A Mormon President Will Only Make America Dumber

While Willard Romney hosts a gathering of wealthy, Republican donors in Park City, Utah, the rest of the country pretty much gets what’s happening. It’s essentially a serious strategy session on how they can use this Eric Holder witch hunt and other diversionary tactics to railroad this African American democratically elected president. Donors like Adelson are present to offer obscene amounts of money to further their greedy agendas. “What’s unusual about this weekend’s sort of secret summit is the access that these donors are getting to Romney. Big-time donors always have access to the candidate and the campaign, but this is different. This is a much more organized and efficient way of just getting everybody together, all at one time.” Juat what we need. A gathering of science-denying, war-mongering, tax-evading megalomaniacs in a state renowned for mandatory Mormon visitation.

Willard Romney’s Park City, Utah mansion

Many of these supporters were hesitant to back this LDS candidate. They knew they had no choice once it was either Willard or Santorum, and the latter was even more unappealing than the former. His Mormonism seemed very weird, but not as downright wacky as Mr. Homeschool Santorum, with his Google problem. Fortunately, they can all rest assured a radical fundamentalist, anti-science agenda can be pursued with a Mormon bishop in the White House.

According to a Pew Research Group study, only 22% of Mormons believe in evolution! This is a frightening number putting them somewhere between Jehovah’s Witnesses (8%) and Christian Fundamentalists (24%). We already have states which forbid the teaching of evolution (Tennessee) so Mitt and his cult fit comfortably in with the rest of the anti-science morons that comprise the GOP and the Teabaggers.

The LDS culture also shuns most scientific evidence of global warming. Like his gang at Fox News, Rupert Murdoch rejects 255 scientist’s claims that global warming is man made.

The Science of Global Warming

Jon Huntsman, also a Mormon, lost his bid quickly as he failed to subscribe to the far-right belief that man has no impact on the climate. Willard, like many in the church, believes in LDS scripture over scientific evidence. A Meridian Magazine (LDS publication) article suggests the 97-98% of scientists who believe man-made global climate change is real are falsifying evidence for profit. The writer claims climate scientists who warn about the dangers of human-caused global warming are on par with “those who love and make a lie,” and “sorcerers, and adulterers, and whoremongers” the scriptures warn against. He apparently believes that climate scientists have been fraudulently adjusting their data and conclusions to promote global warming hysteria and line their pockets with research money. unfortunately, the evidence is a few out-of-context quotations from some e-mails stolen from a University of East Anglia computer.

Having a man who has stated he lives his life according to the scriptures of Joseph Smith, who said, “all things were created spiritually before anything was created temporally (Pearl of Great Price, Moses 3:5), mankind was created in the image of God and did not become that way by chance.” Another prophet, Joseph Fielding Smith is quoted as saying “No man can consistantly accept the doctrine of the evolutionist and also believe in the divine mission of our Redeemer.” (see ‘Doctrines of Salvation’, Vol 1 Chp 9).  Even more frightening is his views on space exploration and the simple definition of a planet.  This was the man who was prominent in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints when Willard was just 14 years old.  He’s a man they looked up to naturally as Mr. Smith or Elder Smith, (or whatever they called him) was stake president and prophet.

How’s this for scientific accuracy?  If this man was a prominent influence in forming Willard’s beliefs, what hope does science and human progress have with this man?  I’m scared to find out. Perhaps we’ll go back to living with the dinosaurs, on a flooded, damaged planet. I hope our magic underwear can also double as a flotation device. 

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