalia. If you are a man and like genitalia from another man, you would be someone who will destroy the world according to them. Ironically, most of them probably watch lesbian porn in the privacy of their own home while their wives are out running errands.

In April, after President Obama announced his plan to simply ask insurance companies to cover contraceptives for women, the GOP went completely psycho, which led to them proposing 1,100 state bills trying to restrict abortion and contraceptives. AKA: The War on Women. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker also feels that women shouldn’t be paid the same for the same work men do. All this, why? Because women have vaginas. Which is kinda what makes them women. For some reason, Republican men think they know what’s in the best interested for women, because somehow they know how women feel. To Republican men I say: You don’t have a vagina, you have no say.

Again, the GOP insists the 2012 election is all about jobs and the economy, while they try and dictate what women and the LGBT community can do with their lives. All this to say, if you have a vagina, or you are a woman and like vagina, or you are a man and like dick, or you care about basic human rights, you know who to vote for in November.

Kyle is a 15 year old liberal politics enthusiast living in Ontario, Canada. He knows more about American Politics than 95% of Americans . He kicks Caiden Cowger’s ass!

10 thoughts on “Another Canadian Perspective: Why is the GOP Obsessed With Genitalia?

  1. The problem with the majority of “job creation” bills Democrats are trying to pass is that yes it’s creating jobs but it requires an increase in government funding (kind of hard with trillions of dollars in debt).

    Yes the religious right seem intent on interfering with people’s personal lives, they are trying to push big neo-con government.

    The GOP needs to dissasociate itself with the religious right and focus on the supposed core beliefs of the party: small government with an emphasis on individual liberty and personal autonomy.

    But if you care about “basic human rights” I’d recommend not voting for Obama as you hint (or Romney either).

    With the NDAA Obama has revoked our writ of habeus corpus and has legalized the use of propaganda and misinformation domestically throughout our television, radio, internet, and social media.

    Bigger government (whether under the guise of the left or the right) will usually—eventually—work against our basic human rights. I don’t know how you personally define our basic human rights, I tend to go with Locke’s description of our Natural Rights:

    Life, Liberty, and Property.

    I’d recommend staying away from either partisan party’s talking points (‘War on Women’), however, the talking points are reiterated enough by the media pundits.

    1. Wrong. We need to stop cutting taxes in millionaires and stop waging ridiculous wars. Problems all solved. The other GOP small government crap is total bullshit, and you know it if you have half a brain.

  2. Our tax system is atrocious, too many loopholes.

    Our wars won’t be solved until we deal with our military industrial complex.

    And even taking care of these two, our problems are nowhere close to being ‘solved.’

    The GOP is hardly promoting small government, and don’t you dare ascribe my beliefs to those of the GOP without even bothering to discover what my beliefs are first.

    It seems like you’ve been deluded into playing the partisan politics name-calling game.

    I’m not going to join you, it’s condescending, over-simplified and toxic to intellectual discussion.

    Forgive me for being a proponent of the least wasteful, most efficient, smallest, smartest government we can get.

    I guess I ‘don’t have half a brain’ much like a ton of great men throughout history (Thomas Jefferson, John Locke, F.A. Hayek).

    1. It’s pointless to argue with anyone who doesn’t see the merits in a New Deal solution. If you are spoon fed Fox punditry, you will be obsessed with small government as if a growing population requires less governance, fewer regulations and assistance. I’m tired of such totally unwarranted solutions which have failed time and time again.

      1. Many economists now believe that FDR’s New Deal set the depression back much more than it helped.

        And I believe that our growing population deserves the least government interference in their lives as POSSIBLE. Governance, regulations and laws are essential for any functioning society of course.

        I don’t watch Fox. In fact, I don’t watch any news television specifically to avoid the punditry on either side. I get my news from various sources on the internet.

        I can only hope that the rampant partisanship you and many others spout die with your generation.

        And please quit ascribing my ideology to the Republican party and Fox.

        If anything call me an idiot for having Libertarian leanings.

        My ideology couldn’t be further from the Neo-Con’s GOP.

  3. It’s the classic partisan move of calling anybody who doesn’t agree with you an idiot.

    Very shortsighted and arrogant.

  4. Excuse me that was a false accusation.

    I guess I felt my idiocy was implied by the statement “small government crap is total bullshit, and you know it if you have half a brain.”

    So you never called me an idiot, idiots have a whole brain but don’t use it.

    My mistake, you were merely calling me mentally handicapped?

    1. My point was this. Republicans actually increase the size of the federal government while in office. They spend like drunken sailors and rack up the deficit, then, when a Democrat gets into office,& tries to clean the mess, the President is ridiculed for “spending too much” yet the amount of spending is comparably lower by the Democratic President. It’s obvious tax cuts to the highest tax bracket do not translate into better unemployment and wealth numbers for the general populace. We’ve had these damned tax cuts for over 10 years and nothing good has come of them. Nothing. THAT was my point.

      1. See and I can agree with you on pretty much all of that!

        It’s the partisanship that sets us citizens at odds when we all have common goals. Now as a responsible citizen I ask that you contact your representative in Congress and ask him to pass legislature auditing the Fed (which is coming up for a vote soon). Let’s try to end corruption one step at a time

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